"Bob, please," Kurt begged, stopped Hardcore Holly in the hall.

 Christian snorted as he watched Kurt beg Hardcore to be his partner. He turned away from the monitor and looked at his tag team partner. "Boy, I'm really scared of this guy," he commented sarcastically.

 Edge nodded. "Don't worry. Angle will be no problem for the brand new tag team champions!" he exclaimed, standing up and handing Christian his title belt. Christian agreed and followed him out of the room, not about to admit that he thought Kurt Angle was one the sexist things on two legs.

 Meanwhile, Kurt was getting ready to go out to the ring. He watched on the monitor as Edge and Christian walked out to the ring, his gaze lingering on Christian. He couldn't help thinking what an attractive man the golden blonde was. Kurt shook his head, trying to banish that though and get into his typical pre-match mentality. He walked out to the ramp as his music started, letting himself get into his character. He climbed up into the corner, waiting for Bob to come out so the match could begin.

 Kurt found his eyes being drawn the Christian, who was standing in the opposite corner talking with Edge. He couldn't take his eyes off the beautiful golden blonde, only now realizing just how attracted he was to the other man. He felt a wave of heat pass over him at the thought of touching Christian. Kurt hoped desperately that they would end up in the ring together so he would have a chance to do just that.

 The bell rang, Edge and Bob climbing into the ring to start the match. Kurt forced himself to watch the action, but he could still see Christian out of the corner of his eye. Christian watched as Bob threw Edge into the corner and started punching him. His gaze flicked back to Kurt, his eyes running over the Olympian's tight spandex shorts and the muscular body beneath. He wanted to get in the ring with Kurt, and soon.

 Christian's attention snapped back to the match when he realized Edge was crawling toward him, clearly intending to tag. His breath caught in his throat when he saw that Bob was going for a tag, as well. Edge's hand slapped his, and into the ring Christian stepped, Kurt going the same. They just looked at each other for a moment, then Kurt moved forward, grabbing Christian's arm. Both of them jumped at the shock that passed between them.

 Kurt swallowed, but his wrestling instincts quickly overcame his surprise. They began wrestling each other around the ring, but it wasn't a normal match for either. Their touches were longer, their hands touching more flesh than the moves required. Kurt at one point pinned Christian in the corner, pressing his body tightly against the golden blonde's. Christian gasped as he felt Kurt's half-hard cock digging into his thigh. He pretended that his reaction had been from Kurt's punches, hoping that the fans couldn't see how hot he was getting. He was already half-hard himself, and getting more so by the moment.

 Kurt drew back and grabbed Christian's arm again, pulling him onto the mat and catching him in a belly-to-belly suplex. they both groaned as their erections brushed against each other. Christian felt his desire for the Olympian rising still more as Kurt grabbed him from behind and repeatedly suplexed him. Kurt's fingers subtly caressed his muscular stomach, his fingers briefly squeezing Christian's increasingly hard nipples. After delivering a third suplex, Kurt rolled over his opponent, pressing his chest to Christian's and pulling Christian's leg up, his fingers splayed across his opponent's thigh.

 Christian actually felt disappointed when Edge pulled Kurt off of him. At the moment, the tag belts were the furthest thing from his mind. He unhappily let Edge tag in, watching as Kurt did the same. He sighed, standing slightly behind the ring post to hide the rather large bulge in his tights. He was eager for the match to finish, smiling happily when Edge got Bob down for the three count. He took his tag belt, then hurried to the back with Edge.

 Kurt bit his lip, more than a little impatient to follow. He grabbed the mic and berated Bob for losing, practically running to the back once his bit was finished. He made his way back to his locker room as fast as possible. He charged into the room, closing and locking the door behind him.

 Christian rose instantly from the bench he had been sitting on. He looked slightly flushed, his heart beating quickly. Kurt felt no need for words, as both their desire was as obvious as the bulges in their tights. He strode over to Christian and wrapped his arms around the golden blonde's waist, slanting his mouth over the other's soft lips. They kissed furiously, their tongues delving into each others' mouths. Kurt grabbed Christian's see-through shirt and pulled it off over his head, then pushed the golden blonde back against the lockers. His hands trailed over Christian's muscular chest, playing with his nipples until they bloomed into hard buds beneath his fingers. Christian moaned into Kurt's mouth, his hands exploring Kurt's defined back.

 Feeling too hot the wait any longer, Kurt set his hands on Christian's hips. He yanked the golden blonde's tights down to around his knees, freeing Christian's straining cock. Christian did the same to Kurt, the Olympian's red spandex shorts falling around his ankles. Both were breathing heavily as their cocks touched. they began grinding into each other, their pleasure filled moans filling the air. Kurt bent his head down, taking one of Christian's hard nipples into his mouth and sucking hungrily. His hips continued to move against Christian's, their cocks touching along nearly the full length.

 The encounter grew hotter and hotter, both their pleasure increasing from the heavenly contact. Christian came first. He released with a shout, his hands clutching the back of Kurt's head as the Olympian continued to ravage his chest. The golden blonde's come splashed across both their stomachs, Kurt's joining it only a second later. They held each other tightly as their orgasmic spasms died down. Slowly their bodies began to cool down, their breathing returning to normal.

 "Wow," Christian whispered, letting his head loll back against the lockers. His whole body felt weak, his eyes slightly glazed.

 "That was incredible," Kurt breathed. He raised a hand to tenderly brush a strand of hair from Christian's sweaty forehead, suddenly feeling the need to just hold the beautiful blonde. "Would you - " He cleared his throat, not understanding why he suddenly felt so scared. "Would you come back to my room?" he asked, his lovely blue eyes wide and pleading. "Would you stay with me?"

 Christian smiled, leaning in to give Kurt a quick kiss on the lips. "I would love to stay with you," he whispered.


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