The Hardys loved fighting with each other on screen. It got their adrenaline rushing, the energy that gave them directed at each other the second the cameras were off. After their skit of the night, they rushed through the corridor and into their locker room, not even noticing that they left Lita behind. They burst into the room, already throwing off their cloths and heading for the shower. They switched the water on, hot, in each other's arms before it even hit their skin.

 "Oh Jeff," Matt breathed, running his lips over his brother's neck. "I want you to bad!"

 "One second baby," Jeff growled in return. "I like you all wet for me." He pushed Matt into the spray of the water, joining himself a moment later. Once they were both dripping with water, he pushed Matt against the tiled shower wall, offering the other man two of his fingers. Matt gladly sucked them into his mouth, wetting them thoroughly. Jeff grinned and withdrew both fingers, spinning Matt around as he was facing the wall, his ass to Jeff.

 As Jeff trailed kisses down the back of Matt's neck, they heard the door open and close. They didn't stop, or make any attempt to keep their activities quiet, as they knew it was just Lita. She had witnessed them together many a time, and they knew she was used to it. At first they had made an attempt to be quiet when she was around, but she had never said anything, so they assumed she didn't mind. They had even decided some time ago that she must like it, since she always stuck around for it, and sometime they would be a little louder to make sure she could hear it perfectly.

 Jeff let out a loud moan as he inched his way into Matt's ass, intense desire shooting through him as Matt's tight walls closed around him. "Oh baby you're so tight!" he moaned.

 "And you're so big!" Matt gasped, pushing back against him. "Oh god more!"

 Soon their bodies were rocking together in a fast, hungry rhythm, both man moaning and calling out each others names. Jeff kept speeding up his pace, until he was slamming in and out of his lover's ass. He managed to think coherently enough to come at the same time as his brother, both of them screaming with orgasm, then collapsing against the wall.

 Jeff giggled, his heart suddenly filling to the brim with love as his lust faded. "I love you baby," he whispered, carefully withdrawing from Matt and pulling him away from the wall. They proceeded to wash each other, sharing tender kisses and giggles as they did. When they were both clean, they grabbed toweled, tenderly dried each other, pulled on a pair of pants each, then walked back out into the locker room.

 They found Lita sitting out there, as expected. They shared a knowing glance as they settled onto the leather couch, Matt happily curling up in Jeff's lap like a little puppy. Lita might have claimed she pulled of Trish's top by accident, but they knew better. They knew she had done it on purpose to get herself banned from the women's locker room, thus having an excuse to always share their locker room. Both wanting to cuddle after sex, and to give Lita a bit of a show, the Hardys cuddled even closer, whispering pretty things to each other and cuddling about as much as humanly possible.

 Both Matt and Jeff were a little surprised when Lita stood up and left, announcing she would find a ride home. They didn't pay all that much attention, being very engrossed in their cuddling. They whispered to each other and rubbed noses for a few more minutes, both their hearts brimming with love.

 "I love being your baby," Matt whispered to Jeff, blinking up at Jeff through love hazed eyes.

 "And I love you being my baby," Jeff cooed, gently stroking Matt's damn curls.

 "That was nice of Lita to leave us alone like this and give us some time with just each other," Matt commented, laying his head on Jeff's shoulder and sighing happily.

 "It sure was," Jeff replied, grinning. "She's such a sensitive girl."

 "Definitely." Matt looked up at Jeff, smiling brilliantly. "You really think I'm pretty?" he questioned, puffing his lips out into an adorable pout and batting his dark lashes.

 "Beyond pretty, my darling. You're gorgeous," Jeff whispered.

 Matt grinned. "Love you."

 "Love you too," Jeff told him.

 And the Hardys continued to cuddle, feeling happy that they had such a great, understanding friend as Lita.


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