Jay entered his locker room, planning to rinse off in the shower then head back to his hotel room. What he didn't expect was to be grabbed from behind, not roughly, just hard enough to restrain him as a blindfold was fastened about his eyes. He could tell there were at least two other people in the room, one holding him, the other putting on the blindfold, and he sensed there were more.

 "Ok, what's going on?" he demanded, trying to squirm out of the hold. "Adam is that you? Let me go!"

 He felt a finger pressed against his lips softly. He stopped struggling, but kept a frown on his face. He thought he could hear muffled laughter as the man holding him lowered him onto the rug on the floor. He was about to object again when he felt a hand creep inside his tights, brushing over his manhood, then grabbing the fabric and pulling it off his body, his boots and shirt being removed simultaneously by what must've been at least four pairs of hands.

 He considered objecting and trying to get away, but figured he might as well go along with him. It wasn't every day that he got this much attention, especially not from four or more people. His legs were nudged gently apart, and he felt someone settle between them. He could sense others hovering around him, surrounding him on every side. He was still rather confused, but his body was trembling with anticipation.

 The first thing he felt was a pair of soft lips pressed to his. He eagerly met to kiss, knowing it was someone he had tasted before. He opened his mouth and let the other man's devilish tongue explore the moist cavity, moaning at the sensation. After that, everything for him was a pleasure-filled haze. Hands began to massage his nipples, then another mouth closed around one of the hardening buds, while Jay moaned into the first man's mouth. One by one, another set of hands or a hot mouth descended on a different part of his body. Lips closed around his now throbbing cock, making him want to shoot into orbit that very moment. Then fingers were teasing his opening, slowly pushing into him and thrusting in a slow rhythm. The combined sensations from these four touching him had him seeing stars already.

 Then, the fingers between his legs withdrew. He felt a wisp of soft hair brush against his thigh, then a tongue poked into his tightness. He moaned loudly, arching into the touch as well as into the warm mouth still engulfing him. Just as he was about to come, three of the men drew back, his only remaining stimulation the large hands pinching at his achingly hard nipples. He could feel three bodies drawing closer to him, each with a different feel than the others. One man straddled his hips, rubbing the cheeks of his ass tauntingly against the head of his engorged shaft. Another settled between his legs, just barely touching the tip of his own thick member to Jay's entrance. The third knelt just above Jay's head, the head of his cock barely grazing Jay's lips.

 The golden blonde didn't have to be asked twice. Although his arms were still restrained, he managed to lift his head enough to take the head of the man's cock in his mouth. He began to suck hungrily, his eyes rolling back in his head as first the man straddling him impaled himself, then the man between his legs slid into his tight heat. His already ragged breath got even more so as he arched into them both, while sucking frantically whoever was before him. He felt fingers tangle in his hair for a second, a strangled moan filling the air as he mouth was filled with the man's sweet tasting seed. Jay swallowed it all, then dropped his head back to the floor and concentrated on the other two bodies working on his. He could hear the other two men panting as well, their moans and his mixing in the air.

 The man he was thrusting into went over first, moaning loudly with pleasure as his seed spilled onto Jay's chest, his walls clamping tightly around the golden blonde. Jay couldn't hold out a second longer. He let out a loud howl, sinking into the man fully and plummeting over the edge, his body shaking with the force of his orgasm. The man inside him came simultaneously, the feel of his hot come spurting into his body making Jay's pleasure all the more intense.

 He was left lying on the floor, panting, as all those surrounding him withdrew. He could hear their footsteps as they headed for the door. Something was tossed onto the ground beside him. He lay still until he had caught his breath, then untied to blindfold and looked around. There was a note lying beside him, a piece of plain white paper folded in half. He opened it curiously, scanning over the contents.

 'Get dressed and come to the catering room,' was all the note told him. Jay considered for a moment, then shrugged, getting up to do as the note instructed.


"He's coming! Everyone in your places!" Michael Cole shouted, running into the room and quickly closing the door. Everyone scurried behind the various screens they had set up, biting their lips to keep quite. Michael looked at Tazz and grinned.

 Tazz winked at him, offering him the mic he was holding. "You can start," he said.

 "Thanks!" Michael took his position right beside the door. The second the door began to open and Michael caught site of Jay's golden hair, he began.

 "And here is our contestant, from Toronto, Canada, it's Jason Reso!"

 Jay just stared at Michael like he was crazy.

 Tazz moved to Jay's right side, holding another microphone. "That's right! Now Jay, it's time to play Guess Your Sexual Partner!"

 Jay's eyes grew wide, and he looked between them. "Are you serious???"

 Tazz rolled his eyes. "Well it ain't every day eight guys jump ya, is it? Now ya gotta guess who did what! Ya see, there's eight screens, and each's got one a ya lovers behind it. It's ta see how well ya know the men a the fed! Think ya can do it, Jay?" Tazz challenged.

 Jay looked thoughtful. "What do I get if I win?" he asked craftily.

