"Edge, don't do it like that."

 The tall blonde looked up, frowning. "Like what?"

 "Like that," Christian replied unhelpfully.

 "Do WHAT like WHAT?" Edge demanded.

 "What you were just doing."

 Edge growled. "Well fine, if you don't want head, then I'll stop!"

 It was Christian's turn to frown. "No, don't do that. Keep doing it, just don't do it like that."

 "What do you mean by that? Are you saying I wasn't doing it right?" Edge snapped.

 Christian shrugged. "Well, technically I guess you weren't doing it wrong."

 "Oh, thanks a lot!" Edge sat back on his haunches, glaring up at his smaller lover.

 "I didn't mean that like an insult or anything," Christian quickly continued.

 "Then what's the problem?" Edge pressed.

 "It's the noises," Christian replied.


 "Yeah. You were making these slurping noises that were so not turning me on."

 Edge threw his hands up in the air. "I was sucking! Those were sucking noises! What, do you want me to do it without sucking?"

 "No." Christian was frowning. "Why don't you hum or something? That would sound nicer. And you could suck a little harder."

 "Forget it." Edge turned away, crossing his arms over his chest. "I am so sorry I'm not good enough at giving head for you! Soooooo sorry!" he quipped.

 "Aw, Edge, baby, I didn't mean it like that," Christian cooed. "You're great at it. Can you finish now? Please."

 "Oh, so NOW I'm good enough, huh? But just a minute ago I was doing it so badly you had to stop me to complain about it!"

 "You weren't doing it badly!" Christian insisted. "Never mind, ok? I was just being silly. It's me, baby, not you."

 Edge refused to look at his lover, his arms still crossed stubbornly.

 "Edge, hon, come on, you know how much I care about you," Christian cooed, his fingers stroking Edge's soft blonde waves. "You are so damn sexy, just the though of being buried in your mouth makes me want to come."

 "Yeah, ‘cos when you fantasize about it, I don't really suck at giving head, which apparently in reality I do!" Edge snapped.

 "Geez, you can't take any freaking criticism, can you?" Christian muttered.

 Edge turned to his lover, glaring fiercely at the smaller man. "Telling me that I give sucky head is not exactly health criticism! It's a freaking insult!"

 "I was just giving you a bit of advice so you could do it better!" Christian replied defensively.

 "Oh yeah?" Edge's eyes narrowed. "Well then I've got some advice for you! When you have sex with a guy, you shouldn't just go randomly jabbing your cock wherever it seems to fit! There's a certain, specific spot you're supposed to aim for, in case you didn't know!"

 "I do!" Christian huffed. "I'm a great lover and you know it! You're just making up stuff to try and get me back!"

 "Oh, I'm not saying you're bad in bed," Edge mocked. "I'm just trying to give you some advice so you can get better!"

 "Screw you!" Christian exclaimed.

 "Not until you say you're fucking sorry!" Edge countered.

 "Fine! I'm sorry! Now will you please finish?" Christian demanded, gesturing to his still very hard cock.

 "I don't know. Since I now know just how bad I apparently am at the oral arts, I don't know if I'll be able to!" Edge sniffed mockingly.

 "Look, it was a stupid comment, ok? I'm sorry! I'm just feeling out of sorts today. It's really not you baby, it's me. I was being an ass and I'm sorry. Now baby, will you please, please, please suck me before I go fucking crazy!" Christian pleaded.

 "I don't know," Edge pouted. "I'm still not feeling too great about myself."

 Christian sighed. He leaned down, giving Edge a passionate kiss. As he drew back, he smiled softly, planting a gentle kiss on each of his pretty lover's eyelids. "I love you, baby," he whispered. "You are absolutely gorgeous and wonderful, and I couldn't adore you more."

 A big smile spread across Edge's face. "You really love me?" he purred.

 Christian chuckled. "Would I have stayed with you this long if I didn't? ‘Course I do, you big goof! Now please baby, suck me. I need to be buried in that sweet mouth of yours."

 Edge will still smiling as he moved forward, lowering his head over his lover's crotch and doing just as the smaller blonde had requested. Christian sighed happily, letting his fingers twine in his lover's beautiful golden hair. He had to grin as Edge began to hum.


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