"You looked so perfect tonight!" Rico cooed as he and Jeff Hardy retreated to the stylist's hotel room. "I did such a great job on you!" Once the door had closed behind them, he took Jeff's hands, holding the young man's arms away from his body and looking over his handiwork. Jeff was clad in a very tight pale blue shirt and matching, body-hugging pants, a teasing strip of stomach and just a tiny bit of pale blue thong exposed. Jeff had a modest amount of mascara highlighting his long, pretty lashes, a slightly tinted lipstick applied to his lips to make them seem even more lush and firm. Jeff was wearing cute, sexy black boots to complete the outfit.

"Ah, this is such an improvement from those horrid wifebeaters you used with wear. They were far too large for you, and never showed off your body. And really, with a body like yours, you should be showing it off! Now more of that silly baggy clothing."

"I did like the way all the guys were looking at me tonight," Jeff stated with a grin, rubbing a hand over his pale blue hip. "I thought they just didn't want me anymore, because I'm not the baby of the company anymore, and there are so many younger and cuter guys around."

"Younger? Yes. Cuter? Hardly." Rico smiled, taking a seat on the end of the bed, still gazing proudly at his young protégéé. "You have more potential than any of the young men in the locker room, Jeff, you just need to use it. Look how fantastic you look tonight! And once we get your hair longer again, you'll look even better!" He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows at the young man. "A lot of the guys tend to visit the hotel bar after a show, I'd wager most of them should be getting there pretty soon. And after how you looked today, I'm sure you can have your pick of whom you might like to *spend the night with*, if you like. You did tell me you wanted to look sexy so you could take any man you wanted to bed, right? No sense in waiting when you could jump on that immediately!"

"Yeah, I guess." Jeff cleared his throat, hesitantly moving across the room and sinking down onto the bed next to the stylist. "I really would like to hook up with someone tonight."

"I thought so." Rico smiled, patting the young man on the back. "You should head out soon then. Do you want to go alone, or shall I come along? Not that there's any reason for me to come, but if you want I'll be there to give you a nice confidence booster so you can get whatever man you really want."

"Um, well, what if who I really want isn't down at that bar?" Jeff asked, fidgeting nervously as he spoke.

"I'm afraid there's not much we can do about that. But we might as well try, you never know who could decide to come down for a drink," Rico replied. "I do hope it's not someone in a serious relationship you've got your eye on, though. We definitely can't do anything about that."

"Oh no, he's not seeing anyone." Jeff cleared his throat again. "And I know, for a fact, that he's not down at that bar."

"Oh. Well, in that case, there's always tomorrow. Maybe we'll be able to catch him then," Rico told the young Hardy, patting his arm reassuringly. "I'll do everything I can to make sure you get whoever your heart is set on, sweetie. You're such a great young man, you definitely deserve it."

"Um, well I don't think waiting 'til tomorrow will actually make a difference," Jeff stated, biting his lip as he met the stylist's eyes.

"I see. So he's off injured then?" Rico shook his head. "Well I'm afraid there's just nothing we can do about that, then. But whenever he gets back, I'll make sure you get him, honey."

"No, Rico, that's not what I mean!" Jeff took a deep breath, then, hesitantly, he moved his hand forward, setting it on Rico's knee. "I know you probably don't look at me that way, Rico, but I - I really like you." He blushed, biting his lip as he let his words sink in.

"Me?" Rico's eyes widened in shock. "Out of all the men you could choose from on the roster....you want me?"

"Yeah." Jeff blushed a little deeper, a nervous smile on his lips. "You're great Rico. You're stylish, you're really really nice, you're smart, and you're so gorgeous. I really wanna be with you."

"Well." Rico was silent for a moment. "That's so sweet, Jeff, and I'm really flattered, but honey, I'm far too old for you! You're such a young thing, really I think you'd be happier with someone your own age."

"Yeah, you're what, six years older than me?" Jeff snorted. "Like that even makes a difference! It doesn't matter at all to me Rico, I still want you."

"Six years?" Rico chuckled. "Sweetie, try 16!"

"16? Really?" Jeff frowned. "You mean you're like 40?"

"41," Rico informed him.

"Wow. I thought you were, like, 30!" Jeff exclaimed. "You look 30."

"I attribute it to good grooming," Rico replied proudly, raising his hands and smooth back his hair. "But the fact remains, I am 16 years older than you."

"Well, it still doesn't matter!" Jeff stated, squeezing Rico's knee, his fingers daring to move an inch higher on the stylist's leg. "I want you Rico. I want you bad. That's why I came to you in the first place, so I could look sexy for you."

"Jeff - " Rico began, stopping because he truly didn't know what to say. Naturally, he wanted the sweet, sexy young man, but he wasn't sure if that would really be right. He glanced over Jeff's body, licking his lips unconsciously. Turning down such a temptation would definitely be difficult.

"Don't you find me sexy?" Jeff demanded, looking at Rico pleadingly. "You said I could get any man I wanted looking like this, doesn't that include you?"

