"You know, baby blue is really your color."

 Chris Jericho looked up in surprise, his eyes narrowing when he saw Kurt Angle leaning against the doorframe of his locker room. "Excuse me?" he asked, standing and putting his hands on his hips.

 "Well it is." Kurt shrugged. "You look great in that new jersey of yours; it really suits you."

 Chris eyed the Olympian suspiciously. Kurt had only spoken to him a few times before, and then only in passing. He had no idea why the dark haired man was suddenly being so friendly. "Can I help you with something?" he asked.

 Kurt smirked, stepping into the room and pulling the door closed behind him. "Actually, yes," he replied.

 Chris waited, but Kurt did not continue. "And that would be..." he prodded, feeling rather annoyed.

 "This." Kurt grinned at the annoyed blonde, pushing his jeans down his hips to reveal a rather large erection. He let the fabric of his pants fall to pool around his ankles, along with his skimpy red white and blue thong.

 Chris sputtered in outrage, jumping to his feet and glaring with fury at the Olympic Hero. "How dare you!" he cried. "I don't do that sort of thing! And even if I did, I wouldn't here, now, and certainly not for you!"

 Kurt rolled his eyes. He stepped out of his pants, approaching Chris with slow steps. His eyes glistened with a feral light. When he spoke, his voice was a silky purr. "Oh come off it, Chris. Like you've never sucked cock before."

 "I haven't!" Chris cried, his body stiff with indignation. "I don't know what you're thinking, but I am not some little backstage whore ready to drop to my knees and pleasure you the second you want it! I absolutely refuse to - "

 Kurt sighed, rolling his eyes again. "Just shut up. I'm sick of you running your mouth; now let's see if you can do something useful with it." He shoved Chris onto his back on the couch the blonde was standing in front of, straddling his chest and rubbing his cock against Chris' lips. Chris glared at him, his blue eyes smoldering with anger and indignation. He locked his jaw tightly, refusing to open his mouth of Kurt.

 Kurt frowned, his eyes narrowing. "Open your mouth, Chris," he hissed. "I'm not going anywhere until you do; do you really want to wait here, like this, until someone comes in and finds us? How exactly would you explain this? Just do it. And don't you even THINK about biting me, or you WILL be sorry. Very sorry. Now open up."

 Chris was appalled by the thought, but the idea of someone finding them like this appalled him even more. He didn't know how he could ever live down that humiliation. Deciding that this would be less humiliating in the long run, Chris closed his eyes tightly, relaxing his jaw. Slowly, hesitantly, he parted his lips. He could feel the tip of Kurt's cock brushing against his sensitive mouth. Chris swallowed hard, then tilted his head forward and took the tip between his lips. The feel of Kurt inside his mouth didn't feel as revolting as he had expected; on the contrary, it actually felt quite nice.

 Chris took a deep breath, then slowly slid his mouth up a little further, taking Kurt further into his mouth. "That's it," Kurt moaned, his hands moving to stroke Chris' soft hair. "You're getting it baby. Keep going. Take me all the way down your throat. I wanna fill up that pretty little mouth of yours."

 Chris kept moving forward, taking Kurt down his throat inch by inch. He had to suppress his gag reflex, but he couldn't deny that he loved the feeling of Kurt's flesh rubbing against his throat muscles. He paused when his nose encountered the small patch of dark hair at the base of Kurt's cock, staying perfectly still for a moment and getting used to the new feeling.

 "Oh god Chris. That feels so good!" Kurt's hands slid under the Chris' t-shirt, pushing the fabric up to the blonde's neck. His fingers began to rub Chris' nipples, expertly massaging the two tender nubs into aching peaks. Chris moaned around Kurt's cock, his eyes opening to gaze lustfully at the Olympian. Kurt grinned at him, his own eyes glazed with passion. "Come on baby," he murmured, "Suck me off!"

 Chris began to bob his head, sliding Kurt's straining member in and out of his wet cavity. He moaned as Kurt continued to massage his nipples, arching up into the touch. Kurt couldn't help moaning from the sensations Chris' actions were sending through him. He began to rock his hips against the blonde's mouth, throwing his head back in pleasure as his orgasm grew nearer. "Oh god Chris, yes, like that!" he panted. As one of his hands continued to stimulate the blonde's nipple, the other crept down Chris' stomach, unzipping his jeans and sliding inside his boxers.

 Chris nearly bucked off the couch when Kurt's talented fingers closed around his own erection. His eyes widened as the pleasure coursing through him doubled, bobbing on Kurt more frantically as Kurt's hands pleasured him masterfully. His chest was moving heavily, his body growing tense as his pleasure increased still more. Letting out a shout that was muffled by Kurt's presence in his mouth, Chris arched up off the couch, his body shaking as his orgasm washed through him in waves of white hot pleasure.

 Kurt began to thrust into Chris' mouth more quickly, raising his hands to rub his own erect nipples. He threw his head back and let out a loud moan as he came, his body shaking in the throws of orgasm. His fingers tangled in Chris' hair, keeping himself buried inside the other man as his come shot from his member. Chris swallowed frantically, feeling the warm liquid slide down his throat into his stomach. Little trails of it flowed out of his mouth and dribbled over his chin and cheeks in hot little rivers. Just as he thought he was going to drown, the flow stopped. Kurt pulled out of Chris' mouth, leaning back against the couch to catch his breath. They were both panting and flushed, their bodies sated but exhausted.

 Kurt glanced at Chris, patting the blonde on the chest. "See? I knew you'd be a natural."

 Chris took a deep breath and nodded, his eyes raking over Kurt's body, truly appraising it for the first time. He couldn't believe how attractive he found the sweaty, muscular Olympian. More than that, he couldn't believe he'd never noticed it before. "How did you know that - well, that I'd like it?" Chris asked, still a little winded. "I didn't even know."

 Kurt shrugged. He stood up, walking to the door to retrieve his pants. Chris' heart sunk as the Olympian quickly dressed. "What the hell is this? You come in here and take what you want from me, and now you're just leaving?" he demanded, outrage in his voice. He sat up and quickly straightened his clothes, glaring daggers at the dark haired man.

 Kurt looked up at him in surprise. "I wasn't planning on leaving, unless you want me to. I just didn't fancy the idea of sitting on the couch naked."

 "Oh." Chris blushed with embarrassment, glancing at the floor awkwardly. He looked back up at Kurt unsurely, biting his lip. "So, um, can we do that again sometime?"

 Kurt grinned. "Sure. I'm sorry about before; I didn't mean to be so forceful and all, but I knew you wouldn't have agreed to it. I would've stopped if you really didn't like it. To be honest I've, um," he glanced at the floor shyly, "I've had crush on you forever."

 "Well, in that case, maybe we should start going out," Chris suggested awkwardly.

 Kurt smiled at him, nodding his head vigorously. "I'd like that. I'd like that a lot."

 "Great." Chris rubbed the back of his neck, still feeling rather awkward. "So, um, can we, maybe, um, go to your, um, hotel room and, um, get to know each other better?"

 Kurt's grin widened. "You bet we can!" he agreed jubilently. "I'm so glad you want to, because I really don't like one night stands and stuff. Let me get your bag." He shouldered Chris' bag along with his own, gesturing to the door. "Shall we?"

 Chris smiled and nodded. "We shall." He smiled as Kurt held the door open for him, thinking that he could definitely get used to this.


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