"Hey Lance!" Jeff strode up to the other man, a big grin spread across his face. "Guess what I've got for you?"

 "A date?" Lance asked hopefully.

 Jeff laughed and rolled his eyes. "Sorry, but I'm too busy with hottie chasing and catching to date you. But I made a t-shirt for you!"

 "Really?" Lance asked. "A hottie shirt?" he ventured, remembering the shirts Jeff had given to Jericho and Rob.

 "No, that wouldn't fit you, silly!" Jeff exclaimed. "You're not a hottie; I told you this before, don't you ever listen?"

 Lance sighed. "So what does it say?"

 "Look and see." Jeff held up the shirt proudly.

 " ‘I'm always horny'," Lance read, smiling slightly. "Well, it's hard not to be when I'm around guys who look like you! But I don't know if I could actually wear that..."

 "Wait, you have to read the back!" Jeff exclaimed, flipping the t-shirt around.

 Lance's smile faded as he read. " ‘Because I never get any'."

 "Yep!" Jeff exclaimed. "Isn't it just perfect?"

 "Are you SURE I can't have a hottie shirt?" Lance pleaded.

 "Positive. Ooh, Justin!" Jeff cried, spotting the other athlete and motioning him over. "Come show Lance your shirt!"

 Justin walked over, grinning broadly as he pointed to his t-shirt, which read ‘I belong in a cage..'. "Kinky, isn't it?" he chuckled. He nudged Jeff in the ribs, wiggling his eyebrows. "I bet you want me in a cage, don't you baby?"

 Jeff shook his head. "No. I want RVD in a cage! He is so hot...damn I wish I knew where he was right now so I could chase him!"

 "Um, Justin, have you read the back of your shirt?" Lance inquired, stifling a chuckle as he read the words printed there, which were, ‘...running around on a little wheel."

 Jeff giggled. "Get it? ‘Cos he looks like a hamster, you know?"

 "What?" Justin frowned, craning his neck to try and read the words, with no success. "What's it say?"

 "Nothing." Jeff giggled again. "Hey Justin, can I call you Hamster?"

 "Why?" Justin frowned.

 "Cos you look like one! And I like nicknames. I call Rob ‘Sexy Hot Ass'," Jeff explained.

 "Well, ok, I guess," Justin agreed. "Hamsters are cute, after all."

 "Cool! Hey, wanna go hottie chasing with me?" Jeff offered. "You can chase, like, Rock or something, and I'll chase Sexy Hot Ass!"

 "Can I come?" Lance asked.

 Jeff shook his head. "No. Sorry Lance, but you're just not cut out to be a hottie chaser! Now put your t-shirt on and go find a date!" Jeff ordered before skipping off down the hall with Justin. Lance scowled, tossing the offensive shirt into the garbage and stomping off to try, once again, to find a date.


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