At last, it was over. Hunter and Sean had been exposed, and they would terrorize the wrestlers of the WWF no more. It had been a week since Adam and Jay's plan to bust the sadistic duo had succeeded. They were finally able to relax again as they returned to their comfortable room at the hotel.

 "Just think Jay, we'll never have to see Hunter's face again," Adam said as they entered their hotel room.

 "Don't be so sure," a threatening voice said. Hunter stepped out of the shadows. Sean stepped into the light from the other side of the room. He had a gun pointed at the two frightened blondes. "You two meddlers spoiled my plan," Hunter said, his voice low and dangerous. "For that you will pay dearly." Hunter and Sean advanced on Adam and Jay. Hunter seized Jay around the throat. "Especially you, Jay Reso. You should've kept your mouth shut about what you saw." He pushed Jay back between the room's two beds and rammed him against the wall.

 "Please don't kill me," Jay whimpered.

 "Oh, I won't." Hunter's eyes were glowing in the dim light. "That would be far too mild a punishment for you." Sean grabbed Adam and flung him onto his knees, pointing the gun at his head. "I'm going to give you a choice, Reso." Hunter smiled sadistically. "You get to choose wether your friend lives."

 Jay was shaking with fear. "Please don't hurt him," he begged. "I'll do whatever you want, just don't hurt him!"

 "You know what I want?" Hunter settled himself on the bed behind him. "I want you to come over here and give it up to me while your friend watches."

 "No!" Jay didn't move. "I can't do that, not that!"

 Hunter pulled off his shirt. "This is your chance, Reso. Do you want him to die?" He gestured toward Adam, who was shaking violently from the feel of the barrel pressed against his temple. "I wanted something worse than death," Hunter continued. "Well, what could be worse than this for you?" Hunter narrowed his eyes when Jay still didn't move.

 "Fine. If I can't get it from you, I'll take it from him!" Hunter yanked Adam out of Sean's hold and shoved him onto the floor. He began kissing Adam ferociously as he pinned him down and pulled off his belt.

 "No, stop!" Jay cried, "Stop, I'll do it! I'll do it!"

 Hunter climbed off of Adam and returned to the bed, where he made short work of removing the rest of his clothing. "You'd better lose your clothes, Reso," Hunter commanded. "I am NOT a patient man."

 Trembling, Jay obeyed. He sat on the bed next to Hunter, not sure what to do next. "Have you ever had sex with a man before?" Hunter asked. Jay shook his head. "I didn't think so. Don't worry, I'll show you." He pressed Jay onto his back and climbed on top of him. Sean pulled Adam back up and forced him to watch as Hunter brutally ravished his life-long best friend.

 "Oh god, no more!" Jay cried. "No more!" Hunter forced him to continue. After what seemed like hours, Hunter dropped Jay's naked form back onto the bed. Jay lay motionless while Hunter threw his clothes back on and headed for the door, kicking Adam in the stomach before he left.

 "That'll teach you to mess with me," Hunter growled as he slammed the door behind himself and Sean.

 "Jay!" Adam crawled over to the bed where he friend was silently sobbing into the sheets. Jay fell into Adam's arms, weeping like he had never wept before. "You should've let him have me, Jay, you should've just let him have me," Adam said, tears pouring down his face.

 "No," Jay choked out, "He wanted me. I was the one he was after. But oh, god, he was right! I wish he would've killed me. Anything rather than that!"

 "Don't say that, Jay," Adam whispered, "It's over now."

 "Not to me!" Jay's sobs were lessening, but his breathing was ragged and he was shaking. "I can still see it, I can still feel it, it's not over to me! I need you to take it away, Adam, I need you to clean me. Please, Adam, make it stop! Make it stop!" Jay begged.

 "I don't know how to!" Adam cried.

 "Please, Adam, my mind doesn't work! It feels like it's going to explode. I need you to distract me, comfort me, make me forget! I don't want to live like this, I can't! Save me Adam!"


 Jay looked up into Adam's eyes pleadingly. "Make love to me, Adam. Make love to me."

 "Jay, no!" Adam protested. "How could that help you? You're not thinking clearly, I won't!"

 "I need you to take his touch away, Adam! I need you to replace it with yours. Because yours is sweet and gentle. I can't bare feeling his any more! Please take it away. I need you to calm me, I need you to love me! Please," Jay begged, "Please, Adam." Adam still refused. "Oh, please, god, Adam, please!" Jay sobbed.

 Slowly, hesitantly, Adam moved forward to meet his friend's lips. Jay began to relax as Adam kissed him. "Yes. Yes, it's working," Jay breathed as he lay back on the bed. He closed his eyes as Adam kissed him again. His breathing began to even out and peace began to seep into his mind. Adam was gentle. Blissfully gentle.

The next morning Jay awoke to find Adam lying in front of him. He wrapped his arm around Adam's waist, taking comfort in Adam's warmth against him. He felt surprisingly peaceful. He didn't regret what they had done. It had saved him. His mind had been about to fall into a fiery abyss he could never have found his way out of, but Adam had saved him.

