"He came, he came, he finally came!" I skipped happily into my room, a bag containing a very precious commodity tucked under my arm. I set the bag down on the table, doing a quick sweep of the room and scooping up six little men; my action figures of Billy & Check in red, in yellow, and in black. The six of them grumbled as I set them all down on the table.

 Red Chuck looked up from polishing his tag team title belt, pouting at me. "GG, why did you have to move us?" he complained. "I was happy where I was!"

 "Us too!" Chorus black B&C and yellow B&C, both couples having been making out when I so rudely disturbed them.

 I grinned at them. "I don't think you'll mind after you see the surprise I've got for you!" I told them.

 "Surprise?" Black Chuck grinned, his eyes moving to the bag. "A new figure?"

 "Uh huh." I smiled, tapping the bag. "Come on out, sweety. They won't hurt you."

 A dark little head peaked out of the bag, blinking in the bright light. He ran a hand over his hair, brushing off his sideburns and his arms.

 "Oh my god! It's Rico!" Yellow Chuck squealed.

 The brand new Rico jumped at the loud exclamation, diving back into the bag and pulling it tightly closed behind him.

 I sighed, frowning at Yellow Chuck. "Don't scare the poor thing! He's new, and he's very shy." I tapped on the bag again. "Rico, honey, it's ok to come out. Chucky didn't mean to scare you."

 Rico peaked out of the bag again, and this time all the B&C figures stayed quiet. The stylist figure stepped tentatively out of the bag, looking around himself curiously. "Is that all the guys who're here?" he asked, pointing to a huddle of figures across the room. "You said you had tons of us, GG!"

 "I do." I picked up the little figure, pulling open a door and pointing inside, where the majority of my collection was. "I put them in here ‘cos it was looking too cluttered with them all out. Mostly I just kept out my favorites."

 Rico looked across the room to the figures that were out, snickering softly. "Edge is short!"

 I sighed. "I know. He's an old figure, and I haven't found a new one that I like yet."

 "Oh, ok." Rico pointed to another figure. "Is that Rock?"

 "Sort of," I told him. "It's Rock as the Scorpion King."

 "His legs are messed up," Rico commented.

 "I know," I grumbled. "I think it's supposed to be a fighting pose or something."

 "Looks to me like he's just had a little too much of a certain thing at night!" Rico snickered.

 I rolled my eyes. "Great, even my action figures are slash-obsessed!"

 "Well yeah." Rico looked up at me. "Did you see all my cool joints? None of them have joints like this!" He demonstrated bending his upper arm joints and moving his hands back and forth.

 "I know." I patted his little head, grinning happily. "You're the gem of my collection!"

 "Thanks!" Rico bathed in the praised, his eyes moving back to the collection of Billy & Chuck figures who were watching him. "Can I go play with the Billys & Chucks now?" he asked.

 "Sure you can." I set him down, and he scampered off towards the three Billys and three Chucks. "GG?" I felt a tug on my sleeve, and looked down to see my Jeff figure standing there, looking up at me pleadingly.

 "Yes Jeff?" I asked.

 "I see that Rico came with a ladder, a big one!" he stated.

 I sighed. "Do you wanna play with the ladder, Jeff?"

 "Yes please!" he replied.

 "Oh, all right." I set him down next to the big ladder, grabbing one of my shirts and folding it up to make a crash pad for him.

 "Thanks GG!" he called as he began to climb the ladder, diving off onto the makeshift crashmat as soon as he reached the top.

 "Hey mami!"

 I rolled my eyes, turning away from Jeff and facing my Eddie Guerrero figure. "What?"

 "When do I get my Chavito?" Eddie demanded.

 "Eddie, you know I never promised to order the Chavo figure. I said I *might* get him, if I find him in a store. It's expensive to order this stuff online, you know."

 "You ordered him!" Eddie pointed out indignantly, pointing to Rico.

 "Well, he was a special case," I told him. "He's my favorite."

 Eddie looked hurt. "And I'm not??? Essa, I'm the best figure in the whole WORLD!"

 "Sure you are. Look, I'll think about Chavo, ok? For now, just play with Matt."

 "Fine," Eddie grumbled, running and tackling my Matt figure, who yelped in surprise and tossed his water bottle up in the air.

 "5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time WCW champion!" I heard from behind me, turning around to see my Booker figure practicing a Spinarooni on my alarm clock. I grinned, patting him on his head as he stood up. "You are so adorable."

 "Thank you!" Booker gave me a look, and I groaned.

 "What do you want? And please tell me you don't want me to order anyone else?"

 "Nah. I was just thinking, you've got *two* Jericho figures, and neither one is doing anything, so could I - well, could I have one?" He looked at me hopefully.

 I shrugged. It was true, they weren't doing anything. "You're my favorite right now, so sure." I walked over to my action figure drawer, pulling out the cuter Jericho and setting him down by Booker. "There you go, enjoy."

 "Thanks G!" Booker grabbed Jericho and dragged him behind the alarm clock, yanking a kleenex out of my box and pulling it over himself and Jericho like a blanket.

 I chuckled. "That's so cute," I murmured. I looked around to see if any more of my action figures wanted anything; fortunately, they were all busy. I smiled and sat down at my computer. My action figures had their say, now it was time to let my muses loose!

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