Jeff Hardy stepped out of his locker room, stopping quickly to avoid colliding with Lance Storm, who had just stepped in front of him.

 "Hey Jeff," Lance greeted with a wide smile.

 "Hey." Jeff shoved his hands into his pockets, looking at Lance inquiringly. "Did you want something?" he asked after a moment of silence.

 "Well, actually, I was wondering if you'd like to chase me," Lance told him, pointing to Jeff's tshirt, which read ‘I love hottie chasing'.

 Jeff glanced down at his shirt, then back up at Lance, an inquiring look on his face. "Yeah, and why would I want to chase you?"

 Lance frowned a little. "Well, you like doing that, right?"

 "But I only chase hotties," Jeff explained.

 "Aren't I a hottie?" Lance asked.

 Jeff laughed, shaking his head. "No offense, Lance, but you just don't qualify as a hottie. Guys like you and Benoit and Hardcore might be cute in your own way, but you're not hotties. Hotties are - " Jeff stopped, a smile creeping over his face as he saw Rob Van Damn emerge from a dressing room just down the hall. He gestured to the charismatic superstars, grinning widely. "Now THAT, Lance, is a hottie! Rooooobbbbbb!" he called, waving to the other man. Rob looked up and paled upon spotting the other man, dashing off down the hall.

 Jeff chuckled, turning momentarily back to Lance. "Rob and I have this GREAT arrangement. I get to chase him all over, and he pretends to be disgusted and runs away as fast as he can. It's so much fun! Catch ya later Lance!" With that, Jeff took off full speed after Rob, looking happy as can be as the pursuit began.

 "Drat," Lance stated, frowning deeply. He turned when he heard the door behind him opening, quickly plastering a smile on his face when he saw Matt Hardy emerge from the dressing room. "Hey Matt," he greeted.

 "Oh, hey," Matt replied.

 "So, do you like hottie chasing?" Lance ventured.

 Matt rolled his eyes. "As if. That's JEFF'S thing. I don't copy my brother. Do you see me wearing that stupid tshirt he had made for me?"

 "Oh. Well, anyway, I was wondering if you might like to - " Lance began, stopping when Matt's attention was distracted by another opening door. Christian stepped out, only to be tackled a moments later by a very predatory looking Matt. Matt grabbed the golden blonde around the waist, holding him tightly and lifting him slightly into the air.

 "Matt!" Christian cried, glaring at the brunette. "Put me down!"

 "That's what you always say, baby," Matt growled, wiggling his eyebrows at Christian.

 "Well I always mean it." Christian squirmed in Matt's hold.

 "I'll put you down when you agree to meet me tonight," Matt demanded.

 Christian chuckled. "I think my boyfriend might have something to say about that, Matt."

 "Aw, can't he share?" Matt teased.

 "I'm afraid he's not very good at that. Now if you can't put me down I'll call him, and he'll come out here and beat your ass!"

 "He wouldn't do that," Matt replied.

 "Edge!" Christian yelled.

 "Matt, whatever you're doing, stop it," came Edge's voice from inside the locker room.

 Matt frowned, setting Christian down. "How does he always know it's me?" he whined.

 "Because it's always you!" Christian exclaimed.

 "Aw come on baby," Matt purred, leaning against the wall. "What's he got to offer you that I don't?"

 "A lot." Christian crossed his arms over his chest. "For one thing, several more inches."

 "But don't they say that doesn't matter?" Matt inquired.

 "Well for a guy like me, it does," Christian replied. He raised an eyebrow. "And from what I've heard, Matt, you could use a lot more practice in the bedroom."

 Matt scooted closer to the golden blonde, raising his eyebrows. "Wanna help me get some experience between the sheets, baby."

 Christian just rolled his eyes. "That's ok, I think I'll stick with Edge. Catch ya later, Matt."

 "Yeah, later." Matt chuckled, walking back to where Lance was standing as Christian stepped back into his dressing room.

 Lance sidled up to Matt, raising you eyebrows. "How ‘bout I help you get some more practice between the sheets?" he offered.

 "How DARE you!" Matt huffed, looking outraged. He slapped Lance across the face, glaring at him menacingly. "I am NOT that kind of boy! And don't you ever talk to me that way again!" He stomped angrily away, leaving a disappointed Lance wondering if he would ever get laid.


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