Matt was sitting in the movie theater, trying his best to concentrate on the movie they were watching. Since it was mid-October, the theaters were filled with Halloween horror flicks. He wasn't too big a fan of such films, but all his friends were going so he had tagged along. At the moment, the psycho was chasing a hysterically screaming girl around her house with a knife.

 However, Matt could care less about the movie. He wasn't even aware of what was happening on the screen. All his attention was focused on the large man sitting next to him. He wondered why Glenn Jacobs had had to come with them, and why he had had to sit right next to him. Through the corner of his eye, Matt was ogling his black tshirt, which was stretched tight across his bulging torso. His legs were clad in tight jeans, which sculpted his body as if they had been molded perfectly to every inch of him. He had shed the mask he wore as Kane, as it tended to attract attention. His skin, rather than being scarred, was silky smooth. Matt wanted badly to touch it, suck on its delicious looking plains.

 The elder Hardy squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. He didn't know why he tormented himself this way. He couldn't have Glenn. For god's sake, Glenn was a man! It was wrong! Still, that didn't stop the bulge beneath his loose black jeans from growing harder. Oh, why did Glenn have to sit so close?!?

 "‘Scuse me," Matt murmured to Jeff, who was sitting between him and the isle. "I have to go to the bathroom," he supplied lamely, hurrying up the isle before anyone noticed the rather painful bulge in his pants. Matt rushed to the theater's bathroom, extremely relieved to find it deserted. He locked himself in a stall, and banged his head against the door a few times.

 "Fuck," he muttered when the swelling refused to go down. He could still see Glenn's sexy arms, heavy with muscle...

 With a small gasp, Matt undid the button on his jeans, followed by the zipper. He reached into his black boxers and began stroking himself, closing his eyes from the pleasure. "Mmmm...Glenn...." he murmured, seeing the face of the man he desired before him. He would've been appalled by his behavior had he been thinking clearly, but his mind was clouded with unbridled lust.

 Wanting far more than the current ministrations of his hands, Matt slid his pants off his hips, along with his boxers. He let them fall into a pile around his ankles. Still stroking his member with one hand, he put two fingers into his mouth and sucked on them until they were slick with his saliva. He spread his legs slightly, brushing his fingers over his opening.

 Slowly, he inserted one finger into himself, then another. He bit his lip to keep himself quiet as he began to thrust them in a slow rhythm, almost losing it when he found the spot he was been aiming for. He had to bite into his lip so hard it drew blood. The tiny red drops seeping into his mouth was the last thing on his mind, however. His hand continued to work his cock while he fucked himself with his fingers, pushing him further towards orgasm. A muffled cry passed his lips as a wave of pleasure overtook him suddenly, making him rock wildly. He collapsed against the stall door, panting breathlessly.

 Once Matt had recovered enough to move, he quickly pulled his pants back up and cleaned himself off as best he could. He washed his hands several times, then left the bathroom hurriedly, trying not to think about what he'd just done.

The sobs coming from his throat were so loud, Matt was sure everyone on the floor could hear him. He knew he should try to be quiet, but he couldn't. Not when he thought about what he'd done, only hours earlier. The disgusting, sick thing he had done. He still couldn't believe he had stooped so low. To do THAT to himself - he didn't even know where he had learned to do that. He had certainly never had sex with a man. That was wrong!

 But still...he had wanted that. He had wanted it to be Glenn fucking him, Glenn's cock thrusting into him instead of his own fingers. Why? Why did he want something so wrong? Matt shook his head, not even bothering to wipe away the tears pouring down his face.

 Because there was something wrong with him, that was why. Something had snapped in his head, that gave him these awful, unnatural desires. That lead him to do what he had done earlier. What would his friends say if they knew about that? What would Jeff say? What would his father say? That he was fucking sick, that's what. That they never wanted to see or speak to him again. Hell, his father would probably disinherit him on the spot.

 "What am I supposed to do?" Matt whispered to himself. He couldn't let this go on, but even now the thought of Glenn's beautiful body made him get hard. There was nothing he wanted more than for Glenn to come to his room, strip off at their confining clothing, spread his legs wide open, and fuck him through the mattress until he passed out from the pleasure.