"Well, I - I suppose so," Rico replied haltingly, still too thrown off by Jeff's revelation to really know what to say. "Jeff, re you sure? I mean, I am so much older than you, and - "

 "I don't care," Jeff interrupted. "Rico, I want you, and there's no good reason why I shouldn't be with you. I know I'm just a simple Southern boy who's been letting his sexiness ebb recently, but I really want to be with you." He gulped, his eyes moving to focus on Rico's hand, his hands then following his eyes. He took hold of Rico's hand, slowly moving it to rest on his groin. He bit his lip again, glancing questioning at the stylist. "I want you to touch me like that," he breathed, pressing Rico's palm against himself. "I want you tonight."

"Well, if you're sure," Rico agreed, licking his lips again, his hand gently squeezing. Jeff let out a quiet moan, his eyes filling with passion and need. With no more words, they moved together, Jeff's wrapping his arms around Rico's neck as the stylist kissed him hungrily. Rico had been too busy with his job of late to seek out any sex partners, and he relishing the thought of being with the sexy young Hardy. Jeff's willingness only served to turn him on farther, bringing out his usual aggressive manner in bed. He swiftly rolled Jeff onto his back, pushing them both up until they were lying fully on the mattress, his body between Jeff's legs.

Jeff spread his long legs further, wrapping them around Rico's waist and pulling their hips together. Rico moaned into the young man's mouth, his tongue darting out to touch Jeff's lips. Jeff quickly got the idea, parting his lips and allowing Rico's warm tongue to invade his mouth. He groaned as the stylist's tongue swept over every available surface, his eyes lolling in his head at the pleasure from being explored in such a way.

Rico's hands moved to Jeff's hips as they kissed, sliding the young man's pants down to reveal the small, sexy thong. Jeff let his legs fall away from Rico's hips so the other man could take his pants all the way down, Rico tossing the pretty blue fabric carelessly off the bed once he had removed it. They kissed for a moment more, Rico letting his fingers trail over the edge of Jeff's thong, before Jeff reluctantly pushed the stylist away.

"Why don't you get the lube, and I'll finish undressing?" he purred, flicking his tongue invitingly at the other man.

Rico grinned. "Marvelous idea," he agreed, quickly stepping off the bed and digging through his bag until he located the tube of lube he always kept there, just in case. He grabbed one of his "just in case" condoms too, hurrying back to the bed. Jeff had now shed his clothes and climbed under the covers, everything from his bare waist and up exposed. Rico groaned lustfully at the sight, thinking how much he wanted to be buried in that beautiful young body.

"You better stop staring and undress if you wanna get in bed with me," Jeff chuckled, raising his eyebrows suggestively.

"Right, right of course!" Rico glanced at the lube and condom in his hand, then leaned forward and handed them to Jeff, who took them with a slight blush coloring his fair cheeks. The stylist quickly yanked his shirt up over his head and dropped it, kicking off his boots, then pulling his pants and thong off in one smooth motion. He stood, posing proudly for a second as Jeff's eyes devoured him.

"You are so hot," Jeff breathed, quite unable to stop staring at Rico's perfect body. "You're really 40?"

"I am, but I'm proud to say that I don't look it." Rico grinned, climbing into bed as Jeff scooted over to make room for him.

"So." Jeff bit his lip once again, glancing shyly at the objects in his hand. "You, uh, you want to use this?" he asked hesitantly, indicating the condom.

"Well, I do try to practice safe sex," Rico replied with a shrug.

"I'd rather do it bareback," Jeff stated, shooting Rico a hot look. "I wanna feel you buried inside me directly. I know for a fact that I'm clean, if that's what you're worried about."

"I wasn't really worried about that. I didn't mean any offense to you." Rico took the condom and tossed it off the bed, smiling hungrily at Jeff. "I know I'm clean too. Bareback it is." He leaned forward, meeting Jeff's lips in a scorchingly hot kiss. Jeff kissed back eagerly, the kisses only growing hotter as Rico pulled the young man underneath him and slipped between his willingly parted legs. They both let their hands explore the others' body, enjoying the feeling of soft skin over firm muscle.

After a few minutes of kissing and touching each other, Rico reached for the lube, continuing to kiss Jeff as he spread the lube over his fingers, taking a moment to warm it up, then sliding his hand beneath the covers. Jeff gasped as one of Rico's slick fingers brushed against his entrance, his breath growing shallow as just the tip pushed inside of him. Rico broke away from their kiss, looking right into Jeff's eyes. "You ok?" he whispered.

"Wonderful," Jeff managed to get out, closing his eyes and groaning as Rico pushed his finger in up to the knuckle. "That's...wow."

"If I hurt you, just tell me and I'll try and stop, ok?" Rico smiled, kissing Jeff's forehead gently. "Just relax. I know this can be a little tough if you haven't done it for a while."

"I'll be ok. Just - just go slow, ok." Jeff squirmed, making a pained face as Rico began to push a second finger in. He wasn't able to suppress a whimper, causing Rico to halt for a moment. "Don't stop!" Jeff insisted. "Really I'm ok. I know if only hurts at first, and I really, really want your cock inside me." He took a deep breath, trying to keep control of his breathing as Rico slid the second finger in fully, scissoring his two fingers to prepare Jeff for his far larger manhood. "One more," Jeff whispered after a moment. "It's supposed to be three. Put the third one in." Rico nodded his assent, slowly slipping the third digit through Jeff's entrance. He slid it in slowly, watching Jeff closely for any sign that the young man wanted him to stop.

