It was dark in the room as Hunter entered. He flipped on the light, throwing his key on the table, then grasped the hem of his shirt and pulled it off over his head. It had been a fun night, but stressful as well. He wasn't exactly the most popular guy in the locker room at the moment.

 "Bout time you got back."

 Hunter whirled around, surprised to find a man lying in his bed. Christian was lying on his side in a very inviting pose, a sly smile on his face. His long blonde hair was pulled into a tight braid at the nape of his neck. His clothes lay in a pile on the floor, the thin sheet of the hotel bed pulled up to his waist. Hunter was instantly aroused at the sight of the gorgeous blonde bombshell lying naked in his bed.

 "Didn't think you'd want anything to do with me after RAW," Hunter murmured, approaching the bed as Christian waggled his finger invitingly.

 "Like I give a fuck about Steve Austin?" Christian replied, wrapping his arms around Hunter's waist, going straight for the larger man's belt. "Besides," he continued, "I like bad boys." His graceful fingers deftly removed Hunter's belt and moved to the button on his jeans.

 Hunter chuckled, dropping the subject. He certainly didn't want to think about Austin at the moment. "You know," he said slowly, allowing Christian to slide off his jeans, along with his boxers. "Rumor has it you're sleeping with your wonderful tag team partner."

 "Edge?" Christian shrugged, his eyes scanning over Hunter's naked form, his eyes filled with desire. "So what if I am? We're not really brothers. Besides, he's a good fuck."

 "You're just a slut, aren't you?" Hunter chided, taking hold of the sheet and flinging it off the bed. His eyes moved hungrily over Christian's slender form.

 Christian grinned. "Only for you, baby." He reached onto the nightstand next to him and held up two pairs of shiny metal handcuffs. His raised his eyebrows in challenge, dangling the cuffs in the air. "You think you can outlast me tonight?" he dared. "Last time I was oh so disappointed when you quit."

 Hunter snorted, taking the cuffs and snapping one onto Christian's left wrist, then fastening it to one side of the headboard. "I fucked you for like three hours, and you must've had about a dozen orgasms! And you're still whining?" He secured Christian's right arm, then rolled on top of the blonde bombshell and gazed down at him menacingly.

 Christian chuckled. "Well, I think you're rounding those figures up a bit, but that was great. But you were the one who stopped it. I could've gone for at least one more time."

 Hunter smiled evilly. "Not tonight, babe. You're gonna be begging me for mercy before I'm through with you. We'll see who gets tired first."

 "Yeah we will." Christian wrapped his legs around Hunter's hips, the first soft moan escaping his lips as Hunter's hands began to rub his nipples. "Let's work up to the really good stuff, ok?" the golden blonde said a bit breathlessly. "The first time should only be a quick one tonight."

 "Sure, quick." Hunter was laying kisses along Christian's neck, one hand still working his nipples while the other slid up his thigh. "I won't take more than 15 minutes to bring you off, I promise. And since I know you like it rough, I won't bother with lubricant, either." That said, he quickly pushed a finger into Christian. The golden blonde cried out, his hands straining at the cuffs already.

 "Oh, Hunter." Christian spread his legs open wider. He closed his eyes as Hunter inserted two more fingers, stretching him out and beginning to thrust in a gentle rhythm. "Would you get on with it?" he hissed. "I wanna feel that big dick of yours inside me. Fuck me senseless!"

 "Whatever you want." Hunter swiftly removed his fingers and penetrated the golden blonde with his member. Christian gasped at the momentary pain, then arched against his lover. Hunter began to thrust into him slowly, drawing out every single moment of it.

 "Come on Hunter, faster!" Christian urged, trying to arch against the larger man to force him deeper. "Make me scream!"

 "I will," Hunter promised, increasing his speed only slightly. "You know you like it this way, Christian. You love me fucking you at a nice, easy pace, so that you get to feel me inside you for as long as possible."

 "Please," Christian begged, the sound like music to Hunter's ears. "Fuck me harder!"

 "Oh, you'll get harder," Hunter panted as he increased his speed again. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard tonight, you won't even be able to THINK about walking tomorrow!"

