Jay's expression was neutral as he followed Adam to their hotel room, but inside he was hurting. It was his birthday; it was supposed to be a special day. But Adam hadn't said one word about it all day. Jay couldn't believe his lover had forgotten his birthday. He hadn't forgotten Adam's birthday. He had gotten his lover a great gift, taken him out to dinner, and made love to him that night. But, Adam apparently didn't plan on returning the favor.

 Jay tried not to feel bitter as Adam opened the door to their hotel room and held it open for him. After all, everyone was forgetful at times. Maybe Adam had just been too busy with work to think about it. Jay had to suppress a sigh as Adam entered the room behind him, closing the door and flicking on the light. Jay's eyes were on the floor, but they snapped up when he realized they weren't alone.

 The golden blonde stared at the small crowd of people in the room. Mark, Scott, Al, Drew, and Dave grinned back at him. Jay's wide eyes scanned over the decorations in the room. There were several vases of flowers placed around the room, plus a large, brightly colored banner hung above the bed that read ‘Happy Birthday Jay!'. On a table off to the side of the room, there was a cake and ice-cream, as well as several cases of beer and six wrapped boxes.

 "Oh, guys, this is incredible!" Jay exclaimed, feeling tears come to his eyes. "This is so sweet! I thought you all forgot."

 "Baby, I couldn't never forget your birthday," Adam assured him, coming up behind the stunned golden blonde and wrapping his arms around his lover's waist. He leaned down to press his lips against Jay's neck, gently brushing his partner's silky locks out of the way.

 Jay sighed and leaned into Adam's kisses. "God, you're so sweet. But you bastard, how could you hide this from me? You let me think that you'd forgotten, all day!" He words were teasing, not angry, and a wide smile remained on his lips.

 "It wouldn't have been a surprise then," Adam replied. "Believe me, baby, you're going to have fun tonight. Remembering how we were fighting over how I thought you were attracted to other people?"

 Jay sighed, looking a little less happy. "Adam, I don't wanna fight now. Please."

 "Neither do I. That's why I set this up. I wanna prove that I trust you, baby. Therefore, I am officially giving you permission to have sex with anyone at this party that you want."

 Jay turned around in Adam's arms, staring at his lover in disbelief. "You what? Really?"

 "Yes really, baby. I want you to enjoy yourself," Adam assured him.

 "But - you wouldn't mind?" Jay glanced at the other five men in the room. They were all hotter than hell, and just the thought of sex with any one of them made him want to drool. "Is this a test?" he asked, glancing back at Adam and bighting his lip. "Because I love you, Adam, and I don't need anyone but you."

 Adam raised a sleek eyebrow. "Maybe not need, but what about want? You're telling me you don't want them?" Adam glanced at their guests, then locked eyes with his lover. "No test, honest. I know sex is just sex. I really don't mind, as long as you have fun. I'll be right here, anyway. So?"

 Jay blinked, hardly believing it. "I think we should get to that ice-cream before it melts completely," he giggled.

 Adam laughed, nodding in agreement. "Sounds like a plan. What do you say boys?"

 "Let's get the partly started!" Mark bellowed. He snatched up the scoop for the ice-cream and began dishing it out, while Scott cut the cake into pieces and handed one to everyone.

 "Don't feel pressured to have sex with all of us," Scott told Jay in his usual soft voice as he handed Jay his cake. "You can just pick one or two if you want. But you should do me first, because otherwise I'll probably start screaming ‘What about me? What about my birthday cake?'."

 The others laughed, and Mark punched the dark haired man in the arm goodnaturedly. "You can wait your turn, Scott. Jay will do whoever whenever he wants." The tall man turned his gaze on the birthday boy, raising his eyebrows inquiringly. "So, made any decisions yet Jay?"

 "Well, I think I want to eat my cake first," Jay replied. "But I'm definitely going to take Adam up on his offer. You're sure this is ok, baby?"

 "Absolutely," Adam replied around a mouthful of cake.

 "Hmm..." Jay murmured as he munched down the last bite of his birthday cake. He eyed the ice- cream still on his plate, a wicked smile on his face. "Scotty, come here," he requested.