 When Adam woke up several minutes later he tried to climb out of the bed. "No, don't leave me," Jay begged, beginning to panic. He pulled Adam back to him, tightening his hold on his friend.

 "I won't, then." Adam turned to face Jay, tenderly brushing a strand of hair out of Jay's face. "Did I do the right thing, Jay?" Adam asked. "Should I have done that?"

 "Oh, yes. You saved me Adam," Jay replied. "I needed it, and I need you now more than ever. Don't leave me, I need you right here."

 "We can't stay in bed all day. We have a flight to catch tonight." Adam searched Jay's eyes. "Do you still want to go? Should we call the police?"

 Jay shook his head. "Hunter's far away by now. Besides, they're already looking for him. Adam!" he cried as Adam got out of the bed again.

 "I'm just going to get us some breakfast," Adam assured him. "You have to eat. I'll be right back, ok?"

 "I don't want you to leave." There were tears in Jay's eyes. "I can't be alone. Not right now."

 "Alright. I'll call room service and order something, ok?"

 "No, I don't want that. I don't want any strangers coming by here. Only people I trust. I can't handle anything else right now," Jay said.

 Adam thought for a moment. "Why don't I see if Chris and Drew are in?" he suggested. "Is that ok?" Jay nodded. Adam picked up the phone and punched in their friends' room number.

 "Hello?" Chris answered.

 "Morning Chris. This is Adam. Listen, do you think you could run down to the café and pick us up some breakfast?"

 "Why can't you do it yourself?" Chris demanded.

 "Jay's not feeling well and he doesn't want me to leave."

 "Well, that's a crappy excuse, but alright. But you owe me for this, Copeland."

 "Fair enough." Adam hung up the phone. "Chris' getting it," he told Jay.

 "That's good. I like Chris. Come back to bed, Adam." Jay held out his arms.

 "Shouldn't I get dressed so I can take the food when Chris comes?" Adam pointed out.

 "He'll be a few minutes," Jay replied. "Just curl up with me again, it makes me feel better."

 "Alright." Adam crawled back into Jay's arms. Jay sighed and squeezed Adam tightly. Adam had to ask Jay to let go when a knock came at the door a while later. Jay did so reluctantly. Adam pulled on a robe and opened the door a crack.

 "Room service sir, I believe you ordered breakfast?" Chris handed two trays to Adam. "Hey hey hey." He held out his hand to stop Adam from closing the door. "So what's so wrong with Jay that you can't leave him for a second?"

 "He's just feeling poorly," Adam replied.

 "Big deal, everyone gets sick occasionally. What's special about this time?" Chris pressed.

 "Um, well - "Adam glanced back at Jay.

 "It's ok, you can let him in," Jay said. "Hold on a second, though." He leaned over the side of the bed to shove his and Adam's discarded clothing under the bed. "Ok, it's fine now."

 Adam opened the door for Chris. "Thank you," Chris said politely. He scanned over Jay, who was lying in bed with the covers pulled up to his chin. "He doesn't look so bad to me," Chris stated.

 "Well, I never look bad," Jay joked, "I just feel bad." He giggled like a child. "Since you're here anyway Chris, do you think you could read me a story?" he asked.

 "Gee, as much as I'd like to, I think I'm gonna pass," Chris said, heading for the door. He turned around to look at Jay inquiringly. "Are you gonna be able to wrestle tomorrow night?" he asked. "Because if you ask for the night off, you know Vince isn't going to be happy."

 "I'll be fine by then," Jay replied. "Besides, I'm not wrestling, I'll just be there as a valet for Adam."

 "Oh. Well, I hope you feel better," Chris said as he left the room.

 Jay smiled. "You can come back now, Adam," he said. He sat up and leaned against the headboard. "Come on." He patted the sheets beside him.

 "I think you should get some food in you," Adam stated, picking up one of the trays and putting it on Jay's lap. Jay looked at the food disdainfully.

 "I'd rather just cuddle up with you. You can take the robe off now, you know. Chris' gone."

 "But I'm not wearing anything under it," Adam protested.

 "And after last night, that bothers you?"

 Adam sighed. "Jay, last night really shouldn't have happened. Any of it. I only went along with it because you were really, really upset and really insistent. We should just try to move on and be ourselves again, ok?"

 "I can't yet, Adam." Jay looked a little scared. "I still feel like I could shatter at any moment. I need you here to hold me together. Please, just humor me, ok? I just need some time to recover."

 "Alright. Don't worry, I promise I'll be here," Adam agreed. "But I'm keeping the robe on."

 "Do you have to? It helps me to look at your body. You have a beautiful body. And it reminds me of last night, when - "

 Adam raised his hand to stop Jay. "I'm not comfortable hearing that from you, Jay. And please don't talk about last night. I'm here to support you, but as a friend, ok?"

