"Do you know what day it is?"

 Jay looked up from the magazine he was reading into the grinning face of Jeff Hardy. The other man was hyper as always, his hair pulled up into two blue pigtails on top of his head. Jay was currently sitting backstage at the venue of the night, waiting behind the curtain for Adam, while half paying attention to his friend's match on the monitor. "Um, the 29th? Monday?" he ventured.

 Jeff rolled his eyes. "No. It's two days to Halloween!"

 "Yeah. So?" Jay gave his friend a strange look.

 "So? So?!? It's Halloween Jay! Halloween!" Jeff exclaimed, as if that was explanation in itself.

 Jay sighed. "So what Jeff? Halloween is for kids."

 Jeff put his hands on his hips. "Halloween is for EVERYONE!" he insisted. He settled down in a chair next to Jay, pulling out a piece of paper from his pocket and unfolding it. "Here's our itinerary for the night. We've got a lot to do tonight, so listen up! Ok, first we hit some kick-ass Halloween shops which I scouted out earlier and pick up lots of spooky goodies, and costumes if you haven't got yours already. Matt and I already have ours, of course."

 "Hang on." Jay held his hand up. "Who's ‘we'?"

 "Oh. We is me, Matt, you, Adam, Raven, and Jerky," Jeff explain, continuing with his plan almost instantly. "Now, after we get all our costumes - "

 "Hang on," Jay interrupted. "I'm not going anywhere with those two! Ever since they started dating all they do is cuddle constantly and grope each other. It's sickening."

 "Jay." Jeff gave his friend a look. "Remember those 5 weeks when you and Hunter were dating?"

 Jay flushed, looking embarrassed. "That was more than a year ago," he said defensively. "And I couldn't help it! I was smitten."

 "Well Raven and Jerky are full-out in love, so cut them some slack," Jeff retorted, punching Jay in the arm. "And you ARE coming, if I have to drag you there myself! But I haven't told you the best part! I'll tell you the rest of the other stuff first though. Taker is hosting an all-out Halloween Bash and we're ALL invited, so we're all gonna dress up and get really crazy and have a great time! And don't give me that ‘I don't like parties' shit, because you're coming anyway and you WILL have a good time! Ok, but now for the really sweet news." Jeff took a deep breath, grinning broadly as he spoke. "Matt and I found the sweetest little part. It's out of the way enough that no one's gonna give us trouble or call the cops and shit. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go out there and set up a circle with the six of us, light some candles, and do a summoning!"

 "Oh god." Jay groaned, shaking his head. "You CAN'T be serious!"

 Jeff frowned, putting his hands on his hips. "I most certainly AM," he replied in a huffy, insulted voice. "You're coming if you want to or not Jay Reso and we're gonna do it!"

 "God, Jeff," Matt chastised, coming up to the two. "You can't just TELL someone that! They kind of half to AGREE! If you two want to sleep together, than whatever, but could you please not tell me about it?"

 Jeff glared at his brother. "I did NOT mean it that way! I meant he's coming with us for the summoning tonight!" he snapped.

 "Oh." Matt flushed slightly. "Well sorry. But you can't blame me for interpreting it that way! Most of the time when you say ‘we're gonna do it' to a guy - "

 "Shut up!" Jeff interrupted, putting his hands on his hips.

 "Well it's true!" Matt shot back. "And it happens a lot!"

 "Better than you, Mr ‘I won't sleep with you until we've been dating at least a month'!"

 "Should I leave?" Jay asked, not happy about being in the middle of another brotherly quarrel.

 "No," Jeff exclaimed, glaring at Matt then turning his attention back to Jay. "You're staying right here. We'll all be leaving right after the show. Since Adam's match is the last of our matches, we told Raven and Jerky to meet us at your locker room."

 "Oh great." Jay sighed. "Thanks. Now what I have to look forward to when I get back there is those two all over each other! Thanks again!"

 "No problem." Jeff grinned, purposely ignoring Jay's sarcasm. "It shouldn't be long now! Matt and I'll go grab our bags and meet you in your locker room!" Happily he bounced off down the hall, dragging his rather less enthusiastic brother behind him.

"Hey!" Jeff smacked Chris' thigh, glaring at the older man.

 Chris glanced over at Jeff. They were sitting in a circle in the park, a blanket beneath them and the only light the candles spread around them. "What?" he asked, his fingers continuing to trail over Raven's back, his lover practically sitting in his lap.