 "Yeah?" Scott asked as he walked up to the golden blonde, his face hopeful. He looked rather surprised when Jay grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him down into a well-padded chair, straddling his hips and pulling open the front of the birdman's shirt.

 "I can do whatever sex related thing I want to you, right?" Jay asked with an impish grin, running his hands down Scott's chest.

 "Oh, you bet," Scott replied, his voice sounding a bit husky.

 "Good." Jay reached off to the side, where he had set his plate down, and took a big scoop of ice- cream with his spoon. He began to smear the cold treat across Scott's bare chest, making the dark-haired man gasp.

 "Well I can't say this in itself is too pleasant, but I can't wait to see what you're gonna do with it," Scott stated, licking his lips as he watched Jay finish coating his chest and set the spoon down. Jay chuckled wickedly, leaning down to run his tongue over Scott's hard chest. The others just watched, their eyes glued to Jay's long tongue. The only sounds in the room were the soft whimpers and moans escaping from Scott's lips. He raised his hands to stroke Jay's hair, gasping loudly as Jay drew one of his nipples into his hot mouth and sucked on it.

 Jay was grinning wickedly as he drew back. "You want me, Scotty?"

 "God, yes!" Scott ran his hands over Jay's back, his eyes big and pleading. "God, Jay, please! I want you so bad!"

 Jay grinned and reached for his belt, quickly stripping both of them. He spread Scott's legs out and positioned himself between them, but before continuing he glanced up at Adam. "Adam, are you sure - "

 "Yes I'm sure!" Adam, who was staring with as much fascination as the others, exclaimed. "Fuck him, baby. Make him scream!" He tossed Jay a tube of lubricant, which the golden blonde caught easily. He quickly coated his member, then took a moment to stretch out Scott's opening with his fingers. By the time he pulled out the slick digits, Scott was already screaming for him, pleading with Jay to take him. The dark-haired man moaned happily when Jay complied.

 "Oh, yes, Jay!" Scott screamed, moving his legs to wrap around Jay's waist so he could get deeper penetration. "Like that baby! Ooooooh, my god, you feel so good!"

 "Hey, I can't see," Mark complained, trying to shift into a better position to observe.

 "Quiet!" Drew hissed at him. His eyes were focused on the sight of Jay's cock sliding in and out of Scott's ass. "God, this is so hot," he breathed, his fingers trailing down his stomach to absently stroke his own growing erection.

 Everyone could feel the mounting tension between the two men as they neared their climaxes. Adam bit his lip, watching without even blinking as Scott writhed beneath his lover. In a wave that felt something like a minor explosion to those in the room, both straining men came together in a white hot burst. The five observers gasped simultaneously as Jay and Scott screamed their release, then collapsed trembling against each other.

 Scott was panting heavily, an extremely satisfied expression on his face. Jay managed to pull out of him and sinking onto the floor, putting his hand to his chest while he tried to catch his breath. He didn't feel shy in the least bit about being naked in front of his friends, or about having just had sex with five other people watching.

 "I can't speak for you, Adam," Scott finally gasped out, "but if I were in your place, I'd be a VERY happy man!" The others in the room laughed at that, most of them nodding in agreement.

 "I can't wait for my turn to find out," Mark declared, licking his lips as his eyes ran over Jay's naked body.

 Jay smiled, but he was still trying to get his breath back to normal. "Give me minute to recover, Mark. I'll get to you in due time. Right now, I want to open a present!"

 The four guests who were currently able to move rushed to the table, grabbing their presents and each offering them to Jay. Jay chuckled and shook his head. "Since I just did Scott, I think I'll open his first," he announced.

 Adam chuckled at that. "You always did like to be organized, didn't you baby? Here." The tall blonde handed Jay the package Scott had brought, while the other four reclaimed their chairs. Jay excitedly tore the wrapping off the present, finding a plain, rectangular box beneath it. He pulled off the lid, his eyes lighting up at what he saw. "What is it?" Mark asked curiously, attempting to peer into the box. Jay pulled out a discman and showed it to everyone, then grabbed the three CDs beneath the device.

