Hunter glanced at the post-it note stuck to the key. Good thing he'd written it down this time. Room number 217, 217...ah, there it was. He licked his lips in anticipation of the plan he would set in motion shortly. For far too long his companions in the WWF had called him 'friend' rather than 'Master', his rightful title. Tonight would be the first step in his rise to control over them all. After he had Sean as his lackey, recruiting others would be no problem at all. He hoped Sean was back already. Hunter had been preparing for this all day. It was about time he got back into this! He couldn't remember why he had ever quit in the first place. It had just gotten too bothersome before. This time, his list of targets was far more specific.

 Opening the door the room 217, which he was sharing with his best friend, he saw that Sean was indeed present. Sean was lying on his bed reading a magazine. Excellent. Sean looked up as Hunter came in.

 "Back a little late, aren't you?" Sean quipped.

 "It's only 10:00." Hunter couldn't wait to get started. He blocked Sean's view of the door with his body so Sean couldn't see him slide the dead bolt closed. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it onto his bed. "So what did you do today, Sean?" he asked casually.

 "Not much," Sean replied.

 "I thought as much." Hunter glanced at the magazine Sean was looking at. "Let me see that. Move over," he requested, plopping down on the bed as Sean complied. "What is this? Raw magazine?" he said, glancing at the cover. "What do you see in that crap?"

 Sean smiled impishly and turned the page to reveal a picture of a scantly clad Chyna.

 "Hey!" Hunter reached over and tore the page out. "You're not allowed to look at that!"

 "Oh, that was my favorite part!" Sean complained. He flipped to the next page. "Hey look, there's you," he pointed out.

 "That is not me."

 "Yes it is. See - HHH."

 Hunter looked closer. "I guess that is me," he admitted. "Like there's never been a stupid picture of you in one of those things." He pushed Sean onto his back and leaned over him, letting the smile on his face fade.

 "Hey, come on Hunter, I was just kidding around." Sean squirmed uncomfortably as Hunter wrapped his hands tightly about both his wrists. "Come on man." Sean swallowed as Hunter moved his captive wrists up to his head and pressed them down into the bed. "Hey, what are you doing, you're scaring me!"

 "Good." Hunter leaned over and pressed his lips against Sean's. Sean struggled against him, but Hunter had his arms pinned securely above his head.

 "What are you doing? Let me go!" Sean demanded, trying to kick out of Hunter's hold. There was fear and shock in his eyes. He strained to get his arms free. Hunter's hold budged only slightly. Hunter repositioned himself so he was straddling Sean's torso, looking down into Sean's frightened face as he held the struggling young man. One knee rested on either side of Sean's stomach.

 "You are strong, aren't you?" he breathed. "Good thing I prepared for that." He moved his knee up to cover Sean's right arm, using the hand it freed to pull away the pillows in front of the headboard. Clipped onto both sides of the headpiece were two pairs of shiny metal handcuffs. Sean couldn't see the cuffs, but he felt the cold metal close around his wrists as Hunter forced his arms into them. He yanked on them once Hunter released his hold. They wouldn't budge. He was breathing heavily now.

 "This is a joke, right? A sick joke!"

 "Oh no, it isn't." Hunter began to unbutton Sean's shirt. Sean struggled harder as he felt Hunter's fingers running over his now bare chest.

 "Stop, please!" he begged. "Stop it!"

 "No can do." Hunter leaned in close to Sean's face, a malicious smile on his lips. "What you gonna do, Sean?" he taunted, "You gonna scream?"

 "Why are you doing this?" Sean panted, "Why?"

 "Because I want to." Hunter leaned down to nuzzle Sean's neck with first his nose, then his lips. He raised his head to look Sean in the eyes again. "And you know what I'm gonna do to you?" He moved forward to whisper directly in Sean's ear. "I'm gonna fuck your brains out!"

 "God, no!" Sean was pale and trembling. He tried to reason with Hunter as Hunter's lips moved across his chest and neck. "How could you do this to me, Hunter? You're like my best friend. Just let me go, ok? I won't tell anyone, I swear, just don't do this!" He cried out as Hunter's teeth closed around one of his nipples.

 "You won't tell anyone anyway," Hunter told him, starting at Sean's belly button and running his tongue up Sean's torso until he reached his lips. He forced Sean's jaws open with his fingers and shoved his tongue into Sean's mouth. Sean tried to pull away, but Hunter's hands were holding his head firmly on either side.

 "Is that the best you can do?" Hunter mocked. "That's the biggest fight you can put up? I'm disappointed, Sean." He ran his gaze down Sean's struggling body. "I'm sure I won't be for long, though." He reached down to unbutton Sean's jeans. Sean doubled his efforts to escape as Hunter pulled the tight pants off his legs and threw them onto the floor. He could feel the cuffs digging into his wrists as he struggled desperately to get away. All his struggling was to no avail. He was completely at Hunter's mercy. Completely helpless. He hated that almost as much as he hated the feel of Hunter's tongue running back down his torso, past his belly button, too far. He shuddered as he felt Hunter's hands running up his thighs. He closed his eyes as tightly as he could and tried to pretend this wasn't happening.


He felt horrible. He felt filthy. He felt violated. God, did he feel violated! Sean glared hatefully at Hunter's bed, where Hunter was now fast asleep. Hunter hadn't bothered to remove the handcuffs when he'd finished, so Sean couldn't get out of his bed. He lay there silently, unable to sleep and unable to forget. His mind was in turmoil.

 He wanted to banish the memory from his mind, but he couldn't stop playing it over and over again in his mind. Hunter's hands on him, Hunter's lips on him, exploring every single inch of his flesh. Every goddamn inch! He couldn't shake the image of Hunter lying on top of him, kissing him.

 He began to weep quietly. 'Why?' he asked himself, 'Why?' Eventually he drifted off into a fitful sleep. Hunter was the next to wake. He glanced at the clock. It was late enough to justify getting up. He smiled happily as he looked over at Sean's sleeping form. "I've got you now, Sean, and there's nothing you can do about it!" he murmured, running his fingers up Sean's chest. "We'll try something different tonight. We won't need these." He fingered the handcuffs. "Not that they weren't fun." He pulled out a small key and unlocked both pairs of cuffs. He noticed nasty red welts encircling Sean's wrists where the cuffs had been.

 "You really did struggle, didn't you?" He dug through Sean's suitcase until he found some suitable wristbands to cover the welts. "Wake up." He shook Sean roughly. "Get dressed and put these on," Hunter commanded, dropping the wristbands on Sean's chest. Sean looked up at him fearfully. Hunter knew that look well. How good it felt to see it again!

 "Well, I'll see you later," Hunter said, walking towards the door.

 "Like hell you will." Hunter turned around, his eyes narrow. He climbed onto the bed, pinning Sean's shoulders to the mattress.

 "You will be here, Sean." The threat was simple but effective. "You will be here," Hunter repeated as he left the room. He ran into Adam in the elevator.

 "Morning Hunter." Adam smiled. "You'll never guess what Jay did last night."

 'Fucked you like I fucked Sean?' Hunter thought. He doubted it. They weren't that type. They'd better not be, anyway. That would put a serious stitch in his plan. Besides, it was an insult to compare himself to Jay Reso. He wasn't particularly interested in the real explanation, so he tuned out the rest of Adam's words. He couldn't think of anyone more annoying than Copeland. Not only was Adam extremely popular and good looking, he also loved to talk. Especially about himself. That was why Hunter would enjoy it all the more when he did to Adam what he was planning to. He'd like to see what the talkative blonde would have to say after that!

 "How interesting," he said as Adam finished his story.

 "Isn't that hilarious?" Adam followed Hunter as Hunter walked through the lobby. "I mean, he actually bought a whole bottle of it! And it didn't work at all." Adam chuckled and shook his head. "I've told him you need to find a brand that works and stick with it. But does he listen to me? No, of course not." Hunter gritted his teeth as Adam went on and on about his friend's shampoo fiasco. Didn't Adam have anything better to do?