 "We're all set up now, so it's time to get serious. You two HAVE to stop making out!" Jeff insisted.

 "Just a second." Chris leaned forward, capturing Raven's lips in yet another kiss.

 "That's it." Matt stood up from his place in the circle, grabbed a handful of Raven's braids, and dragged the man to the place he had just vacated. "Sit there!" Matt ordered, taking the place Raven was supposed to occupy. Raven pouted, mouthing ‘I love you' across the circle to Chris and flicking out his tongue suggestively.

 Chris began to mouth something back, but was stopped by Jeff's hand clapping over his mouth. "Ok," Jeff said after a moment, withdrawing his hand but watching the pair closely. "Now that we've got that taken care of, let's get down to business! I found the *perfect* thing for us to do tonight! We're going to summon - " he glanced around at the other men, pausing for effect, "the love god!" The other five men exchanged glances, but said nothing. "I've memorized what I'm supposed to say; all you guess really have to do is echo a few lines and wave candles, but you HAVE to focus, ‘cos the spell won't work unless all your mental power is focused on it!" Jeff explained. "Now, since this is a summoning spell, the way it's gonna work is when we summon him, he'll take over one of us, whoever's in the center on the circle. All we really need to decide is who gets to be in the center!"

 "Jeff, this is stupid," Jay stated. "Come on! ‘Love god'? How lame is that?"

 Jeff glared fiercely at the blonde. "It's NOT stupid!" he informed his friend. "Now, who to put in the center..." His eyes trailed around the circle, finally focusing on Adam.

 Adam squirmed uncomfortably, looking less than happy. "Why are you looking at me?"

 "I think it should be you," Jeff stated.

 "What? Why?" Adam whined, scowling at the blue-haired wrestler.

 "Because you're the one who could use a dose of the God of Love the most!" Jeff insisted.

 "I am not!" Adam cried.

 "Sorry Adam, but I have to agree with Jeff," Jay put in, Matt, Raven, and Jericho all nodding their heads.

 "Come on Adam, you gotta admit you don't have much action on the love front," Jeff continued. "How many people have you been with, in your whole life?"

 Adam flushed, still glaring at Jeff. "I'm not answering that."

 "Tell you what." Jeff glanced at the men around him. "We'll all go around and say how many people we've slept with, and the one with the lowest number will be in the center."

 "Ok Jeff." Matt smirked at his brother. "You go first!"

 "I'm NOT going first!" Jeff stated. "Since you spoke up, you go first, Matty."

 "Um." Matt cleared his throat. "I've been with 6 people."

 "Seriously?" Jericho raised his eyebrows. "I think I've been with about 15."

 "I think I've been with 14," Raven put in.

 "Me...maybe 10," Jay stated.

 "How ‘bout you little brother?" Matt questioned. "200 or so?"

 Jeff stuck his tongue out at the brunette. "No! Like...maybe 30, max! Now it's Adam's turn!" Five pairs of eyes turned to the tall blonde, who was blushing bright red.

 "Come on," Jay prodded, poking him in the ribs, "We all said it!"

 Adam sighed. He stared down at his hands, which were fiddling with the blanket. "Two," he whispered softly, his face flaming.

 The others stared at him. "Two?!?" Jeff's eyes bugged out. "Dude, seriously? You're 27 years old and you've only been with TWO people?"

 Adam glanced around at his friends, looking hideously embarrassed. "I'm just...shy, ok?"

 "Whatever. Get in the center!" Jeff painted to the open bit of blanket which the men were sitting around.

 Adam sighed, climbing into the center of the circle. The other men adjusted so they were spaced evenly around the circle's edge, Jeff passing each one a candle. "Ready?" Jeff looked around, grinning broadly and climbing up on his knees. "Now remember, focus your spiritual energy on Adam so this works!" He focused his gaze on Adam, a serious look overtaking his face. "We have come here tonight to summon you, the God of Love!" Jeff cried, looking from Adam up to the skies. "Possess this man's body, fill him with love and lust!" He waved his hand over the candle flame, murmuring some unintelligible words. "Oh God of Love, come join up here on earth for but two days!" he cried. "Possess this man's body! And once you do, you shall seek out and ravish each man which is here tonight, between now and the final day of your time on earth, All Hallows Eve! Come great spirit! Join us here now!" With that, he snuffed out his candle, the other following a moment later.

