"Yo Johnny!"

 Johnny Stamboli blinked when he found his headphones slapped off his head. He scowled, turning to face Nunzio, who was standing with his hands on his hips. "What?" he muttered, resentfully rubbing his head where the feisty little Italian had slapped him.

 Nunzio glanced at one of the hotel room's two beds, where Chuck was lying, pretending to ignore them and read a magazine. "Chuck and I, we need some time to - talk. Alone. Go take a shower."

 Johnny frowned. "I showered at the arena, Nuni. I'll go for a walk."

 Nunzio gave him a look. "Did I say ‘walk'?" he demanded. "No! I said shower! Now get outta here and scope out the shower facilities in this place!"

 "But - " Johnny objected.

 Nunzio slapped him across the back of the head. "I said get outta here! Now!"

 Grumbling to himself, rubbing his sore head, Johnny stomped resentfully into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. He leaned against the door for a moment, crossing his arms and gazing at his pouting face in the mirror. It just wasn't fair; every night, Nunzio needed to be "alone" with Chuck, and he was always ordered away, never getting to participate in anything.

 Johnny walked over to the shower, turning on the water so Nunzio would think he was doing as ordered. He might be a little guy, but the man was bossy, and when he didn't get his way, he got mad. Johnny hated getting pushed around by him, but he certainly didn't want to be the leader, so generally he kept his mouth closed.

 The dark haired man waited a few minutes, then he opened the door a crack. It was like a bad addiction in many ways, but he had to watch. As expected, both Nunzio and Chuck had shed their clothes, Chuck lying comfortably on his back, his arms folded under his head, while Nunzio rode him. That was how Nunzio always liked it; himself in control, and everyone else just going along with it.

 The scene before Johnny's eyes was wonderfully erotic. Chuck's eyes were closed, a blissful look on his face. His mouth was open slightly in pleasure. He couldn't see Nunzio's face from the angle he was at, but he could see the smaller man's muscle's ripping as Chuck's cock slid in and out of him, and he could hear the soft moans spilling from Nunzio's lips.

 He didn't understand why Nunzio wouldn't let him join in. He had asked to once, and Nunzio had slapped him on the back of the head and told him "Fuggedaboutit!" He would've loved to be in either of their places; he was right between them in size, and he would've been equally willing to take Chuck's cock or to let Nunzio ride him. Or, ever better, do both at the same time.

 Johnny shuddered in desire as he fantasized about being buried inside Nunzio, and having Chuck filling him up at the same time. He hadn't ever been with two guys at the same time before, the thought of it so erotic he felt himself getting hard just thinking about it. He watch the couple on the bed for another moment, then slipped into the shower for real to take care of himself. He couldn't stand being left out any longer; he was going to get in there, somehow.

Johnny and Chuck were alone together, for once. Johnny had made careful preparations for Nunzio to be ‘delayed' for a while that night; delay that came in the form of one Nathan Jones. Johnny had struck a little deal with Nathan the previous day; Nathan was to keep Nunzio occupied for a few hours, in any way he could think of besides beating him up and putting him in the hospital. A quick blowjob had been the behemoth's payment in exchange for a favor, a task which had been easily accomplished since Johnny was so horny from watching Nunzio and Chuck every night that he was longing for some action with anyone he could get.

 He didn't know how Nathan had delayed their little Italian leader, but whatever it was must have worked, since there was no sign of Nunzio. Chuck was sitting on the coach, reading, while Johnny listened to his headphones and pretended to do a crossword. He knew he wanted Chuck, and he knew this was his chance; the problem was, he wasn't quite sure how Chuck was going to react. He was even a little afraid that if he hit on the big man, Chuck would tell Nunzio about it. The little Italian would likely be mad, to say the least.

 Finally, mustering all his courage, Johnny tossed his headphones and puzzle book aside. "Wanna fuck?" he asked casually.

 Chuck's head jerked up in surprise. He blinked, setting down his magazine. "What?"

 "Well you're not busy, right?" Johnny shrugged. "If you wanna, I could use it." He tentatively stood, walking over to the coach where Chuck was sitting and dropping to his knees. He cupped Chuck's groin in his palm, licking his lips. "Come on, you wanna," he purred seductively, feeling Chuck start to get hard from his touch.