 "What if I need you to be more?" Jay asked.

 "Just eat your breakfast," Adam snapped. He instantly regretted saying it, as tears welled up in Jay's eyes. He had forgotten how terribly fragile Jay was at the moment. He sat down on the bed next to Jay. "Hey, don't cry," he said softly. "Why don't I help you eat? It'll be fun, come on." He held out a piece of toast for Jay. Chuckling, Jay leaned forward and took a big bight of the toast. He smiled at Adam as he chewed, his eyes twinkling.

 "No one's fed me since I was a kid," he said after swallowing. He continued to smile as Adam helped him eat the rest of his breakfast. After he'd finished the last bite, his gaze wandered over to the other tray of food. "Aren't you gonna eat?" he asked Adam.

 "Oh, yeah, I guess so." Adam sat down on a chair and pulled the tray onto his lap.

 "No, let me feed you," Jay requested. Adam looked hesitant. "Come on, you got to feed me."

 "Um, ok." Adam returned to his place on the bed. Jay smiled happily. He picked up the fork and gathered a bunch of eggs, then held it out for Adam. "Can you lose the robe now?" he whispered in Adam's ear as Adam chewed. "I mean, if you're embarrassed, you can just pull the covers over you." Adam shook his head.

 "I'm keeping it on," he said after swallowing.

 "Fine." Jay held out the toast for Adam. He moved it away from Adam's face tauntingly as Adam tried to bight it. Instead of letting Adam have the toast, he provided instead his lips. Adam pulled away from him.

 "Don't, Jay."

 "Why?" Jay wanted to know.

 "Because I asked you not to."

 Jay sighed. "Well, that's a good reason. Alright, I promise I'll stop. After you finish eating, will you curl up with me again, though? Just curl up, that's all. Ok?"

 "For how long?" Adam asked. "It's going to get boring fast just sitting in bed all day."

 "Yeah, but I don't feel I can get up yet." Jay looked pleading again. "Could you read to me? A nice fairy tale of something, something that's really warm and bright and comforting."

 "Sure, Jay," Adam promised. They spent the next few hours in bed, Adam reading and Jay listening attentively. Adam had agreed to remove the robe, but he had pulled to covers up to his chest and had insisted on staying too far away to touch Jay's body.

 "Adam?" Jay asked. Adam put down the book he was reading from.

 "Yes Jay?"

 Jay's eyes were wide and pleading. "Make love to me again?"

 "No Jay," Adam replied, trying not to look in Jay's eyes, "No. It wouldn't be right."

 "But you did last night."

 Adam stared down at the mattress. "I shouldn't have."

 "Yes you should've!" Jay sounded upset. "You saved me by doing that, Adam. You gave me strength. I know we have to leave soon to catch that flight, and I can do it, but I need more strength! I need you to give me more strength. Share your strength with me, Adam!"

 Adam looked up into Jay's eyes. "I will, but not that way. Not that way," he replied.

 "Am I not good enough for you now?" Jay demanded. "I'm not good enough for you to share your body with me?"

 "Don't pull that Jay, you know that's not true!"

 "Look, I know its asking a lot of you, but is it really too much to ask? I NEED you, Adam. I wouldn't ask if I didn't." Adam swallowed. "Please Adam," Jay begged.

 "Alright. But - but only if you're sure you really need this," Adam agreed.

 "I do." There was no doubt in Jay's voice. Adam slid over towards Jay and took Jay in his arms. "Thank you, Adam," Jay breathed, "Thank you."

They left in time to make it to the airport for their flight. They weren't looking forward to seeing all their friends there, but they were pretty sure no one would be able to figure out what had happened. Jay was feeling well enough to walk, but he didn't want to be separated from Adam. He was leaning his head on Adam while they walked. Adam's arm was wrapped protectively around his shoulders.

 "Hey Adam, Jay. I heard you were feeling bad, Jay. You ok?" Andrew asked when he spotted them.

 ‘Thanks, Chris,' Jay thought. "I'm alright, really," he assured Andrew.

 "I didn't see you two all day. Did you just stay in your room the whole time?" Andrew wondered.

 "Yeah, Jay didn't feel well enough to go out," Adam answered. "He just needs to rest some more, he'll be fine tomorrow. It's just one of the 24 hour viruses." They ran into several other wrestlers who offered them sympathy for Jay's ill health before boarding their plane. Jay closed his eyes and rested his head on Adam's shoulder once they were seated.

 "How are you holding up?" Adam asked him.

 "I'll make it," Jay replied. He smiled as he felt Adam kiss him softly. "You really shouldn't do that in public," he commented.

 "I didn't think you'd mind. Besides, no one saw."

 "That's good." Jay moved back so he could look into Adam's eyes. "Adam, if I need you again - "

 "I'll be there for you," Adam assured him.

 "However I need you?"


 Jay sighed happily and rested his head against Adam's chest. "I'll get through this, then," he stated.


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