Jeff held the ‘magic' perfume bottle, for which he had paid $53 dollars to Perry Saturn, in his palm, carefully reading the instructions. Perry had assured him that he need only spray himself with a bit of the perfume, and the first man who saw him would fall madly in lust with him. Jeff had planned everything very carefully. He was wearing his sexiest see-through shirt and his tightest, cutest pants. He was standing in the hall just a few door down from Rob's dressing room. In order to get to his room, Rob would have to pass by him, but wouldn't be able to see him until they were right next to each other. Jeff couldn't wait to finally get his favorite hottie to chase into bed. In the bag slung over his shoulder, he had a large supply of condoms and lube, just to make sure they were prepared.

 Hearing voices, Jeff peaked down the hall. He saw Rob and Raven approaching. Knowing Raven's dressing room was down the hall the two men were about to cross, Jeff quickly doused himself with the perfume, tossing the still mostly full bottle into his bag quickly. He struck a sexy pose, his heart beat quickening as he heard steps approaching.

 He was about to pounce as a strong male figure walked through the door. However, before he could move he noticed that the man before him was Raven, not Rob. "Egomaniac," Raven was muttering, not yet noticing Jeff. " ‘Just get my shirt and bag and I'll meet you there'," he mimicked, shaking his head. "Next time I'll tell him to get his OWN damn bag!" Suddenly the dark man stepped muttering, sniffing the air and looking up abruptly, his eyes falling on Jeff.

 "Uh." Jeff cleared his throat, feeling extremely disappointed. "Hey."

 "Hey indeed." Raven's eyes ran predatorily over Jeff's body. With a swift motion, he backed the younger Hardy against the wall, pressing their bodies together. "I'm not busy tonight; what do you say you come with me and we have a little fun?" Raven growled, grabbing a hold of Jeff's wrist and trying to pull him down the hall.

 "What?" Jeff squeaked, rooted where he stood.

 Raven gave him a wicked grin. "Don't play innocent, baby. I want it, and I know you do to."

 "I - I don't think you're thinking clearly," Jeff stuttered, cursing the perfume, which apparently worked extremely well, as Raven had on previous encounters treated him only as an annoying nuisance and barely acknowledged his existence.

 "On second thought, I like this innocent act," Raven growled, tugging on Jeff's arm. "Let's go baby! We'll have so much fun tonight! Just don't count on being able to walk tomorrow!"

 "Um, actually, uh, I have other plans!" Jeff exclaimed.

 "Forget them." Raven licked his lips as he looked Jeff over. "Just picture it baby. I'll take you back to my hotel room, tie you up, whip you until you bleed for me, then fuck that ass through the mattress! Now come on."

 "I don't wanna," Jeff whimpered, looking petrified.

 Raven's eyes darkened. "I SAID I want you! Now you're coming with me!" He grabbed Jeff, throwing him over his shoulder. Holding onto him by his ass, he started to carry the protesting wrestler down the hall.

 "MAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!" Jeff screamed, pounding on Raven's back. "Somebody!!! Heeeeeeeelllllppppp!!!!!!!!! Help help help help help!"

 Suddenly someone tackled Raven from behind, sending both Jeff and Raven tumbling to the floor. As Raven hit the floor, he shook his head, looking around him confusion. He glanced at Jeff, looking extremely annoyed. "Watch your step, you clumsy Hardy Toy," he muttered, picking himself up, dusting off his clothes, and making a hasty retreat.

 "Oh, thank GOD," Jeff exclaimed. "I am never trusting Perry Saturn again! I could've been seriously injured!" He shuttered at the thought of spending the night in Raven's hotel room.

 "Can I help you up?" Lance, Jeff's savior of the hour, offered.

 "Sure." Jeff took Lance's hand and let the other man pull him onto his feet, becoming his usual, perky self the second he was up. "Thanks buddy," he told Lance, immediately looking around for any of his favorite hotties.

 "So..." Lance took a step closer to Jeff, raising his eyebrows. "I did just come to your defense you know...I saved you."

 Jeff blinked, peering at Lance. "Yeah, and?"

 "Well, uh, don't you think maybe a 'thank you' is in order?" Lance asked hopefully.

 "I said thanks," Jeff replied, giving Lance a funny look.

 "Well, yeah, but I meant like, maybe the come-back-to-my-hotel-room-with-me kind of thank you," Lance suggested.

 Jeff frowned, putting his hands on his hips. "You know Lance, Matt told me you were saying inappropriate things to him, but I didn't really listen 'cos I don't like to think bad of people! So for the sake of, I'll just ignore that. Just for the record, I'm not that easy!" Jeff looked over Lance, still frowning. "And WHY aren't you wearing your t-shirt?"

 "Um..." Lance cleared his throat. "Well, uh, it was SO great, I wore it all weekend, and now I have to wash it before I can wear it again."

 "Oh. Well I want to see you in it soon!" Jeff stated. "Now, let's forget that and get onto more important things. Do you know where Rob is?"

 Lance sighed. "I think I saw him in the catering room," he muttered.

 "Thanks! Yay, time for hottie chasing!" Jeff exclaimed as he bounced off down the hall.


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