 "So what brand of shampoo do you use?" Adam asked, uninvitedly fingering a piece of Hunter's hair. "You have - um - nice hair." Hunter would've punched him in the face for that if Adam hadn't been worth so damn much to Vince. 'Nice' hair? Why couldn't Adam ever figure out when he should shut his mouth? And Hunter did NOT like people touching him without permission.

 Hunter smiled at Adam thinly, pulling his hair out of Adam's reach. "I don't know, what brand do you use?" he asked mockingly. He grasped a handful of Adam's long blonde hair and yanked it.

 "Ow!" Adam cried. He glared at Hunter's back as Hunter walked away.

 "What's wrong, Jay? Oh, sorry, Adam." Adam turned his glare on the approaching Kurt Angle.

 "You've got to stop pretending I'm not important enough for you to remember my name, Kurt," Adam said irritably. "Besides, I don't look anything like Jay!"

 "Yeah right. You two are like twins," Kurt said cheekily. "You even dress like each other. Adam. Hello!" Kurt waved his hand in front of Adam's face.

 "Look at that." Adam pointed to the dark-haired wrestler who had just stepped out of the elevator.

 "It's just Sean." Kurt gave Adam an odd look. "So what?"

 "Well, doesn't he look - ODD to you?"

 Kurt looked back at Sean. "No, he looks perfectly normal. A little tired, maybe." Kurt looked back at Adam. "What's so weird about him?"

 "Ah, it's probably just my imagination," Adam stated, storing the information away for future use. He smiled. "So you wanna hear what Jay did last night?"

 "Of course he does, but you're not going to tell him, because you're an intelligent individual and you realize that Jay doesn't appreciate you going around telling everyone how silly he is!" a new voice said.

 Adam smiled at the speaker. "Morning, Jay!" he called cheerfully, "How's your hair?"

 Jay smiled. "It's fine, Adam. Because a certain someone got up in the middle of the night and used a certain other someone's shampoo!"

 "I told you not to!" Adam cried.

 Jay shrugged. "I'll buy you another bottle, ok? Just don't be such a baby about it next time."

 "Ok," Adam agreed happily. "Can you buy me a new shirt, too? I mean, since you're gonna be buying things for me anyway, you might as well."

 "Considering how much the shirts you like cost, uh-uh." Jay shook his head.

 "Hey, if you're going to buy him stuff, buy me stuff too!" Kurt chimed in.

 "Why should I buy you anything, you can't even remember my name!" Jay exclaimed.

 "I promise I will if you buy me a new shirt," Kurt offered.


 "How about just buying me some conditioner, them?" Kurt suggested.

 Jay sighed. "Look, I didn't say I was going to buy either of you anything! I'm just going to replace Adam's shampoo, ok?"

 "I thought you said you didn't let him use it." Jeff caught the last line of the conversation as he walked up to join the three men.

 Jay smiled wickedly. "He didn't know I did."

 "What's up with your hair, Jeff?" Kurt inquired.

 "Do you like it? I just did it." Jeff turned around so they could get a better view of his freshly dyed locks, which now sports four rings of color, purple, blue, green, and red.

 "I like it," Jay volunteered.

 Jeff smiled impishly. "You should see Matt!" he exclaimed.

 "Uh no. What'd you do to him now?" Adam inquired.

 "You'll see. He'll be down in a few minutes." Jeff chuckled, lowering his voice to a conspiratory whisper. "I convinced him he'd look good with curly hair, so he had curlers in all night!"

 "Now this I have to see!" Kurt scanned the elevators, eagerly looking for Matt. He caught sight of the elder brother after a moment. Matt's hair was wet and hung limply at his shoulders.

 "Matt, you ruined it!" Jeff protested.

 "It looked terrible, Jeff," Matt told his brother.

 "It looked cute! You have no sense of style." Jeff crossed his arms and pouted.

 "Your hair looks great, Jay, considering your little ordeal last night," Matt commented.

 Jay turned to his partner in frustration. "God, Adam, how many people did you tell?" he demanded.

 "Well, let's see." Adam began counting the people off on his fingers. "Matt, Jeff, AnMatt, Brian, Monty, Mark, Glenn, Hunter, that guy I met in the hall - "

 "Ok, ok." Jay held up his hand to stop Adam. "You really need to shut your mouth sometimes, Adam."

 "Make me," Adam challenged.

 "I would, but I don't have a free sock on hand," Jay returned.

 "Humph." Adam folded his arms across his chest. "I think you owe me a new shirt for that one."

 "You could use one," Monty commented, walking up with Brian. "If you're interested, I have a few more of these in my room." He pointed to his '24 Karot Ass' t-shirt.

 "I can't believe you actually wear that in public," Jeff stated.

 "With hair like yours, you shouldn't be talking," Brian put in. "Anyway, we just came down to find Sean. We saw him before, but he ran off somewhere."

 "I saw him a few minutes ago," Adam volunteered. "I think he left."

 "Huh. Oh well. You seen Hunter?" Brian asked.

 "Yes." Adam frowned. "That jerk pulled my hair."

 "I wonder why, Adam. Could it be your inability to ever shut up?" Brian suggested.

 "Gee, as much as I'd like to stay here and take some more abuse, I gotta go," Adam said, excusing himself from the group. He rushed out of the hotel and scanned the street for Hunter. He spotted Hunter far down the block. Adam ran for a little bit to get closer to Hunter, making sure Hunter didn't notice his presence. He wondered where Hunter was off to now. He followed Hunter into a nearby hardware store. Hunter walked through the isle containing chains and ropes, stopping every now and then to investigate something. He seemed particularly pleased with some course black rope he found. Adam heard Hunter mumble his name under his breath. Adam gulped. He wasn't exactly sure what Hunter was up to, but he knew he didn't want to be a part of it. After buying a coil of the rope, Hunter moved on to some other stores. Adam wasn't interested in following his anymore. He walked back to the hotel slowly, wondering how he could find out more.


Sean didn't want to return to the hotel room. He had stayed out as late as he could justify. He didn't want to return, but he was afraid of what Hunter would do to him if he didn't. And he was afraid of what Hunter would do to him if he did. He slipped quietly into the room, hoping Hunter was asleep already. No such luck. Hunter was sitting under the covers in his own bed, completely naked. He was waiting for Sean.

 "At last," he said. "Sit down." He gestured towards Sean's bed. He slipped out of his covers and moved to sit on Sean's Mattress as Sean obeyed him.

 Sean closed his eyes tightly. "Look, man, whatever you're gonna do, just do it and get it over with, ok?"

 "That's not what I want tonight, Sean." Sean slid his eyes open slightly and glanced at Hunter. Hunter was grinning maliciously. "I'm not going to do anything. It's your turn tonight." Hunter held out his arms expectantly. "I want you to take me, Sean."

 "What? No!" Sean's voice broke as he spoke. He blanched at the thought.

 "Yes Sean."

 "No, Hunter!" Sean was close to tears. "You can't make me do that, I won't!"

 "Yes you will." Hunter picked up the phone and held it tauntingly in front of Sean. "If you don't, I'll call everyone and tell them everything."

 "You can't!" Sean protested. "Besides, I haven't done anything wrong!"

 "But do you want everyone to know? Do you want everyone to know how I pinned you down, how I kissed you, how I touched you? How very helpless you were?" Hunter was grinning with pleasure as he taunted Sean. "Do you?" he pressed.

 "No." Sean felt helpless and weak. Was he actually considering this? He couldn't do it! But the thought of everyone knowing...he couldn't let that happen. Trying to swallow his repulsion, he reluctantly moved towards Hunter. He pushed his lips against Hunter's, forcing himself to set his hand on Hunter's muscular chest. Bile rose up in his throat and he had to pull away.

 "I can't do this, Hunter, I can't!" Sean was shaking from the battle raging in his mind.

 "Fine." Hunter picked up the phone again. Sean knocked it out of his hand. "I'm getting impatient, Sean," Hunter growled. "I'm not going to wait all night. Either you do it now or I call. So fuck me!" His eyes gleamed. "Fuck me hard."

 Anger boiled inside of Sean. Did Hunter expect him to be gentle? He shoved Hunter down onto the bed and began driving his lips into his tormentor's chest. If Hunter wanted him to be rough, he was going to be rough! As rough as he possibly could be. He wanted to hurt Hunter. Hurt him so bad he couldn't even walk. If only those moans were screams of pain...


