Hold Off
Rating: NC17
Content: m/m sex
Characters: Rock, Seann William Scott (Rock's co-star "The Rundown"), mentions of Hunter and others
Summery: Sparks are flying between Rock and Seann, but...
Note: Takes place during the filming of "The Rundown"
Note II: Ashey's birthday request for a Seann/Rock fic

It was a communal shower. Exactly what he was used to. The Rock stripped off his clothing, taking a step towards the shower room door before he remembered to snatch the sunglasses off his head. He chuckled to himself, throwing the glasses down on top of his clothes. The first action sequence was done, and unlike his days in the wrestling ring, he hardly had a bruise to show for it. He was tired, certainly, but the soreness he was used to just wasn't there.

He wondered briefly who was already in the shower, hearing the water running as he stepped up to the door. Christopher Walken, maybe. He paused briefly at the idea of showering with the respected elder actor. The closest he had ever come was showering with Ric Flair, and it just wasn't the same. Dismissing that thought quickly before his memory called up the matching images, he pushed open the door and stepped into the showers.

Instantly he stopped. That was definitely not Christopher Walken under the spray. The body before him was young, lean, and fit. Rock paused long enough to get an eyeful of that beautiful body, then strode forward, turning on the showerhead directly beside his companion. "Hey Seann," he greeted nonchalantly.

Seann pulled his head out from under the spray, opening his eyes and looking at Rock. "Hey," he said with a smile. "How's it going?"

"Pretty good." Rock adjusted the temperature on his shower, turning the heat up a bit more. "You?"

"Good." Seann chuckled. "Glad I survived that scene this afternoon."

Rock laughed and shook his head. "Better get used to it, Seann. We've got a lot more to go!"

"Yeah, I know. Guess I'll get through it somehow." Seann glanced around Rock, then raised his eyebrows. "Didn't you bring anything? Shampoo, soap, towel?"

Rock shrugged. "I don't need any of that. Water's all I need. Towel's out in the changing room."

"Huh." Seann squirted a big handful of foamy green body wash into his palm, stepping a bit out of the shower spray and slathering it across his torso. "Are all wrestlers too tough for hygiene products, or just you?"

"Beauty products," Rock corrected, glancing appreciatively at Seann's green foam coated chest. "Do all actors use," he sniffed the air, "peppermint scented body wash?"

Seann took another palmfull of the frothy goo, applying it to his thighs and backside. "I'll have you know," he stated, his eyes following his hand as he smoothed the gel across his skin, "that I got this stuff from Ashton Kutcher."

Rock's eyes followed Seann's hands as well. His gaze was hardly discreet, but he doubted Seann would object. If Seann did protest, he could always claim, credibly or not, that he was looking at the suds. "Did he actually give it to you," Rock teased, "or did you nab it when he wasn't looking?"

"Debatable." Seann finished soaping his legs, turning his gaze up to Rock and offering the bottle of gel to the larger man. "Wanna try some? I think you'd enjoy it." Rock raised his famous eyebrow. Seann laughed, wiggling the bottle and raising his own eyebrows. "Come on. I'll do your chest."

He wanted it to happen. He had been waiting days for it to happen. He thought that the shower would be the perfect place for it to happen. How much more obvious could a guy get than offering to soap another man's chest, without coming right out and screaming 'Fuck me'? But the Rock wasn't biting. He had kindly refused Seann's offer of the peppermint shower gel, leaving it open with a 'maybe later' before he quickly exited the shower stall.

Seann didn't get it. He was positive that Rock wanted him; the way he stared at his thighs in the shower confirmed that, and it hadn't been the first time he'd observed Rock checking him out. Maybe it was some sort of wrestling thing. Seann had never known a wrestler before, and admittedly had no idea how things went in a WWE locker room. All he'd heard was something David Arquette had supposedly said, relayed to him by a friend of a friend of a friend, about being sandwiched between DDP and Sting on a locker room couch. Of course, not only was that serious hearsay, but it was also WCW. Even if the WCW locker rooms had been sex-mad, that didn't mean the same applied to WWE.

A smirk spread across Seann's face. Who was he kidding? That many guys, that little fabric, that much testosterone? There *had* to be shit going on. Maybe he was just violating some kind of etiquette, and that was why the Rock wasn't responding. Or maybe Rock was just shy about sleeping around in Hollywood; this was only his second starring role, after all. Seann snorted at that, shaking his head. The Rock was *not* shy. He had been willing to blatantly check Seann out, after all. Maybe Rock just wanted to be the one in control, and he would approach Seann when he wanted, where he wanted.

