"Merry Christmas to you! Merry Christmas to you!" Adam sung in a goofy, off-key voice. "You look like a mon-key, ah but that's Je-eff, not you!" He finished his song, grinning at his best friend.

 Jay was standing in the door of the house, his hands on his hips. "Adam, I hate to break it to you, but that's not a song!" Jay exclaimed.

 "Sure it is," Adam replied, looking back at Jay with big, innocent eyes.

 "No, it's not."

 "Is so."

 "Is not."

 "Is so!"

 "Guys, guys, can't you ever stop arguing?" Chris Irvine quipped, shouldering past Jay and into the house. "This won't be a very fun holiday if you keep fighting!"

 "Are you kidding?!?" Adam stared at Chris. "Nothing can ruin Christmas! Not even Jay's ignorance can ruin that!!"

 Jay made a face and stuck his tongue out at Adam. "I'm not ignorant, that's just not a song," he shot back.

 "Is so."

 Chris sighed. "Adam, it's not a song. Why don't you sing a real Christmas carol, like Jingle Bells?"

 Adam grinned from ear to ear and began singing again. "Jingle bells, Jay Reso smells, he doesn't know a thing. His dorkmobile, lost a wheel, and Jay just laid an e-egg!"

 Jay glared at his tag team partner, throwing his bag down on the floor. "That's is!" he exclaimed, leaping at the taller blonde and tackling him. It only took him a moment to pin the startled Canadian on the floor. "No more fake Christmas songs, OK?"

 Adam thought for a moment, then shrugged and nodded. "Ok, fine. But no icky oranges in the cranberry sauce this year then."

 "They're not icky, they're good!" Jay cried.

 "No they're not, they're icky," Adam replied, making a face. "I like straight cranberry sauce, the smooth kind. Now that's good stuff."

 "Hey guys, is Drew here yet?" Chris interrupted.

 Both Adam and Jay looked at him. "No, was he supposed to be already?" Adam asked.

 "Shoulda been." Chris looked at his watch and sighed. "Oh well. I swear, that man is always late. Guess I'll just have to start cooking supper by myself." He let out an overexaggerated sigh, frowning when his friends didn't reply. "Guys?"

 Jay looked up from the floor, where he had been nibbling on Adam's ear. "What?"

 Chris raised his eyebrows. "Didn't you get my hint?"

 "What hint?" Jay leaned back down, pressing a few light kisses against Adam's neck.

 "That I want you to help me cook until Drew gets here!" Chris exclaimed.

 "Yeah, but I'm busy," Jay objected, continuing to plant butterfly kissing across Adam's soft skin.

 "You're cooking just fine, baby," Adam murmured, placing his hands on Jay's hips. Jay was still leaning over him, straddling his middle.

 "Oh never mind, I'll just wait for Drew," Chris muttered, heading into the kitchen as they began cuddling with each other. He pulled out some dishes and unzipped his bag, setting the recipes he would need on the counter. As he began preparing their Christmas Eve feast, he found himself wishing Drew could occasionally be punctual. He heard laughter and a moan or two coming from the living room, but he did his best to ignore it.

 After he had been cooking for quite a while, the door to the kitchen opened and in stepped his tall, muscular, tardy friend. "Sorry I'm late, babe," Drew apologized, giving Chris a quick kiss on the cheek, then looking around over Chris's work so far. "Looks great. What can I help with?"

 Chris smiled, feeling happy that his man was finally there. And, fortunately, they would be staying at Adam and Jay's for the night, so there was no way Drew could be late for Christmas. Feeling happy as can be, Chris handed Drew a recipe and began to give directions.


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