Sean leaned over the sink and stuck his toothbrush down his throat again. He just couldn't find the right spot. He had to throw up! After what he had just done, he had to. Sean cast the toothbrush down in annoyance. He peered at himself in the mirror, his face expressionless. He didn't feel hate anymore, he just felt numb. Numb and sick. He couldn't live like this. He couldn't live as Hunter's slave. But what choice did he have? He buried his head in his hands and wept long and hard.


Adam awoke to find a long piece of black fabric shoved in his mouth. He spit it out and glared at it contemptuously. "Jay?" he asked, rolling over to see if his friend was in the room. Jay was sitting across the room in a chair, reading a magazine. Adam glared at him and held up the black cloth. "Did you put this on me?" he demanded.

 Jay snickered slightly. "You were talking in your sleep last night."

 "So you GAGGED me?" Adam continued glaring.

 "Well, hitting you didn't work." Right. Leave it to his partner to think up a creative solution like that.

 "Thanks a lot. Now my mouth is all dry."

 A knock came at the door. Jay got up to answer it. He pulled it open to reveal an urgent looking Brian.

 "Hey guys. Can I hide in here?" Brian pleaded.

 "Uh, ok." Jay closed the door after Brian had entered. "Why, exactly?" he asked.

 "Hunter's trying to drag me to some stupid show or something. But he can't make me if he can't find me, now can he?" Brian explained.

 Adam chuckled. "I can't blame you for that. I know what Hunter's into; all that mindless-sex-and-violence crap."

 Brian glanced at the cloth in Adam's hand. "Wild night, guys?" he joked.

 "Hey, you can be out like that!" Jay snapped his fingers.

 "Sorry. I'm just kidding." Brian sat down in the room's second chair and propped his feet up on the footrest.

 "So did you find Sean yesterday?" Adam asked, just trying to make conversation.

 "Well, I saw him, but he wasn't really in a very good mood," Brian answered. "Come to think of it, people were crabby in general yesterday."

 "I wasn't." Adam smiled. "Even though he said he wouldn't, Jay bought me stuff."

 "Only because he promised to shut up if I did," Jay said, "and he actually did! How often does that happen?"

 "Not damn often," Brian stated.

 Adam glared at his friends. "I can be quiet when I want to." He began to drift off into his own thoughts. He couldn't forget about that rope he'd seen Hunter buy. He was pretty sure it was intended for him somehow. He ignored Brian and Jay as they continued talking.

 "Wow," Jay commented after Adam had been silent for a few moment. "I guess he really can be quiet!"


Hunter was in a foul mood as he returned to his hotel room that night. Damn that illusive Brian! Thanks to him, Hunter had had to spend the whole day with Joanie. At least he'd gotten away from her before she could pull him into bed. Why had he ever asked her to marry him, anyway? She was just too tough for him to be happy with. He liked weakness and submission, not strength and power.

 Speaking of submission...Hunter smiled as his thoughts turned to Sean. Maybe he would give Sean another lesson in submission tonight. Entering the room, he was surprised to find that Sean was not alone. He was sitting in a chair talking casually with Monty. 'Oh, so you think you're safe now?' Hunter thought. 'I'll teach you to pull a stunt like this.'

 "Evening, Hunter," Monty greeted.

 "Evening. Sean, can I talk to you for a moment?" Hunter was careful to keep the malice out of his voice.

 "Sure, Hunter." Sean was pretending nothing was amiss. Pretending very well, in fact. Checking to make sure Monty wasn't looking, Hunter leaned down to snarl in Sean's ear.

 "Nice try, Sean. You'll be sorry you did this. You know why?" Sean looked nervous. Hunter continued in a vicious whisper, "Well, since you've brought him to me already, I'm going to take him, too."

 "No!" Sean cried, pulling away from Hunter.

 Monty turned around at Sean's alarmed shout. "Something wrong?" he inquired. He saw Hunter whisper something further to Sean, then the two started advancing on him. Sean looked upset. Hunter wore a threatening look that Monty found rather disturbing. Hunter took his arm and shoved him onto one of the beds. Sean grabbed his wrists and pinned his arms above his head.

 "What the heck in this?" Monty demanded. His eyes widened as Hunter sat across his torso and pulled open his shirt. Hunter ran his hands over Monty's upper half, then stopped. He was frowning slightly.

 "You know, as fine as you are, Monty, I'm just not in the mood." Hunter didn't like doing things spur of the moment. He liked to plan everything in advance so he would be in control from the beginning. Surprises and unplanned events displeased him greatly. Without that strong element of control present, he didn't see any point in proceeding. Of course he would have Monty, but on his own terms, not through a coincidence.

 "Thank god," Sean sighed. He started to release his hold.

 "No, keep holding him." Hunter walked into the bathroom to fetch a small container. He shoved two pills into Monty's mouth and forced him to swallow. The drugs knocked Monty out immediately. "Good. He won't remember a thing. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for later, after all. Now take him back to his room and tell Brian he passed out of something."

 Sean complied. He shouldered Monty's dead weight and dragged him down the hall. Good thing he and Brian were on the same floor. Sean banged on the door once he reached it. Brian opened the door, looking concerned once he saw Monty.

 "Oh my god, what happened?" he asked, taking Monty's limp form from Sean.

 "I don't know, man, he just passed out," Sean lied. "Just let him get some sleep, I'm sure he'll be fine."

 "Yeah, ok. Thanks. Good night, Sean," Brian said as he closed the door.

 "Sure it is," Sean muttered bitterly. He trudged back to his room, lingering in the hallway for a moment before forcing himself to go in. Hunter was lying in his bed, flipping through a magazine. He had the sheet pulled up to his chest.

 "Problems?" he asked when Sean appeared. Sean shook his head. "Good." He repositioned himself into a more comfortable position. "Well, I really am tired tonight, so I won't ask much of you." He pulled the sheet off his body. Sean walked to stand beside him at his command. Sean didn't have the strength to fight anymore, so he simply obeyed Hunter's order. Hunter smiled as Sean bent over him. He had definitely tamed the X-Factor.


Monty blinked as he returned to consciousness. He groaned as he rubbed his throbbing temples. He looked around the room. It was empty. He didn't feel like getting out of bed, so he picked up the book on his night stand and tried to read. After a few minutes of struggling to concentrate, he gave up and got out of bed. He straightened himself up a bit, then left the room to look for some of his friends. He found Brian sitting with Adam and Jay in the hotel's restaurant. He helped himself to the forth chair at the table.

 "Hey Monty," Adam said, "You look like shit."

 "Thanks Adam. I feel like shit." Monty rested his forehead on the table.

 "Did you just get up?" Brian glanced at his watch. "It's after 12:00, you know." Monty just groaned in response.

 "Hangover?" Jay asked.

 Monty shook his head. "I didn't have a drop yesterday. The night does seem a little fuzzy, though."

 "Yeah, it was kind of weird," Brian stated. "Sean brought you back last night. He said you had just passed out."

 "That is weird." Monty turned his head on its side. "God, I've got this awful taste in my mouth!"

 "What something to eat?" Adam offered. "We were just about to order."

 "That sounds good," Monty agreed. Jay waved a waitress over and they placed their orders. Monty began to feel better as he ate. "I had the strangest nightmare," he volunteered between bights. "In it, Hunter and Sean were the devil - "

 "They were both the devil?" Brian interrupted.

 "Yeah." Monty paused to think for a moment. "It made sense somehow in the dream. Anyway, they were mad at me for something, so they pushed me out of this big drainage pipe into a lake. Then they started throwing fuzzy pink bunny slippers at me because, apparently, those were electrical appliances and they wanted to electrocute me. It didn't work, though, 'cos the batteries were dead, so they just started to square dance instead."

 Jay chuckled. "You have a strange mind, Monty."

 "I know. At least I feel better now, though." Monty finished off the last bite of his lunch.

 "That's good. Hey look, there's Sean." Jay waved at his friend as Sean walked into the restaurant with Hunter. Sean waved back, but instead of coming over he followed Hunter to a table in the far corner. "Well, that was rude," Jay commented. Their conversation continued casually. At the table in the corner, a much more serious discussion was taking place.