 It was silent for a moment, and too dark for any of them to see. All of them blinked when Jeff switched on the lantern they had brought. "Everyone ok?" he asked, looking around with a big smile on his face.

 "Yeah." Raven chuckled. "I gotta admit, that was kinda a rush!"

 "Told ya it'd be fun!" Jeff crawled over to Adam, looking him up and down. "So how are you? Feel like ravishing me?"

 Adam just rolled his eyes. "Sure Jeff. Like you really expected that to work."

 "So it didn't?" Jeff sighed and pouted. "Damn! And I was really looking forward to a good ravishing. Oh well. Come on guys, lets clean this all up and get back to the hotel, I'm cold!" The men gathered up the candles and rolled up the blanket, none of them noticing the strange look that had taken over Adam's eyes.

"Hey, Jeff, man."

 Jeff glanced up from the book of ghost stories he was reading, smiling at Rob Van Damn. "Hey Rob!" he greeted in his usual chipper manner. "Can I help you with something? Like maybe - "

 "Taking off my pants," Rob finished, rolling his eyes. "Only heard that one about 100 times since I met you."

 Jeff chuckled. "You'd be surprised how many people that works on!"

 "Um, yeah. But anyway, do you know what's up with Adam?"

 "Huh?" Jeff tilted his head to the side, peering at the other men in confusion. "What about Adam?"

 "I dunno man, but he's been acting weird all day!" Rob exclaimed. "Like when he was changing into his ring gear, Kanyon was in there at the same time, and he was *so* sure Adam was peeking at him! And Adam *never* does that! And after Kurt's match, Adam came up to him and was being all flirty, batting his eyelashes, the whole deal! Kurt was totally weirded out, but I saw it, and Adam was totally hitting on him! And then there was my own personal experience." Rob leaned closer, talking a little quieter. "He grabbed my ass! Not that lots of people don't grab my ass, ‘cos it's very grabable."

 "Damn right!" Jeff agreed with a grin, reaching out for the object they were currently discussing. He scowled when Rob batted his hand away.

 "The grabability of my ass aside, this is *Adam* we're talking about! *Adam* grabbed my ass! And he's like the last guy I would ever have expected to do that! I don't know what's gotten into him!" The superstar stood up, shaking his head in confusion.

 "Really." Jeff scratched his chin, thinking for a moment. "Would you say he's acting like...say...he's been taken over by some spirit of love or lust?"

 Rob snorted. "Never mind. You obviously know nothing." Shaking his head, he turned and left.

 "Bye Rob!" Jeff called merrily, leaning back against the wall and thinking. "It could've worked," he told himself. "Maybe not right away; maybe it took a while for it to really come into effect. But it must have worked! Why else would Adam start acting this way?" He thought for a while longer, then sighed and shook his head. "No. I'm just being silly. I'm probably just imagining things, anyway." Just as he stood up to leave, the door before him banged open. In stepped Adam, golden and magnificent as always. Jeff's breath caught in his throat as he met the other man's eyes. The usually soft orbs were blazing with a ferocious hunger. It was passion; lust; desire. Jeff could recognize all those things in an instant. "Oh my god," he squeaked, before he was shoved up against the wall by the golden beauty.

 "Mmm, that's right Jeffy baby, you better pray," growled the seemingly possessed Adam. "You better pray that you can handle being taken right up against this wall. Being ravished more thoroughly than you ever have been in your life!"

 Jeff opened his mouth, feeling absolutely shocked and about to ask if this was a joke, when Adam's lips connected with his in a passionate kiss. Jeff's logic immediately flew out the window. He wrapped his arms around Adam's neck, the kiss quickly growing heated and intense. Their tongues began to duel between their mouths, Adam's hands running over every inch of Jeff's body. Jeff gasped as Adam literally ripped his shirt off his body, casting the torn fabric to the ground. In a flash Adam's hands were yanking down the younger man's pants, shoving them, along with Jeff's boxers, down onto the floor.

 It took the tall blonde only an instant to fling off his own shirt and shove his pants down to his knees, then his mouth was back on Jeff's, kissing him ferally. Jeff was more excited than he had ever been in his life. He couldn't believe what was happening, but he certainly wasn't going to protest. He was incredibly turned on by Adam's aggressiveness, wanting the tall blonde more than anything. Jeff gasped as Adam pushed his thighs apart, wrapping his long legs around the tall blonde's waist.

