Lance was excited. Finally, after hours and hours of searching, he had found himself a date. Sure, it wasn't with his first choice; it wasn't with someone as beautiful as Christian, as perky of Jeff, or as sensual as Matt. But it was date none the less. Lance stood outside the locker room of his date for the night, telling himself to relax and just act casual. He raised his hand to knock on the door, smoothing down his tshirt and putting on a big smile.

 Spike Dudley opened the door, smiling back at Lance. "Hey," he greeted. "I'm ready to go, just let me grab me bag." He stepped back into the room momentarily, slung his bag over his shoulder, then stepped out into the hallway with Lance. "So," Spike began, shoving his hands into his pockets and smiling shyly at the other man. "What do you want to do tonight?"

 "Uh, I don't know. Maybe, um, we could go to dinner and a movie or something?" Lance suggested.

 Spike nodded. "That sounds like fun." He smiled, chuckling softly. "But I gotta warn you, I haven't been out on a date forever! And now because of this Molly angle all the guys seem to think I'm straight. I was just so happy to get asked out again!"

 "I'm glad." Lance smiled back at him. "It's been a long time since I've been on a date, too."

 "Well, I guess we're in the same boat, then," Spike observed. "Come on, we should head out if we wanna catch any good shows."

 They turned and started to walk away, when they heard heavy footsteps behind them. "Spike!" a deep voice called. Both men turned, seeing Big Show lumbering down the hall towards them. "Hey," Show greeted, smiling shyly at Spike. "I'm glad I caught you before you left."

 "Is something wrong?" Spike asked, looking a little concerned.

 "No. It's just, um..." Show swallowed. "There's something I need to tell you, Spike. I know I should've told you a long time ago, but, well, I was scared." He took a deep breath, then continued. "You're so small compared to me, I've been kinda afraid to hang out with you. I mean, I'm more than three times your size! I was kinda afraid I'd accidently crush you or something."

 Spike laughed, taking Show's hands in his. "You don't need to worry about that, Show. It doesn't matter how big we are, we can still be friends."

 "Yeah." Show glanced down at their joined hands, he large thumb tracing across the back of Spike's hand. "The thing is, Spike, I want us to be more than friends. I've been afraid to say anything, but, I - I think I love you."

 Spike's eyes widened, his mouth falling open a little. "Oh, Show, do you mean it?" he gasped.

 "Yeah. I think I love you," Show confirmed.

 "Oh, Show!" Spike jumped into Show's arms, hugging the giant tightly. "I think I love you too!" he exclaimed. "I just didn't want to say anything ‘cos I didn't think you felt that way about me!" He pulled the giant into a heated kiss, his arms wrapping around Show's neck while Show's giant hands wrapped around his slender waist. They both smiled dazzlingly at each other as they drew back. "Do you want to - you know?" Spike asked hopefully, raising his eyebrows as he wrapped his legs around Show's waist.

 "Are you sure I won't crush you?" Show asked, looking concerned.

 Spike laughed. "Well I have no intention of letting you lie on top of me! But I want you." Remembering Lance's presence, Spike glanced at the other man, shooting him an apologetic look. "I'm really sorry Lance," he apologized.

 Lance sighed deeply. "It's ok," he muttered, watching with a frown as the only man who had agreed to go out with him was carried back into his locker room by his soon to be lover. He sighed, fingering the bottle he had in his pocket. It was the lust-perfume which Jeff had bought from Perry Saturn, and then sold to Lance after thoroughly denouncing it. Lance shrugged, figuring he might as well try it. He hoped that no one like Raven would come by and try to carry him off as he sprayed a bit on himself, then shoved the bottle back in his pocket and leaned against the wall, a little afraid to go anywhere.

 A second later, the door next to him flew open, the Big Show striding out of the room. "Spike forget his bag," he told Lance, scooping up the smaller man's bag. He turned, about to walk back into the locker room when his nostrils twitched. He turned to Lance, dropping Spike's bag onto the ground. Lance gulped when he saw the look in the behemoth's eyes. Show grinned, walking over to Lance and wrapping his arms around the other man's waist, pinning him back against the wall. "You know, I never noticed how cute you really are," Show growled. "You're a damn fine looking little twink."

 "Uh, I, uh," Lance stuttered, trying to figure out how he could get away from the enchanted giant. Before he could do anything, Show yanked him off his feet, dragging him a foot up the wall and crushing their lips together. Lance struggled to push him back, but his weak efforts had no effort on the huge man.

 While their lips were still crushed together, the door swung open again, a small blonde stepping out. "Show, what - " Spike's eyes bugged when he spotted Show and Lance kissing, choking on his own words. He stood there speechless, his mouth hanging open. Lance struggled to get away from Show and explain, his struggles causing the potion bottle to slip out of his pocket and clatter to the floor. Spike bent and picked it up, his eyes narrowing as he read the hand-written label. "You BITCH!" he screamed, his eyes darkening dangerously with anger. "I cancel out date, and you try and SEDUCE the man I love?!?" he let out a roar that seemed far too loud for his body, his hands clenching into tight balls.

 Show blinked as Spike's angry scream tore through his ears. He drew back, his brow furrowing. "What the hell am I doing?" he muttered, letting Lance slide back down the wall and onto his feet.

 "He drugged you!" Spike screeched, shoving the potion bottle into his lover's large hands. As Show read over the label, Spike tackled Lance, spearing him onto the floor. "You bitch! You horrible bitch!" Spike screamed, proceeding to punch Lance everywhere he could, then, when he tired of that, resorting to grabbing Lance by his ears and banging his head into the ground. "I'll kill you you bitch!" Spike screamed.

 "Spike." Show pulled his lover off the luckless Storm, wrapping his arms around the smaller man's waist. "Forget him. I want you."

 Spike instantly melted into Show's arms, sharing a passionate kiss with the giant as they disappeared into the dressing room. Lance groaned, picking himself up off the floor and heading for his car, wishing he'd never even bothered to try and find a date.


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