“Dave! Quick!”

The intrusion into his locker room was unexpected. The request that followed was even more so.

“Take off your clothes, I need to see you naked!”

Batista raised an eyebrow, lowering, but not closing, his book of award winning gay erotica. “Sorry, Randy, but you lost your naked viewing privileges about six months ago, when we broke up,” he replied casually.

Randy shook his head frantically. “Seriously, Dave! After what I just saw, my eyes are gonna shut down if I don’t give them a good reason to keep going! It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen! The worst thing I could imagine seeing!”

“Did Melina show you her Trish video?” Batista chuckled. “I told her, only some gay men can appreciate the finer points of lesbian sex.”

Randy scowled at his grinning ex. “This has nothing to do with Melina!” he snapped, “And thank you so much for that image! This is something much, much worse! The only thing I could think of to get it out of my head is to see your cock. Please, Dave, I’ll have to scratch out my eyes if I can’t forget this image!”

“Well…” Dave set down his book, glancing over Randy’s sweaty, practically naked form. “I guess I could use a blow job. But this is a one time only favor. I’m not taking you back, so don’t even ask.” He stood, peeling off his tiny ring trunks and tossing them aside, not removing his “Animal” t-shirt. He seated himself, spreading his legs enough for Randy to settle between them.

“Thank you so much Dave! I owe you.” Randy licked his lips, burying his face in his former lover’s groin.

Dave smiled, leaning his head back against the lockers and closing his eyes. Normally, he had a strict rule against messing around with exes, but there were always exceptions. Neither he nor Randy wanted to get back together, so he didn’t mind indulging Randy, just this once.

He knew exactly what Randy had seen, because he too had walked in on Cowboy Bob and Roddy Piper, engaged in some “wrestling” that would put couples half their age to shame. Not an altogether unpleasant sight, but also not a position he would want to catch any relative of his in.

He put a hand on Randy’s head, giving him warning that he was on the brink. Randy was bringing him off fast, but that was just fine. Long sessions were for lovers, not exes sharing a quick favor. Randy finished him off, then rose from his knees, his face now mirroring Dave’s smile.

“Thanks,” he murmured.

“No problem.” Dave slid his tricks back on, then picked up his book. “Hope your day gets better.”

“Thanks.” Randy glanced down at his t-shirt to make sure it was still pristinely black, then gave Dave a final nod and headed for the door. “Night.”

“Night.” The door closed behind Randy, and Dave immersed himself in his book once more.

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