Hunter looked over at Kurt, who had his nose buried in a book. Headphones covered his ears, and his head was moving slightly in the music. Hunter let his eyes trail over Kurt's body. His lover's muscular torso was bare, the bed sheet pulled up the Olympian's waist. Hunter licked his lips, setting his own book aside. He turned towards Kurt, extending his hand until a single finger brushed across Kurt's chest. He began to rub circles in the tender flesh, trying to get his lover's attention.

 Kurt looked up at Hunter, a smile on his lips. "Did you want something, Hunter?" he asked cheekily, already setting down his book.

 "Damn right I do," Hunter chuckled. He rolled on top of his lover, laying kisses along his neck. Kurt sighed happily, wrapping his arms around Hunter's neck. Hunter moved a bit lower, kiss across Kurt's chest and taking one of his nipples into his mouth. Kurt moaned, arching into the tall blonde as his tongue caressed the hard bud. Hunter let his hands move lower while his mouth worked on Kurt's chest, slipping off first his lover's boxers, than his own. They both groaned as their increasing erect cocks brushed against each other.

 Hunter moved back up to Kurt's mouth, pulling him into a passionate kiss. Kurt moaned, his legs circling around Hunter's waist. Hunter's lips moved across Kurt's cheek, laying gentle kisses along his soft skin. He stopped and pulled back abruptly when he reached Kurt's ear.

 Kurt frowned, looking up at his lover in confusion. "What?"

 "Aren't you going to take those off?" Hunter gestured to the headphones.

 Kurt gave him a funny look. "Wasn't planning on it. Why?"

 Hunter frowned, looking upset. "You're going to keep wearing them while we make love?"

 "Yeah, sure. What's it matter?" Kurt tried to pull Hunter closer to him, frowning when the tall blonde resisted.

 "I'd rather you take them off," Hunter told him. "Wouldn't you rather listen to me while we're intimate?"

 "I can hear you fine," Kurt told him, making no move to take off the headphones. He looked very annoyed when Hunter rolled off of him, moving back into his place beside him. "Oh come on!" he exclaimed. "This is really ridiculous. Now you're throwing a fit just because I want to listen to music while we're together?"

 Hunter slammed his fist into the mattress beside him, scowling angrily. "Dammit Kurt, why do you not get why this upsets me? You want to listen to headphones while we're intimate, for god's sake! I think I have every right to be upset!"

 Kurt scowled, sitting up and putting his hands on his hips. "It's no different that playing the radio during it, and you never have a problem with that!" he exclaimed.

 "This is completely different!" Hunter exclaimed.

 Kurt's eyes narrowed. "How?" he challenged.

 Hunter frowned. He shook his head, climbing out of bed and reaching for a robe. "I'm going for a walk," he told Kurt. "Maybe when I come back, you'll realize how stupid you're being!"

 "Excuse me?" Kurt glared at his lover. "So not doing exactly what you want makes me stupid?? God, you are such a jerk! What about what I want?"

 "I give you plenty of things you want!" Hunter yelled back. "Just things within reason!"

 "And what the hell is so unreasonable about this?" Kurt screamed, gesturing to the headphones. "Go then! I don't care! I'll just read." He grabbed his book, pretending to be totally engrossed in it. Hunter just growled and stomped out the door, slamming it behind him.


An hour later, Hunter had still not returned. Kurt was pretending to read, but really he wasn't able to concentrate at all on his book. He kept glancing at the clock, wondering where Hunter could be. His headphones rested around his neck, the tape he was listening to having ended some time ago.

 Kurt jumped when the door opened. He quickly buried his nose in his book, pretending not the even notice as Hunter stepped into the room. He had to force himself not to look at Hunter walked over to the bed, stripped off his clothes, and slid under the sheets. He could feel his cock hardening already just from the closeness of Hunter's body. He could practically feel the heat radiating off his lover's skin. Kurt wanted nothing more than to throw aside his book and pounce Hunter, but the headphones around his neck reminded himself of their disagreement. He made himself concentrate on that, telling himself that he couldn't give in and let Hunter win.

 "Baby." Kurt ignored Hunter, keeping his eyes glued to the book. He scowled when the object was unceremoniously yanked from his hands and set on the night stand. He turned to Hunter, about to protest, but before he could Hunter pulled him into a heated kiss. His hands slid over Kurt's back, kneading the tender skin as he went. Kurt moaned despite himself, melting into his lover's touch. Hunter drew back a moment later, looking at Kurt with puppy dog eyes. "You still mad at me, baby?" he whispered, keeping his arm around Kurt's back.

 "Well - " Kurt began, feeling a little indecisive about what he should say. He let his voice trail off as Hunter pulled him closer, scattering kisses over his neck. It felt far too good for him to protest. Instead of answering his lover's question, he changed to subject. "You were gone for a long time," he said softly, enjoying the feel of Hunter's soft lips caressing his skin. "Were you walking all that time?"

 "No," Hunter replied, continuing to kiss his lover's neck. "I was with Sean."

 "What?" Kurt drew back abruptly, staring at his lover with shocked and hurt eyes. "We have one fight, and you run back to your old boyfriend? How could you!"

