Chris Jericho looked up from his salad, smiling at the tall blonde standing before him. He put down the magazine he was reading, eyes his guest with interest. "Hey."

 "Can I join you?" the blonde asked.

 "Sure." Chris sat up a little straighter, feeling a stirring inside him as he looked over the blonde's muscular body. He thought he had seen the man before, at the strip club where he danced, but he couldn't be sure. His fit body, tight clothes, and pretty blonde hair was always attracting attention from men.

 "Hunter Helmsley," the blonde said, offering Chris his hand.

 Chris smiled and shook it, batting his eyes coyly. Most men who hit on him didn't have a chance with him, but Hunter was built like a god. Chris couldn't help wondering what he looked like naked. "Chris Jericho. Nice to meet you."

 "You too." Hunter eyes him coolly. "Busy this afternoon?"

 Chris was a little surprised by Hunter's forwardness, but pleased at the same time. "Not yet," he replied, adopting his masterful sexy but discreet pose. It had taken him years to master it, and it drove men wild.

 Hunter leaned in closer to him. "I live two blocks from here. Why don't we go back to my apartment?"

 "Lets." Chris payed for his salad quickly, then followed Hunter down the block. The tall man didn't even look at him again until they were within his apartment. Then he turned to Chris, his eyes glittering mysteriously.

 "I have to roommate," the tall blonde stated. He pointed to the jacket hanging on the door. "Since he's here, mind if he joins us?"

 Chris grinned, loving the idea of a threesome. It had been a few weeks since his last one. "Sounds good to me. Which way to the bedroom?" Hunter pointed to the door. Chris shot him a seductive look, walking toward the room with a slow, sultry gate. "Here?" he asked, leaning against the door frame. He let his finger rest on the corner of his mouth, pushing the tip inside and sucking on it suggestively.

 Hunter nodded. "That's it. Go in and take your clothes off, baby. I'll go get Kurt."

 Chris walked into the bedroom, pleased to see a nice, large bed. He quickly disrobed, positioning himself in the middle of the mattress. He lay down on his back, his legs purposely left spread apart, hoping that Hunter's roommate was as gorgeous as the tall blonde.

 A moment later two men entered the room. Chris looked approvingly over the other man's body. He was tall and muscular, with closely cropped brown hair. He had bright blue eyes, and an ass that made Chris swoon just looking at it. He could feel himself getting hard as the two men stripped on joined him on the bed.

 "You wanna be on the top or bottom, Kurt?" Hunter asked, glancing at his roommate.

 "Mmm, top," Kurt decided, his gaze running over Chris' bare ass.

 Chris let his eyes travel down to Kurt's crotch, breathing a little heavier when he saw the size of what was going to be inside him. His ass twitched just from the thought. His gaze then moved to Hunter's ass, and his cock stiffened further as he thought about being inside the tall blonde.

 The two men moved quickly, Hunter lying on his back and pulling Chris on top of him, while Kurt knelt behind Chris between his spread legs. "Ready?" Kurt asked, meeting Hunter's eyes.

 "Yes. Now!" Hunter cried. He and Kurt quickly grabbed two small objects off the nightstand, placing the objects on opposite sides of Chris' neck. Before he even had time to react, Chris' body jumped and he was frozen in place.

 "Good, he looks great," Kurt commented, climbing off the bed and reaching for his clothes.

 "That went perfectly." Hunter wiggled out from under Chris' frozen body, quickly dressing. He straightened his clothes, then glanced at Kurt. "Ready?"

 "Yes." Kurt reached forward and pulled a seemingly innocent rope dangling from a hanging plot. Instantly a door opened in what had been a solid wall a moment before. A man in a fancy tuxedo and hat stepped out.

 "You have another one?" he asked.

 Kurt and Hunter both bowed deeply. "Yes Master Raven," Kurt said, keeping his eyes averted. He gestured to the bed. "Right there, master."

 Raven walked over to the bed, his hands holding the front of his jacket in a snobbish pose. He walked around Chris' frozen body, nodding in approval. "Excellent. He'll make a perfect addition to my collection. I take it you have two others selected to complete the pose?"

 "Yes master," Hunter said subserviently. "We'll have them for you soon, master."

 "Good." Raven snapped his fingers, and instantly two short men scurried out of the door in the wall, picking up Chris' body and carrying him into through the portal. "Do get them to me soon, I do prefer live action. I've been wanting to add a threesome to my collection for ages. He'll do perfectly, good work."

 "Thank you master," Kurt whispered, he and Hunter keeping their heads down until Raven and the door has disappeared. He raised his head and looked at his partner, white teeth flashing in a bright smile. "That was perfect baby. He loved it."

 "Always." Hunter was pulling his shirt off again. He quickly stepped out of his pants, pushing Kurt towards the bed. "Now lets celebrate like we always do," he murmured as they settled onto the mattress.


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