 Matt shook his head, pushing the thoughts away. NO! This was wrong. It was wrong to think about another man that way. It was wrong, and sinful, and if he didn't stop it would sentence him to hell. Matt snorted, bitterness rising in his mind. He was going to hell already. How could a man who fucked himself with his own fingers not be damned to an eternity of torment? If this went on, who knows what other sins he would commit.

 "Why Glenn?" Matt moaned, wrapping his arms over his eyes. "He's certainly not gay! Then again, I don't even know any gay men." He was half sobbing, half laughing as he continued talking to himself. "All my friends are good guys; I always thought I was, too. Who would've known I'd turn out to be the faggot? Lusting after guys who CAN'T feel the same way; can't because they're not sick like me!" Matt's voice was choked with sobs, making it impossible for him to voice any more words.

 He couldn't let this go on. He had to stop himself before he spread his sickness to his friends. Being a pervert was one thing...corrupting his innocent buddies would be a far worse sin. He had to stop the monster he had become.

 Matt rolled off his bed, crawling to the bathroom since he didn't seem to have the strength to stand. He crawled up to the sink, not caring how hard the tiled floor pressed against his knees. He hesitated a moment, then stripped off his shirt and discarded it on the floor. His shaking hand reached out for the implement sitting on the sink where he had left it.

 Hands shaking violently, tears welling in his eyes, Matt held the razor clenched in his fist. He tested it on the tip of his finger, barely feeling the pain as the cut he made began to bleed. The blade was sharp. He closed his eyes, positioning the blade above the vein in his wrist. This had to be done. He had to destroy the monster he had become.

 With a quick jerk, Matt slashed a deep cut into his wrist. He bit his lip to stop from screaming at the intense pain. He deserved it, for his twisted acts. Quickly, he switched the razor to his other hand, slashing the blade across the good wrist. The blade slipped through his fingers and fell to the floor, landing in the growing puddle of blood on the tiles. Matt watched as his life blood seeped out of his slit veins, tears pouring down his face. He didn't want to die. But what choice did he hand. His body began to shake in convulsion as the amount of blood he'd lost grow serious.

 "Goodbye," Matt whispered, wishing briefly he'd had the foresite to leave a note. Oh well. There was nothing he could do about it now. His eyes rolled up in his head, and Matt passed into unconsciousness.

Matt woke up to a blinding whiteness. He opened his heavy eyelids briefly, closing them as soon as he realized where he was. "Am I still alive?" he moaned, sounding extremely disappointed.

 "Matt, I'm here. You're ok," Jeff said sincerely, squeezing Matt's hand, which he was holding tightly.

 Matt snorted to himself. His brother was innocent enough to think that simply being alive and have his brother there would make him ok. He heard Jeff whisper, "He's awake," to someone Matt hadn't seen.

 "Son?" Matt flinched at the concerned voice. Their father was there. Great. Why couldn't he have tried to kill himself further from home? "Son, I don't know why you did this," his father continued, "but I want to you to know that we love you, and if anything ever happened to you - " He couldn't continue.

 Matt kept his eyes closed. He couldn't deal with this. "Please...leave me alone..." he whispered. "I - I need to be alone."

 "No way, man." Jeff squeezed his hand reassuringly. "I'm not going anywhere." He looked up at their father, who nodded and left the room. "Ok," Jeff whispered, "now we're alone. Tell me why you did this, Matt."

 Matt shook his head. "I can't."

 Jeff squeezed his hand harder. "Yes you can. I'm your brother, and I love you. Please, Matt. I need to know why - why you'd want to die."

 Matt didn't have to open his eyes to know there were tears running down his brother's cheeks. He sighed, figuring he might a well just tell him. "I had to, Jeff. I had to get rid of myself, so I could just get to hell now and not waste everybody's time on me. I'm sick, Jeff. You'd hate me if you knew; dad would hate me; the fans would hate me; everyone would hate me."

