In case you didn't see the skit mentioned, here's what happened: Austin attacks Booker in a supermarket, drags him all over, beats the hell out of him, and covers him with all the food and junk he can get his hands on. For some strange reason, Booker isn't able to fight back pretty much through the whole thing, despite the fact that he is bigger, strong, younger, and in better shape.

 "This is such bullshit! I can't believe they made me go through with this shit!" Booker ranted, his eyes narrow, glaring at a space on the wall.

 Christian sighed, his skillful hands kneading the tense muscles in Booker's shoulders. "Relax baby. It's just plotlines."

 "It's still bullshit! For god's the sake, just the idea that I, or ANYONE, for that matter, would just sit there and take that from that old pussy! Why the hell couldn't I fight back? You put me in a real brawl like that and I'd kick his fucking ass!" Booker growled, unconsciously leaning back into Christian's touch.

 "I know you would honey. But look at it this way." Christian crawled around into Booker's lap, the taller man leaning back against the head of the bed. "When you come back to your room at the end of the day," he breathed, his lips brushing against Booker's neck, "you've got a sexy little blonde twink waiting for you to bury yourself inside him, while Austin's got two sick old men who use him like a cheap blow up doll."

 Booker smiled a little, closing his eyes as Christian laid kisses across his jaw, the smaller man's hands moving down his chest. "I guess you're right," he murmured. "I know sure as hell I wouldn't play Vince and Flair's fuck toy just for a push!"

 "Exactly." Christian drew back a little, his hands massaging Booker's nipples through his shirt as he spoke. "And that's not even considering your physical attributes. I mean, really, can you blame Austin for the place he's willing to fill. With a face like his, you can't be too choosy! He's old, flabby, out of shape, and so ugly his face could make milk curdle. You, on the other hand..." Christian grinned. "Well, let's just sum it up by saying you're a stud!"

 Booker chuckled, his arms closing around Christian's waist. "Is that why you practically jump me every time I walk into a room with you?"

 Christian laughed and wiggled his eyebrows. "Oh yeah, baby. You're incredibly gorgeous, you have an incredible body, and you're extremely good in bed. What more could a twink ask for?"

 Booker grinned. "I guess it goes both ways then, ‘cos what more could a man ask for than having a sexy, beautiful, willing little twink in his bed?" His hands slid over Christian's side, clutching two handfuls of the other man's shirt and pulling it off. Booker leaned forward, teasing one of Christian's perky nipples with his tongue, then sucking it into his mouth.

 Christian moaned, wrapping his hands around the back of Booker's head, his finger's threading through the other man's dark dreadlocks. "Oh Book," he gasped, his breath catching in his throat. "Forget about the shit they put you through tonight. Just make love to me!"

 Booker smiled around the gorgeous blonde's nipple, flipping him over so that his strong body covered Christian's. He quickly forgot about Austin, the degrading supermarket skit, and backstage politics, concentrating instead on the beautiful body of his lover.


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