 "Yes!!" Christian arched into Hunter as the larger man angled to hit his prostate, proceeding to hit it which each thrust as his speed continued to increase. "Oh god Hunter, yes! Harder! Ohhhh, yes!" Christian screamed, making no attempt whatsoever to be quiet.

 Hunter drove into the smaller blonde mercilessly, his eyes locked on Christian's pleasure- filled expression. As he settled into a hard, fast rhythm, he returned one of his hands to Christian's chest, pinching and teasing the restrained man's nipples. With the other hand, he reached between them to grab Christian's throbbing cock, stroking it with the same rhythm as his thrusts. "You like that, bitch?" Hunter hissed, feeling like fainting already from the ecstacy of Christian's hot flesh surrounding him. "‘Cos I can touch you any fuckin way I want, with you all tied up."

 Christian was crying out with each thrust and stroke, his hands straining against the cuffs. He didn't seem to even hear Hunter's words through the ecstacy flooding his body. "More Hunter!" he screamed, "More!!!"

 Hunter upped his pace yet again, feeling about ready to give both himself and his lover release. Finally, he decided to give up the idea of keeping a rhythm at all and began thrusting wildly into Christian's hot depths, animalistic growls escaping his throat. Christian's moans and screams grew in volume, until he was crying out so loudly Hunter figured the whole floor could probably hear him. And the pleasure they were experiencing now was from their equivalent of a quickie! He knew he was going to have one hell of a night.

 Christian's breath thundered in his throat as Hunter slid in and out of him, over and over again. The lack of any kind of lube only made it hotter for him. He only used it when his partner insisted. He was still more turned on by the cuffs restraining his arms. Christian liked to be dominated, and dominated roughly. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he felt Hunter let himself go, shooting his seed deep into the smaller man's ass. The Game rocked in orgasm, letting out a strangled cry of triumph. Christian was about to let himself follow when Hunter abruptly pulled out of his body.

 "What - are you - " Christian panted, but was cut off by a scream of pleasure as Hunter slid down his body and sunk his cock down his throat. Hunter's hands massaged Christian's sensitive thighs as the larger man sucked on the member greedily. He only had to deep throat him once before Christian came, screaming as his orgasm shook his body. Hunter sucked up every drop and swallowed it, then collapsed onto his back panting. Christian closed his eyes, trying to catch his breath. It was quiet for a moment, the only sounds the two men's ragged breathing.

 "You do realize you'll have to carry me to breakfast tomorrow?" Christian stated once he got his breath back.

 "I don't think either of us will be awake in time for breakfast," Hunter replied. "I'm gonna keep fucking you til you pass out, no matter how many times it takes. Again, and again, and again, and again."

 Christian chuckled, looking smug. "We'll see. I lasted longer before."

 Hunter opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off by a knock at the door. Growling, he walking right up to the wood slab and yanked it open. "What?" he snapped.

 Chris Jericho stood in the hall. His eyes widened as they ran down Hunter's still naked form. "Um - " he stuttered, clearing his throat and forcing himself to focus on Hunter's face. "I'm in the next room, and - um - do you think you could be a little quieter? I'm trying to sleep."

 Hunter snorted. "Well go somewhere else to sleep, Chrissy boy. We're gonna be making noise for quite some time."

 Chris scowled, obviously not pleased with the response. "You're disgusting," he spat. "How the hell do you get laid, anyway? Who would fuck you after that stunt you pulled Monday?"

 "See for yourself." Hunter held the door open, allowing Chris a good view of Christian, who was still lying in bed, naked and handcuffed.

 Christian's eyes turned wide and innocent when he noticed the older man's gaze on him. "Help me Chris!" Christian pleaded, tugging at the cuffs. "Hunter is a bad, bad man! He tied me up, and he made me have sex with him! He's going to again, too! He's going to force me to have multiple orgasms and fuck him for hours! Save me!" He threw his head back and laughed, his seductive smile returning. "Hunter, would you hurry up and get rid of him?" he whined. "I want you to fuck me again, now!"

 "Ok Chris, show's over," Hunter announced, shoving the annoyed blonde out the door. He crawled back onto the bed, where Christian was lying with legs already spread. "Prepare to be fucked out of your mind," Hunter promised as he settled between the expectant blonde's thighs.


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