*A hotel room, late at night*

 "Hand me that bottle, would you?"

 "Get it yourself, you are 'in charge', right?"

 "Edge, don't be so grumpy! You agreed to this, fair and square!"

 "I did not! You tricked me with your little 'I'm so afraid of snakes' act."

 "It wasn't an act, I don't like snakes."

 "Yeah, well the way you held that big one at the end kind of made me doubt that!"

 "Well maybe you helped me get over my fear."

 "Yeah sure. Can we please just call this off? I like to lead, you know that. I don't like the idea of you leading."

 "So I'm not competent to lead now?"

 "That's not what I mean, baby. Look, I love you and all, but wouldn't it be easier if you just let me take charge?"

 "Nope, sorry. You agreed. Now relax."

 "Well I still object to - hey, ow, that hurts!"

 "It wouldn't if you'd relax! Come on Edge, if you ruin this I won't sleep with you for a month!"


 "A month?"

 "A whole month."

 "Fine, fine, I'm sorry. Is that better?"

 "Mmm, much. Does this feel ok?"

 "It hurts a bit, but I guess it should. You do realize its been years since I did this?"

 "All the better, my dear. Means you'll be nice and tight. God you look gorgeous like that!"

 "Christian, you know where flattery will get you!"

 "Anywhere and everywhere?"

 "Damn, you know me too well. How does this look?"

 "Beautiful. Ooh, do that again. Wow you look hot! I can't wait. Hang on a moment."

 "I'm ready you know. If I'm gonna do this, don't make me wait!"

 "I forgot how darn impatient you are sometimes. Ok, now hang on, this is gonna hurt a bit."

 "I know, I know."

 Quiet grunting, a soft moan or two.

 "Oh Edge I forgot how good this feels!"

 "Me too. Oh, move baby, move! Oh yeah, like that!"

 "Like this? Like THIS?"

 "Yes! Oh god that's the spot! Harder!"

 "Oh Edge!"


 Moaning and incoherent words, followed by two loud cries and heavy panting.

 "Oh god. That was so good, baby."

 "Liked it with me leading, huh?"

 "Hell yeah."

 "I knew you would. So can I lead again sometime, then?"

 "I'll think about it. Oh who am I kidding. Is tomorrow soon enough for you?"

 "Perfect! I love you, baby."

 "I love you too."


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