 "I've decided on my next target, Sean," Hunter was saying. "And I want him tonight, so listen carefully to my directions. This has to be done right."

 "Who?" Sean asked, not really wanting to know.

 "Jeff Hardy."

 "What? You can't take Jeff!" Sean protested. "He's like the baby of the Federation!"

 "Mmmm, I know." Hunter licked his lips hungrily.

 Sean sighed. He knew there was no point in arguing with Hunter. "So what do I have to do? Hold him down for you?"

 Hunter shook his head. "No, I don't want it to be that way with him. I want him cooperative. So here's your job..."


Sean paused at the door to his and Hunter's room. He hated himself for doing this. Jeff would never forgive him. The young Hardy Boy was standing next to him, swaying slightly on his feet. How many drinks had Sean given him? Way, way too many. Plus, he had dripped those pills Hunter had given him in one of Jeff's drinks. 'Just to loosen him up a little more,' Hunter had said. Sighing, Sean opened the door and escorted Jeff in. He swallowed as the door closed behind the pretty young Hardy. Hunter would be waiting. Now he had to find a way to kill a few hours before his next part in the plan.

 Jeff stumbled into the room, nearly falling over his own feet. His eyes were glazed over and rolling around aimlessly. He blinked as he saw a bleary figure approaching him from across the room. He was barely even aware of the figure setting a hand gently on his arm.

 "Good evening, Jeff. I'm Hunter. I'll be your lover for the night," Hunter whispered softly.

 "Hunter," Jeff murmured, his eyes big and innocent like a child's.

 "That's right." Hunter guided Jeff to the bed and helped him sit. Tenderly Hunter slid Jeff's shirt and then pants off, so the Hardy Boy was naked before him. Jeff collapsed back onto the bed as soon as Hunter released him, looking ready to fall asleep at any moment. "Stay with me, Jeff," Hunter said as he pulled his own clothes off. "I promise you won't be sleepy for long." Having removed all his clothing, he crawled on top of the defenseless Jeff.

 "You won't remember this, but I guarantee you'll enjoy it." Jeff didn't struggle. Hunter was delighted to feel him responding as their lips met. Jeff's response grew stronger as Hunter went further. The encounter stated off gently, but became heated and insistent. Jeff soon became an active participant as their bodies intertwined. Several times the young Hardy tried to lay back and rest, but Hunter pulled him back into his embrace. Jeff continued to respond to Hunter's demands.

 Hunter smiled as Jeff called out his name again and again. He himself couldn't help calling out Jeff's name a few times. He thought he'd called out a few other names, too, but it didn't matter. Jeff wouldn't remember a thing. At last, after what seemed like hours, Hunter allowed Jeff to fall back onto the pillows. He lay beside Jeff, trying to catch his breath.

 "That was perhaps the most intense sex I've ever had in my life!" Hunter panted. He was covered in sweat and breathing heavily. He glanced over at Jeff, who had already slipped into unconsciousness. "Poor little sprite, I wore you out." Hunter ran his hand softly down Jeff's cheek. "I can't wait to see you face in the morning." He pulled Jeff close to him, delighting in his warmth. He buried his face in Jeff's soft hair as he prepared to drift off the sleep. "You're mine now, Hardy," he murmured, "All mine."


Jeff's's first conscious thought was the realization that his head was pounding. His body ached all over. It took him a moment to realize that he was naked. Then, the more shocking realization that there was an arm around him. A big, strong arm. Jeff leapt out of the bed with haste. Where was he? This wasn't his room! He didn't want to look back at the bed, but he forced himself to. He choked at what he saw. Hunter was lying there, equally as naked as Jeff. Trying to block out this new information, he snatched his clothes off the floor and pulled them on. He tried to remember what had happened the previous night, but his mind was blank. He remembered drinking. Drinking a lot. Uh no.

 "This can't be what it looks like, can't be!" Jeff told himself. He spotted a video tape lying on a nearby chair. Ah hah! This must be the explanation, the answer to all of this. This was just a very demented joke. Jeff knew people who would do it. He was actually beginning to believe that as he stuck the video into the VCR and hit play.

 "Oh, Hunter..." Jeff quickly jabbed the mute button on the tv. He stared at what he saw. It was him and Hunter, in each other's arms, kissing...and more. Jeff watched in horror for several minutes before managing to jab the tv off. He snatched the tape and ran. He ran up two flights of stairs up to his own room. He pounded on the door, charging through and into the bathroom as soon as Matt opened it. He knocked Matt right off his feet as he burst into the room, but he slammed and locked the bathroom door before his brother could say anything.

 Tears pouring down his face, he grabbed a scissors out of the bathroom cupboard. He yanked the tape out of the video and cut it into a hundred pieces, then broke the video itself in half and flung it in the trash can. He spun the handles to send water rushing through the showerhead. Sobbing, he crawled into the tub, not bothering to remove his clothes. He tore the wrappings off a piece of soap and shoved it right into his mouth. It made him gag and he had to spit it out. All he wanted was to wash this all away. He would never have done what that tape showed. Never! But it had been right there on the screen, clear as day. His head was spinning. He didn't think he could've stood up, even if he'd wanted to. He thumped his head repeatedly against the wall as the water soaked him to the bone. It couldn't be, it couldn't be!


Matt picked himself up off the floor in annoyance. He had been too busy being knocked down to notice how upset Jeff was. He scowled as he closed the door securely. 'What a jerk my brother is!' he thought. He banged on the bathroom door. There was no response. Curbing his annoyance for the moment, Matt returned to the book he had been reading.

 After several minutes Jeff emerged from the bathroom. He was dripping wet and fully clothed. Matt stared at him.

 "What, did you decide to take a shower with your clothes on?" Matt asked.

 Jeff glared at him. "Shut up, Matt."

 "Go to hell, Jeff." Matt was already annoyed with his brother, and he did not appreciate being told to shut up. He knew what was going on now. Jeff had been out all night partying, and he didn't want Matt to know how he reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. Obvious solution? Wash it all off with the shower! Jeff snatched some fresh clothes out of his suitcase and locked himself in the bathroom again. He looked calmer when he emerged again. He was dressed in clean clothes and his hair had been brushed.

 Before saying anything, Jeff went up to Matt and pulled him into a tight hug. "I'm sorry Matt," he whispered, "I'm really sorry."

 "Well, I'm not that upset," Matt replied. He was shocked when Jeff began to cry. "Hey, what's wrong?" he asked in concern, pulling back to search his brother's face for answers. Jeff dabbed at his wet eyes.

 "Nothing, really," he lied, "I guess I'm just feeling a little insecure."

 "It's ok, Jeff, I'm here for you," Matt assured him, wrapping his arms around Jeff comfortingly.

 "Thanks Matt." Jeff smiled for the first time that day. "Let's do something fun today, ok?"

 "Like what?" Matt inquired.

 "I don't know. Let's see a movie," Jeff suggested.

 "Is there anything good out right now?"

 "Who cares! We'll go anyway," Jeff said enthusiastically. He was eager to get out of the hotel. Just being there reminded him of what had happened in a room a lot like the one he was in.

 "Ok." Matt grabbed a jacket and they were off. As soon as the elevator doors opened on the lobby, Jeff froze. Hunter was standing barely twenty feet from the elevator. Matt had already left the elevator. He looked back when he realized Jeff wasn't with him. "Come on, Jeff." Matt grabbed his brother's wrist and pulled him out into the lobby. Hunter smiled and waved when he saw Canadian brothers approaching. He was in an extremely good mood.

 "Morning guys," he called cheerfully.

 "You're certainly in a good mood," Matt commented.

 "Well, I had a great day yesterday. I spent it with my lady love," Hunter replied. Yeah, that was why he was happy. He scanned over Jeff's body, picturing him the way he had been the previous night. He was not about to let Jeff forget what had happened.

"Wild night, huh Jeff?"

 "What?" Jeff was so tense he felt he could barely breathe.

 "Oh come on, Hardy, I saw you stumbling through the halls!"

 "Oh." Jeff's mind was racing. Did Hunter know? Did Hunter remember?