 "Yeah, I do." Chuck grinned, standing abruptly and taking Johnny's hand. He let him over to the bed, stopping when he reached it to undress. Johnny did the same, laying down on the bed and spreading his legs a bit in invitation. "Nice," Chuck growled, moving onto the bed and positioning himself on top of the other man, kissing him passionately. Johnny wrapped his arms around Chuck's neck, kissing him back hungrily. It was clear Chuck wanted this too, and now, at last, he was going to get what he had been dreaming about for weeks.

"Yous guys ain't gonna believe what happened to me tonight!" Nunzio announced as he burst into the room.

 Chuck and Johnny, both showered and clean, the bedsheets changed to hide their liaison, looked up at their little leader. Johnny had been on cloud nine ever since he and Chuck had fallen into bed. The memory of their tryst was fresh in his mind; the way they had rolled around the bed, both flushed and panting, making out and feeling every inch of the others' body; the way it had felt as Chuck slid inside of him, filling him with the greatest heat he had ever felt; the way it felt as their bodies moved in sync, sending pleasure through his veins. It had been well worth his ruse, and he hoped he would be able to do it again in the near future.

 "What happened?" Chuck asked, glancing at Nunzio over the magazine he was reading.

 "You know that Nathan Jones guy?" Nuzio replied.

 "The one we had arrested?" Chuck inquired.

 "Yeah." Nunzio chuckled. "Yous guy aren't gonna believe this, but he asked me out!"

 Johnny stared at the smaller man. "He did?" he gasped, astounded. That certainly had not been what he was expecting when he had enlisted Nathan's help.

 "Yep," Nunzio confirmed, taking off his jacket and collapsing on one of the beds. "Took me to a nice Italian place."

 "You said yes?" Johnny was baffled by this development.

 "Why not?" Nunzio shrugged. "How could I turn down a nice Italian dinner? He didn't seem like he'd take no for an answer, anyway."

 "Huh." Johnny was still shocked, but since it had worked, he couldn't fault Nathan's strategy.

 "It was a good dinner." Nunzio had closed his eyes, looking like he was about ready to fall asleep. "Good sex too."

 If Johnny had been drinking anything, it would've been all over the rug. "You slept with him?" he gasped, even more shocked by that revelation.

 "Yeah we did it a few times." Nunzio shrugged casually. "He wanted to do me since he bought me dinner, and I thought, why not? The guy was in jail for 10 years, he's probably got plenty of built up sexual tension. Figured he'd be pretty good in the sack. Was too."

 "Good for you Nuni," Chuck put in. "Johnny and I took a roll in the sack too, while you were gone."

 Johnny found himself turning red with mortification. He thought their tryst was going to be a secret; he figured Nunzio would be angry to discover they had slept together behind his back. But the dominant little Italian just grinned. "Was it good?" he asked.

 Chuck nodded. "Oh yeah. Yeah it was good. Was it good for you Johnny?"

 "Yeah," Johnny murmured, his head swimming from the unexpected turns the night had taken.

 "Good for you boys." Nunzio kicked off his shoes and slid under the covers, closing his eyes. "I might go out with Nathan again, so you two boys amuse each other, kay?" With that, he yawned, saying no more.

 Johnny glanced at Nunzio, who appeared to be on the verge of sleep, then moved to the coach where Chuck was sitting, talking quietly so only the larger man could hear. "So, uh, you and me, we'll get together again sometime?"

 "Yeah, we will." Chuck looked up at him, giving him a wide grin. "We boys gotta satisfy each others' needs."

 "So, uh - " Johnny cleared his throat. "Just for the record, you and Nuni - just sex, right?"

 " ‘Course," Chuck confirmed.

 Johnny nodded, happy to have cleared that up. Then, he cleared his throat again. "You think, maybe sometime, we could all do it together? You, me, and Nuni?"

 Chuck shrugged. "Works for me. We'll ask Nuni sometime."

 Johnny grinned happily. "Great." He glanced at the vacant bed in the room, then looked back at Chuck. "You think we should be heading to bed?"

 "Prob'ly, Nuni'll be mad if we wake him up." Chuck stood, stripping off all his clothes as he walked towards the bed, dumping them carelessly on the floor. Johnny scurried after him, disrobing in the same manner Chuck had. They climbed into bed, Johnny hesitantly moving onto Chuck's side and putting his arms around the larger man. Chuck just smiled, wrapping arms around Johnny in return and letting the smaller man rest his head on his chest. Johnny smiled and closed his eyes, enjoying having Chuck's strong chest as his pillow. He hoped Nathan really was interested in taking Nunzio out again, because this he could definitely get used to.

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