Essa and Eddie walked into the locker room together, smiling at each other. "That was a really great match," Essa exclaimed. "You made that stretching my knee look really real."

 Eddie smiled back at him. "Well you were the one who sold it so well. And those flips - all I can say is, wow! I think that match was better than any of the ones on Smackdown, and it was all thanks to you."

 Essa grinned broadly. "Thanks Eddie."

 Eddie didn't miss the heated look the Mexican bombshell was giving him. He raised him eyes inquiringly, glancing around to make sure they were alone. "You're boyfriend here tonight?" he asked, licking his lips as his gaze fell upon Essa's full, red lips.

 Essa smirked, shooting Eddie a wicked look. "Nope." They left the rest of the talking to their eyes as they scooted closer together on the bench, their lips meeting in a deep kiss. Essa trailed his hand down Eddie's back as they kissed, both enjoying the other's Latino heat.

This was the scene Raven walked in on a few minutes later. He clicked his tongue disapprovingly when he saw them together. "Tazz would not be happy about this," he reminded his friend's spirited young lover.

 "Mmm...well he's not here, and Eddie's a fabulous kisser," Essa replied between kisses to the Latino wrestler's supple lips.

 Raven sighed and rolled his eyes. He decided to just let it go. It wasn't any of his business, and they weren't really doing anything, anyway. He himself had fallen guilty to the temptation to taste another man's lips many a time. As a matter of fact, just a few days ago he had ended up making out with Al Snow in a car, after the show they had gone to with Essa and Tazz. He shrugged it off, trying to clear his mind as he stripped off his clothes and headed for the shower.

 A few minutes later, Al joined the three of them in the locker room. He had to look twice when he saw Essa making out with Eddie Guerrerro. "Essa, what are you doing?" he asked, frowning with confusion.

 Essa stopped meeting Eddie's lips for a moment to glance up at Al. "Huh?"

 "I thought you were with Tazz," Al replied, looking between the fiery red-head and the darker man.

 "I am," Essa replied, sounding annoyed. "But he's not here, and that match - damn, did you see it? It was hot, and if I can't have Tazz here to play with, well why not substitute Eddie?"

 Al looked horrified. "But you're together!"

 Essa sighed, gritting his teeth. "Look, we're not even doing anything! We're just kissing, and not even French kissing, just regular kissing. It's not like it means anything!"

 "Yeah man, come on leave the Latino Heat alone," Eddie put in, wrapping his fingers around the back of Essa's neck and pulling Essa to him once again.

 Al just shook his head as they started kissing again. He quickly grabbed a towel, stripped off his tights, and headed for the shower. He almost fell down when he entered the room and saw Raven, the solitary occupant of the room, standing under a stream of hot water soaping himself up. Al's insides immediately tightened uncomfortably. He bit his lip, not sure of what to do. He thought his date with Raven a few nights ago had gone pretty well. They had even made out before returning to the hotel. However, Al had absolutely no idea how to proceed, or if he should at all.

 He decided to approach Raven casually, under the context of just wanting to shower. He walked up to the birdman and set his stuff down near the shower head next to the one Raven was using. Raven notice his presence for the first time, giving him a friendly smile. "Hey Al," he said warmly.

 "Hey Raven." Al smiled shyly, hoping his nervousness wasn't too obvious. "Um, good match against Taka. But, can I ask what was up with that one move? The one where you bent over the ropes and kind of started bouncing, with his back to you and all. It looked kinda like - well, just looked kinda bad."

 Raven chuckled and nodded. "I was improvising. Maybe it didn't work so well. So sue me." He snatched his conditioner bottle and squeezed a bunch into his hand, working it carefully into his beautiful, curly locks. "Sorry, I missed your match. I was eager to get away from the very hands- on couple out there."

 Al frowned, remembering Essa and Eddie. "I can't believe Essa would do that to Tazz!" he exclaimed, shaking his head.

 "Aw, don't get too bent outta shape about it," Raven told him, glancing over at Al as he began soaping up his body with some scented body wash. Raven couldn't help admiring the smooth ripples of skin flowing so perfectly over Al's hard muscles. He looked especially attractive with little rivulets of water running over every bit of his flesh. "Vanilla?" Raven asked, taking a sniff of the wash Al was using.

 "Yeah," Al replied, trying not to blush.

 "Nice." Raven went back to washing his own hair, sneaking glances every now and then at the lovely sight next to him. Al was chewing his lip, trying not to make it too obvious as he stared at Raven's gorgeous, naked body. He loved the way the birdman moved as he fingers kneaded at his scalp, thoroughly working the conditioner in. He couldn't stop himself from staring as Raven moved his head under the water, letting the conditioner wash from his locks and sending soapy streams flowing down his body.

 Raven shook his hair out as he drew out of the water, noticing Al staring at him. "You wanna take a picture?" he teased, raising his eyebrows at his fellow wrestler.

 "Um, sorry." Al cleared his throat, quickly looking away. "You just looked so - beautiful."

 Raven froze. Had Al just called him beautiful? He had been called lots of things in his life - lots of pretty names - but he couldn't recall ever being called beautiful. At least by a guy that sounded that sincere, and didn't just want to get laid. "Thank you," he whispered, running a hand through his hair while trying to figure out what to do. He switched off his shower and grabbed his towel, running it over his hair before wrapping it securely around his waist. "Well, I'll see ya later," he said, hurriedly excusing himself.

 "Um, Raven!" Al called after him. Raven turned at the door, looking back at him expectantly. Al fidgeted uncomfortably. "Um, maybe we could go out sometime? Again, I mean. I had fun before, I'd like to do it again."

 Raven just gazed at him for a moment, thinking it over carefully. "Sure Al," he replied at last, turning around to leave. "I'll call you later and we'll think of something to do."

 "Let me take care of that." Al smiled, hoping he wasn't coming on too strong. "I'll get a tickets to another show. Would you, um, like that? We can do something else if you want."

 Raven turned around to look at Al again. "No, that sounds nice. That sounds really nice. And maybe we can have dinner after. My treat. You take care of the show, and I'll get us some reservations."

 "Great," Al agreed happily, his heart soaring. He was thrilled to finally be getting attention from a man he liked. He expected Raven to leave, but instead the birdman stood looking at him contemplatively.

 "You know I had fun after the show, too," he said craftily, raising an eyebrow. "Hmm?"

 Al nodded in agreement. "Lots."

 "Well let's replay it a bit, then," Raven decided, dropping his towel and walking over to Al. Taking the other man in his arms, he pushed Al back against the wall, and their lips met in a deep kiss. Al wrapped his arms around Raven's back, running his hands down the soft, smooth skin he found there. They kissed several more times, until Al realized the water of his shower had gone cold. Finally, Raven backed off, an almost flirtatious grin on his face.

 "I'll see you later, then," he whispered, walking away and reclaiming his towel. "We'll see when we can get together. I'll call you tomorrow morning, kay?"

 "Okay." Al watched dreamily as Raven strolled out of the room. He smiled happily, leaning back against the shower wall. This was going better than he could have imagined.


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