 Hunter chuckled. "Not that I can blame you for that," he said, "I have to admit, I had a little too much the drink myself. Actually, that's probably an understatement."

 "Really." That might explain how it had happened. They had both been drunk, and it had just been a very unfortunate accident. "So what did you do last night?" Jeff asked.

 Hunter frowned and thought for a moment, then grinned sheepishly. "I can't remember. But I didn't wake up in jail, or an alley or anything, so I guess it couldn't have been too bad."

 "You don't remember anything?" Jeff pressed.

 "No." Hunter frowned. "Why are you so interested, anyway? Do you know something I don't?" 'Damn am I convincing,' he thought. Jeff was buying every word.

 "Just - um - making conversation. We gotta go, we'll see you later." Jeff grabbed Matt and rushed out of the hotel.

 "Yes you will," Hunter mumbled. He was surprised when strong hands came from behind to cover his eyes.

 "Guess who?"

 "I'm so glad you found me, my dear sweet Sally," Hunter said jokingly, "I'm sorry about yesterday, but I just couldn't get away from - oh, shit, is that you, Joanie?"

 "Funny, Hunter." Joanie punched him in the arm. "So what're we doing today?"

 "I was just planning to hang around the hotel," Hunter told her.

 "Liar. Come on, we're doing something." She dragged him out of the hotel by his ear, despite his protests. She was the only one he would allow to push him around. And that was only because it was such a damn good cover.


He had decided who was next. He was going for something of a double blow this time. He'd give Sean instructions in the morning. He would've liked to go over it tonight, but he'd been delayed. Hunter glanced distastefully at the woman sleeping beside him.

 'God, that was boring,' he thought. Why did Joanie always have to be so damn pushy? He was glad he was planning one of his more violent takings tomorrow. It would counter the pathetic willingness he had just experienced. There was nothing he hated more than people who willingly complied. Where was the fun in that? He was eagerly anticipating the struggle his next target would put up. It would be a good fight, he was sure.

 He was still thinking about it as RAW finished up the next day. Hunter stopped Sean in the hall to inquire about Sean's progress. Sean assured him that all was taken care of.

 'Great,' Hunter thought, 'Now all I have to do is pal around with Joanie until the place clears out, and it'll be time.' He couldn't wait! He didn't much feel like talking to his fiancé, so he slipped headphones over his ears. He pulled an unlabeled tape out of his pocket and slipped it into the phones. The tape contained an excellent exert from his night with Jeff. Hunter wondered if Jeff was always that loud of if it had just been his influence. It was probably from him. After all, he was that damn good. He chuckled after listening for a while. He had been right, he had called out several people's names. Besides Jeff, which naturally was the most common, Sean had been used most frequently. There were a few other name on there. Hunter even counted one Joanie, but he dismissed that as merely a fluke. In contrast, Jeff had been a constant stream of 'Hunter, Hunter, Hunter.'

 "What're you listening to, Hunter?" Joanie asked, looking up as he chuckled.

 "Nothing, sweetie, go back to what you were doing." Hunter smiled to himself. The time was getting close now.


"Well, where did you leave it?" Jay asked his partner, who was busy emptying his bag onto a bench.

 "I swear it was right here." Adam scowled as he took the last object out of his bag.

 "Just wear a different shirt, Adam. You probably left it back at the hotel."

"No, I brought it!" Adam insisted.

 Jay sighed. "Come on, Adam, it's getting late!"

 "Go back without me, then. I have to find it. I'm going to go check the lost and found or something."

 "I'll see you later, Adam." As Jay slung his bag over his shoulder he felt a hard lump in one of the side pockets. Unzipping the pocket, he found a sealed, unmarked package. It felt like it had a video tape inside. "Hmm...well, I'll look at that later," Jay decided. He was too tired to think much as he left the arena.

 Adam heard someone come up behind him as he dug through the make shift lost and found. He turned to find Hunter standing a few feet behind him. They were all alone. Shit. Hunter smiled wickedly. He held up a piece of fabric.

 "Lose something, Adam?" he asked.

 "Hey, that's my shirt!" Adam cried. He ran to snatch his garment out of Hunter's grasp. "What the heck are you doing taking my stuff?" he demanded.

 "I needed a way to make you stay late so we could be alone," Hunter answered. He moved closer to Adam. Adam backed away. Hunter made his move quickly. Clutching the rope he had stashed in his back pocket, he charged up to Adam and shoved their lips together before the tall blonde knew what was happening. Hunter was shocked to feel Adam responding to his kiss. He was even more surprised to feel Adam's hand running down his back. And to top it all off, Adam's tongue was pushing against his lips looking for a way in. He shoved Adam away from him in disgust.

 "I should've known it. What the hell do you think you're doing?" he screamed. He cut Adam off before he could speak. "Don't you ever touch me again, you stupid sick faggot!" He stormed off in a blind rage.

 Adam sat still for several minutes, trying to process this new information. He had been right. He hadn't wanted to be right. This was very bad. Should he tell anybody? He didn't really know anything for sure. He had to think some more.


Sean looked up as Hunter burst into the room. Fury was plastered across his face. He marched right up to Sean and pushed him down onto his back. He tore open Sean's shirt and began driving his lips into Sean's chest.

 "Hunter, stop! Hunter, that hurts!" Sean cried. Hunter ignored Sean's protests. He had been forceful before, but this time he was brutal. Sean couldn't help crying out in pain several times. He wept as Hunter violently ravaged his body. He continued weeping after it was over, and wept himself to sleep.


The following afternoon, Adam was heading towards the DX locker room, his purpose clear in his mind. He had already seen Hunter leaving the building. He was sure he hadn't been Hunter's first target. And it was pretty obvious who Hunter would've gone after initially. Someone who was not only completely unsuspecting, but whom Hunter also had easy access to.

 Entering the DX locker room without knocking, Adam found Sean there, alone. Sean stiffened when he saw Adam. He tried to pretend that nothing was amiss. "Not a good idea, bursting in here like that," he said. "If Hunter were here, he'd kick your ass."

 "I'm sure he would. Speaking of Hunter, maybe you could clarify something for me. What exactly was he planning to do to me last night?"

 Sean turned white. "I don't know what you're talking about," he whispered.

 "Well, I wasn't positive before, but now I know that you do." Adam sat beside Sean, concern in his voice. "Sean, are you ok?" Sean looked into his eyes for a moment, then burst into tears. Adam pulled the weeping man into his arms. Sean gladly accepted Adam's warm hug. It was the first comfort he had been offered in his whole terrible ordeal.

 "It's ok, Sean," Adam said softly. "Now, tell me what Hunter did to you."

 Sean shook his head. "It can't! I just can't, Adam!"

 "Listen to me, Sean. You're safe here. Hunter is gone. He can't hurt you now." Adam's voice was soft and soothing. "I'm here for you Sean. You'll feel better once you talk about it."

 "You really want to hear this?" Sean pulled back from the hug to peer into Adam's eyes. His eyes were teary, but he had stopped crying. Adam nodded.

 "Come on, Sean," Adam prodded, "When did this start?"

 "Just a few days ago." Sean looked on the verge of tears again. Adam had to urge him on before he began speaking again. He shook slightly as he spoke. Realizing how hard it was for him, Adam put an arm around Sean to still his tremors. "I didn't suspect anything. God, I was so stupid! He just - suddenly, he just pinned me down, and - and - " Sean's words caught in his throat. "And he - " Sean couldn't bring himself to say the word.

 "Go on, Sean," Adam urged. He took Sean's hand and squeezed it reassuringly.

 "He raped me!" Sean sobbed, "He raped me!"

 Adam felt his insides twist sickeningly. "God, Sean, why didn't you say anything?" he asked.

 "I was ashamed." Sean stared down at the floor. "I was so ashamed. I was so helpless! I should've been able to stop it."

 "You couldn't have done anything." Adam was doing his best to comfort Sean. "Did he do it again?" Adam pressed. "I know you don't want to talk about this, but it's important that you do."

