"Here's to a successful night for the newest, and greatest, faction in town!" Hunter announced.

 The four men sitting around the table grinned and raised their glasses, clinking them together before drinking.

 "You all did wonderfully!" Flair cooed, beaming with pride as he gazed at his three young followers. "With the four of us together, no one will be able to stop us!"

 "Damn right." Hunter finished off his beer, setting the glass down on the table with a loud clunk. "Fun as this has been," he stated, his eyes turning a fierce, lustful stare on the youngest member of the group, his hand moving onto Randy's knee, "I think it's time that we retire. I want to reap the *rewards* of our success."

 "You go ahead, champ," Flair agreed, setting a cautioning hand on Batista's arm as the big man tensed angrily. "You deserve it."

 Hunter smirked. "Yeah, I do." He grabbed Randy by the wrist, pulling him out of the hotel bar and towards the nearest elevator.

 Batista growled, his eyes focused on the hot young 22 year old's ass as he was dagged away. "Why the hell should he get the hoochie?" he spat. "I did just as much as he did! No, I did more!"

 "He's the champ," Flair told him. "He's the guy who puts us all on the map, big man."

 "But what about me?" Batista growled. "What reward do I get that's better than getting some ass from that little bitch?"

 Flair raised an eyebrow, smirking confidently. "What would you say if I could round up some Tough Enough brats for ya?"

 Batista paused, licking his lips at the thought. "The ones from the third one?" he questioned.

 "Uh huh. I know they're around here somewhere. Whaddaya say?" Flair pushed.

 Batista grinned. "Mmm, fresh meat," he growled, standing and following Flair out of the bar.

Meanwhile, the elevator door opened on the ninth floor, and out stepped Hunter, Randy's wrist still firmly in his grasp. He strode quickly down the hall, eager to find out just how sweet that perfect 22 year old body was. He reached his room and slid his key through the lock, pushing up the door and pushing Randy inside. Not even bothering to turn on the light, he kicked the door closed and shoved Randy against it, capturing the young man's lips in a lust filled kiss. Randy groaned, wrapping his arms around Hunter's neck and opening his mouth to the other man's invasion. He could feel Hunter's hardening cock pressed against his thigh, and the knowledge of what was about to come sent shivers of anticipation through his body.

 Hunter wasted no time, pulling away and tugging off his shirt. Randy quickly stripped himself, kicking off his shoes and pants and discarding his shirt as Hunter did the same. He blinked rapidly as Hunter unexpectedly flipped on the light, peering curiously at the adonis before him.

 "I wanted to look at you," Hunter growled, taking both Randy's hands and holding his arms away from his body. "Damn," he murmured, his eyes feasting on the gorgeous young body before him.

 Randy couldn't help but blush, letting his eyes trail over Hunter's muscular form. He couldn't help staring at Hunter's engorged cock, thinking that all the boys in the back who talked smack about Hunter's "small" package didn't have a clue. The Game was amply proportioned, definitely bigger than average. Randy blinked again as the light was abruptly shut off, ending his viewing session.

 "I don't wanna see," Hunter growled as he pulled the young man over to the bed, "I just wanna feel." He yanked the covers off the bed, leaving only the bottom sheet, which he shoved Randy down onto. He left the bedside for only a moment to grab the little complimentary bottle of hand cream from the bathroom, returning with speed and pouncing on the prize waiting for him on the bed.

 "You want me?" he growled as he positioned himself on top of the young man, spreading Randy's legs with his body.

 "Oh yeah," Randy groaned, biting his lip as he felt a slick finger brush across his entrance.

 "Good." Hunter slid a finger in, muffling Randy's groan with his mouth. He began sliding the finger in and out, growling deep in his throat as he pulled back from the kiss. "Cos I want your ass," he growled, nuzzling at Randy's neck with his lips.

 Randy moaned as Hunter slid a second finger inside of him, bucking his hips up against the invading fingers. He wanted to say something in response, but with such an intimate act being preformed on him, he found himself quite unable to get out even one coherent word. "You wanna take my cock, don'tcha?" Hunter growled, sliding in a third finger as he spoke. All Randy could do was gasp, closing his eyes and enjoying what Hunter was doing to him.

 "I'll take that as a yes," Hunter chuckled, swiftly removing all three fingers and placing the head of his cock at Randy's entrance. He slowly penetrated the moaning young man, taking the time to enjoy every inch of the hot tunnel which he was filling with his cock. He paused once he was fully sheathed, letting out a groan of pleasure at being so perfectly surrounded. Randy was wonderfully hot and tight, and his flesh felt incredible around Hunter.

 "We rushed up here," Hunter murmured. "Let's make this last." He leaned forward, capturing Randy's lips in a passionate kiss as he began to slowly move inside of him. Randy eagerly returned the kiss, moaning into Hunter's mouth and wrapping his long legs around the older man's waist.

 Hunter took his time, occasionally speeding up and bringing them both to the verge of orgasm, then slowing down again, making it last. He relished the feeling of being inside the younger man, every moment it continued seeming like pure heaven. He waited until he couldn't hold back any longer, until the need to come over road any other desire he might have, before speeding up his pace, thrusting roughly into Randy to bring himself off. At the same time, he wrapped a hand around Randy's straining cock, stroking it rapidly.

 Randy's breath was thundering in his chest, his body writhing beneath the other man. He was so excited that once Hunter touched his cock he was engulfed in a shuddering orgasm, able to get out little more than a squeak as ecstacy flowed through him. Hunter climaxed immediately after him, flooding his receptive body with hot seed.

 Randy moaned loudly, gasping to catch his breath as Hunter momentarily fell on top of him, then pulled out and rolled off to the side. "Damn kid, that was great," Hunter panted once he had regained the breath to speak.

 Randy nodded emphatically, too wrapped up in his port-orgasmic high to realize that it was far too dark for Hunter to see the movement. "We have got to do this again, your sweet tight ass if perfect for a champion like me." Hunter leaned over, kissing Randy heatedly.

 "N-now?" Randy managed to gasp, his chest still heaving.

 Hunter laughed, shaking his head as he tucked a lock of golden hair behind his ear. "I may be a stud, but I think I've had enough for tonight," he chuckled.

 "Right." Randy took a deep breath, wondering what exactly he was supposed to do now.

 "I'll go get a cloth so you can wipe yourself off," Hunter stated, climbing off the bed and walking into the bathroom. Randy heard water running, and a moment later, a cold, wet washcloth landed on his chest. He hissed at the sudden cold touching his heated flesh, snatching up the washcloth and quickly wiping off his stomach, then tossing it onto the night stand.

 "So, uh, you coming to bed?" he questioned.

 "I'll be in be in a second," Hunter replied, picking up the covers which he had carelessly tossed onto the floor earlier and dumping them back onto the bed. "There ya go kid. Arrange ‘em how you like. Night." With that, he strode over to the room's second bed and slid under the covers, closing his eyes.

 "You don't wanna sleep together?" Randy questioned, fumbling to spread the sheet and cover back over his bed.

 "Why?" Hunter murmured, suppressing a yawn.

 "No reason," Randy replied, trying to sound casual. "Night."

 "Night," Hunter muttered sleepily.

 Randy sighed softly, settling back onto the mattress and pulling the covers up to his chin.


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