 Jeff was silent, urging him on. When Matt said nothing, Jeff prodded, "Matt, tell me why you think you're so awful. I promise you, nothing could make dad and me hate you. That's what unconditional love is all about. If everyone turned against you and cast you away onto a desert island somewhere, we'd rather go with you then let you die alone. We love you, Matt."

 Matt sighed. He was positive that was the last time his brother would ever say that. "Jeff, I - recently, I've found myself a-attracted to - to - " Matt stumbled over the words, but forced himself to continue. "To another man! It's - it's sick, it's disgusting, but - but I couldn't help it." There were tears in Matt's eyes, but he refused to open them. "I wanted him. I thought about his body. Awful thoughts - about what I'd like him to do to me - and - and I did things to myself, while thinking about him. Shameful things! Things I never should've."

 Tears were flowing freely down Matt's face as his stumbled on. "I tried to make excuses, and I bought them, for a while. But then - then, at that movie - he was sitting right next to me, and - and he was SOOO sexy, it was driving me nuts. How his big muscles bulged through his shirt; his horribly tight shirt. And his pants - so tight, revealing - I couldn't handle the way I felt. I wanted to tear off his clothes, shove his big dick up my ass and fuck him right there, in the middle of the theater."

 Jeff was listening silently, still holding Matt's hand tightly. Matt's tears still formed tiny rivers running down his cheeks. "But I couldn't do that; of course I couldn't! But I had to do something. So, I went to the bathroom - I don't know how I even got there since I could barely walk - but I did, and I - I - " Matt shook his head, his cheeks coloring with shame. "I did THAT. It made me feel - better, I guess, and I managed to sit through the rest of the movie, and get back to the hotel. But when I was all alone in my room, I realized what I'd done, and - and I thought about what everyone would say if they knew. I felt so dirty! So disgusting! I couldn't go on without him, but I couldn't face what everyone would say. I couldn't handle everyone turning their back on me, which I knew they would when they found out. Especially him...shit, he would've beaten me black and blue if he knew what I did! So, I thought it would just be easier on everyone if I just - just got rid of myself."

 Matt slid open his moist eyes as he finished, feeling sure he would see Jeff looking disgusted, hating him for his filth. He was shocked to see his little brother smiling. "You have a crush on Glenn?" Jeff asked in disbelief. "And THAT'S why you did this? Man, he's liked you for ages!"

 Matt blinked. "He - what?"

 Jeff smiled down at him. "He's got a crush on you, too, bro. Man, you shoulda said something! I could've fixed you two up!"

 Matt felt extremely confused. "Glenn is...he's gay?"

 Jeff shrugged. "Well, he's bi I guess. He does kind of get around...Tori, Sean...several others that I know of. He's kinda shy, though. Never said anything ‘cos he thought you weren't. Jesus, Matt, why didn't you tell me? So you're you jacked yourself most guys have never done that. Heck, I've done worse than that!"

 Matt stared at his brother. "You have? But Jeff - I thought - " He shook his head, not knowing what to say.

 "You must be blind, Matt," Jeff told his brother. "I've got a confession to make; I'm gay." Matt gasped, and Jeff shrugged in response. "That's right, bro, I'm gay. I never told you ‘cos you seemed to have such a problem with all that. And dad knows, too. Has for some time. He's got no problems with it, although he is a little disappointed he won't be getting any grandkids from me."

 Matt was speechless. "You - you're - I don't believe it." He shook his head slowly, still feeling very confused. "You mean - it's ok that I - " He stopped, shaking his head again. "But Jeff, how can you overlook the things I've done? The sick things?"

 Jeff chuckled softly. "They're not so sick, Matt. All guys jack themselves off when they're not getting as much as they want. I've done it - although usually I don't have to. Believe me, there's worse stuff on my record. One time Jay and I went to see this movie - and we weren't even dating or anything at the time - but there was a scene in it that got us hot as hell. We had to do something about it - I mean, you can't just walk into the parking lot with a tent pole in your pants - so we went to the men's room and he fucked me right there in a stall in the bathroom. It was really hot, and we weren't exactly quiet about it. When we came out we were all sweaty and our clothes were messed up, and there was a crowd of about ten guys staring at us. Believe me, that was damn embarrassing. But I never felt ashamed." He ran a hand gently down his brother's cheek, smiling supportively. "Neither should you, bro."