 "Yes." Sean swallowed and tried to regain control of himself. "But it was worse the second time. Because he didn't - didn't do anything to me. He made me do those things to, to him! And he said if I didn't, he would call everyone and tell them. And I hated it, and I didn't want to, and it made me sick, but I did it! I did it, and I hated myself for it!" He was struggling not to cry again. "And - and I told myself, 'I can live with this. This isn't so bad.'" He was sobbing again. "But last night - last night was unbearable! He was so angry, he was so rough! He raped me again, but it was more violent. It was like he was punishing me because his plan didn't go right. And it was so awful! I thought nothing could be worse than those first two nights, but it was! It was so much worse!" He buried his head in Adam's shoulder as sobs racked his body. After several minutes his sobs died down, but he continued to rest his head on Adam's shoulder.

 Adam was surprised to suddenly feel Sean's lips brush against his neck. Sean's hand ran down Adam's chest and he kissed Adam's neck again. "Sean."

 "Oh god, I'm sorry." Sean pulled away from Adam. His eyes were red and swollen. "I didn't mean to do that. I just feel like I've been trained for that recently. And, I guess I figured that, since you were helping me, you'd want something in return." Sean searched Adam's face, asking for an answer.

 "Sean, I don't want anything from you," Adam assured him, "I'm helping you because you're my friend. You can trust me." He pulled Sean back into his embrace as Sean's tears began to fall again.


Jay was board. He was trying to concentrate on the book he was reading, but it wasn't very interesting. He was supposed to be going over a match with Adam, but Adam was late. Sighing, Jay put the book down and tried to think of something to do. 'Maybe I'll take a shower,' he thought. He grinned wickedly. 'And since Adam's not back yet, I can use his shampoo! Serves him fight for not being on time.' Jay smiled and looked through his bag for clean clothes. He noticed the sealed package. He had forgotten about it.

 'Hmmm...' Jay thought. There might be something interesting in there. He pulled the package out and tore it open. He dumped the contents onto the night stand. There was an unlabeled video tape and a note. Jay picked up the note and read it.

 "'This is just a little something I thought might interest you. Enjoy! - Jeff'," Jay read aloud. "Hmm. Well, I might as well watch it," he said to himself. He was a little confused, but Jeff had always had a knack for finding interesting things to watch in the sea of garbage Hollywood churned out. He stuck the video into the VCR and played it. He dived for the power switch almost as soon as the tape started. Was this porn?!? Did Jeff think he was into this? He wasn't! He scowled at the tv, feeling rather insulted. A thought crept into his mind. Had one of the parties had long, rainbow colored, very familiar hair? Reluctantly, he played the tape again. Yep, he knew that hair. Oh dear god, that was Jeff! Jay stared. It was definitely Jeff. With...Hunter? Jay stopped the tape as soon as he had identified the parties. He stared at the blank screen in shock for a few minutes. He was disgusted. Completely disgusted.

 "And I thought I knew Jeff!" Jay exclaimed. It was Jeff's choice who he slept with, Jay told himself. And if he wanted to sleep with Hunter...well, that was Jeff's decision too. But to videotape it? Personally, Jay found that repulsive, but he supposed that was Jeff's choice. However, sending it to Jay on the assumption that he would be interested was going way too far! Jay had absolutely no desire to see such a thing. He felt sick just from the brief part he had watched. He had to talk to Adam about this.

 "Dammit Copeland, why can't you ever be on time?" Jay grumbled.


Matt was still out with some friends. Jeff was glad. He wanted to be alone. He was still trying to deal with what had happened three nights ago. He was lying on his bed lost in thought when a knock came at the door. Sighing, Jeff got up to answer it. He had hoped for a little more time to himself before Matt returned. He was surprised to find not his brother but Hunter standing in the hallway. Hunter reeked of alcohol and he looked like he was barely managing to stay on his feet.

 "Hey Jeff," Hunter said, badly slurring his words. "Can I come in?" He pushed his way into the room before Jeff could answer.

 "Hunter, I really don't think you should be here," Jeff said nervously.

 "Nah, I came for you, Jeff. I heard you calling me," Hunter slurred.

 "I'll help you back to your room, ok?" Jeff took Hunter's arm and tried to pull him towards the door. Hunter chuckled. He used Jeff's hold to pull the Hardy Boy to him and kiss him.

 Jeff pushed Hunter away from him. "No, this can't happen again! You have to leave, Hunter," he insisted, "Leave now!"

 Hunter's face contorted into a pout. He sat down on Jeff's bed and crossed his arms. "I was good enough for you before," he said in a childlike whine.

 "You told me you didn't remember!" Jeff cried.

 "I found the tape you made," Hunter replied.

 "I made the tape?" Jeff's eyes widened.

 "Well, I don't know, but I found it, and I liked it. I think it deserves an encore. Wha'da ya say?" Hunter was enjoying purposely slurring his words. He had Jeff completely convinced that he was drunk.

 "Hunter, you're drunk, you don't mean that. Come on, please leave." Jeff held open the door. 'You think you're in control, don't you Hardy?' Hunter thought. 'Well, not for long. You should learn not the carry drinks around with you. It's so easy to slip a few pills in, when nobody's looking.' Hunter pretended he was going to leave. When he reached the door, instead of walking through it he shoved it closed and pinned Jeff against it, kissing his again. Jeff whimpered slightly. He was beginning to respond. Hunter flipped the deadbolt closed as he kissed down Jeff's neck. They didn't need Matt walking in on them during this.

 "Oh, Hunter...stop." Jeff's words lacked conviction. Hunter could feel him losing control of his body. "Please, Hunter, stop," Jeff repeated. Hunter ignored Jeff's request. He led the now submissive Hardy to the bed, continuing to kiss him while he laid him down on the mattress. He carefully slid Jeff's shirt off, caressing the younger man's chest with his fingers as he did. Jeff moaned. Hunter continued until he was sure that Jeff was too far in to want to turn back. Hunter pushed Jeff back, who had been returning Hunter's kisses to his neck. He stopped Jeff as Jeff tried to kiss him again.

 "You said stop, Jeff. Do you want me to?" Hunter whispered. Jeff shook his head. "Beg me for more, Jeff," Hunter commanded, "Beg me."

 "Yes," Jeff breathed. "Yes, more. Please, Hunter, more!"

 "I thought you might've changed your mind." Hunter allowed the encounter to heat up again. He found the young Hardy Boy equally as delightful the second time. Soon both he and Jeff were moaning with pleasure as their bodies met and joined.


Adam was in a contemplative mood when he returned to his room. For once, he didn't feel like talking at all. He settled himself in a chair to think. He noticed Jay hovering over him. "Is there something you want, Jay?" he demanded, feeling annoyed at being interrupted while he was trying to think.

 "I need to talk to you about something," Jay replied.

 "I really don't feel like talking right now."

 "It's important," Jay insisted.

 Adam glared at his partner. "This had better not be about your hair. I'm not in a good mood."

 "It's not my hair! It's this tape Jeff gave me," Jay explained. "It's - well, just look for yourself." He used the remote to turn on the VCR.

 Adam only had to see a snippet of the tape before holding his hand up to block the images. "What the hell? Turn that filth off! Shame on you, Jay, and shame on Jeff too!"

 "No, Adam, look," Jay pressed.

 "I will not!"

 "Look who it is, Adam!" Adam glanced briefly at the tv. Shocked, he looked closer.

 "Good god, that's Jeff!!" he exclaimed. His thoughts raced. It was definitely Jeff, passionately making love to Hunter! Anger flared up inside of him. "That bastard!" he cried, charging out of the room.

 "Adam!" Jay was puzzled by his friend's reaction. He stopped the tape and sat down to wait for Adam to return. Adam reappeared in several minutes, dragging Sean by the hair. Adam flung Sean roughly onto his knees and jabbed the play button on the VCR.

 "What the hell is this?" he demanded, forcing Sean to watch the video.

 "I'm sorry Adam, but I couldn't tell you!" Sean cried.

 "Is Jeff Hunter's little accomplice? Is he working with Hunter?" Adam accused.

 "No! Jeff never would!" Sean exclaimed.

 "Then why is he having sex with him?!?" Adam angrily pointed to the tv.

 "He didn't want to!"

 "He sure as hell looks willing to me, Sean!"

