"Kishi!!!! Kishi!!!!!!!!!!!" Albert hollered, stumbling out of the shower stall, shaking his massive body like a huge, angry bear. "Kishi, HELP! I got another one!"

 Rikishi looked up from his place on the sofa, having to put a hand over his mouth to stop himself from bursting out laughing at the sight before him. His lover as shaking himself wildly, trying to dislodge the twink that was clinging tightly to his back. Rikishi could tell by the hair and shorts than the twink in question was Billy Kidman. "Got a problem?" Rikshi chuckled.

 His lover glared at him, ceasing the ineffective shaking and trying instead to reach around at an impossible angle and grab Kidman's leg so he could yank him off. "It's not funny!" he snapped. "Get off me you stupid little twink! Go jump on Edge or some other heartthrob!"

 "I'm not going anywhere!" Kidman shouted defiantly, holding on as tightly as he could. "I got you so you're mine! Mine! I want summa you and your wicked sexy man fur and I ain't letting go 'til I get some! You KNOW you want me, you don't want that stupid fatass," he growled, glaring daggers at Rikishi.

 "That phat ass is my boyfriend, so get the hell off me!" Albert roared.

 "I'm way better than he is!" Kidman spat. "Soooo much better! It's just not right for a hot hunka man like you to be with another big guy, it's just not!"

 "Well I am, so tough!" Albert growled. He glared at his boyfriend. "Kishi, for god's sake, help me!"

 "What, afaid you'll get twink germs and start likin' the little buggers?" Rikishi snickered. "What, baby, you don't wanna start dating guys like Rey and Billy here? Why, just 'cos you'd crush them if you happened to roll over in the middle of the night?" He snickered again, ignoring the fierce glare he was receiving from Kidman.

 "He wouldn't crush me!" Kidman insisted. "I like big men! I banged Big Sexy, and he's bigger than you!" he told Albert. He pouted, holding on tight as Albert tried again to shake him off. "We don't have to like go steady, but I want at least one night!" he insisted.

 "Aw, just fuck him and make him happy, this is getting annoying," Rikshi told his lover, chuckling as Albert fixed him with a heated glare.

 "Look, twerp, I probably couldn't even get it up for you, 'cos I've never been turned on by anyone under 250 lbs!" Albert stated.

 "I could help you get it up," Kidman stated confidently.

 Albert sighed, ceasing his pointless struggle. He turned pleading eyes on his lover. "Kish, please help me?" he begged.

 "Oh, all right, but I really hate to end such a comedy." Rikishi grumbled, grabbing the phone on the nearby table and punching in a number. "Guess what's happening in my locker room?" he told the person on the other end, quickly relaying his lover's current situation. He grinned and hung up the phone, smiling at Albert. "Your problem will be fixed in just a second," he told his large lover.

 "Thank god," Albert muttered. "If he doesn't get the heck off soon I'm gonna get silly twink syndrome or something!"

 "I don't have any syndrome!" Kidman pouted. "I've never heard of silly twink syndrome, there's no such thing!"

 "There is," Albert growled. "It's a condition that makes you go around jumping innocent big hairy men who only date other big men!"

 Before Kidman could reply, the door flew open and Rey Mysterio charged into the room, his eyes narrowing dangerously when he saw Albert's current predicament. "You BITCH, let go of my man!" he shrieked, instantly lunging at Kidman. Kidman shrieked as well, having to let go of Albert as Rey pummeled him. "I told you him and his sexy man fur were MINE!" Rey yelled.

 "They're not yours, he said he doesn't want you!" Kidman screamed, fighting back fiercely. The two rolled around the floor, biting and scratching and punching. After a few minutes, Rey started to get the upper hand, managing to climb to his feet, grabbing Kidman by his trunks and sending him flying out the door, then diving after him and attacking him again.

 Rikshi quickly stood, closing the door behind the two small men and bolting it securely. "Problem settled," he stated, plopping down onto the coach, where his lover was now sitting, rubbing his back and wincing.

 "He was really pulling my man fur," Albert complained. "I'm all sore now. Damn little crazy guys! Why do they do this to me? They should be jumping guys like Edge and Rock, not me!"

 "Don't underestimate the drawing power of man fur!" Rikishi chuckled. "It seems that twinks to man fur is like flies to flypaper! They just keep getting stuck on it!"

 "Oh shut up," Albert pouted, still rubbing his back. "They're just insane, that's all! I just don't like little guys, never have, and they don't get it!" He sighed and shook his head. "I just can't take a shower in peace anymore, every time I try to just rinse off and relax, I get pounced by a crazy lust driven twink! It's crazy!"

 "Want me to shower with you in the future?" Rikishi offered with a grin.

 Albert grinned happily at the idea. "Would you?"

 "For you, baby, no problem!" Rikshi wrapped his arms around his lover's back, running his fingers through Albert's hair. "For the record, I think your man fur is very sexy," he purred.

 "Finally, my man fur attracts something I like!" Albert chuckled, laying his head on Rikshi's shoulder and sighing happily.


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