Three figures, each dressed in black pants and a white shirt, stood huddled outside the door.

 "I hope the rumors aren't true," stated the Goodfather, looking rather worried.

 "Steven will find out the truth," Ivory told him confidently.

 "Oh, he better," Bull murmured.

 They all stood outside the door quietly, listening to try and hear what was going on within.

 Inside the room, Steven Richards was standing with his hands on his hips, staring at a very nervous looking Val Venis. "Mr. Venis," Steven stated in his cool, yet threatening manner. "I've heard some very unsettling rumors of late."

 "Steven, I can explain - " Val began, his heart beating quickly with fear.

 "Mr. Venis, I hope you realize the implications of what you've done," Steven continued, ignoring Val's words. "Lust is quite a serious offense. Committing a sexual act with some trashy woman is a serious affront to morality, and to our cause! I think I'll have to teach you a little lesson."

 Val paled, looking even more nervous. "Steven, please, I - I didn't mean to, I mean - I'm sorry, I swear, it'll never happen again."

 "Not good enough." Steven shook his head sadly. "Really Val, I thought we'd changed you, swayed you from your immoral ways! But yet you've strayed from the path of morality!" He clicked his tongue, letting his hand rest of Val's shoulder. "I'm afraid I'll have to show you the proper way to do things, Mr. Venis." He let his hand slide from Val's shoulder to his mouth, tracing to curve of the frightened man's lips. He pulled a small package out of his pocket, pinching it between two fingers. He held it before Val's eyes, which grew wide when he realized what it was. "I trust you recognize this, Mr. Venis?" Steven prodded.

 Val swallowed. "Yes Steven. It's a condom."

 Steven nodded. "Indeed. I trust you know how to use one?"

 "Yes," Val whispered, not quite sure where this was going, but still extremely nervous.

 "Good." Steven handed the condom to Val, a smile curving his lips. "I'm going to have to teach you a little about morality, and control. You see, Mr. Venis, satisfying your sexual desires is not necessarily immoral."

 Val blinked. "It's not?"

 "In some cases, controlled sexual acts may be considered within the bounds of morality," Steven replied. "Open it," he ordered, gesturing to the condom.

 Val swallowed, then opened up the packet, holding the thin rubber in his hand uncomfortably. "Now..." Steven's hand went to the zipper on his black pants, easing it down slowly. Val stared in shock, feeling a stirring in his groin as Steven slid his pants, along with his black boxers, down to his knees. Val found himself face to face with Steven's half-hard cock. He had to fight to keep his breathing level, trying to contain his desire to lean forward and taken Steven in his mouth. He could do without most of what he had given up upon joining RTC - drinking, smoking, and such - but he missed oral sex and sexual intercourse more than he cared to admit.

 "This is the start of your lesson in control, Mr. Venis," Steven said levelly. "Whenever I ask you as question, you must answer honestly. Understand?" Val nodded his head. "Good. Now tell me, what do you want to do right now." Val bit his lip, not wanting to answer. This earned him a sharp smack to the head from Steven. "Tell me," the RTC leader growled. "What do you want to do?"

 "I - I want to suck you," Val stuttered, his cheeks flushing with shame. "I want to take your cock in my mouth and suck you until you come."

 Steven considered his answer, his eyes shielded to prevent Val from knowing what he was thinking. "You were honest. Very good. And ashamed, I see. Since you answered correctly, you may put that on me," Steven ordered, gesturing to the condom Val was holding. Val blinked in surprise, glancing at the condom. "Today, Mr. Venis," Steven reprimanded. Val nodded, hesitantly reaching out and slipping the rubber over Steven's cock, resisting the urge to run his fingers over the inviting member. He dropped his hands to his sides, looking to Steven for further instructions.

 "Very nice show of control, Mr. Venis," Steven murmured. His brought his hands to the back of Val's head, gently massaging his scalp. "Do you wish to pleasure me orally, Mr. Venis?" he asked, his voice not quite as level as before. Val nodded vigorously, his eyes locked on Steven's cock, which was just inches from his practically watering mouth. "You may proceed," Steven told him.

 Val could hardly believe what he was hearing. He could feel his own cock hardening as he leaned forward, taking Steven's member into his mouth. Knowing it was a test, he kept a firm handle on himself, moving his mouth slowly over Steven and keeping his movements under control. His eyes rolled back in his head from the sensation of the hard member sliding down his throat, a feeling he had missed sorely. He raising one of his hands to massage Steven's balls while deep throating him. Steven restrained the moans that wanted to slip from his lips, but he couldn't stop his breathing from becoming labored as pleasure flowed through him.

 "That's enough," he announced, pushing Val back after a few minutes. Val looked a little disappointed, but he quickly hid the emotion and looked to Steven for further instructions.

