The two men faced each other across the ring. They moved forward with slow steps, their eyes focused on each other.

 "I'm gonna take you down Hunter," Kane growled, his eyes narrowed behind his mask.

 "You'll never beat me. I'm the Game!" Hunter replied.

 "Oh yeah?" Kane growled.

 "Yeah!" Hunter stated, meeting the other man's gaze dead on.

 "Well let's wrestle Game Boy!" Kane challenged, planting his feet on the mat. However, Hunter seemed reluctant to begin. "What?" Kane growled.

 "It's nothing." Hunter shook his head. "It's just that, being this close to you..." He took a big wiff of the other man's scent. "You're just so big, and so manly, and god you smell great...being so close to such a real man just makes me feel excited."

 "Really?" Kane raised his eyebrows behind his mask, letting his hands settle on the Game's hips. "So what do you want to do?" He took a step closer, pressing their bodies together.

 "I...I want to kiss you," Hunter breathed.

 "Allow me," Kane murmured, leaning down and pressing his lips against Hunter's. Their kisses quickly became heated and passionate, the two men falling to the ground and rolling around together.

 "Oh Hunter you're so hot," Kane breathed.

 "Oh Kane. Oh that's so good! Mmm!" Hunter cried.


 Jeff Hardy jumped, turning to glare at his brother. "Geez, Matt, you scared the hell out of me!" he exclaimed.

 Matt put his hands on his hips. "And just what do you think you're doing?" Matt demanded.

 "Nothin'. I'm just playing with my action figures," Jeff replied, glancing at the plastic Kane and HHH toys on the floor.

 "Do you really think Kane and Hunter would appreciate the way you're 'playing'?" Matt asked him.

 Jeff rolled his eyes. "As if they'll ever find out? They're just action figures Matt! Lighten up! Besides, thinking about them together is totally hot."

 "Jeff!" Matt exclaimed. "They're our friends! That's completely inappropriate!"

 "Well I wouldn't say that to their faces!" Jeff replied. "You're one to talk, anyway. I've seen the bookmarks on your computer to all the 'fiction' sites!"

 Matt frowned. "You have no right to go digging around in my computer!"

 Jeff just giggled. "Come on Matt, we both know you LOVE thinking about that!"

 Matt shook his head, kneeling down on the floor and pushing his brother onto his back. "Forget those stupid figures," he growled, moving to cover Jeff's body with his own.

 "Ok." Jeff grinned, happily meeting Matt's lips in a sweet kiss.

The Hardys began rolling around the floor, a tangle of arms and legs.

 "Mmm Jeff, you're so damn hot," Matt murmured, his lips trailing over Jeff's neck.

 "Oh Matty, I like that so much! Oh yes! Oh Matt!" Jeff cried.

"Hunter!" The tall blonde jumped, looking up to find his large brunette lover glaring at him. "Stop that, that's sick!" Kane exclaimed.

 Hunter put his hands on his hips, leaving his Hardy Boyz action figures tangled together on the carpet. "So?" he challenged.

 Kane shook his head. "Can't you use your toys for something NOT horrible? What would Matt and Jeff say?"

 Hunter stuck his tongue out at his lover. "They're my figures, I can make them incestuous if I want to!" he replied. "I bought them with my own money, and I can act out whatever the heck I want!"

 "Why don't you make them wrestle?" Kane suggested. "That IS what they're designed for, you know."

 "They ARE wrestling," Hunter snickered, glancing at the entangled figures. "Now go away and let me finish my game. Unless..." He raised his eyebrows, picking up his Matt figure. "Do you wanna play Matt? 'Cos you know, Jeff is gonna be saying things like 'Oh yes, yes right there, oh baby, you're so big, you feel so good, oh Kane!'." Hunter put his hand over his mouth, a huge smile curving his lips. "Oops. I mean 'Matt'." He wiggled his eyebrows at his lover. "Are you SURE you don't want to play, baby?"

 Kane sighed in resignation, settling his large form onto the floor and taking the Matt figure. "Fine, I'll play, but we better not get any complaints from the neighbors!" he growled.


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