 "Bruce Dickinson, ‘Scream For Me Brazil', Nocturnal Rites, ‘Afterlife', Nevermore, ‘Dead Heart in a Dead World'," Jay read, a broad grin on his face. "Thank you so much, Scott! These are like my favorite groups. And how did you know my discman broke?"

 Scott grinned and spoke, his breath having finally returned to him. "Well, Adam told me about the discman, but I picked the CDs out myself. It's just the kind of stuff I like. See, you and I are perfect for each other! So please leave Adam, hook up with me, and fuck me like that every night!"

 Adam put his hands on his hips. "Scott, if that remark hadn't been blatantly sarcastic, I would beat your ass!"

 Watch it boy, Adam's reeeeal scary," Mark said sarcastically. "I mean, it's not like I've repeatedly beat both your asses or anything."

 Jay made a noise in his throat, giving Mark a warning look. "Mark, do you want to get laid tonight or not?"

 Mark put on an innocent face. "I'll be good," he assured Jay quickly.

 "I hope so." Jay's crafty gaze swept over the four guests who were still waiting to get a piece of him. "I think I've rested enough. Now I get to decide who I want next!"

 "Ooh, me, come on Jay!" Mark exclaimed. "You've seen me in the shower, baby. I'm all ready for you!"

 "Hmm, well since I was just top, I think I'd like to be dominated this time." Jay grinned, looking over Mark's body and licking his lips. "Alright Mark. I think you can do the job pretty well."

 "Pretty well?" Mark raised his eyebrows, reaching down and pulling off his shirt. "Come here and I'll show you how good I can do." He patted his lap invitingly.

 Jay smiled, quickly pulling off the clothes he had on. He stood still, waiting for Mark to undress. All eyes were glued to Mark as the big man stood up and reached for his belt. "Oh, god that's nice," Scott breathed as Mark's pants slid off his thighs. The lord of darkness wasn't wearing any underwear. He kicked his pants away and sat back down, patting his lap again.

 Jay snatched up the tube of lubricant as he approached the waiting giant. He was about to settle down on Mark's lap, but he reconsidered and dropped to his knees instead. "As Edge knows, I like to prepare a guy for me this way," Jay told Mark with a grin. He leaned forward and took Mark's cock in his mouth, teasing the base with his tongue. He released the large member for a second, picking up the lube and waving it at the people watching.

 "Someone prepare me," he said, dropping the tube and taking Mark's member in his mouth again. The large man moaned, running his fingers through Jay's hair as the golden blonde began to bob his head, deepthroating Mark's huge cock.

 "I'll do it," Dave volunteered, scooping up the lube that Jay had dropped. He flipped open the tube and squeezed some onto his fingers, eyeing Jay's backside hungrily. "Spread you legs, baby, I'll get you all ready," Dave whispered.

 Jay eagerly complied, moaning around Mark's cock as one of Dave's long fingers slid into him. Dave watched lustfully as his fingers slid gracefully in and out of Jay's ass, the blonde's thighs beginning to tremble is response. Licking his lips, Dave slipped in another finger, Mark groaning as Jay again moaned around his cock.

 "Keep this up and I won't even last to be in ya," Mark growled, his eyes glued to the sight of Jay's bobbing head.

 Jay drew back, grinning wickedly at the big man. "Well, wouldn't want that, now would we?" he teased. He wiggled his ass a bit, Dave getting the message and withdrawing his fingers. Jay quickly moved into Mark's lap, surprising the huge redhead a bit when he turned to face Dave, his back to his soon to be lover. However, Mark didn't complain, far too entranced with the sensation of Jay sinking down onto his cock to think about anything else.

 "Ooooooh, god!" Jay cried, his mouth falling open a little. "Oh shit. Oh wow." He was panting as Mark took his hips, guiding him up, then pulling him back down hard. His blonde head jerked back, his golden mane flying. His breath grew heavy as he begin to work himself on Mark's huge cock, the redhead eagerly thrusting up to meet him. Jay was panting so hard he could barely speak when he turned to Dave, managing to pant out, "D-dave, s-suck me!", gesturing to his engorged cock, which was jutting out from its next of golden curls.