"Oh god," was all Jeff could say once Rico's three digits were inside of him. "Oh Rico, I'm ready! I'm ready to take it." He took a deep breath, then repeated himself. "I'm ready to take it now! Put it in me!"

"As you wish." Rico withdrew his fingers, barely able to restrain himself and keep his pace slow as he pressed the head of his cock against Jeff's stretched out opening. Slowly, he pushed the tip inside, loving the way Jeff's tender flesh stretched and yielded to him. He slid in inch by inch, moaning in pleasure as Jeff's warm, tight tunnel closed around him. Once he was fully seated, his paused, looking to Jeff to make sure the young man was ready for full-blown sexual intercourse.

"Oh Rico!" Jeff moaned loudly, his legs wrapping around the stylist's waist as his arms wrapped around Rico's back, his nails digging into Rico's skin. "I never knew it would feel this damn good! Oh god. Fuck me, baby, fuck me! I want it! I want it hard and fast and crazy!"

"No problem," Rico growled, his hips drawing back, then thrusting forward powerfully, filling Jeff up to the hilt. He set a fast but deep rhythm, loving the way Jeff was bucking beneath him. The younger Hardy was thrashing his head in ecstasy as Rico drove into him, moans spilling from his mouth. Rico couldn't help moaning right along with his younger lover, and he let himself go, expressing his pleasure just as vocally as Jeff was. The feeling of Jeff surrounding him was fantastic, the young Hardy definitely possessing the sweetest, tightest ass he had ever tapped. Beyond that, the feel of Jeff's soft, smooth skin pressed against his was driving him wild, and Jeff's loud moans of pleasure were only turning him on more.

He tried to hold out as long as possible, but all too soon he felt the familiar feeling building up inside of him. "Jeff...gonna come," he managed to groan. He slid his hand under the covers and grasped Jeff's rock hard member, wanting his young lover to come along with him. The second he touched Jeff, the young man let out a wail of passion, his cock beginning to spurt and his body shivering with orgasm. His walls tightened around Rico, making it impossible for the stylist to hold out for one second longer. Rico groaned as he was engulfed in a wave of pleasure, continuing the thrust into Jeff as he road out of his orgasm.

Rico collapsed onto Jeff's chest as the blinding pleasure faded, his chest heaving from the effort, Jeff's breath equally labored. They lay like that until they began to catch their breath, then Rico rolled off to Jeff's side, snatching a few kleenexes from the nightstand and using them to clean up Jeff's stomach. Jeff sighed contentedly and cuddled up to Rico's chest, smiling when the stylist wrapped him up in his arms.

"That was beautiful," Rico whispered to the young man, holding him tightly and stoking his smooth back.

"It was fantastic," Jeff breathed, sounding a little awed. "Better than I ever imagined! Wow. You are so incredible Rico, you really are." He took a deep breath, nuzzling the stylist's chest affectionately with his nose. "I guess I have something I should tell you. I wanna be with you, not just for sex, but I wanna really be with you."

"And you won't care if people give us funny looks for dating?" Rico asked, loving the intimacy of their current position.

Jeff chuckled. "Rico, come on, people give us funny looks already! I couldn't care less what anyone thinks, I want you to be my man."

"If you're asking me out, then I accept," Rico replied with a grin. "I would love to be your man, beautiful. You're the loveliest, sweetest, most wonderful young man I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, nothing would make me happier."

"Wonderful," Jeff sighed happily, not budging an inch from the warm comfort of Rico's strong arms. "But that wasn't what I have to tell you. I probably should've told you before, but I was afraid you wouldn't want to do this if I had. See, I, uh, I am, well, I was kind of a - a virgin." He glanced up nervously, biting his lip and searching Rico's eyes for the stylist's reaction.

Rico stared at him, shocked for the second time that night. "You're a virgin?" he asked in disbelief. Jeff nodded his head in confirmation. "I never would have guessed," Rico murmured. "You're such a lovely young man, I just assumed that you would have had lovers in the past."

"I was waiting for the right man to come along," Jeff whispered.

"And that was really me? You wanted your first time to be with me?" Rico looked awed, as well as flattered.

"I knew you were the man I wanted to give myself too." Jeff smiled happily, raising a finger and trailing it along one of Rico's sideburns. "I knew I wouldn't be disappointed, and I definitely wasn't! You're incredible, Rico."

"Thank you," Rico whispered, leaning down to capture Jeff's lips in a passionate kiss. "Thank you Jeff. That's not a gift I take lightly, I'll always treasure it."

"Good." Jeff nuzzled against Rico's chest and closed his eyes. "I'm totally exhausted, but damn, that was totally worth it! I hope we can do it a lot more, too."

"Definitely," Rico agreed. "As much as you want."

"Great." Jeff yawned. "Night, lover."

"Night, my beautiful lover." Rico closed his eyes as well, the warm body in his arm putting a huge smile on his face as he drifted off to sleep.


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