 "Oh god, Adam!" he cried as the gorgeous blonde pressed the head of his engorged cock against Jeff's tight entrance, slowly penetrating the young man. Jeff writhed and moaned as Adam slid into him, just slow enough to prevent harming him. The blonde beauty paused for a moment once he was fully sheathed. The only sound in the room was Jeff's heavy breathing. Then, swiftly, Adam began to move, thrusting into Jeff's body forcefully. Jeff cried out, arching into Adam's thrusts as pleasure began to flow through him. For several intense moments, the only thought on Jeff's mind was the way their bodies were slamming together, and the incredible pleasure coursing through him. He began to writhe and wiggle against the wall, moaning and screaming Adam's name over and over. When his orgasm came, stars flashed before his eyes, and he thought for a moment that he might pass out.

 Then Adam was setting him back on the ground, after giving him one last feral kiss. "Did you like that Jeffy?" the tall blonde purred.

 "Are you kidding?" Jeff gasped, taking a deep breath to slow down his racing heart. "That was incredible." Putting on a seductive grin, he pressed his body against Adam's, not remotely ashamed of his nudity. "What say you come back to my hotel room and do that to me a few more times, hmm?" he breathed seductively.

 Adam smirked, his fingers tracing little patterns over Jeff's abdomen. "Lead the way, baby."

"Jeff, I am going to kill you!" Matt stormed into his brother's hotel room the second Jeff had opened the door. "God, WHY do I keep booking rooms next to yours?" Matt lamented, collapsing into a chair. "I was up all damn night listening to you moan and scream ‘Yes, yes, oh yes, oh god'. And those are NOT things I need to hear my brother saying!"

 Jeff ignored his brother's tirade, flopping onto the couch. "Matty, guess what, guess what!" he exclaimed.

 Matt glared at him. "Didn't you hear a word I just said?" he demanded.

 "I slept with Adam!" Jeff announced, practically bouncing up and down. "It was incredible! He came into my locker room at the arena, RIPPED my clothes off, and fucked me right up against the wall! Then we came back here and he fucked me like three more times! And oh god Matt, he's absolutely INCREDIBLE in bed! Oh man! His cock felt SO good in me, and I had multiple orgasms, I swear! And ohhhhh man, you should see his cock! I mean, we're talking more than 10 inches! I know, ‘cos I got to go one-on-one with it, and I could barely get it down my throat! Wow! Just, wow! And don't you see what this means? Our spell worked!! Adam's been possessed by the love god! He never would've done this if he wasn't! And ohhhh my god, I've never been so well ravished in my life! Wow!" Jeff sighed dreamily, his face flushed and glowing.

 "Jeff!" Matt cringed. "Please! I do NOT need to picture my little brother doing - those things."

 "But don't you see?" Jeff pressed. "He's the love god! And he's gonna ravish you too!"

 Matt just rolled his eyes. "You're being incredibly stupid, Jeff. Why should I even believe you were with Adam?"

 Jeff leaned back against the couch, crossing his arms over his chest and grinning smugly. "You'll believe me. You'll know I'm telling the truth when he comes for you!"

 Matt just shook his head, standing up to leave. "Sure Jeff. I'm gonna go grab some breakfast, want to join me?"

 "Nah, I'll order something from room service," Jeff replied, a dreamy look still in his eyes. "I think I might have trouble walking!"

 Matt shot his brother a look, then stepped out into the hall.

A little while later, Matt stepped back into his room after eating a nice, health, filling breakfast. He blinked, immediately noticing the golden form in his bed. "Adam! What the hell - " he exclaimed, breaking off when Adam stepped out of the bed. He bit his lip, his eyes traveling over every inch of the tall blonde's beautiful body. He couldn't hope wishing that Adam had, in fact, come to ravish him.

 "Matt." Adam grinned seductively, crooking his finger at the brunette. "Come here." His voice was low and husky, his nakedness too inviting for Matt to resist. The elder Hardy swallowed, swiftly walking over to the tall blonde, his heart beginning to beat quickly. "Now Matt," Adam purred, tracing a finger down Matt's cheek, making the elder Hardy shiver. "I can hardly ravish you when you're fully dressed, now can I?"