 Matt couldn't believe what he'd just heard. "You mean it's ok if I want to - if I want to - "

 "Have sex with Glenn?" Jeff smiled brightly. "Perfectly fine. But use a condom, ok? Not like I always follow my own advice, but it's really safer. Hey dad, you can come back in!" Jeff called towards the door. Their dad entered the room, still looking concerned. Jeff beamed at him. "It's ok, pop. It turns out he's just gay. Thought it was wrong or somethin'."

 The relief on their father's face astounded Matt. "That's it? Thank goodness!" His father gave Matt a chastising look. "Whatever made you think that being gay meant you had to kill yourself? Feel free to love whoever you want!"

 Matt could hardly believe what he was hearing. "You mean you're ok with this?" he stuttered.

 "More than ok!" his father exclaimed. "Son, I just want you to be happy. I can't believe you were such a silly boy!"

 "This is SUCH a relief," Jeff put in. His grin took on an impish quality, and he raised an eyebrow at his brother. "I happen to know Glenn is still interested. Maybe I could set you up for your first real sexual experience, huh?"

 "Glenn? Oh, he's such a nice boy," their father stated. "Matt, are you feeling better now?"

 "Much." Matt felt like a weight had been taken off his shoulders. He felt deliriously happy by the prospect of pursuing a relationship with the Big Red Machine with the support of his family. He had never dreamed such a thing could happen.

 "Good." Jeff slapped his shoulder playfully. "Then hurry up and get better so I can arrange a date between you and your future boyfriend."

A little while later, the day before Halloween...

 Matt cracked the door open, peeking in without a sound. He licked his lips at the sight of Glenn stepping out of the shower, a small towel wrapped around his waist. Little droplets of water were running down his body, making him even sexier than usual. "Mmm..." Matt murmured before he could stop himself.

 Glenn's head shot up, and he glared at Matt. "Matt! What do you think you're doing?"

 Matt giggled, waving a plastic card in the air. "Well you gave me your key. I took it as an invitation to stop by. Didn't think you were gonna put on a show for me, though."

 Glenn continued to glare at him. "How much did you see?" he demanded.

 Matt rolled his eyes. "Only as much as you're showing now. Don't be so bashful, man. Doesn't you boyfriend have a right to get a peak at you, hmm?"

 Glenn crossed his arms, but Matt could tell he was barely suppressing a smile. "Not yet, you don't. Not until you start putting out. But take your time. We don't want anymore ridiculous suicide attempts."

 "You'll never let me forget that, will you?" Matt exclaimed, his expression still mischievous. "I know, it's the stupidest thing I've ever done, and now I'm gonna have to wear those stupid arm bands Jeff makes until my arms heal, but it's all in the past."

 Matt slid into the room, stopping only inches in front of Glenn. He raised a dark eyebrow, tracing a finger over the larger man's moist chest, making him growl hungrily. "You getting impatient to have me, hmm?" he teased. "Because I told you I will. I've just something special planned."

 Glenn wrapped his arms around the smaller man's waist, pulling him against his strong chest forcefully. "And how long do I have to wait for this?" he growled.

 Matt grinned at him, running his tongue over his lips. "I LOVE it when you talk that way; so ferocious, like an animal. I hope you're the same way in bed. I bet you can't wait, huh? You won't have to wait long. Just ‘til tomorrow."

 It was Glenn's turn to raise his eyebrows. "Halloween?"

 "Um hum," Matt drawled, running his hands across the defined muscles of Glenn's stomach. "Tomorrow night, you'll be inside me, fucking me senseless. You like the sound of that?"

 "Oh yeah, baby. I'll give you whatever you want," Glenn promised, laying kisses along Matt's neck.

 Matt sighed happily and leaned his head to the side so Glenn could continue his onslaught. "Good. Now, I have to talk to you about costumes."

 Glenn pulled away, frowning slightly. "You into bondage?"

 Matt laughed and punched him in the arm. "Halloween costumes!"