 Tazz grinned. "Ya get ta be a lot more popular backstage!" he exclaimed.

 "Sounds good to me." Jay turned back to the screen and crossed his arms. He noticed the cards taped to the top of each screen, and stepped forward to look at them.

 "These are the things they done to ya," Tazz explained.

 "You have to guess who's behind the screen based on the sexual act they preformed on you," Michael added.

 "Ok. I'll start with the easy ones." Jay walked over to the one labeled ‘Topped' and knocked on the screen. "Come on out Adam, I know it's you."

 Adam's blonde head peaked out from behind the screen, the taller man grinning from ear to ear. "Aw, how did you know?"

 Jay rolled his eyes. "After all the times we've been together, I think I should know your cock!"

 Adam chuckled, pulling the golden blonde into his arms. "If you didn't, I would definitely have to remind you. Remind you alllll night." He leaned in to meet Jay's lips, the golden blonde gladly returning the hungry lip lock.

 "Hey, hey!" Tazz put his hands on his hips. "The others a waiting."

 "Sorry." Jay shot Adam a sultry look, then stepped over to the shield that said ‘Gave head to.' "You can come out too, Drew!" Jay stepped back from the screen, smiling smugly as Andrew Martin stepped out from behind the screen. "As it I could ever forget your taste!" Jay said with a grin. Drew just smiled and went to joined Adam, who had settled onto the couch to watch.

 Jay paced between the six remaining screens, finally stopping by the ‘Fingered' screen. "You were pretty easy to figure out too, considering you've done that to me a fair few times, Kurt!" Jay stated. Kurt Angle stepped out from behind the screen, giving Jay a light kiss on the lips then joining Adam and Drew on the couch.

 Jay moved to the next one he was sure of, the ‘Rimming' screen. "Nice try, but I don't think I could ever forget that tongue, Chris," Jay said with a smirk.

 Chris Jericho revealed himself, grinning broadly. "I bet you couldn't, baby," he murmured, promptly leaning Jay back and giving him a passionate kiss. He winked at the golden blonde as he drew back. "Kurt always goes crazy when I do that." He went to sit on the floor by Kurt's feet, the Olympian blushing just slightly.

 Jay looked at the four remaining screens, only really sure of one. He knocked on the screen labeled ‘French Kiss'. "This one is waaay too obvious!" he announced. "No one else French kisses like you do, Sean."

 Sean Waltman stepped out, sticking his tongue out and wiggling it seductively at Jay, then walking over and plopping down in Drew's lap.

 "Now you last three, you were good, but not good enough to fool me." Jay walked past the three one by one, naming their occupants. "Kane, I would know those hands anywhere," he said as he walked past the ‘Chest' screen. The next one was ‘Riding', which made Jay smirk. "And your ass I could never forget, Kwik." Both Kane and K-Kwik stepped out, the larger man swooping Kwik up into his arms and settling down with the smaller man on his lap, Kwik's arms wrapped around Kane's strong neck.

 "And the last one." Jay trailed his finger idly over the surface of the tag, which read ‘Giving Head'. "I have to thank you, that was one of the best blow jobs I've ever gotten, Hunter."

 Hunter stepped out from behind the screen, shaking his head in amusement. "You are good," he murmured. "Damn, guess I lost the bet."

 "Me too," chorused six other voices.

 "Yep, and I won!" Adam jumped to his feet, grinning happily at Jay. "I knew you could do it, baby. You were fabulous." He marched over to Jay and pulled the smaller man's body tightly against his, giving him a passionate kiss and delving his tongue into the golden blonde's mouth. Jay moaned, wrapping his arms around Adam's neck.

 "Well, I guess we should be goin'," Tazz stated, wrapping an arm around Michael's waist and pulling him out the door. "We got some fun a our own to have tonight."

 The other couples stood and followed, Chris whispering in Kurt's ear as they left, Sean's tongue already at work on Drew's earlobe as the larger man half carried him out, and Kane carrying Kwik, the smaller man's legs wrapped around his waist.

 "I better go find Bradshaw," Hunter stated, getting up to depart as well. "He's going to be sooo jealous he wasn't around at the right time!" He chuckled and stepped out the door.

 Adam and Jay were left alone, making out furiously in the middle of the room. Jay pulled back slightly, running a finger over Adam's cheek. "You set this all up for me, baby?" he cooed.

 "You bet I did." Adam leaned in to nuzzle Jay's neck with his lips. "Figured you'd be sure to put out if I did," he joked.

 Jay rolled his eyes, but grinned. "Oh, you'd better believe you're gonna get some tonight! I have never, ever had eight guys all giving me attention at once! It was incredible."

 "Good." Adam promptly picked Jay up in his arms, one arm supporting his back and the other under his knees. "Then let's go back to the hotel and get started!"

 Jay laughed merrily, throwing his arm around Adam's neck. "Can we play this game again sometime?" he asked as they disappeared down the hallway.


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