"He ready?" Kane demanded, pacing anxiously back and forth in the hall of the hotel.

 "He's ready," Hurricane affirmed perkily, gesturing towards the door of their hotel room. "Would you like me to give you some time alone?"

 "No." Kane flipped his hair over his shoulders, his eyes narrowing. "I want you to watch. It'll be more humiliating that way."

 "As you wish." Hurricane held open the door, allowing Kane to enter, then stepping into the room himself, closing and locking the door behind him.

 Kane turned cold eyes on the bed, where a naked HHH was handcuffed to the headboard, still unconscious from the blow they had knocked him out with. Hurricane bounced over to the bed and quickly waved smelling salts beneath the Game's nose, bouncing quickly away to a corner of the room to watch as Hunter began to stir.

 "What the hell?" Hunter tried to sit up, scowling and yanking at the cuffs that were binding him. He tried to look tough as he scowled in Kane's direction, but his fear was all too plain to see. "What kind of sick joke is this?"

 "Just repaying a favor." Kane grinned menacingly, climbing onto the bed and staring coldly at the Game. "Thought your little act tonight was pretty funny, didn't you?"

 "Look, Kane," Hunter tried, "it was a joke, ok! It was in bad taste, I admit, and I'm sorry."

 "Not yet you're not," Kane growled, sliding up the bed. He set his hand and HHH's bare thigh, his fingers tracing up towards Hunter's groin.

 "Kane, please," Hunter pleaded, his breath growing shallow from fear. "I didn't mean what I said about you, any of it! It was all Flair's idea, he forced me to go along with it! I - I didn't have a choice!"

 "Right." Kane chuckled as he lay his large frame down on top of Hunter's helpless body, shoving the blonde's legs apart violently. "I'm sure he forced you through the whole fucking disgusting skit! You wanna fuck with me, Hunter, then I'm gonna give you your wish. You should learn that this is what you get when you go too far."

 Hunter, such a strong, arrogant man on camera, was struggling desperately to pull his hands out of the cuffs, tears actually in his chocolate brown eyes. "God, Kane, please don't do this!" he choked, very aware that Kane was deadly serious this time. "Don't rape me, please!"

 "Why Hunter, what's the problem?" Kane mocked, slipping down his pants while he spoke and grinding his groin into Hunter. "You can fuck a dead girl, but you can't take a little cock?"

 "I'm not a fag!" Hunter cried, tears now trickling down his cheeks. "I have a girlfriend, we sleep together all the time! I don't fucking do that!"

 "If you ask me, you've been begging to get some respect fucked into you," Kane sneered. "I didn't ask you to smear my reputation and accuse me of all that sick shit, so I really couldn't fucking care less what you want right now. I bet you'll like it." Kane chuckled, running a finger across Hunter's wet cheek. "You're just a little closet cock whore, aren't you? I bet you want me to ram my cock up your ass and fuck you ‘til you bleed."

 "No! No, please, don't, please!" Hunter sobbed, his composure utterly abandoned in the humiliating situation. "Kane, p-please, I'll take it all back, I'll apologize on air! I'll - I'll lay down for you and let you have the title! Please!"

 "It's nice and big, you know," Kane continued, not even acknowledging Hunter's words. "Nice and thick. So big and thick that Hurricane over there could barely take it."

 "I could take it!" Hurricane pouted to himself, watching intently as Kane shoved Hunter's legs further apart.

 "You wanna feel what I felt when I saw your little ‘joke'?" Kane growled, grabbing Hunter's ass and spreading the cheeks, positioning the head of his cock at the Game's unprepared entrance. He laughed menacingly, tossing his hair back as he pushed the tip inside, ignoring Hunter's scream of pain. He pushed in further, not stopping until every inch of his throbbing cock was buried deep inside his unwilling prey. "Like that?" he growled to Hunter, who was thrashing his head in agony. He snatched a cloth from the nightstand, shoving it into Hunter's mouth. "I don't think I want to hear any more from you. Just relax and enjoy it, baby." He laughed as he thrust roughly into HHH, groaning his enjoyment as he roughly fucked the helpless man.

 Hunter ceased his pointless struggling, instead squeezing his eyes tightly shut against the flow of tears which had already soaked his cheeks. He was used to pain, but never before had he felt anything near this. When he tore his quad, the pain had been agonizing, day in and day out. But this was a far worse pain, because this time, it wasn't just the physical pain. It was the humiliation, the invasion, the violation. He was helpless to stop the rape of his body, and the intimate violation tore him apart like nothing had ever done. He couldn't help the sobs which wracked his body, totally unable to suppress them, and too violated to care. He hated the throbbing cock within his most intimate area more than anything in the world, wanting nothing more than to have it gone, and for the nightmare to be over.

 Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he felt a warm, gooey explosion inside his torn up body, crying with relief as Kane's cock withdrew from his orifice. Kane leaned over Hunter, an evil look in his eyes. "Was that good for you, baby?" he mocked. "It was? Mmm, I thought so." He laughed, standing and stretching out of his large body. "I'm gonna shower to get the smell of the whore off me," he announced, glancing distastefully as Hunter. "But I think I'll leave you just as you are. You'll probably want another good hard fuck later, you little cock whore." He snorted, walking to the bathroom and closing the door behind him. Hunter just sobbed, his eyes growing red and swollen as tears continued to drip down his cheeks.

 In the corner, Hurricane sat on the floor, curled up with his arms wrapped around his knees. He was staring at the bed, still shocked and horrified at what he had seen. It hasn't gone at all as he had expected, and what he had scene has frightened him to the very core of his being. Their plan had been simple; they would capture HHH, make him helpless, and scare him enough to teach him a lesson. Kane was supposed to pretend like he was going to hurt Hunter, until Hunter broke and begging for mercy. They might have left him tied up all night, just to cement the lesson they wanted him to learn, but they weren't actually going to hurt him.

 The plan had never been for Kane to rape Hunter. Hurricane would never have gone along with that. He had watched, horrified, as Kane had violated a sobbing, broken Game, wanting with every fiber of his being to stop what was happening, but knowing that he couldn't make a dent in the powerful, angry behemoth.

 Now, he sat shivering in the corner, wanting to run and take Hunter with him, but afraid to do that, for fear that Kane might do to him when he did to Hunter. Slowly, his body shaking, Hurricane rose to his feet, forcing himself to move, one slow step at a time, to the be where Hunter lay weeping. He felt his own eyes fill with tears as he looked over the broken man on the bed, thinking that no human deserved to be treated that way, no matter how terrible his judgement might have been. There was a trail of bleed seeping from the area between Hunter's legs, the sight of it turning Hurricane's stomach.

 He took a deep breath, grabbing a sheet from the end of the bed and pulling it to cover the tall blonde. He wanted to say something, to try to comfort the leonine man, but he knew that without his aid, Kane could never have done with he did, and that Hunter's blood was on his own hands. The guilt he felt was so crushing that he couldn't get a word out, turning away, ashamed, from the sight of what he had helped to do.

 He jumped as the bathroom door opened, Kane stepping out, naked, looking happy and refreshed. "I love a good shower. I'm so glad we did this, Hurricane, I feel so much better now!" He grinned, walking over to Hurricane and sweeping the smaller man into his arms. "Let's go to bed and celebrate, hmm?" he growled, grasping Hurricane's ass possessively.

 "Ok," Hurricane whispered, quickly stripping and climbing into bed once Kane put him down. He lay on his back, spreading his legs and letting Kane settle between them, the giant seeming not to notice how stiff his partner was.

 "God do I want you," Kane growled, quickly snatching the lube off the nightstand and slicking his cock with it. "You ok with no prep if I go slow?"

 "Yes," Hurricane whispered, his voice barely audible. He closed his eyes as Kane began to inch into him, trying desperately to think of anything but the present situation as the same cock which had so violently ravaged Hunter slid into of him.

"Let's go," Kane shouldered his bag, heading for the door.

 Hurricane quickly followed, still quiet and very much afraid of his large lover. "You just want to leave him?" he asked softly, glancing to Hunter, who was still chained to the bed. The Game's torture had not been over after the first time the previous night, Kane having raped him twice more, taunting the broken man all the while.

 "Yeah, leave the whore for someone else to deal with." Kane smirked. "This is just the way he deserves to be found. He's gotten exactly what he deserved!" The giant cast one more glance in Hunter's direction, then turned, leaving the room. Hurricane hurried after, afraid to make his lover angry by lingering. He caught sight of Ric Flair anxiously pacing down the hall as they headed for the elevator, glancing at Kane to make sure he wasn't looking, then quicky flipping open the fastenings on his own suitcase, his clothes falling all over the floor.

 "Holy mess, Kane, I've dropped by luggage!" he exclaimed, trying to sound like his usual mess.

 Kane glanced at the clothes all over the floor and chuckled. "How the hell did you do that?"

