Kurt sat in the locker room, nervously clutching a red rose. It was almost Valentines Day, which meant that this was the perfect opportunity for him to make a move on the man he wanted more than anything. For too long, Kurt had stood back, watching him date other men, and never finding someone that he wanted to stay with for long. For too long Kurt had stopped himself from confessing his feelings and taking a risk. For too long he had held himself back, but tonight that was going to change.

 He took a deep breath as the door opened, standing and hiding the rose behind his back.

 Edge set his bag down on a bench, glancing up at Kurt. "Hey Kurt," he greeted.

 "Hey." Kurt licked his lips, clearing his throat nervously. "Um, Edge, could you come over here for a minute? I need to talk to you."

 "Sure Kurt." Edge strolled over to him, brushing a piece of his silky gold spun hair behind his ear. Kurt just stared at him, so lost in his beauty that he could hardly remember his own name, much less what he wanted to say. "Kurt?" Edge raised his eyebrows. "You ok?"

 "Yeah. Yeah I'm fine." Kurt took another deep breath. "I just wanted to wish you a happy Valentine's Day tomorrow."

 "Aw, thanks." Edge gave him a blindingly beautiful smile.

 "And, I wanted to ask you, if, well - " Kurt charged ahead before his lost his nerve. He pulled out the rose and offered it to Edge. "Would you be my Valentine?"

 Edge's smile widened, a happy flush caressing his cheeks as he took the rose. "Aw, Kurt, that's so nice!" he cooed, gazing at the pretty flower, then beaming at Kurt. "Thank you. I would love to be your Valentine."

 "Really?" Kurt smiled happily. "Then would you maybe like to come to dinner with me after the show?"

 "I would love to!" Edge agreed enthusiastically.

 "Awesome." Kurt licked his lips, swallowing, then he tentatively leaned forward. He half expected Edge to back away, but the tall blonde actually leaned towards him instead. Their lips met in a quick, yet exciting, kiss. Kurt was blushing as he drew back. "I'll see you in a little bit then?" he stammered.

 Edge grinned and nodded. "I'll see you then Kurt."

After the show was over, Edge met him as planned, and Kurt took him to the best restaurant he could find. They had a lovely, romantic dinner during which they talked and shared more than a few smiles. Kurt was filled with happiness by the time they made it back to the hotel and were standing before the door to Edge's room. They had such a great time so far, he didn't want it to end yet. He bit his lip, then dared to ask the question. He opened his mouth to do it, but before he could, Edge gave him anther blinding smile and spoke.

 "You wanna come in for a minute?"

 "I would love to," Kurt breathed, following the tall blonde eagerly as Edge slid his key card through the lock. Edge walked into the room, holding the door open for Kurt. As soon as the door was securely closed, Kurt found Edge's body pressed against his, the blonde's lips touching his mouth. He groaned, wrapping his arms around Edge's neck. He let Edge back him up against the door, thrilled by the feeling of their mouths meeting, and the sensation of Edge's hands sliding under his shirt and running up and down his back.

 Edge pulled back after several heavenly minutes of making out, his face flushed and his breathing already heavy. "Kurt, I don't know how you feel about this sort of thing, but I was kind of hoping you'd want to go to bed with me," Edge stated, gazing hopefully into the Olympic champion's eyes.

 "Oh god yes," Kurt breathed, letting Edge pull him over to the bed. He found himself pushed back onto the mattress, gazing up at Edge, who quickly positioned himself on top. They began to kiss again, and slowly Edge stripped both himself and Kurt, until they lay naked on the bed, their hot skin pressed together. Kurt bit his lip as Edge produced a small bottle of lube, locking eyes with the gorgeous Canadian and not looking away as Edge began to prepare him. It had been some time since he had been with anyone, so the invasion felt rather foreign, but at the same time, wonderfully fulfilling. He could feel his muscles humming with excitement as Edge moved on top of him, his legs willingly wrapping themselves around Edge's slim waist. He wrapped his arms around Edge's neck as they kissed again, his hands threading themselves in the blonde's silky hair.

 Kurt let his eyes slip closed, letting out a little whimper as Edge took their intimate position to the next level. He couldn't believe how good it felt to have Edge on top of him, inside of him....

Kurt jumped as a door slammed against the wall. He glanced around the locker room, flushing when he realized he had slipped into another fantasy. He gulped when he saw that Edge had walked into the room, and was eyeing the rose in his hand. This was it; this was his chance to finally turn the fantasy into reality.

 "A rose for Valentine's Day?" Edge commented, chuckling. "Is that for Steph?"

 Kurt found himself dumbly nodding.

 "That's so sweet. I'm sure she'll love it. Good luck." Edge winked, grabbed a wattle bottle out of his bag, then headed for a door.

 Kurt stared after him, but all he managed to get out before the door closed behind Edge was a little squeak. He deflated, sighing the throwing the rose into the trash. Maybe next year.


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