Christian stepped into his room, yawning loudly. He dropped his bag on a chair and casually flipped on the light, rubbing his eyes as he turned around. When he lowered his hands, he jumped in shock. Matt and Jeff Hardy were sitting on his bed, looking rather impatient. Matt had his arms folded across his chest.

 "Um - hi guys," Christian said, giving them both an odd look. "Is there a reason you're in my room? ‘Cos I really need to get some sleep."

 The Hardyz looked at each other, then Matt shook his head. "Sorry Christian," he told the confused blonde, "no sleep tonight. At least not for a while."

 "What?" Christian looked between them, getting a very strange vibe from the whole situation. "What the heck are you talking about? What do you want?"

 "What do we want?" Jeff grinned, rolling onto his stomach and propping his chin on his hands, giving the golden blonde a sly look. "We wanna be fucked out of our minds."

 Christian's eyes went wide. He felt unable to do anything but stare. "You - w-what?" he stammered.

 "You heard him," Matt chimed in, his voice commanding. "We want you to fuck us, baby. So take off your clothes and come to bed."

 Christian stood rooted to his spot. "You must be joking!" A suspicion teased at the back of Christian's mind, and he grinned, waving his finger at the two waiting Hardyz. "Oh, I get it! Edge sent you, didn't he? He wants to know if I'm gay, is that it? Well, you can tell him that his baby brother isn't into guys. So leave already!"

 Matt sighed and shook his head, glancing at his annoyed looking brother. "He just doesn't get it, Jeff. We'll just have to show him." With that, Matt pulled his shirt off over his head, raising his eyebrows at Christian. "Huh baby?" He glanced at Jeff, who had followed his lead and was now fiddling with his belt. "Show him how much you want him, baby," Matt instructed Jeff.

 Jeff grinned, slipping his pants off his hips. He was wearing nothing underneath. Christian stared wide-eyed at the massive erection jutting out of his blonde curls. "Come on baby," Jeff purred, glancing down at his member and wetting his lips. "I want you. I want you buried deeeep inside me, baby. Come here and fuck me." He spread his legs wide open, revealing his tempting opening.

 Christian shook his head, turning away from the appealing sight. He could feel himself getting hard, and he didn't want the Hardyz to see. "No! I don't do guys, ok? Go fuck each other!"

 Matt snorted, making a face. "Now that wouldn't be half as much fun. Can't you see it, Christian? Me, buried in your pussy, while you screw the living hell out of Jeffery here? You ever fucked two people at the same time, Christian?"

 "No, I haven't! How many times do I have to tell you, I don't do guys! And you are not getting anywhere near my ‘pussy', thank you very much."

 "Ooh, but you want it," Matt breathed, his voice low and sensual. "I bet you've already got a raging hardon from the thought, don't you?"

 Christian gritted his teeth, glancing down at his crotch. It was true, but he certainly wasn't going to admit it. "Matt, make him come here!" Jeff whined. "I wanna be fucked! You said I'd get fucked!"

 "You will, baby, you will," Matt assured his little brother. "Don't you worry. I'll bring him to ya."

 Before Christian knew what was happening, Matt had snatched him and dragged him to the bed, pinning him down to the mattress. Both Hardyz' hands were on him in a flash, pulling off every article of clothing he had on. He found himself lying on his back, the two brothers hovering over him.

 "Damn, look at that," Jeff breathed, his eyes glowing as he took in the size of Christian's member. "God, this is going to be fucking heaven."

 "And his ass is just as nice," Matt replied, checking out Christian's firm backside. Christian blushed furiously, but couldn't find the words to complain. He watched as Matt shed the rest of his clothes, then nudged the golden blonde's legs open and settled off to one side. "I'll prepare your part, you do mine, ok?" Matt said to Jeff.

 "Gotcha." Jeff grinned, licking his lips.

 "Guys, please," Christian began, his objection turned to mush as Matt bend down and wrapped his lips around his cock, quickly taking him down his throat and beginning to bob on him. He gasped in shock as he felt Jeff licking a path up his thigh, forming a wet trail up to the crack between the cheeks of his ass. He had to grab the headboard of the bed just to stop himself from screaming as Jeff licked all the way around his opening, then darted his tongue inside.

 "HOLY SHIT!" Christian exclaimed, his breath becoming ragged. He wanted to explode from the pleasure as Matt sucked him and Jeff's slippery tongue explored inside of him. Then, abruptly, both mouth were gone. Christian wailed in disappointment, long past the point of resistance. He found himself flipped onto his stomach and yanked up onto his hands and knees.

 "This is going to be fucking fabulous," he heard Matt's voice exclaim from behind him. He felt something wiggle beneath him, and looking down, he realized that Jeff was laying under him, grinning expectantly.

