"Hey A-train."

 A-train looked up, blinking when he saw cute little Brian Kendrick standing before him. "Hey," he returned, wondering if the kid was lost. The cute boys in the company didn't usually talk to him; his hairy, hulking presence tended to scare them off. "Uh..." He searched for something to say. He didn't figure he had much in common with a kid like Kendrick, besides the job. "Glad to be back on SD?"

 "Oh yeah!" Brian chuckled. "Could've lived without getting thrown into that pole by Brock, but beyond that, I'm happy." He grinned at A-train, raising his eyebrows. "You know the thing about being happy?"

 A-train waited a moment for the kid to continue, clearing his throat when Brian just gazed at him, obviously expecting a response. "Uh, what?" he queried.

 Brian's eyes flicked up and down A-train's body appraisingly. "Well, when I'm happy, I get horny," he stated.

 A-train stared at him; that was certainly not what he had expected the kid to say, and he wasn't at all sure where Brian was going with it. "Oh," he replied. "Do you - uh - are you - " He was trying to ask if Brian had lost his boyfriend, or, in the case he didn't have one, was looking for directions to the locker room where the studs hung out.

 "No, I don't already have plans, and yes, I would love to come to your hotel room," Brian announced perkily, obviously interpreting A-train's words in the way that pleased him best. "Let's go, I really am horny." He marched right up to A-train, capturing the big man's hand in his and lead him down the hall. A-train followed with no resistence, feeling a little dazed as Brian led him out to the parking lot. He wondered for a moment if this was some gag organized by the boys in the locker room; but no one jumped out and yelled "surprise" when they reached his car, nor when they entered his hotel room. Brian closed and locked the door as soon as they were both inside, grinning at him wickedly.

 "I just love hooking up, don't you?" Brian stated, pulling off his shirt and hopping onto the bed. He kicked off his shoes and undid his pants, looking hungrily as A-train as he shimmied out of the loose material. He lay back on the back, naked, licking his lips in anticipation. "Please, join me," he purred, patting the mattress beside him.

 A-train hesitated for a moment, overwhelmed with the unfamiliarity of the situation. It had been a long time since an attractive young man had offered himself so freely; the last cute boy who had wanted him was Scotty 2 Hotty, and that had been more than a year and a half ago. This, however, stalled him for but a moment; a gorgeous young man was on his bed, naked, and asking for him; very little could've stopped him from taking up that offer.

 "You're gorgeous," A-train murmured as he approached the bed, quickly shedding his clothes as he neared Brian. He sat tentatively on the mattress, now naked, licking his lips as his eyes devoured Brian's smooth, perfect flesh.

 "Like what you see?" Brian tossed his head back, his sunny hair flying majestically. He rose onto his knees, running his hands down his own chest, his hands lingering on his nipples, stroking the small buds into erectness. "Want me?" he purred.

 "God yes," A-train whispered, his eyes drawn to Brian's sweet pecs, his hands longing to take over the job of caressing the boy's tender nipples.

 "Boring disclaimers first; you have a condom?" Brian chuckled. "Or, condoms, depending on how much of a man you are. My stamina is very, very manly, I hope yours is too."

 A-train fumbled in the drawer beside the bed, feeling thankful that they had been in the same hotel the night before, and that he was in the habit of being prepared, even when it was rarely necessary. He pulled out three condoms, setting two of them onto the night stand, for easy access later, if they were needed. He was about to rip open the condom he still held, but Brian's hand covered his, taking the package and setting it next to the others.

 "Not yet," the young man murmured. "Let's not cheat ourselves of foreplay."

 Before A-train could respond, Brian was in his arms, practically in his lap. Their mouths met, the kiss hot and exciting. Brian's hands explored his body while they kissed, raking playfully through his fur and fondling his nipples. A-train hesitated for a moment, readjusting to the long absent feelings. As Brian continued to feel him, he put his hands on the young man, running his fingers admiringly over the smooth, soft flesh of Brian's back. It was silky and wonderful beneath his finger tips, like nothing he had felt in a very long time. His hands slid down to caress Brian's ass, then around to inspect his hips, and finally around to the front, teasing his navel, then arriving at his nipples.

 Brian moaned into A-train's mouth as each nipple was taken between a large thumb and forefinger and gently kneaded, coaxed into two tight pointed peaks.

 "Ok." Brian's mouth broke away from A-train's to utter the word. "I want more of this later," Brian stated, suppressing a groan as A-train continued to massage his nipples. "But I've gotta have your cock inside me! I'm so fucking hot!" He snatched the condom packet from the nightstand, glancing around for something else, then frowning. "Lube?" he demanded, looking to A-train.

 "Oh. Sorry." A-train hurriedly reached into the drawer again, pulling out a bottle of lube and place it in Brian's waiting palm.

 "Good." Quickly, expertly, Brian applied both lube and condom to A-train, pushing A-train back against the headboard and straddling his hips. "Hold still so I can adjust," he ordered, biting his lip an grimacing with pain as he lowered himself a bit, letting the head of A-train's cock penetrate him. "It's big," he commented, taking a deep breath, then letting himself slide down further. "So good!" he cried, throwing his head back again, his hair dancing as he began to work himself up and down, gradually taking in more of A-train's cock as his inner muscles adjusted to being stretched.

 "Mmmm," was all A-train could say, bliss washing through him as he was encompassed by Brian's tight muscles. He put his hand on Brian's hip, fingers caressing the flesh there in appreciation of Brian's actions. Brian reciprocated, his hands resting on A-train's chest, using it for support as he worked himself up and down, but hardly neglecting A-train's nipples, which he fondled as he rode. He leaned forward, capturing A-train's lips in a headed mid-coital kiss.

 They moved together, quiet save for their increasingly labored breathing. There was a pleasantness about their coupling, accompanied by the slowly building tingle of impending climax. A-train came first, head lolling back against the headboard as the pleasure filtered through him. He moaned with a pleasure of release, breaking off his kiss with Brian for a moment. Brian reminded him of his presence by brining their lips together again, removing his hand from A- train's nipple and using it to guide A-train's hand to his cock. Instinct took over, A-train stroking Brian's cock at a quick pace. The younger man came after a moment, letting out a gasp, his kisses ceasing and his head falling onto A-train's shoulder as he rode out his pleasure.

 The silence that followed was pleasant. The scent of sex filled their nostrils, their bodies full of the sensation of each other. Body heat flowed between them, the feeling of each others' body heat added to each man's feeling of satisfaction.

 "I almost don't want to move," Brian sighed happily, his arms now around A-train's back, gently caressing his skin. "But I really need a wet cloth."

 A-train smiled, his fingers playing around Brian's smooth side. "I'll walk you to the bathroom, and we can get one," he promised.

 "Ok." Brian smiled, pulling back and climbing to his feet. He offered A-train his hand, which the larger man took, holding it affectionate as they went together to get cleaned up.

 They repeated their coupling twice more. The latter time, they thought ahead, leaving a fresh washcloth next to the bed, allowing them to stay in each others' arms. They enjoyed a pleasant session of sated, post-coital closeness, Brian resting with his head, and much of his body, draped over A-train's chest and hips, his arms wrapped around the big man. A-train in return encompasses Brian's smaller body with his arms, stroking his hair affectionately. They eventually drifted off into a restful sleep, both minds as ease, both bodies spent.


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