 "I must have forgotten to do up my bag." Hurricane bent to retrieve his clothes, beginning to stuff them back into his suitcase. "You just go ahead, I'll meet you in the lobby. You can check out while I clean this up."

 "Sound good. See you in a few minutes." Kane headed off down the hall, Hurricane heaving a huge sigh of relief as the giant disappeared into an elevator.

Hurricane sprinted down the hall, running up to Ric and grabbing the older man's arm, pulling him down the hall. "Mr. Flair, you've gotta come with me, quickly!"

 "Get your hands off me!" Flair slapped Hurricane's hand away, scowling at the young man. "I can't deal with your silly superhero garbage now! Hunter is missing, and we can't find him anywhere!"

 "Mr. Flair, I know where he is!" Hurricane insisted. "He - he's in trouble, Mr. Flair. He's hurt." His voice dropped in volume as he spoke, getting so quiet it could barely be heard.

 "Take me to him!" Flair ran after Hurricane, who led him to the room he and Kane had shared the previous night.

 "Before you go in, I have to tell you - " Hurricane choked out, his eyes filling with tear. "I - I never meant for this is happen! I never meant for this to happen! Kane, he's gone crazy! He - he - " Hurricane stopped, shaking his head and wiping at his eyes. "I have to go, he'll come back up here if I don't meet him downstair. But it's not pretty in there." Wiping at his eyes again, he ran off down the hall, not wanting to spend another second near the room where the most horrible thing he had seen in his life had occurred.

 Ric watched him go, then turned his eyes to the room door, almost afraid to know what was inside. He took a deep breath, then turned the nob and opened the door, stepping into the room quickly, before he changed his mind. His mouth fell open, his eyes widening in horror at the sight before him. Hunter was handcuffed to the head, naked, his face wet and tear swollen, and, worst of all, leaking blood from between his legs. He was gagged with a handkerchief, his wrists rubbed raw from his struggling.

 "Oh my god," Ric gasped, hardly able to take in the horror of what must have occurred in that room. A whimper from Hunter snapped him out of his trance, his parental instincts kicking in immediately. He rushed to Hunter's side, pulling the gag from Hunter's mouth and wrapping his arms around the muscular blonde, pressing Hunter's face to his chest and stroking his hair soothingly. "Hunter, honey, don't you panic. You'll be ok. I'm here for you, I won't let anyone touch you, ok." Hunter just sobbed, burying his face in his mentor's chest, his agonized sobs brining tears to Ric's eyes as well.

Hours later, after fighting Hunter tooth and nail to let a doctor examine him, which the broken blonde had finally allowed, Ric had gotten his pupil cleaned up and settled into bed, where he now lay, staring unseeing into space.

 "Hunter," Ric whispered, sitting lightly on the edge of the bed. "It's gonna be ok."

 "No," Hunter whispered, startling Ric, as it was the first time he had spoken since he was found. "It'll never be ok. Ric, he - he - " Hunter took a deep, shuddering breath. "He raped me, Ric. He raped him. How can I ever feel the same again? How can I face the guys in the locker room with any pride? How can I ever look my girlfriend in the eyes again?"

 "Hunter, I've called the best psychiatrist in this country," Ric told him softly, "We're gonna get you talking to him, when you're ready. In a little bit, when you feel stronger, I'll take you home, where you know you'll be safe."

 "Will you stay with me?" Hunter whispered, turning pleading eyes on the older mans, his mentor.

 "Of course. As long as you need me," Ric promised, sliding his hand under the covers and grasping Hunter's hand in his, squeezing it tightly in reassurance. He gazed at Hunter, who looked like there was something he wanted to ask, but wasn't quite willing to say it. "Do you want me to hold you?" Ric asked, remembering the crisis his son David had gone through, and the fragile state David then, and Hunter now, had to be in.

 "Yes," Hunter whispered. "Just don't let him touch me. Every again." His eyes, full of such power and pride just a day ago, were now like those of a frightened child.

 Ric kicked off his shoes, sliding under the covers and pulling Hunter into his arms. He wrapped his arms around Hunter's back as the larger man cuddled up to him, stroking Hunter's long blonde hair soothingly. "Just relax," Ric breathed softly. "No one can hurt you now, Hunter. It's ok. Just relax." He continued to talk softly, his arms holding the frightened man tightly. Gradually, the tension in Hunter's body eased, until he eventually drifted off to sleep, secure in Ric's warm embrace.


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