 Dave grinned, quickly moving in and encompassing the straining shaft in his hot mouth. Jay moaned, rocking his hips in unison with both Mark and Dave. The others, especially Adam, watched in awe. Adam looked on in fascination, feeling his cock grow hard at the sight of his lover in such wanton position. He swallowed hard, reminding himself that it was Jay's night, and that if he did get to be with his lover, it wouldn't be until much later.

 Jay held out for as long as he possibly could, savoring both the feel of Mark's cock in his ass and Dave's mouth around him. Finally, he could hold back his climax no longer, tossing his golden head back and letting out a feral yell as he shot into his vampirish friend's mouth. Dave eagerly swallowed everything he was given, moaning as he swallowed, very aware of the large bulge in his own pants. Mark, meanwhile, cried out in pleasure, quickly hitting his own orgasm as Jay's muscles tightened around his cock. Dave fell back onto the floor, Mark collapsing back against the chair, and Jay collapsing on top of him.

 "That was so hot," Drew breathed, licking his lips hungrily.

 Jay nodded, drawing in a deep breath before sliding onto the floor, crawling in between Dave's legs. He swiftly unzipped the vampire's jean and pulled out his cock, sinking it quickly down his throat. Dave groaned and whimpered as Jay went down on him, thrusting his hips up into the golden blonde's mouth, coming a short time later. Jay swallowed almost everything, drawing back as Dave's climax receded, a small trickle of come dribbling down his chin. He glanced up at the others, giggling at the looks of intense lust on all their faces and wiping off his chin.

 "Man, that was just like something out of a porn movie!" Al exclaimed. "Beautiful blonde vixen and all!"

 Jay laughed, slinging his still naked body into an unoccupied chair. "Glad ya like what you see!" he exclaimed. "Don't you TOUCH that, Drew, my boy," Jay scolded, shaking his head at Drew, whose hand had slipped down to the bulge in his jeans. "That's MINE," Jay stated. "But first, presents! Mark, Dave, gimme yours!"

 "You expect me to be able to walk and get it for you?" Mark gasped, looking flushed and exhausted. "That was fucking intense."

 Jay chuckled. "It's ok. I'm still fine." He stood, walking over the presents and sweeping the two from the men he had just ravaged into his arms. He returned to his chair, flopping down casually. To the other men it didn't seem so casual, as they happened to have a perfect view of the golden vixen's ass. Al, Drew, and Adam all swallowed in unison, struggling to pry their eyes away from the perfect globes and watch Jay open his second present, this one from Mark. The present consisted only of a small envelope, which Jay eyed curiously, then tore open. He pulled out a note inside, his face lighting up as he read over it. "Oh, Mark, thank you!" he squealed, leaping up and giving the tall redhead a big hug.

 "What is it?" Adam asked curiously.

 "It's a ‘coupon' good for a one year membership in any three fanclubs that I pick!" Jay exclaimed. "Ooh, this is gonna be a hard decision! Thank you so much Mark!"

 "You're welcome," Mark told him, smiling happily.

 "Now let's see what Dave got me!" Jay excitedly pulled Dave's present into his lap. He tore open the paper, his eyes lighting up again. "Wow," he breathed, pulling out the fancy ankle-length cloak. It was navy blue with a slightly lighter blue, furry neckline, the inside decorated with a sparkling silver material, bits of purple and black woven into the fabric. "Oh Dave, it's gorgeous!" Jay gasped, standing and pulling the incredible garment around his naked body. "Wow. Thanks so much!"

 "Welcome." Dave grinned. "I know you like stuff like that, and when I saw it, I just had to get it. It just screamed Jay!"

 "Thanks again! Really, wow." Jay took a few moments to strut around in front of the mirror, the others enjoying the view of his long, smooth legs as he did. After he tired of peering at himself in the beautiful garment, Jay turned to the others, putting his hands on his hips, seemingly completely unashamed of his nakedness. His dick was once again hard, standing up against his belly as he looked over at the two men he hadn't yet had. "I think it's time for some double teaming action," he announced. "Al, Drew, what do you say? You wanna both do me at the same time?"