Seann sighed. He hoped that, if that were the case, Rock could hurry the heck up about it. He had never wanted to sleep with a co-star as badly as he did right now. Naturally, he wasn't about to tell anyone that. He didn't want to get a reputation as a big screen slut; yes, he enjoyed casual sex, but he liked to think that he had rather fine taste when it came to the matter of choosing his partners. While filming "American Pie", he had politely declined all offers from his fellow actors, preferring a quiet, semi-romantic fling with one of the cameramen.

The only co-star that he had strongly desired in the past was Ashton, and their on-camera make out scene had been the perfect excuse to get the gorgeous ex-model into his bed. Their affair had ended in a mess, but he really didn't need to rehash that at the moment. What he needed was to figure out how to get laid by a wrestler. Maybe he should look up David Arquette's number.

He was spooked. That was it, plain and simple. He was spooked, and that was stopping him from doing anything beyond shameless ogling. Seann had been making his interest clear since filming began, but the shower had been his first overt invitation. Seann certainly couldn't have any idea how bad a place he had picked. Rock's last sexual endeavor involving a shower, a little more than a month ago, had led to one of the most unpleasant experiences of his life.

There was no chance it would be the same this time. Seann both wanted it, and would want to maintain a good relationship between them, for the sake of the barely begun film. On top of that, there was no meddling ex here to muddy the waters.

Rock sighed, his thoughts turning to Hunter. They really had loved each other, for a while. But their careers took them in different directions, and their attempted long distance relationship had gone downhill, fast. Despite that, Hunter had been furious when Rock suggested they go their separate ways. The Game had hardly handled the split with grace. He and Rock had no contact in the months that followed, leaving Rock completely unaware of his ex-lover's simmering rage over what he viewed as an unjust dismissal. On a night when Rock rejoined the WWE locker room for a special appearance, Hunter had extracted his revenge.

The Cerebral Assassin had been in complete control that evening. He had known exactly which locker room the Rock was in, and, shortly after Rock was finished with his appearance, Hunter had rounded up a friendly, star-struck Mexican wrestler, who jobbed regularly when WWE was in town. The second the Rock had entered the showers, alone, Hunter had directed the wrestler, who hardly spoke a word of English, into the same shower room. Upon walking in on a wet, naked Rock, the jobber had seized the opportunity, putting on a lovely show as he washed himself. The Rock had been celibate since his split with Hunter, and hadn't seen any harm in giving into the temptation his lovely shower companion was offering.

He had the jobber against the wall, happily thrusting into him, while the young man clutched at his back and moaned softly in Spanish; then, everything had gone crazy. Before he knew it, he was clutching a towel around himself, surrounded by a crowd of people including Vince McMahon, and Hunter was pointing to him accusingly, shouting out a cry of rape. The poor jobber was huddled in the corner, sobbing and terrified, not able to understand a word of the commotion around him, and convinced that he was about to be banned from WWE for being caught with Rock.

The whole mess had only been diffused when Rey Mysterio had shown up, calmed down the frightened jobber, and established that there had been no sexual improprieties committed. Even though he had been proven innocent in the end, the experience had deeply shaken the Rock.

And that was why he was spooked. It was driving him nuts that he felt that way, but he did.

Sighing, the Rock pulled out his cell phone, dialing the number for his mailbox. He prayed he would have something there to distract him from his current train of thought. There was one message waiting, and he played it.

"Hey Rocky." It was the last voice he expected to hear. Hunter hadn't called him since they broke up. "I know I'm the last person you want to hear from," the message continued, "but call me when you get this, please? You want to hear what I have to say, and I'm not saying it to your voice mail. Same number as always."

Rock clicked off his phone, staring at it for a moment. Then he took a deep breath, and dialed the familiar number. If he didn't call now, he would find some way to talk himself out of it, and he's never know what Hunter had to say. Better to just get it over with, and hope for the best.

"Hey Rocky. I'm so glad you called."

Hunter had picked up right away. That wasn't like him; he normally waited a few rings, to see who it was, and if he really wanted to talk to them.

"Hey Hunter." Rock was surprised he could talk to his ex with an even voice, after what had happened the last time they saw each other. "What's up?"

"Rocky - " Hunter paused. "I, um, I - I just needed to talk to you, Rocky. I just needed to say - " Rock could hear him take a deep breath. "I'm sorry."

Rock's eyes widened. Hunter wasn't shy to apologize - if he stepped on someone's toe, or spilled someone's coffee. But anytime a heavy, personal matter came up, 'sorry' was not a word that passed the Game's lips. "Oh," was all Rock managed to say in response.

"Look, I'm not gonna spill my guts out on the phone." Yep, that was true Hunter form. "Long story short, I'm dating Juan. That's the guy who was involved in the - uh - incident. And he thinks I should apologize to you for being such a jackass when you ended things. Things change, and I was a dick to not get that. So, I'm sorry. Ok?"