 "I can't wait to have you inside me," Jeff whispered huskily, wrapping his long legs around Christian's waist. "Matt, hurry up!" he whined. "I wanna get fucked now!"

 "Hold you horses, baby. Christian, hold still until we're both in." Christian had to bite his tongue as Matt pushed his way in from behind, stretching the tiny opening a great deal to accommodate his girth. Once his cock was sheathed in Christian up to the hilt, Matt paused, nodding to his little brother. Jeff beamed, using his legs to pull himself up, impaling his ass on Christian's throbbing member.

 "Ohhhh, Matt, he's so big!" Jeff wailed, panting heavily as he tightened the grip of his legs, pushing Christian all the way into his body. "Oh god, I'm so full! Oh Matt, it's heaven!"

 "Then let's fuck," Matt growled, pulling his cock almost all the way out of Christian's entrance before slamming back it. Christian's head shot up, an expression of pure pleasure on his face. He moaned loudly as Matt slammed into him in a fast, hard rhythm, Jeff using his muscular legs to pump Christian's shaft in a out of his body.

 "OH, YES!!" Jeff, clearly to most verbal of the three, screamed. "Mattie, he feels so fucking good! Oh Christian, yes! Yes! More, harder baby, please! OOOOHHHHH, YES!" Christian began to thrust more aggressively into Jeff's body, drowning in wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure. He panted from the exertion as he closed his eyes and concentrated on the sex, on making himself cross over the border and into the throes of what he was sure would be an incredible orgasm. However, just as he was about to get there, both Hardyz abruptly stopped their movements.

 "Whhyyyyyyyy," Christian wailed, feeling the most extreme disappointment. "Don't stop, I was almost, almost there!"

 "Exactly," Matt replied around harsh pants. "We want this to go on, baby! We always fuck for at least an hour. We haven't done more than half that!"

 "An hour?" Christian gasped.

 "Ooh, yeah baby, an hour," Jeff crooned, running a gentle finger across Christian's cheek. "Mattie, let's do him for an hour more!" he yelled to his brother. "Then I wanna ride him for at least that long!"

 "You got it," Matt promised, surprising Christian with a deep, hard thrust. "Now let's get back to it, but no coming until we say!" They all began their movement again, Christian nearly swimming from the pleasure he was in. He screamed and begged for them to let him come, but they kept refusing, until finally it had been long enough for them.

 "Ok baby," Matt hissed, continuing to thrust wildly. "Come for us! Shoot your come right into Jeff's tight ass! Make him scream!" Christian didn't need to be asked twice. With a triumphant scream, he shot a load of white hot come straight into Jeff's waiting ass. The orgasm that rocked his body was unbelievable. It seemed like the combination of getting hit by a train and getting thrown out of a speeding jet from 10,000 feet up, but in an mindblowly good way. The pleasure seemed so intense it would rip him to shreds.

 Christian's orgasm was drawn out as the Hardyz came simultaneously, Matt's hot come shooting into his ass and Jeff's muscles clamping tightly around him as the younger man's seed spilled across his chest. Christian collapsed onto Jeff, his limbs all completely frozen. Matt collapsed on top of them both. None of them were able to move for several minutes. The only sound in the room was the harsh panting of the three lovers.

 Finally, Matt found the strength to roll off to the side of the golden blonde he had just ravaged. "That was absolutely fucking incredible," he gasped, a satisfied smile coming across his face as he reached over and slapped Christian's ass. "You are a fucking incredible fuck, baby."

 "Oh yeah," Jeff agreed, absolute heaven spelled out on his face. His legs remained around Christian's waist, the golden blonde still buried deep inside hm. "I've never been fucked so well in my life, Mattie! I'm gonna ride him ‘til the sun comes up!"

 "W-what?" Christian gasped, not able to believe that Jeff could even think about more sex.

 "I said I'm gonna ride ya," Jeff repeated.

 "But you couldn't possibly!" Christian exclaimed.

 Jeff raised his eyebrows, clearly taking it as a challenge. "Couldn't I?" He swiftly rolled Christian onto his back, straddling his hips and settling into a comfortable position. "I assure you, I can," he whispered, leaning down to speak directly into the golden blonde's ear.

 "Jeff always likes to ride after he's been well and truly fucked," Matt put in. "He can go until the sun comes up. I've seen it."

 "Mmmm, and I'm gonna want to ride this one for a looooooooooooong time," Jeff said, beginning to bounce up and down on his subject, his face tense with concentration. "All night, baby," he panted. Christian closed his eyes as heavenly sensations began to fill him again. It was going to be a very, very long night, and he never wanted it to end.


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