 "One moment." Steven quickly pulled his pants back up and fastened his belt, then strode to the door. The other three members of RTC looked at him inquiringly. Steven glanced back at Val, who was sitting slumped in his chair, then turned back to his group. "Be patient," he told them, "I fear the worst may have happened. Be prepared to take action." He was still breathing heavily as he shut the door and turned back to Val, his face growing dark. "How could you do this is us?" he screamed, glaring angrily at Val, who was cowering in his chair. "You'll ruin everything! Why? Why?" He picked up several objects and threw them against the wall, making Val jump with fear.

 Steven took a deep breath, straightening his tie. "I'm still quite upset with you, Mr. Venis," he stated, his voice level once again. "You have control, but not enough! I'm going to have to give you another lesson. Take off your clothes." Val's mouth fell open, but a warning look from Steven stopped him from saying anything. He stood up and stripped obediently, feeling nervous, but also a little bit excited.

 Steven nodded approvingly, taking a moment to strip off his own clothes as well. "Up," he ordered, gesturing for Val to get out of the chair. Val quickly stood, blushing slightly from his nakedness. Steven scanned over Val's body, his eyes settling on Val's erect member. "Now does that look like control, Mr. Venis?" he asked.

 "I'm sorry Steven," Val whispered, trying to will his erection to go away, with little success. He tried not to look at Steven's glorious, naked body, but the RTC leader was too appealing to turn away from.

 Steven sighed. He sat down in the chair Val had previously occupied, patting his lap. "Come here Val." Val approached Steven, not sure exactly what Steven wanted. He stopped right next to the chair, staring down at the floor. "Right here," Steven commanded with annoyance, again patting his lap. Hesitantly, Val sat down on Steven's lap, trying to ignore how nice their skin felt pressed together. Steven shook his head. "Like this," he ordered, taking Val's legs and positioning them around his waist, so that Val was straddling his lap in an extremely suggestive position. Val tried his best not to respond, but his cock wouldn't listen to the logical part of his mind. Not when the possibility of sex, something he wanted so badly, seemed so close.

 "Now Mr. Venis," Steven continued, handing Val another small packet he had taken from his pocket before disrobing, "please put this on yourself. I certainly don't want this lesson to end in a mess." Val quickly tore open the condom and slipped it over his straining member, praying that Steven would take this where it seemed to be going. "You will do exactly as I say," Steven told him sternly. "This is a test of your control. You're going to ride me, doing only what I order you to, and no more. Furthermore, you will not make a sound the entire time. Clear?" Val nodded, feeling his insides twist at the promise of sex. He was more than willing to do whatever Steven wanted if it meant he could taste the joys of intercourse once again.

 Steven nodded in acknowledgment, taking a moment to make sure the condom over his member was still in position. "Alright, Mr. Venis," he stated. "You may penetrate yourself on me, but go no further." Val nodded. He wanted to slam himself down on Steven and ride him fast and hard, but he knew this was a test of his control, so he forced himself to move slowly. Slowly, he sank down on Steven's large, hard member, biting his lip to stop himself from moaning. He didn't care in the least that they weren't using any lubricant. After months without sex, he was willing to take it dry. Once he had sunk down to the hilt on Steven, he stopped, trying to take even breaths to counter the excitement racing through his body.

 "Good," Steven stated, his voice sounding a little strained. "Now start to ride me, slowly. And no noise at all!" Val had to keep bighting his lip as he began to rise and fall on the RTC leader, finding it incredibly hard to suppress the moans and whimpers which formed in his throat. Going so slowly was killing him, but he was determined to prove to Steven that he did have control. "Faster," Steven told him, gripping the edges of the chair. Val happily complied, beginning to bounce at a fast, but still controlled pace. He sunk his teeth into his lip, desperately pushing back the moans. Steven began to thrust his hips, his breathing growing increasingly heavy, bordering on erratic as he ordered Val to go faster. Val almost cried out as Steven's member brushed against his prostate, sending waves of sheer pleasure rushing through his body. He barely managed to suppress it, but he stopped it, as he did the moans and shouts he wanted to let forth as Steven's member pushed against his sweet spot repeatedly, sending him into untold waves of pleasure.

 Far, far too soon, in Val's opinion, he rocketed over the edge into his orgasm, managing to suppress every noise even as waves of ecstacy washed over him. His walls tightening around Steven sent the RTC leader over as well, releasing with a sharp intake of breath and a gasp. They were both left panting, Val drenched in sweat from the effort of riding Steven the way he had.

 "Well, Mr. Venis," Steven panted, both of them well aware that his cock was still buried deep within Val's body. "I'd say you passed the test. But you must remember this lesson. Control and morality! Nothing is more important."

 "Of course Steven." Val bowed his head submissively, loving the feel of Steven inside his body. He felt more satisfied than he ever had in his life.

 "Good. Now stand up and put your clothes on." Val obeyed, both of them groaning slightly as Val stood, Steven sliding out of him. Steven quickly pulled his clothes back on and straightened them, quickly wiping at his face with a rag to get rid of the perspiration there. "Now, you must apologize to the others. I know they will forgive you, as I have," he stated.

 "Thank you Steven," Val whispered, following as Steven pulled open the door to the room. He kept a humble, apologetic look on his face, but inside he was practically glowing.


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