 "Oh." Glenn shrugged, laughing at himself. "Ok. So we have to dress up for All Hallow's Eve, then?"

 "Oh, absolutely," Matt stated. "I haven't ever missed a single Halloween! I've already got a good idea what I'm gonna be, too."

 "And what's that?" Glenn inquired.

 Matt smiled cheekily. "You tell me what you're gonna be first."

 Glenn frowned, pursing his lips. "I hadn't considered it."

 "Well, you have to come up with something," Matt insisted.

 Glenn chuckled, shooting Matt an obnoxious look. "I know! Why I don't I be Kane, the Big Red Love Machine?"

 Matt laughed, raising his eyebrows. "I've never heard Kane called that, for some reason. I assume I'm going to meet that side of him tomorrow." He made a face, then continued. "As sexy as that would be, I don't think dressing up in your ring attire is really a very good costume. Can't you be more creative."

 Glenn's eyes flashed, and a crafty look came across his face. "Remember those big leather robes I used to wear?" he said slowly.

 "Oh..." Matt grinned at the thought, his eyes glowing. "I like that."

 "I thought you would. Maybe we can just dispense with the Kane costume period, and I'll just wear that."

 "Glenn!" Matt whacked his boyfriend on his big, sinewy arm. "We're going to do more than have sex, you know."

 "Oh?" Glenn looked disappointed. "What else are you going to make me do?"

 Matt crossed his arms. "I wanna go clubbing. Places have the BEST parties on Halloween!"

 "Matt, you know I'm not into that," Glenn groaned.

 Matt smiled, running his hand caressingly down Glenn's cheek. You'll have fun, baby, believe me. Besides, we'll make sure no one can recognize us. We'll hit some really fun, wild parties and go absolutely insane."

 "Well...ok," Glenn agreed. "I guess that does sound like fun. But if we wear ourselves out dancing, what happens when we get back to our room might not be as good."

 Matt raised his eyebrows. "Are you warning me in advance so I don't expect as much? You should just keep quiet, you know. I've never done it before; like I know what it's supposed to be like."

 Growling, Glenn pulled Matt down into a hard kiss. "Baby, you won't be complaining tomorrow night, I guarantee it," he hissed.

 "Oh, I believe you." Matt smiled up at his boyfriend, soon to be lover. "Just wait ‘til you see my costume!"

The next night, Halloween...

 "I guess this is what I'm wearing in public," Glenn announced, coming out of the bathroom in his Kane costume. "But I've got something special I'll put on later. Are you - "

 He stopped mid-sentence, staring wide eyed at Matt, who had also changed into his costume. His lips curved up in a smile, and he began to laugh hysterically. "What the hell are you wearing?" he choked once he caught his breathe.

 Matt stood in the center of the room, hands on his hips. He was clad in a tight red top that looked a lot like a bra, a zipper running up the front and two thin straps looping over his shoulders. His hips were covered in a tight black miniskirt which barely covered his thighs. A shiny silver zipper ran up the side, pressed right against his hip. The rest of his legs were nearly completely covered by a pair of black thigh boots, which had two inch platforms and stiletto heels. Underneath, on the tiny part of his thighs showing, could be seen black nylons. All of these garments appeared to be made out of pleather, and shone brightly in the light. But, what really drew one's attention was the long blonde wig Matt had secured to his head.

 "Oh god, you're..." Glenn choked out, nearly falling down from laughter. "You're going as TORI?!?"

 Matt grinned and nodded. "Don't I look just like her?" he prodded.

 Glenn howled with laughed. "Ooh, Matt, you are too much!" he exclaimed. "You really are. Do you realize how trashy you look? Tori...whatever gave you that idea?"

 Matt took slow, timed steps towards the larger man, walking surprisingly well in his awkward shoes. "I just thought it would be kind of sexy if I went as one of your former lovers, considering you'll be taking me to bed for the first time tonight," he stated with a huge smile.

 Glenn shook his head, finally getting his laughter under control. "You're just a little sex kitten, aren't you?" he purred, pulling Matt into his arms. "You look way better in that than she ever did. I can't wait to rip it off you."