 Hunter chuckled, pulling Kurt against him again. "Not like that, babe. Besides, he's with Jericho now, and Jerky was there when I stopped by. I talked to Sean, and he suggested a compromise."

 "What?" Hunter had begun to kiss Kurt's neck again, and Kurt was really hoping it would be something good. His body was more than ready for sex, and the hour wait had only made him want it more.

 "He gave me this." Hunter held up a tape which he had set on the night stand before undressing. It looked ordinary enough, and bore no label, but imagining what could be on it made Kurt shiver.

 "What is it?" he whispered, already losing himself if Hunter's sweet kisses. His cock was fully erect and throbbing, begging to be touched. He wanted Hunter inside him, and soon.

 "It's just a little thing me and Sean recorded a while ago," Hunter whispered directly in Kurt's ear, taking his sensitive ear lobe between his teeth and nibbling gently on it, letting his tongue dart into Kurt's ear. Kurt moaned, letting his arms wrap around Hunter's waist. "It was before we were together, so it wasn't for him or anything," Hunter continued. While he spoke he shifted their positions so he was once again covering Kurt, lying comfortably between the Olympian's legs. "This way, you can listen to headphones, and I won't feel insulted." He slipped the tape into Kurt's walkman, sliding the headphones over Kurt's ears.

 Kurt's eyes widened as Hunter's silky voice began to whispered into his ears. His lover's voice was low and gravely through the headphones, sending shivers of desire through his body. The voice on the tape began to describe a sexy, romantic scene, spelling out all the things he would do to his lover. As the tape played, Hunter slid down Kurt's body, preforming moving at the same pace as the tape as he preformed all the described acts on his lover. First he kissed down Kurt's chest, playing with Kurt's nipples with his hands as his teeth grazed over Kurt's stomach, his tongue darting into the Olympian's belly button. Kurt felt like he could hardly breath as Hunter continued to touch him, while the voice spoke softly into his ears. It was the sexist thing he could ever remember doing, and it was making him harder than he had ever been before.

 After what Kurt swore was at least 20 minutes of Hunter's slow, tortuous stimulation of his body, he felt like he would explode if Hunter wasn't inside him soon. The blonde's mouth was currently wrapped around the head of his cock, a finger moving inside of him while the other hand played with his nipples. Kurt couldn't help squirming from the intimate touches, unable to stop moaning. The voice was still whispering in his ear, making it all the hotter for him.

 "Hunter," he cried in a strangled voice. "Oh god Hunter, I need you now! Please!"

 Hunter raised his head, his eyes gleaming wickedly. "The tape doesn't get there for 10 more minutes, at least," he teased. "Guess you'll have to wait. You were the one who wanted to listen to headphones, remember?"

 "Screw the headphones!" Kurt yanked the contraption off his head, throwing it onto the night stand. He pulled Hunter up his body until their faces were only inches apart. His legs wrapped around the bigger man's waist, his hips arching in Hunter's pleadingly. "Now, I need it now! Please!"

 "Mmm, you got it baby." Hunter snatched his lube and quickly slicked his engorged cock, coating it thoroughly, then positioning it at Kurt's entrance.

 "Yes, yes!" Kurt cried, his head thrashing around on the pillow as Hunter slipped into him, inch by inch. "Oh god, baby, oh, Hunter!" he moaned. Every inch of him felt like it was on fire, the feeling of Hunter inside him consuming all his thoughts. He moaned and writhed as the blonde began to thrust into him, arching his hips into Hunter's deep thrusts.

 Hunter quickly adjusted the angle of his thrusts to brush across Kurt's sweet spot, barely even having to think about it. He knew every inch of Kurt's body, and knew exactly how to give his lover as much pleasure as possible. Kurt's panted moans filled his ears, sounding like music to his ear. He let his pace grow faster, his hands sliding down to grip Kurt's ass, pulling the Olympian against him even harder.

 The encounter grew wild and heated, both of their bodies thrashing around on the mattress, their limbs intertwining as their passion continued. Waves of pleasure rolled through them, both feel their orgasms approaching like a monstrous tidal wave. Neither of them could've been prepared for the incredible climax that hit them simultaneously, Kurt nearly throwing Hunter off him from the force of his body bowing off the bed. They collapsed as the last waves of pleasure ran through their trembling bodies, both a little light headed from the intensity of the experience.

 "Oh Hunter," Kurt panted a few minutes later, once he had regained his voice. Hunter had collapsed on top of him and was still sprawled over his chest, panting raggedly and showing no sigh of moving. Kurt wrapped his arms around Hunter's waist, enjoying the feel of their skin pressed together along their whole bodies.

 "Wow," was the only word Hunter could choke out.

 Kurt nodded in strong agreement. "Wow."

 It was quiet for a few minutes, both men enjoying the other's touch while they recovered. "Kurt?" Hunter whispered at last. His head was resting on Kurt's chest, his eyes closed and his voice sleepy.

 "Yeah baby?" Kurt whispered back.

 "If you want to use headphones again, it's ok with me."

 Kurt chuckled, running his fingers through Hunter's silky hair. "I think I will," was his reply.

 "Good." Hunter closed his eyes, letting himself slowly drift off to sleep.


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