 "Turn it off, please turn it off!" Sean cried. He was sobbing from the sting of Adam's angry words. "Don't do this to me Adam, please!" he begged, "You're my only friend!"

 "You explain this!" Adam shouted.

 "I will, I will," Sean sobbed, "Just turn it off!" Adam turned the video off and crossed his arms.

 "Start talking." Jay was speechless. He looked from the weeping Sean to his enraged partner. He had no clue what was going on.

 "It was my fault, it was all my fault!" Sean wept, "Hunter told me to get him drunk. Really drunk. He didn't know what he was doing!"

 "You sick bastard!" Jay leapt at Sean. Adam blocked his path.

 "Stop, Jay, you don't know the full story," Adam said.

 "Didn't you hear what he did to Jeff? Didn't you hear???" Jay tried to push past Adam.

 "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" Sean collapsed onto the floor. "I didn't have a choice! Let him come, Adam, let him hurt me! I deserve it!"

 Jay left off his charge when he heard these words. "What's going on, Adam?" he asked with concern.

 "I'll tell you in a moment." Adam went up to Sean and pulled him into a comforting hug. "I'm sorry, Sean," he said, "I wasn't being a very good friend. Calm down." Sean held Adam tightly, his sobs fading slowly.

 "Why are you comforting him?" Jay demanded. "You shouldn't comfort him."

 "Can I tell him, Sean?" Adam asked. Sean nodded slightly, refusing to look up at either of them. His grip on Adam tightened as Adam explained everything to Jay.

 Jay was horrified by these revelations. "God, Sean, are you alright?" he asked softly. Sean shook his head.

 "I have to go find Jeff," Adam stated. He looked at his partner. "Can you comfort him, Jay? He really needs our help." Jay nodded, taking Sean from Adam. He stroked Sean's hair gently as Adam got up to leave.

 "It's ok, Sean," he murmured, "It'll be ok."


Adam spotted Matt walking down the hall towards him. He rushed up to the elder Hardy. "Where's Jeff?" Adam asked with concern.

 "He's in our room," Matt said, puzzled by the urgency in Adam's voice. "I think he's in a bad mood, though. He locked me out and put a 'do not disturb' sign on the door. Fortunately I found someone to stay with tonight."

 "I have to talk to him. It's REALLY important. Which number is your room?"

 "408." Matt was still puzzled, but the seriousness of Adam's statement was overriding his confusion with concern for his brother. He ran after Adam as Adam dashed to room 408.

 Adam banged on the door with his fist. "Jeff!" he called, "Are you there?"

 Jeff stiffened at the sound of a voice. He sat bolt upright, ignoring the protest from Hunter, who had been busy massaging Jeff's neck with his lips. Jeff began to panic as his mind regained control of his body. He leapt out of the bed, rapidly pulling his pants back on.

 "Jeff? It's me." Jeff instantly recognized Matt's voice. "Are you ok, Jeff?"

 'Oh god, what am I doing?' Jeff thought. He trembled as he looked back at the naked man in his bed. Hunter was softly humming some old nursery rhyme, looking around aimlessly. He didn't seem to be the least bit aware of what was happening. What was he thinking? Hunter was drunk, and he had been...Jeff shuttered when he thought about what he had been doing with - or to - Hunter. Why was this happening? Neither of them wanted this!

 "Jeff?" Matt banged on the door insistently.

 "What? Go away!" Jeff cried, trying to keep the panic out of his voice.

 "Let me in. Adam's here, he says he needs to talk to you," Matt said.

 "I'd rather be alone." He wished he were alone. He wished for that more than anything.

 "Jeff" Hunter had crawled to the end of the bed. He looked at Jeff with big, pleading eyes. "Come back." Hunter was extremely impressed with himself. He had never tried feigning intoxication before, but he was pulling it off flawlessly. Jeff fully believed that he didn't have a clue what he was doing. 'Damn, am I good,' Hunter thought.

 Jeff quickly flipped on the radio, hoping Matt and Adam hadn't heard Hunter.

 Matt listened at the door for a moment. "Have you got someone in there?" he inquired.

 "Yeah, Matt, I'm having a party and we're talking about the playoffs!" At least he was thinking well enough to pull off sarcasm. "I just had the radio on for some noise. It was too quiet."

 "Jeff" Hunter called softly. Against his will, Jeff found himself drawn towards Hunter. His body was taking control again. Hunter smiled as Jeff moved toward him. The drugs he had slipped Jeff were definitely having their desired effect. They had a delightful way of pushing the mind to a back burner, leaving the body in control. And bodies were easily manipulated. Best of all, the victim never had even the faintest suspicion.

 Hunter pulled Jeff close to him once the young Hardy came back into his reach. Jeff had to bight his tongue to suppress a moan as Hunter caressed his neck with his mouth. 'I have to stop this! My brother's standing right out there!' Jeff thought. However, his mental control was quickly slipping. He began fumbling to remove his belt. Hunter reached out a hand to help. Jeff had to bight his tongue twice as hard as Hunter succeeded in undoing his pants and slipped a hand down the side. He snatched the stereo remote and flipped channels until he found some noisy music, cranking the volume to hide the moans he could no longer suppress. 'Go away, Matt. Please go away,' he thought. Hunter was now kissing down his chest, sending shivers of pleasure through his body which were impossible to ignore. He moaned louder as he kicked his pants off completely.

 At last, Jeff heard footsteps moving down the hall. Matt was leaving. The tiny part of him which was still struggling to maintain control finally gave up its fight, and he pushed Hunter onto his back on the bed. His body was now in total control.


Jeff paced around the room nervously, wringing his hands in despair. Hunter was going to kill him! What was he thinking last night? Hunter would never buy the lie Jeff had fabricated. He was going to wake up, realize what Jeff had done, and kill him! Jeff froze as Hunter stirred from his sleep.

 "Sean, get me some Tylenol, my head's pounding!" Hunter groaned as he opened his eyes. He pretended to look confused when he caught sight of Jeff. "Jeff? What the hell are you doing here?"

 "Um, well, you got a little drunk last night - " Jeff began.

 "Tell me something I don't know!" Hunter exclaimed. "The whole thing's a blur."

 "Yeah." Jeff swallowed. "Well, you must've thought this was your room, so you came in here last night and fell right asleep," Jeff lied, "and Matt and I didn't want to move you, so we decided to just let you sleep here."

 "Gosh, how embarrassing. I'm sorry." Hunter chuckled. "This is really embarrassing. Thanks for being so understanding."

 Jeff blinked. Did Hunter actually believe him? Hunter slid his legs over the side of the bed. He was already wearing his pants, which Jeff had replaced after he woke up. Hunter searched around on the floor to find his shirt, slipping it on when he did. "Not exactly a neat house guest, am I?" He headed for the door to leave. Setting his hand on the door knob, he turned around to look at Jeff. "Vince doesn't need to know about this, ok? I mean, we all goof up sometimes, right?" Ooh, how he loved playing innocent!

 "I won't tell him."

 "Thanks." Hunter slipped out of the room and headed for his own.


As soon as he woke up, Adam went to find Matt. "Have you been back to your room this morning?" he asked after finding him.

 "No, I was just heading there now. You still need to talk to Jeff?" Matt inquired.

 Adam nodded. He followed Matt to him room. Matt slipped his key in the lock and pushed on the door. It opened to reveal Jeff lying on his bed, his face buried in his pillow.

 "Jeff, you ok?" Matt asked. Jeff looked up briefly. His face was stained with tears. He buried his face in the pillow again. "Jeff, tell me what's wrong," Matt said caringly, setting a hand on Jeff's shoulder. Jeff shook his head.

 "Can you let me talk to him alone for a moment?" Adam requested.

 Matt's eyes flashed. "Fine," he snapped, stomping out of the room. He felt insulted and hurt by the idea that Jeff would confide in Adam rather then his own brother.

 "Jeff, let me help you," Adam said softly. Jeff looked up. He gladly fell into Adam's open arms. "I know what Hunter did to you, Jeff."

 "But, it was my fault!" Jeff protested.

 "No it wasn't. It wasn't your fault. You thought Hunter was drunk, right?" Jeff nodded. "He wasn't."