 Matt practically threw off his clothes, tossing them haphazardly onto the floor and jumping into bed. He quickly got onto his hands and knees, feeling excitement course through him as Adam looked him over approvingly. "Very good Matthew," Adam whispered. He climbed onto the bed behind Matt, shoving the brunette's thighs apart a little further. Matt bit his lip, forcing himself to relax even though he knew this was going to hurt. Jeff had been correct; Adam's cock was an impressive size, far bigger than anyone Matt had ever been with.

 Matt gasped as he felt the head of Adam's cock push into him. His eyes widened as he was stretched wide, the sensation initially painful, yet incredible at the same time. "Oh my god!" he gasped as the first thrust hit home. "OH GOD!" he screamed as Adam went right for his sweet spot. "Adam...Adam...oh god, oh god! Yes! Oh!"

 The next few hours were filled with heat, passion, and so much ravishing Matt felt a little dizzy from it all. By the time Adam let him go and made to leave, Matt was absolutely exhausted. Adam chuckled as he dressed, watching Matt yawn and curl up on the bed. "Enough ravishing, my dear?" he purred. Matt merely moaned in response, asleep by the time the tall blonde was out the door. Adam smiled to himself. "I'm pretty damn good, even for a love god," he chuckled, tossing his blonde hair as he left the room.

"Oh don't be ridiculous." Raven was talking on the phone with his lover, who had left only moments ago and was calling from the lobby. The pretty brunette was twirling the phone cord around his fingers as he spoke. "You're actually going to believe something Jeff said? Come on Chris, even you're not that dumb." He giggled as he listened to Jericho's reply. "Well then I won't sleep with you either," he replied, feigning a pouty voice. "Ok. Yeah. Just don't worry about it! Go out and have fun with your buddies. I'll be fine." He listened again. "No, baby, you don't have to feel guilty about leaving me all alone. I'll be fine! I told you, I could use some alone time. I'm just gonna relax with a book. Uh huh. Alright. See you then baby. Oh, and I love you." He grinned happily as Chris returned the sentiment. "Bye," he said, hanging up the phone and sighing happily.

 Just as he picked up his book, there was a knock on the door. "It's open," Raven called, setting down his book and peering at the door. He blinked when Adam stepped into the room. The tall blonde immediately closed and locked the door, striding towards the bed. "What are you doing?" Raven asked, eyeing him cynically.

 Adam smirked, snatching the book in the brunette's hands and flinging it across the room. "What I came here to do," he growled, crawling onto the bed beside the other man.

 "Hey!" Raven cried in outrage, watching in dismay as his book flew across the room. "What the hell do you think you're - " He was cut off by Adam's lips claiming his. He tried to push away at first, but the blonde's mouth felt so good against his, he couldn't help melting into the touch. Adam pushed Raven onto his back on the bed, swiftly unbuttoning the other man's shirt and sliding it off his shoulders. The brunette's pants were next, joining the book and the shirt in the pile of objects flung across the room.

 Before he knew it, Raven's boxers had been removed as well, leaving him lying on his back with Adam on top of him. His senses were hazy from the continuous contact of Adam's lips on his, but as the tall blonde removed his shirt, Raven realized just what they were doing, and what Adam clearly wanted to do.

 "Adam!" Raven shoved Adam away, shaking his head. "We can't do this. I love Chris, and if he found out, he..."

 Adam chuckled, pressing a finger to Raven's lips to silence the protesting brunette. "I have every intention of thoroughly ravishing Chris after I'm finished with you," the beautiful blonde purred. "Relax baby. Believe me, I'm going to give you the ravishing of a life time. I've ravished Jeff, and I've ravished Matt, now it's your turn!"

 "Oh." Raven bit his lip, still looking unsure. Still, he couldn't help moaning softly as Adam's lips trailed over his jaw, the blonde's fingers teasing his nipples. He was about to object again, when Adam reached down, unzipping his jeans and shoving them off his long legs. Raven's eyes widened as he took in the sight of Adam's huge, and fully erect, cock. "Wow," he breathed, meeting Adam's eyes momentarily, then looking down at the other man's cock. "So...uh...you've really been taken over by this love god? And...and you have to ravish me?"

 "I do indeed," Adam whispered, slithering down the bed so his face was positioned just above Raven's increasingly erect cock. "If you'll allow me to, that is," he added, looking up to meet Raven's eyes.