 The two men nodded eagerly, quickly moving onto the floor where Jay pointed. The golden vixen paused to take off the cloak, setting to carefully on the back of his chair before moving to join his waiting conquests.

 "So." Jay settled onto the floor between the two men, looking from one to the other. "Who wants to top, and who wants to bottom?"

 "Can I bottom?" Drew asked, grinning when five sets of shocked eyes turned to him. He shrugged, explaining, "I may be a big guy, but I like being sub. Always have. Just ask Waltman, my ex, if you don't believe men."

 "You bottomed to Waltman?" Al asked, looking shocked.

 Drew grinned and nodded. "Damn right. Every night!"

 "I'd never bottom," Mark put in, earning a glare from the others.

 "That's great, ‘cos I like topping," Al commenting. "Of course for you, Jay, I'd do just about anything you wanted."

 Jay grinned. "Then hand me that lube over there?" he requested, batting his sexy eyelashes. Al quickly snatched the lube, placing it on Jay's smooth palm. Jay gave both Al and Drew a dazzling smile, then directed it at Adam, grinning as he caught his partner's eyes. "Remind me to thank you for this later, baby," he breathed, the others all grinning and wishing they could be in Adam's place.

 "Want me to prepare myself?" Drew offered, taking the lube from Jay and slipping out of his pants, then casting his shirt off. Al quickly disrobed as well, practically drooling as he eyes roamed over Jay's perfect ass.

 Jay raised his eyebrows. "So you do that trick too, huh?"

 Drew chuckled. "It's very handy to turn a guy on. Sean loved it."

 "Adam too," Jay agreed.

 Adam nodded. "I do," he admitted.

 "Considering what I've seen tonight, I can see why you deserve this gift!" Al exclaimed, clapping Jay on the back.

 Jay grinned, wiggling his eyebrows at Al and shaking his behind. He had transformed from the shy man of the beginning of the night into a full on wanton sex god. "Come on baby," he grinned, quickly slicking his own shaft once he saw that Drew was ready. "Let's get it on!"

 "Oh yeah," Al breathed, lubing himself up and slowly penetrating the gorgeous golden blonde. Jay moaned and whimpered, his perfect body quivering a little as the other man slid into him up to the hilt. As soon as Al was full seated, Jay pulled Drew to him, pulling the bigger man up onto his hands and knees. He and Al were both kneeling, Jay's knees spread to allow the brunette easier access. Al held still while Jay slid into Drew's ass, the golden blonde moaning at the feeling of Drew's tight tunnel around him.

 "Oh I love threesomes!" Jay exclaimed as their bodies began to moan in unison, all three men moaning and gasping as their bodies came together. "Especially when I get to be in the middle! Ohhhhh god!" Everyone in the room was paying attention exclusively to the three men on the floor. They watched with open mouths and lustful eyes as Al's cock slid in and out of Jay's ass, and in turn how Jay's cock would disappear deep inside of Drew.

 It didn't take long for the three over-stimulated and highly excited men to reach the brink. Al and Drew exchanged a quick look, both of them redoubling their efforts to try and make Jay come first. Their efforts were rewards when Jay threw his head back and let out a long, sustained scream, his muscles tightening around Al at the same time as he came deep inside of Drew's body. Al and Drew let out screams of their own, both coming soon after the blonde beauty.

 The three of them collapsed onto the carpet, not feeling able to breath until they had drawn in several lungfuls of air. "God that was good!" Drew finally managed to gasp, rolling onto his back and gazing up at the ceiling. He laughed, running his hands through his long blonde hair. "You didn't even touch my cock, and it was awesome!"

 "That seems to be the general consensus," Jay grinned, his fingers combing through his mussed golden hair to straighten it. "This has been the best birthday ever! But, before you guys go, I believe I've got two more presents to open!" He grinned wickedly, looking around the room. "Could someone get them for me please?"

 "I will, baby." Adam quickly fetched the two remaining presents, handing them to his lover.

