This word was out. A certain wrestler had gone too far, and was now going to be spending a while in the hospital. The other wrestlers talked about it in hushed tones, always switching to another subject quickly when one of the other two involved came around.

 "He was an idiot," Sean said with a shake of his head. "A complete moron!"

 "You don't mess with another man's guy, you just don't," Jericho stated.

 "I'm surprised he isn't dead," Mark commented with a snort.

 "He went over the line. Way over the line!" Hunter remarked, shaking his head.

 "What an idiot," Sean said. "Didn't he have a brain in his head? What was he thinking?!?"

 Jericho snorted. "He wasn't. Not with his brain, anyway."

 "I can't believe he actually thought he could come between them," Mark commented.

 "No one could break those two up, and anyone who tries ends up with broken bones," Hunter agreed.

 They all fell silent abruptly, noticing a flash of blonde hair down the hall.

 Mark turned to Hunter. "So Hunt, baby, we're going right back to the hotel after the show, right?"

 Hunter frowned, playing along with Mark as the blonde approached. "All you ever think about is sex," he said in an angry voice. "Let's go do something tonight instead!" They always pretended to fight, normally over sex, when they were talking about something they didn't want others to hear. Jericho and Sean picked up the same argument, although of a slightly different nature.

 "I don't think it's fair that you're always to top," Sean pouted. "You're not that much bigger than me."

 "Sean, honey, I just don't sub ok? I'm not that kind of guy," Jericho replied.

 Christian walked up to them, about to speak when he heard their arguments. He figured he'd better stay out of it, continuing down the hall. He was glad that he and his lover never fought like the others did, even if they did have an incident every now and then. Christian winced, recalling the real reason Billy Gunn had been out for so long. He shook his head sadly at the memory. That incident had not only earned Billy a few broken bones, but had also cost him his relationship with Brian.

 The golden blonde thought back to the previous night, when the most recent incident had occurred....


Christian stepped out of the shower, clad in only a towel wrapped about his hips. He walked over to his bag and bent over it, jumping when he felt someone slap his behind. He frowned, turning around while thinking that was most uncharacteristic of his lover. His eyes widened when he saw not the man he loved, but Jeffery Hardy standing behind him, a sly look on his face.

 "Hey baby," Jeff cooed, taking a step closer to him.

 Christian frowned, taking a step back. "Jeff, you better get out of here," he told the younger man frankly. "If he comes back here and finds you - "

 "Christian, forget about him, his busy doing something or other." Jeff took several more steps forward, and Christian kept stepping back, until his knees bumped against a chair and he fell back into it. Jeff chuckled and straddled his lap. "Ooh, now this position I like," he murmured, leaning in to press his lips to Christian's neck.

 Christian gasped. He couldn't believe the audacity of the young man. "Jeff, I mean it," he told the younger Hardy with a frown. "If you don't get out of here now, you're gonna get it, and I'm not gonna be able to do anything to help you!"

 "Forget that, he'll never have to know." Jeff continued to kiss Christian's neck, his hands sliding down the blonde's chest, taking hold of his towel.

 "Jeff, no." Christian folded his hands over his crotch, denying the younger man access. "Look, he will kill you! Now get out of here for your own good!"

 Jeff drew back, looking down at Christian's covering hands and frowning. "Oh come on Christian. Don't tell me you don't want this. You only stay with him ‘cos you're scared to leave!"

 Christian's eyes narrowed, and he lashed out with one of his hands, slapping Jeff across the face. "I love him!" he screamed. "He is the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, most romantic lover I've ever had, and I would die if I lost him! So don't you fucking try to tell me what I want!"

 Jeff just shook his head, taking advantage of Christian's moved hand to grasp the golden blonde through the towel. Christian gasped, trying to squirm away. "Christian, baby, relax. Come on you want me," Jeff cooed, slipping his hand under the towel and running his finger along the length of the golden blonde's cock. At just that second, he was seized from behind and lifted high up into the air, then spun around to face the glowering eyes of a huge, angry, red monster. Jeff yelped in fear, instantly looking absolutely terrified.

 Kane held the young man up in the air with one hand, the Hardy's feet dangling in the air. The large man looked at Christian, whose face was a mix of emotions. "He touched you," Kane growled. Christian swallowed, and nodded. Kane turned his eyes back on the Hardy, making him quiver with fear. "No one touches him," Kane growled, abruptly, throwing Jeff into the lockers, then dashing after him and delivering several harsh kicks to his ribs. After that he picked him up and punched his several times, throwing him into just about every exposed surface in the locker room. Christian stood frozen where he was, watching with the same ambivalence as earlier.

 "No one touches him," Kane growled as he picked the battered and bloody Hardy up over his head, carrying him out of the room and over to the balcony looking over the lower level. There were several wrestlers and stage hands loitering in the area. They all fell silent as they noticed the monster walking over to the railing, holding the terrified young man over his head. "NO ONE TOUCHES HIM!" Kane yelled to all of them, tossing Jeff over the railing. The observers watched in horror as the young man's body fell through the air, landing with a sickening smack on the pavement below. As Kane disappeared, they began running around, calling out for an ambulance.

 Kane had returned to the room, finding his lover standing in the doorway staring, his face pale. The large man had picked him up with the greatest of tenderness, carrying him quickly into the room so no one could see his nakedness, the towel having been left in the chair. "Are you alright?" Kane whispered to him, his eyes having become wide and caring, almost like a child's. Christian had smiled at him, telling him that he was fine.


Christian preferred to linger on the latter part of the memory, and the memory of being taken back to their hotel room that night. Kane had made love to him, being as gentle and sweet as he always was when they were together. Christian had almost forgotten about the incident, until he'd gotten a call from Vince the next morning informing him that Jeff was alright, but he would be out of the ring for some time. Christian had been relieved, in more ways than one. He was relieved that his lover hadn't caused any really serious damage, and also that he and his best friend, Edge, could have a period where they didn't have to constantly fend off the hyperactive young man's advances.

 Christian stepped into his locker room, where he knew his lover would be waiting, and the whispers in the hall began again.


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