 "But he was! I mean, I can't remember the first time, but last night he was definitely drunk!" Jeff cried.

 "Last night? You mean he was here last night?" Adam was surprised.

 "I didn't want it to happen, Adam, I don't know why it did!" A tear rolled down Jeff's cheek. He was trying hard not to burst into tears.

 "Listen to me, Jeff. I have something very important to tell you, and you're not going to want to hear it. I can't let you blame yourself for this, though." Adam explained to Jeff everything that he had learned. Jeff was sobbing uncontrollably by the time Adam was finished.

 "I can't believe he did that!" Jeff cried, "I can't believe he did that to me!" Out in the hall, Matt was getting impatient. He decided to just go back into the room. He'd given Adam enough time. When he came back into the room, he found Jeff talking quietly with Adam. Jeff's tears had dried and his eyes were blazing with anger.

 "Sit down, Matt, we have something to tell you," Jeff said. He chewed his lip nervously and looked to Adam for support.

 "Tell him," Adam urged. Swallowing, Jeff explained with some difficulty the events of the past few days. Matt's face hardened as he listened. Only his eyes showed his rage. They burned like molten ice, cold and hateful in their fury. As Jeff finished the tale, Matt wrapped his arms protectively around his brother.

 "I want you to get him for me, Matt," Jeff requested, his voice deadly serious, "I want you to destroy him!"


Hunter was wandering through the halls looking for his room. He'd forgotten the number again. He didn't have much planned for the night. He was still trying to figure out how to restructure his plan without including Adam. Looking up the corridor, he noticed Adam down the hall. He tried to turn around before Adam saw him, but it was too late.

 "Hunter, wait," Adam called, jogging down to Hunter's side.

 "Get lost, Copeland," Hunter growled.

 "We need to talk," Adam said.

 "I said get lost!" I don't want you anywhere near me!"

 "You kissed me, Hunter," Adam stated, "Not vise vera."

 "I did not!" Hunter cried.

 Adam looked around. "Do you really want to talk about this in the hall where anyone could here?"

 "I don't want to talk about it at all!"

 "Well, if you don't want to talk about it, maybe I'll go discuss it with Joanie."

 Hunter bristled. "Don't you dare!"

 "Then talk to me. We can talk in my room, it's right down the hall."

 "I'm not setting foot in your room." Hunter thoughts it over. He was stronger than Adam, and he could kick Adam's ass if he tried anything. He wasn't about to let Adam push him around. No one pushed him into anything. "Actually, why don't we?" he agreed, trying to take control of the situation. He followed Adam into the hotel room. As soon as the door closed, Adam's manner changed.

 "I thought you'd want to come in," he said darkly. He seized Hunter's arms and held them behind his back.

 "What the hell?" Hunter struggled to break out of Adam's hold. Another figure appeared from the corner of the room.

 "Welcome, Hunter," Matt said. "We've been waiting." When he reached Hunter, he leaned forward to kiss the struggling man. He then began to unbutton Hunter's shirt.

 "How dare you!" Hunter cried. "Let me go!" They couldn't do this to him! This was his game! Matt just smiled and ran his hands over Hunter's chest. Hunter gasped. Matt looked at Adam and gestured toward the bed. Adam dragged his charge over to the Mattress and pinned him down. Matt straddled Hunter's torso, exactly the way Hunter liked to do.

 "You stupid sick perverts!" Hunter screamed, "Why don't you two just go fuck Jay and leave me be?"

 "Oh, but this is more fun." A third figure emerged from the bathroom. Jay was grinning wickedly as he came to take Hunter's right arm from Adam. No Matter how hard he struggled, Hunter couldn't break their hold. Hunter gasped as he felt Matt's tongue on his neck. Fear was beginning to grow in his mind. He shoved it down. He was never afraid! People feared him, never, NEVER did he fear anything!

 "You don't have to pretend, Hunter. We know how you like it. Sean told us how you BEGGED him to fuck you," Matt said as ran his tongue over Hunter's chest. "You won't have to beg us."

 "I never beg!" Hunter cried indignantly. He was beginning to breathe heavily. He was losing his ability to suppress his growing fear. His fear was soaring to new heights as Matt removed his belt and slid off his pants. Hunter was now completely nude. He was completely at their mercy. No! He forced the thought down. They couldn't do this to him!

 "Don't wear him out, Matt, I want my turn too," Jay complained.

 "Oh, don't worry," Matt replied. "According to Jeff, he's untireable." Matt leaned down to whisper in Hunter's ear. "My brother and I share EVERYTHING," he breathed.

 "You're sick! You're all sick!" Hunter was getting tears in his eyes. "Let me go now!" he demanded. His will was beginning to collapse. No, he couldn't beg them to stop! He couldn't lower himself to them! But he had to stop this torture. He felt Adam's tongue in his ear. Jay's teeth closed about his nipple. And Matt was running his hands down the outside of his thighs.

 "Stop! Stop this!" Hunter commanded. He thought for a moment Matt was obeying him. Matt rose onto his knees. His legs were spread over Hunter's chest.

 "So who should go first, Hunter?" Matt breathed, "You, or me?" He began to unzip his jeans.

 "No!" Hunter's voice shrunk to a tiny, barely audible whisper. "Please," he whispered, "Please stop."

 "Oh, you're gonna have to beg harder than that," Matt told him.

 "Please stop." A tear ran down Hunter's face. "I'll do anything you want."

 "Anything?" Matt asked.

 "Anything besides this!" Another tear forced itself out of Hunter's eye. He had never cried before, but he couldn't stop it. They had destroyed his will, and it was gone.

 Matt looked thoughtful for a moment. "Alright," he said. He climbed off of Hunter. "Now you go back to your room and you apologize to Sean. You beg him for forgiveness, and you do whatever he tells you to." Hunter nodded. He snatched up his clothes as soon as Adam and Jay released him, pulling them quickly on. Matt called him back as he was about to go out the door. Matt held out his hand, palm down. Hunter walked back to him and reached for his hand.

 "No." Matt pointed to the floor. Hunter dropped to his knees. Matt offered his hand again. Hunter kissed it in the ancient gesture of submission. Matt nodded. He allowed Hunter to rise and leave. When the door had closed behind Hunter, all three burst into laughter. They laughed so hard there were tears in their eyes.

 "Well, it's a damn good thing he gave in then," Adam commented as his laughter subsided. "I don't know about you guys, but I was bluffing."

 "Me too," Jay said.

 "I wasn't." They both stared at Matt.

 "You mean you would've actually DONE that?" Adam asked, his eyes wide.

 "Considering what they bastard did to me brother, I would've done anything to make him suffer!" Matt replied.

 "Jay, make a note in my personal planner never to cross Jeff," Adam said to his partner.

 "You don't have a planner, Adam."

 "Oh. Well, go buy me one and make a note of it."

 Jay sighed. "Why can't you ever buy ME anything? I'm sick of buying you stuff!"

 Matt chuckled. "Gee guys, think it'll be hard for you to get back to normal?" Adam and Jay looked at each other and started laughing again.


Matt was watching disapprovingly while Hunter was talking casually with Joanie. He thought Hunter was being a little too standoffish. He waved for Hunter to come over.

 "Um, excuse me for a moment, sweetheart," Hunter said, walking over to Matt.

 "Big plans for this evening?" Matt asked.

 "No, I didn't really feel like doing anything," Hunter replied.

 "I think you should take her somewhere nice," Matt said. He thought for a moment. "And buy her something nice and expensive, too"

 "Well, I guess it would be nice to go out tonight" Hunter agreed submissively. "I will, Matt."

 "Good." Matt smiled as Hunter returned to Joanie's side. Joanie looked pleased with Hunter's suggestion.

 "You've been so attentive lately, Hunter," she remarked with a smile.

 "Just showing how much I care about you," Hunter said, giving Joanie a hug and kissing her on the cheek. He was rather surprised by how happy he had been the past few weeks. Matt had insisted that he spend more time with his lovely fiancé, and he had discovered that when he focused on her, he really enjoyed the time they spend together. Her smile now filled him with warmth. He mulled that over as they walked out to the parking garage. 'Well, maybe I do actually love her...'


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