 "Thank you baby," Jay murmured, pulling Adam down for a scorching kiss. The others looked on with envy, each man wishing again that he could switch places with Adam, and happy that, in a way, he had for one night. "Ok." Jay picked up Drew's present, which consisted of a small gift- wrapped box. He excitedly tore off the wrappings, throwing open the box and pulling out two tickets. "Ahhh!!" he cried. "Maiden! Oh Test thank you! I've wanted to go to a Maiden show forever!"

 Drew grinned. "You're welcome. I got two more tickets, one for myself, and one for Chris Jericho, if he'll go with you. They're all on the floor, so you guys can hang with us if you want, or not."

 "Aw, I'd love to hang with you Drew!" Jay exclaimed. "We've gotta get together for a pre- concert party too! This is just awesome!" Still beaming happily, he turned up Al's present, which was a rather large box. "Hmm, what could this be?" Jay mused, quickly tearing off the wrapping and pulling open the box. "Sweet!" he exclaimed, pulling out a smaller box, which held the Ozzy collectable figurine.

 "Thought you'd like that," Al stated, smiling at his excited friend. "I got you that one, and four of the Kiss figures too."

 "Oh, Al, thanks so much!" Jay was beaming, his face flushed with happiness. "You guys are the best! I had the best night ever!!! Cake, sex, and presents! How could it get any better? Thank you so much for coming! I love you all!"

 The five guests smiled, picking up their clothes, dressing, and leaving one by one, after giving Jay a hug and all wishing him happy birthday. Jay stood in the door and waved to them as they left, giggling as he heard Al invited Drew and Dave back to his room for ‘some fun', and giggling still more as he watched Mark and Scott fawning all over each other before they disappeared into Mark's room.

Feeling arms close around his waist, he leaned back, his head resting on Adam's strong chest. "Have a good night?" Adam murmured.

 "Ohhhhh yes," Jay breathed, snuggling into the warmth of his partner's body. "The best! Thank you so much baby! This was one of the most fun night ever." He closed his eyes, murmuring his approval and Adam's lips brushed across his neck.

 "If you'd not too tired," Adam breathed in his ear, "it doesn't have to end yet."

 Jay grinned, arching his back so his ass collided with the growing bulge in his lover's pants. "For you, baby, I'm never too tired," he murmured.

 "Glad to hear that you've saved something for me," Adam whispered, his arms locked tightly around Jay's waist as he backed towards the bed. Jay grinned, wiggling his eyebrows at Adam as the taller blonde pulled him back onto the mattress, the smaller man swiftly breaking his lover's grasp and tackling him. The two men wrestled around on the bed for a few moments, finally collapsing against the sheets in a jumble of blonde hair. Jay smiled at Adam, blinking up at him through his disheveled golden locks and giggling.

 Adam laughed in return, leaning down to brush his lips across his partner's. After a light kiss, he drew back, staying very near the other man, their noses nearly touching. "It's ok if you're tired, baby," the tall blonde breathed. "I don't need to do anything more than hold you to be happy."

 Jay smiled, shifting a little to lay on his back and pulling Adam on top of him. He wrapped his legs around Adam's waist, his arms twining about his lover's neck. He pulled Adam down for a kiss before speaking. "Baby, it's my birthday," he said softly. "You gave me the best present ever, and I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone. I want to be with you, Adam. I want to be one with you. Make love to me."

 He didn't need to ask again. Adam began to kiss him again, his kisses soft and passionate. They simply kissed for some time, just enjoying the feeling of their bodies pressed together. After what seemed like a thousand blissful kisses, Adam moved his mouth lower, his soft lips caressing every inch of Jay's jaw and neck. He touched every place with the most gentle, loving touch, kissing his way slowly down Jay's chest, taking his time as he covered every inch of silky smooth skin. Jay sighed in bliss, his eyes drifting closed. The touch of Adam's lips on his skin was heavenly, sending waves of love as well as heat through his body.

 When Adam reached his nipple, Jay let out a little cry, his hands gripping the bedsheets as Adam took the tender bud into his mouth, laving it thoroughly with his tongue. Jay bit his lip as Adam slowly sucked a path across his chest to the other bud, treating it to the same gentle massage. When he had taken his time teasing the second bud to erectness, Adam moved lower, kissing down Jay's chest to his belly button while his hands massaged the tender skin of Jay's hips. Adam paused when he reached his lover's navel, thoroughly wetting the area with his tongue and paying it a great deal of attention. Jay writhed beneath him, his entire body tingling from Adam's loving touches.