 Raven swallowed. He couldn't take his eyes off the sight of the gorgeous blonde lying mere inches from his cock. Wanting more than anything to feel Adam's mouth around him, he nodded silently, letting out a startled gasp as Adam's mouth descended instantaneously on his cock. He moaned deep in his throat as Adam's lips brushed against his sensitive flesh, the blonde burying is cock deep in his throat. Raven had to clutch the bedsheets as pleasure began to flow through him. He bucked his hips frantically in rhythm with Adam's mouth, groaning in extreme disappointment as Adam pulled back.

 Raven's disappointment was soon overcome by delicious sensations shooting up his spine as a warm tongue probed at his sensitive entrance. He couldn't deny that he had fantasized about being penetrated by Adam's long, talented tongue, and the actual experience was just as wonderful as he had dreamed. Adam's tongue moved in and out of him, stretching him out and sending shivers of sensation throughout his body. He was almost panting with need by the time the slipper muscle pulled out of him. In a flash, Adam was on top of him again, the head of his huge cock pressed against Raven's entrance. Raven's eyes widened, his entire body writhing as Adam slid inside of him. The brunette was sure he had never been so full before in his life. It was a mindblowing feeling, and one that he loved every bit of.

 The sensations he was feeling nearly doubled as Adam drew out almost completely, then thrust back in hard. His body arched off the bed, his mouth falling open from the pleasure. All he could do was moan and whimper and arch his body frantically as Adam pounded into him. He let his vocal chords have free range, crying out loudly and not caring who heard him. He felt nearly delirious with pleasure, in ecstasy from Adam's constant attention to his body. While he was writhing in bliss, somewhere in the back of his mind he made a note that he had to buy Jeff a big, expensive thank you present.

A while later, Chris Jericho approached the hotel room his shared with his lover. He hadn't been out with his friends for long, but, even though Raven had told him not too, he felt bad about leaving the beautiful brunette alone. He opened the door and closed it silently behind him, hoping to surprise his lover. When he turned around, his jaw nearly hit the floor. His lover was lying in bed, on his back, his legs wrapped around the waist of another man. From the moans coming from both men, it was obvious that they were having sex, and great sex at that. Chris' eyes narrowed when he saw that the man currently thrusting into his lover was none other than Adam Copeland.

 "What the hell?" Chris screamed.

 Raven gasped, his eyes widening in horror as he saw his furious lover standing by the door. "Chris...I....we...oh god!" he panted, his hips continuing to buck against Adam's of their own accord. "He....oh....he....the spell...it worked....he's....possessed....and....oh YES....god....oh....he has to....to ravish us!"

 "Bullshit!" Chris rolled his eyes, pushing back the tear that rose to his eyes. "I can't believe you'd do this to me! I thought you loved me! And you Adam, I thought you were my friend! I thought - " He broke off in his rant as Adam turned his golden head, meeting his gaze directly. He gasped at the look in his friend's eyes, a look his had never before seen.

 "It's your turn to be ravished next," Adam growled. "Why don't you come over here and get ready, baby?" He indicated a space on the mattress next to him and Raven.

 "You....you better...pre...prepare yourself," Raven gasped out. "He's huge!"

 Chris swallowed, embarrassed that he was actually starting to feel a little turned on by the sight of Adam's cock sliding in and out of his lover's ass. He gulped as he looked over Adam's highly desirable body, feeling his jeans tighten a little. Hesitantly, he walked over to the bed, siting down beside the rutting pair.

 Adam fixed him with that lust-filled gaze again. "Take off your clothes," he commanded. Chris quickly obeyed, watching Raven's face as he did. He was enthralled by the sight of the pleasure Adam was giving to his lover, finding himself badly wanting to feel what Raven currently was. "Prepare yourself," Adam ordered, gazing at Chris as he continued to pound into Raven. Raven was watching the blue-eyed blonde was well, his eyes seeming to encourage his lover.

 Flushing with embarrassment, Chris spread his legs, squirting a bit of lube onto his fingers and slipping a single digit inside himself. He began to work it in and out, inserting a second finger when he was ready, then a third.

 "Oh god!" Raven cried suddenly, his moans growing still louder. "Almost....I'm....almost...ahhhhh!!!!" He cried out, his body arching as he came. Adam growled, leaning down to kiss the panting brunette, then pulling out of him, his cock still fully erect.

 "Ready?" Adam asked Chris, his eyes glowing ferally.