As terse as the words were, hearing them from Hunter took a great weight off Rock's chest. "Thanks," he whispered.

"So can we agree to just not bother each other and be sort of neutral acquaintances?" Hunter queried.

Rock paused, taking a deep breath and turning over the possibility in his mind. "I think so," he replied, closing his eyes and nodding to himself. "Hunter?"


"Thank you. For apologizing. It really - really makes things ok." A small smile actually came to Rock's face. "And good luck."

"Huh?" came Hunter's perplexed voice.

Rock grinned. "With Juan."

"Oh." Hunter chuckled. "Thanks. I hope you meet someone nice, Rocky. I really mean that."

"Thank you." Rock's grin remained, although it had morphed into more of a sentimental smile. "Goodbye, Hunter."

"Bye Rocky."

And it was quiet. Rock put down his cell phone, gazing off into space as he replayed the conversation in his head. He was still smiling, relief practically radiating from his face. "I will meet someone nice," he murmured to himself, his smile growing wider as Seann's face flashed into his mind's eye. "I already have." He certainly had, and there was no way he was going to run away from Seann again.

"They really got me today," Seann was saying as he stripped off for the shower, "Andy's assistant on stunts comes up to me and says ,So are you ready for the hill scene tomorrow?', and then starts going on about safety and stuff...I was just about ready to throw a fit! I can handle being hung upside down and swung around, but there's no way I could roll down a mountain without killing myself! So after I've turned white and started sputtering about broken bones, he pats me on the back, breaks out laughing, and tells me not to worry, the stunt doubles are covering it!"

Rock chuckled, stripping off his own clothes and following Seann into the locker room. He hesitated just a moment, waiting for Seann to grab his little shower tote, then grabbing a bottle from his own bag. "I know," he confessed with a grin, "who do you think put him up to it?"

"You bitch!" Seann turned on a showerhead, happy to see that Rock picked the one right beside him. He noticed the bottle in Rock's hand; it was small, and appeared to hold a clear gel, but he couldn't make out the label. "Change your mind on those 'beauty products'?" he questioned.

"Nope." Rock fixed Seann with a gaze so openly lustful that the young actor had to shiver. "I just figured that we might get around to some chest-soaping today, and this might come in handy after that."

Rock held the bottle out, and Seann's eyes widened as he read the label. "KY?" A huge grin overtook his features. "Why Rock, how did you kn-" The Rock's lips were on his in a heartbeat, and his back was connecting with the cool, slick surface of the shower wall. Rock's hands were instantly caressing his chest, stomach, thighs. Seann wrapped his arms around Rock's neck, leaning into the Rock's demanding kiss as the other man possessively caressed every inch of his skin within reach. This was exactly what he wanted. Better than he's pictured it, even.

"Rock," Seann murmured as the Rock pulled back, his already heavy breath growing heavier still as Rock kissed his way down his wet torso, sinking to his knees. Seann gasped as Rock took his swelling cock between his lips, grasping fruitlessly at the bare shower tiles for something to hold onto. It only took a moment for him to give in to his instincts, his hands settling on Rock's head, applying no force, just stroking Rock's short black hair. Rock was bobbing on him one instant, the next drawing back to tease the head of his cock with his tongue, then bobbing again, his lips and the heat of his mouth creating such an amazing sensation that Seann swore he was seeing stars. Then - then the Rock was deepthroating him, and the stars began to whirl before his eyes.

"Rock - Rock I'm gonna - uh - uh!" He tensed, pressing back against the shower wall and letting out a sensuous moan as he came. He jumped as a muscular body pressed against him, gazing briefly into the Rock's passion hazed eyes before his lips were claimed again. They kissed passionately for several minutes, Seann letting his eyes slide closed, his body humming happily with satisfaction. It took him a moment to realize that they weren't yet finished, the evidence of that pressing demandingly against him thigh.

Seann pulled back from the kiss, gazing enchantedly into the Rock's eyes. "Rock," he murmured, his hands now reaching up to explore the man's amazing pecs, "If you wanna fetch that little bottle you brought with you, I think we could put it to good use." His eyes moved to the bottle of lube, which the Rock had dropped to the shower floor upon his charge of Seann.

Rock smiled, again raising his famous eyebrow. "Oh, we will, Seann. But I'd rather have you spread out for me on a soft, warm bed than a cold shower stall." Seann shivered with anticipation at those words. He had a feeling his hard on would be back any minute if Rock stayed so close. "I want this to last more than a few minutes," Rock continued, "and these shower tiles are a bitch on the knees. Let's get rinsed off and into the nearest bed ASAP."

Rock pulled Seann back into the warm spray, taking him into his arms once they were under the hot water and drawing him into a passionate kiss. Seann returned the kiss with passion, musing briefly that they'd be lucky if they managed to make it to a bed.



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