 Matt's eyes twinkled. "I can't wait. Just don't you DARE say her name in bed, or I'll kick your ass from here to Mars."

 Glenn chuckled. "You don't have to worry about that, Matt. You're already the only one on my mind.

 "Good." Matt gestured towards the door. "Shall we go, then?"

Several hours later...

 "Woo, how fun was that?" Matt exclaimed loudly as they stumbled into their hotel room, both laughing. "That was the best night ever! I told you all the best parties are tonight. Tell me you didn't have fun!"

 "Alright, I had fun," Glenn admitted. His eyes ran down Matt's body, his tongue moistening his lips. "Now, I believe we have more plans."

 Matt swallowed, suddenly looking a bit shy. "Yes. Just let me go to the bathroom and fix myself up, and we can get started."

 "Nervous?" Glenn inquired.

 The dark-haired man shrugged. "A little bit. But I still can't wait. I'm gonna ditch these stupid nylons, so it may take a minute," he warned, yanking on his panty hose.

 "I'll be ready when you come out," Glenn promised.

 A few minutes later, Matt emerged from the bathroom. He had kept most of his outfit on, but had lost the wig and nylons. He figured they couldn't really have sex through them - at least, it wasn't something he wanted to try. He jumped with surprise as he was swooped up in big arms. Glenn beamed brightly at him, letting his soon-to-be lover look over his new attire. His muscular arms were bare, the rest of his body cloaked in a long leather robe.

 "My look so hot," Matt breathed, beginning to feel aroused.

 "That is the point." Glenn's eyes ran down Matt's body again. "And damned if you don't look delicious. So let's get to the love making then. Since this is your first time, and I do want to make you happy, I'll let you chose how we do it." Glenn raised an eyebrow coyly. "Well? Do you want to be on the bed, your legs spread, me on top of you? Or you on top, riding me like a cowboy? On the floor? In the tub? Up against the wall?"

 Matt thought for a moment, grinning with a lustful tinge to his smile. "I like up against the wall," he purred.

 "Sounds good to me," Glenn agreed. He pulled Matt over to the bed and down onto the mattress.

 "Hey, I thought we were doing it against the wall," Matt protested.

 "We will," Glenn said, running his hand gently down Matt's soft cheek. "But foreplay comes first, baby. You wouldn't want to miss that." He leaned towards Matt, pressing their lips together. Matt responded eagerly. He let out a startled yelp when Glenn's wet tongue brushed against his lips. Falling quickly into the mood, he realized what the larger man was doing and opened his mouth.

 As Glenn's warm muscle explored his mouth, Matt couldn't suppress a moan. The large man knew exactly how to do this. He was panting when Glenn finally broke the kiss. "Ooh, Glenn, that felt great," he breathed. Glenn just nodded, feeling no need for words. He wrapped his arms around Matt's smooth back, pulling him into another kiss and opening his mouth invitingly. Matt took the hint. It was Glenn's turn to moan as Matt explored all the surfaces of his mouth. Feeling more and more aroused, the taller man thrust his tongue forward, wrestling with Matt's slippery muscle. They were both grinning broadly as they drew back.

 "Glenn," Matt whined, squirming uncomfortably. Glenn's eyes were filled with hunger as he looked at the bulge sticking through the Hardy's tight skirt. "I want you inside me. Now," the smaller man demanded.

 Glenn chuckled, gazing at Matt intently. "I suppose we should find a wall, then. Which one strikes your fancy?"

 "I don't care!" Matt exclaimed, moving onto Glenn's lap and curling his legs around the big man's waist, while his arms wrapped around his neck. "Just pick one and take me there. I mean - carry me there, and take me. Please."

 "No need to beg," Glenn murmured. He fastened his arms around Matt's waist and picked him up, carrying him to the nearest wall. Matt grunted as his back hit the flat surface. Glenn smiled at him and set him down on the floor, gently smoothing a lock of dark hair out of his soon to be lover's face.

 "So - um - " Matt looked a little unsure what to do next. He put his hand of the zipper of his skirt, but Glenn shook his head.