 "Yes." Chris nodded eagerly, lying down on his back and spreading his legs. Adam laughing, settling comfortably between his legs. He took the eager blonde with one powerful thrust, Chris' body arching while the blonde howled in surprise and pleasure. Raven watch, enthralled, and Chris' legs wrapped about Adam's waist, the two men's bodies beginning to move in unison. Once the brunette had caught his breath, he leaned over to kiss his lover, pinching at Chris' nipples.

 "He's go good," Raven whispered into his lover's ear. "He did me three times in a row! It was incredible. And now he's gonna do the same to you baby. You're gonna feel so incredible baby. And you look so beautiful like that." Chris could only moan, unable to put together even one conscious thought as Adam pounded into his ass and Raven kissed and teased his body.

Jay felt like he was walking on eggshells. He glanced around, expecting Adam to jump him at any moment. He had just gotten off the phone with Jeff, who had informed him that the spell had worked, and that Adam had already thoroughly ravished Jeff, Matt, Raven, and Chris, leaving only Jay to be ravished for the spell to be fulfilled. Jay froze when he heard a knock on the door. He glanced out at his outfit, swiftly unbuttoning his shirt and messing up his hair a little. He looked in the mirror, deciding he look sufficiently. Swallowing hard, he walked over to the door, taking a deep breath before pulling it open.

 "Hey Jay." Adam smiled at his friend.

 Jay shuffled nervously on his feet, looking the blonde beauty over. To his eyes, Adam looked no different than he always looked. "Hey Adam," he said hesitantly. He glanced back at the bed, feeling very unsure. "Um, want to come in?"

 "Nah, not right now. Actually I stopped by to ask if you wanted to go to dinner," Adam replied.

 "Oh." Jay frowned slightly, feeling very confused. "Alright."

 "Great. Let's go then." Adam turned and began walking down the hall. Jay hurried to follow him, feeling more confused than ever, and wonder if Jeff was just messing with him.

 Throughout dinner, Adam was nothing but a perfect gentleman. Jay at first gawked at the price of the restaurant which Adam had taken him too, but Adam just smiled and stated that it was his treat. When Jay had tried to order the least expensive idem on the menu, Adam had shaken his head, and ordered a finer dish for his friend. They had talked, laughed, and just generally had a good time. By the time they returned to his hotel room, Jay was certain Jeff was just playing a trick on him, and had made up the stories about Adam ravishing the other men.

 "Hey, wanna watch a movie or something?" he asked Adam, flopping onto the couch and picking up the tv guide.

 "No." The couch sunk down at Adam settled onto its cushions, sitting directly beside his golden- haired friend. "There's something else I'd rather do."

 Jay glanced up at Adam, dropping the tv guide in shock when he saw the look on his friend's face. "Um...I..." He swallowed, staring into Adam's eyes, which held a burning passion he had never before seen. "Adam, are you ok?"

 "I'm fine baby." Adam grinned, moving closer to the shocked golden blonde and wrapping his arms around his waist. "Jeff wasn't lying, baby."

 "Oh." Jay laughed nervously, feeling both nervous and excited. "So I suppose you're going to ravish me now?" Adam nodded, a feral grin spreading over his face. He didn't say anything, simply leaning forward and capturing Jay's lip with his own. The kiss grew more heated and passionate, both men's bodies responding eagerly. After a moment Adam pulled back, his grin never fading as he pulled off his shirt and cast it aside, followed by his pants. He reached for Jay's clothing, sliding the fabric off the golden blonde's soft skin and casting it aside as well.

 He wrapped his arms around Jay, standing up and pulling the younger man with him. "If I'm going to ravish you properly, we'd better move over here," he growled, carrying Jay to the bed and setting him down gently. Jay was panting as Adam lay down on top of him, feeling anticipation like he never had before. His eyes were glued to Adam as the tall blonde swiftly coated his fingers with lube, one slick digit teasing at his friend's entrance.

 "Oh." Jay bit his lip, spreading his legs wide as Adam's finger slid into him. The taller blonde seemed to know exactly what he was doing, as the slight pain Jay felt almost instantly faded and gave way to growing pleasure. He couldn't help but moan, arching into the touch as another finger slid into him.

 "Like that?" Adam growled as he slipped in a third digit.

 "Yes," Jay gasped, gasping as Adam's fingers brushed against just the right spot. "Adam! Ooh!" he cried, beginning to undulate his hips frantically, feeling nearly on the brink already. He whimpered when Adam stopped, drawing his fingers out.