 Adam moved lower still, continuing to leave a trail of kisses over Jay's now quivering flesh. He veered to the side once he reached Jay's groin, kissing over his hips, then settling down between his legs. Jay spread his legs apart wider, opening his eyes to watch his lover. He groaned at the sight of Adam's golden head between his legs. At the first touch of Adam's tongue to his opening, he felt like he could have melted, having to close his eyes again as incredible sensations flowed through him. He had to take deep breaths to keep himself grounded, nearly drowning in the sensation of Adam's tongue slipping inside of him.

 Adam slowly moved his tongue in and out of his lover, as if he were attempting to kiss every part of his lover, inside and out. His tongue flicked against Jay's sensitive walls, sending sparks of pleasure through the golden blonde's entire body. Jay's mouth fell open, his legs spreading a little wider, his hips arching into the sensation. He felt his cock swelling, straining with desire from Adam's ministrations. He nearly cried out in anticipation when he heard the sound of Adam opening the bottle of lube, the soft sounds of his lover coating his cock unmistakable.

 Jay could barely restrain his enthusiasm as Adam slid up the bed, positioning his body on top of the small golden blonde's. Jay could feel the head of Adam's cock poking at his entrance, set to enter his waiting body. Adam leaned down, capturing Jay's lips as he penetrated him. He began to rock his hips, moving slowly, pouring all his love and affection into Jay's body, both where their bodies connected, and through his tender, passionate kisses. The entire time their bodies moved together, their lips were connected as well, both sets of eyes closed, and both minds lost in bliss.

 When at last he came, after when seemed like hours of gentle lovemaking, Jay let out a soft cry, his lips still never leaving Adam's. Adam came at the same time, his lips locked with Jay's as they shared a moment of intense physical pleasure. After a few more moments of soft kisses, Adam slid from Jay's body, moving onto his side on the mattress next to Jay. Jay quickly settled into his lover's arms, his golden head resting in the crook of Adam's neck.

 "I love you," Adam whispered, his voice filled with love and adoration. "Happy birthday baby. May you always me mine." He bit his lip, glancing at the night stand. "I haven't given you my present yet, baby."

 "You have." Jay smiled up at him. "You've given it to me every day we've been together. Love."

 Adam smiled. "I've done my best to show you how much I love you. But I want to show the world, baby. I want all the guys in the back to know. I know we said our vows more than a year ago, and I know we have our rings," he continued, his fingers trailing over the gold band on Jay's finger, which matched his own. "But we were together for a long time before that. And well, I wanted you to have this." He reached into a drawer on the night stand, pulling out a small velvet box. He opened it and showed Jay the beautiful diamond ring inside. "It's an engagement ring. A little after the fact, I know, but I wanted you to have one. I figured it could be like a promise ring. It's my promise and love and care for you forever, no matter what."

 Jay's eyes misted over with tears. He reached out, taking the ring from the box and slipping it onto his unadorned hand. "You didn't have to do that," he whispered, staring at the beautiful ring.

 "But I wanted to," Adam replied. "Do - do you like it?"

 "Like it?" Jay sniffed, wiping a tear from his eyes. "I never thought I'd get diamonds, being a guy and all. Oh Adam thank you. I love you so much! Thank you!" He leaned up, giving Adam a long, passionate kiss, a few tears of joy escaping his eyes and slipping down his cheeks. He drew back, but only just, his fingers brushing across Adam's cheeks, which were also growing damp. "You've been the best love I ever could've imagined Adam, and I love you with all of my heart and soul. This year, you've given me the sweetest present a person could ever give to another. And I don't mean sex, and I don't mean a ring. You've given me trust." Jay smiled through his tears, his arms around Adam's back, holding their bodies close together. "Thank you Adam. I love you. And all I want now is for you to hold me all night, and every night."

 "I will baby," Adam promised, pulling Jay into a tight hug. "I always will."


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