 "Why don't you let me lead, baby? Since you've never done this before and all," Glenn suggested gently. Matt nodded, his eyes focused intently on Glenn. His heart was beating rapidly in his chest. Glenn reached up and slid the zipper on Matt's top open, parting the folds of cloth to reveal Matt's bare chest.

 Matt wasn't sure what the larger man was doing, but he knew he loved the feeling of Glenn's hands running down his bare flesh. He was becoming more and more aroused. He watched with fascination as Glenn bent down and leaned forward, taking one of Matt's nipples in his mouth.

 "Ooh - Glenn!" Matt gasped, closing his eyes as a wave of pleasure washed over him. Glenn's tongue was sliding over his hardened bud, teasing it tauntingly. The larger man moved to Matt's other nipple to preform the same little bath.

 "Oh - god - that feels so good!" Matt exclaimed.

 Glenn chuckled. He pulled away, to Matt's great disappointment, and returned to his usual height. "You are so sensitive," he breathed in a husky, desire-filled voice. "You're gonna have to tell me if it gets to be too much."

 "Too much?" Matt shook his head, continuing although he was having a rather difficult time speaking. "You haven't give me near enough yet! I want you insider me, baby," he whined. "Please, now!"

 "Alright." Glenn kept his eyes locked with the smaller man's as he put his hands on the center of his robe, slowly undoing the clasp there and pulling the sides of the garment apart. He was completely naked beneath it. Matt's wide eyes ran down Glenn's body, his mouth hanging open slightly from awe. The big red machine had a breathtaking body; certainly an gay man's dream. The Hardy's chocolate colored eyes focused on the center of Glenn's body, staring at the fully erect manhood sticking out of the curly brown hair. His stomach fluttered with body excitement and nervousness at the thought that the huge member would be inside him in only moment.

 Matt's eyes moved to Glenn's hand as he reached into a pocket of the robe and pulled out a tube of gel, unscrewing the cap and squeezing some onto his fingers. He continued watching as Glenn ran his slippery fingers up his shaft, thoroughly coating it with the lube. When Glenn had done that to his satisfaction, he squirted a little more gel onto his fingers and tossed the tube away, turning to Matt.

 "This might hurt a little, baby," he whispered, placing his clean hand on Matt's hip. His large fingers slowly undid the zipper of the tight skirt, which fell to the ground by their feet. Matt's breathing increased dramatically as he realized he was now standing there practically naked, except for his boots and the top around his shoulders. He felt Glenn's eyes roaming down his body.

 "You are gorgeous," Glenn whispered. He put his un-gelled hand on Matt's well-defined stomach, sliding his fingers lower with agonizing slowness.

 Matt was feeling extremely impatient. "Glenn, would you just - " he began, then was cut off by a strangled cry as Glenn's hand closed about his shaft. He wrapped his arms around the big man's back, panting as Glenn began to pump his erect cock, sending streams of pleasure through the elder Hardy. "Oh, Glenn, I - oh, that feels so good..." Matt murmured. He thought he was going to come, just from that, but Glenn stopped before he could. The big man didn't give Matt a chance to feel disappointed. Before the Hardy could say anything, he ran his hand into the crevice between Matt's thighs, brushing a finger over his opening then pushing it inside.

 Matt cried out, squeezing his eyes tightly closed. "I - I'm ok," he whispered, afraid his partner would stop if he thought he was hurting him. "Don't stop." He had to grit his teeth as another finger slid into him. He felt Glenn's large fingers moving around, stretching him out. He couldn't have even tried to describe how it felt.

 Glenn considered for a moment, then inserted a third finger. It was a tight fit, but Matt needed to be well prepared it he was going to take Glenn's member. The larger man began thrusting his fingers, aiming for the spot that would make the preparation far more enjoyable for Matt. He could tell when he hit it, because Matt gasped out his name and moaned.

 "You ready, baby?" Glenn whispered.

 Matt nodded. "Yes, please," he whispered meekly, his chest moving too heavily for him to say more. Gently, Glenn withdrew his finger. In a swift movement, he lifted Matt up so the Hardy's legs were wrapped around his waist, and began to inch himself into his lover.

