Lance was leaning against the wall backstage, frowning and trying to think of someone who hadn't rejected him yet. He was watching Christian, wishing he could get someone as beautiful and charismatic as the blonde to go out with him. He glanced up at the monitor which Christian was watching, noting that Edge was just heading up the ramp and would be among them shortly.

 Christian smiled and tossed his hair, striking a sexy pose and closing his eyes. He heard footsteps approaching, smiling as he felt another male body draw close. He responded eagerly as arms wrapped around his waist and lips were pressed to his. Feeling a tongue trace along his lips, he gladly opened his mouth, groaning a little as the other man's slippery muscle explored his mouth.

 "Excuse me!"

 Christian's eyes shot open as he heard his lover's voice. "Edge?" he stared at his angry looking lover, then turned with trepidation to look at the man whose arms were still around his waist. "Matt!" Christian cried, shoving the wickedly grinning Hardy away from him.

 "What?" Matt asked, making his eyes wide and innocent.

 "Are you ok, baby?" Edge asked, drawing Christian into his arms and shaking his head at Matt.

 "You trickster!" Christian clicked his tongue at Matt, chuckling softly.

 Matt grinned. "Score one Matt! Ha!"

 Edge rolled his eyes. "You can keep that point, ‘cos I score every night!" With that, he pulled Christian close to him, kissing him passionately and grabbing his ass. Christian moaned, wrapping his arms around Edge's neck and pressing their bodies close together.

 When the couple drew apart, Christian found Matt watching them with a grin. "What?" he asked.

 "I can't watch? You two make a damn pretty picture," Matt told them. "If I can't get anywhere with you, babe, at least I can watch you two, right?"

 Christian and Edge looked at each other and shrugged. "Why not?" Edge replied. "But," he said quickly, "ONLY out here. You can't watch when we - you know."

 "Drat." Matt sidled up to Christian. "Baby, are you sure you want to be with this chumpstain instead of me? If I were with you, I'd let him watch!"

 Christian laughed and shook his head. "How selfless of you Matt. Now shut up and let me get some nookie."

 "Mmm, you want some you got it!" Edge murmured, pulling Christian into a heated kiss, his hands exploring the golden blonde's muscular back.

 They kissed passionately for a moment while feeling each other up, both suddenly drawing apart when they noticed that another face had joined Matt's. "What do you think you're doing?" Edge snapped, glaring at Lance.

 Lance looked between the three men. "I can't watch?"

 "No, you pervert, you can't watch!" Christian exclaimed. "Get lost!"

 Lance's face fell. "But you let him watch!" he exclaimed, pointing to Matt.

 "That's different!" Christian stated.

 "Why?" Lance demanded. "And how come he gets to kiss you?"

 "‘Cos he tricked me! Now get lost and let us make out in peace!" Christian demanded.

 "If I trick you into kissing me, then can I watch you making out?" Lance questioned.

 Edge glared at the other man. "If you ever TOUCH my baby I'll beat you to a pulp!" he exclaimed, tightening his hold on Christian. "He's MINE, got it?!?"

 "Yeah!" Christian exclaimed, leaning against Edge. "Don't you ever touch me! Matt told me about the disgusting, inappropriate thing you said to him. You better not try anything like that with me, ‘cos I'll tell my boyfriend and he'll make you regret it! Stuff like that if called ‘sexual harassment'!"

 "Yeah, and that goes for me too!" Matt exclaimed. "I mean, I don't have a boyfriend, but you better not say anything like that to me again, ‘cos I'm a gentleman, NOT a whore!"

 "But I only said to you what you said to him!" Lance protested.

 "That's different!" Matt insisted. "He knew I was joking. If he thought I wasn't, he would've had Edge beat me up."

 "He wouldn't have had to even ask," Edge put in. "I'd gladly take out some pervert for my baby." He squeezed Christian tightly, laying a kiss on his lover's neck.

 Christian smiled, leaning back and rubbing noses with the taller blonde. "Love you baby," he murmured.

 "Love you too," Edge replied with a grin.

 "But...but he really did kiss you!" Lance objected, pointing to Matt. "How come you let him kiss you and get away with it."

 Christian looked away from Edge for long enough to glare at Lance. "Because. Now GO AWAY!" he exclaimed. "Go find some action of your OWN, why don't you!"

 Lance sighed, shaking his head and heading off in search of someone, anyone, who would go out with him.


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