 "Don't fret, baby, this comes next," Adam whispered to him. He caught Jay's gaze, moving his eyes down to his erect cock. Jay shuddered as he looked over the impressive member, nodding and arching his hips pleadingly. Adam chuckled. "Relax baby," he purred. He put one hand on either side of Jay's hips, pinning them to the bed as he slowly slid into the panting golden blonde.

 "Oh god!" Jay cried, knowing that Jeff hadn't exaggerated one bit. "Oh! Ooh! Adam!" Once he was all the way in, Adam released Jay's hips, allowing the other man to wrap his long legs around his waist. He grinned down at Jay as he began to thrust, reveling in the moans and whimpers of pleasure Jay was emitting.

 "Does that feel good?" he whispered, letting his lips trail over Jay's neck as their bodies slammed together. The only response he got was a strangled moan as he deliberately thrust directly against Jay's sweet spot. In no time he had the blonde thrashing around on the mattress, moaning loudly and begging to come. He drew it out for a quite a long time, making it last before finally he could push back his climax no longer. He threw back his golden head, letting out a roar as he shot over the edge. Jay echoed Adam's roar with a breathless gasp, unable to make one sound as the most intense orgasm he had ever had struck him full force.

 The second the tremors coursing through Adam's body ceased, his mouth was on Jay's again, his tongue exploring the warm cavity. After tasting his fill, he drew back, peering down at the ravaged golden blonde with a huge smile on his face. "Like that?" he whispered.

 "Oh god." Jay had to take a deep breath. Even with the orgasm he had just experience, the closeness of Adam's body was starting to turn him on again. That, and the fact that Adam's cock was still buried deep inside of him, and still hard. "That was incredible," he whispered. "You really are possessed by the love god, aren't you?"

 Adam kept smiling, his fingers gently stroking Jay's cheek. "Baby, I have a confession to make," he said softly. "I'm not possessed by any ‘love god'. Never was."

 "What?" Jay's mouth fell open in shock. "But - but then why - "

 Adam shrugged. "Think of it as my last hurrah. I decided a great way to spend my last few days as a single man would be to have a lot of sex with different partners. And Jeff gave me an absolutely fabulous excuse!"

 "But where did you learn to fuck like that?" Jay questioned, still in shock. "You're so good at it!"

 Adam grin grew a little wider. "I said I've only had two lovers, but I happened to have been with those two men a lot. I learned exactly what to do to please a man in bed. They also happened to be extremely talented lovers who were practically insatiable. Thus where I got my stamina." He paused momentarily, chuckling. "Then, and the fact that I haven't had sex in quite some time. I figured this would be a great use of all that pent up sexual energy."

 Jay laughed at that, shaking his head. He was still surprised, but a smile was taking over his face. "I can't believe you!" he chuckled. "Really Adam. You know if you wanted to sleep with 5 different guys, you could've just - " He stopped in the middle of his sentence, his breath catching in his throat. "Wait a minute. Did you say - your last days as a single man?"

 "Yeah, I did." Adam glanced down at the mattress, clearing his throat. "Although that's not for sure, I guess. You see, Jay, I, well," he swallowed, looking up and meeting Jay's eyes. "I love you. I'm in love with you, and I want to be with you. If - if you'll have me, that is."

 "Oh, Adam!" Jay pulled Adam down into a passionate kiss, feeling his insides fill up with warmth from Adam's words. He had tears in his eyes when he drew back. "You really want to be with me?" Adam nodded emphatically. Jay couldn't stop the huge smile that broke out across his face. "That is the best news I've ever gotten," he whispered. "I - I always wanted to be with you, but I was afraid to say anything, ‘cos I didn't think you'd want me. I can't believe that you do!" A tear slipped down his cheek as he spoke. "I love you Adam, I always have," he whispered.

 "I can't believe it." Adam's eyes were wet as well. "I didn't know if you'd even be interested! I - " He was cut off by Jay's hand covering his mouth.

 "No more words," the golden blonde whispered. "Just show me how much you love me. Let's make this a night to remember, baby." He pulled Adam down into a kiss, at the same time arching his back and pushing their hips together. Their arms wound around each other as their bodies began to move in unison, their pleasure heightened by the knowledge that beneath all the spells and charms, beneath their physical forms, was a pure, true love.


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