 Matt had to bite his lip to not cry out from the pain. He could feel himself stretching further as Glenn's huge shaft entered him. He wrapped his arms tightly around Glenn's neck, knowing the discomfort would be over soon.

 Glenn paused when he was fully inserted into Matt's body. He could feel the Hardy squirming, adjusting to his size. Then Matt gasped and moaned, hardly able to breath from the feel of the man he had lusted after for so long inside of him.

 "Oh my god - " Matt panted. "Oh Glenn, you're so big, and - and you fill me so completely, and - and - " Matt was cut off midsentence when Glenn withdrew most of the way and quickly thrust into him. A tiny gasp was all he could manage, his eyes closing in bliss as Glenn began to thrust in a steady rhythm.

 "God Matt, you're so tight!" Glenn panted huskily, gripping the smaller man's hips tightly. They were both gasping and moaning by this time.

 Matt began to arch against Glenn, pushing himself forcefully into the thrusts. He braced his back against the wall so he could drive himself forward harder, each time moaning as a heavenly wave of pleasure thought through his body. Glenn had found that certain spot, and was hitting it consistant.

 "Oh, Kane!!!" Matt screamed. "G-glenn!!! Ohhhhhhhh!" Their bodies were working in a tight rhythm, Glenn trying to thrust as far in as he could while Matt worked with him to drive him in deeper. The Hardy's stilletto clad heels dug into Glenn's ass, pulling his forward with as much force as they could add.

 Glenn was beginning to see spots as his cock rammed into Matt's tight warmth again and again. He was going in so deep...he was sure he was very close to coming. Matt was squealing and moaning feverishly, demanding more, harder, faster. Glenn was still attempting to keep a steady rhythm, but as Matt's cries increased he couldn't restrain himself. He let himself go, fucking Matt wildly against the wall.

 "Oooooohhhhh, yeeeeeeeessssss, Glennnnnnn!" Matt screamed. "Ooh, ooh like that...yes...oh, oh god! YEEESSSSS!" He screamed so loud as he came he would've sworn the whole building heard. He hot seed spurted across his and his lover's stomachs, but neither cared in the least. Matt felt just about ready to pass out from the force of his orgasm as he felt the member inside him shoot its white hot load into his body. More shock waves of pleasure hit him, drawing his orgasm out like he had never dreamed could happen. He could feel Glenn rock as he went through his own orgasm.

 They didn't move for what felt like an eternity, their arms wrapped tightly around each other, both unable to think and barely able to breath. Glenn was still buried deeply inside Matt's body.

 "H-holy shit," Matt stuttered after a moment. "That was - shit, that was - "

 "Un-fucking-believable," Glenn finished for him, closing his eyes and concentrating hard on starting his thoughts up again. He gently pulled out of Matt, setting the Hardy down on the floor. Matt wrapped his arms tightly around his lover, pressing his face into the taller man's chest.

 "Thank you," he whispered, almost inaudibly.

 "Thank you, too, love." Glenn stroked Matt's hair gently. He wasn't surprised he was the more coherent one of the two, considering Matt had never had sex with a man before. The first time was often the most mindblowing. Of course, Glenn reminded himself, this had been pretty mindblowing for both of them...mindblowingly good sex.

 "Glenn, c-carry me to bed," Matt whispered, holding onto his lover tightly. "And hold me."

 "Of course, baby." Glenn picked up the Hardy Boy, carrying him to the room's large bed and setting him down gently. He paused to lose his robe, and to pull off the remainder of Matt's clothes, then slid into bed next to him, pulling the sheet up to cover them.

 Matt clung tightly to the large man, snuggling his head against Glenn's strong chest. "I'm sorry I called you Kane," he whispered after a moment.

 "It's ok," Glenn said softly, planting a kiss on the top of Matt's head. "Call me whatever you like, baby. You just get some sleep."

 "Yeah..." Matt's voice was almost inaudible. He sounded half asleep already. "Good night, Glenn. My - my lover," he whispered, cherishing those words even in his fuzzy state. "My lover."


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