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 JR: Hello, and welcome to this week's edition of ‘Just Like the Movies'! I'm Jim Ross of the ‘Oklahoma Saucy Journal'.

 Regal: And I'm William Regal from the British ‘Sex and Cream Magazine'.

 JR: Today we'll be viewing two brand new movies, both opening later this week.

 Regal: The first movie we'll be talking about is titled "My Young Lover", starring the ever incredible Adam Copeland and a new comer to the business, Shannon Moore. The film tells a beautifully woven tale of the love between a music teacher in his mid-twenties and his 16 year old pupil. The pair must overcome many obstacles in this romantic drama in order to stay together.

 JR: Let's take a look at a clip from the movie.

*Sounds of a stream gently babbling. Two men, one tall and gorgeous with long, silky blonde hair, the other much smaller, but extremely pretty, his hair half blonde and half dark. They are lying together on a blanket by the stream, in each other's arms.*

 Shannon: This is so wonderful. I could stay here forever.

 Adam: We can stay here all day, darling. *nuzzling Shannon's neck*

 Shannon: Mmmm. You've taught me so much, baby. I've messed around with other boys, but I never knew how incredible sex could be before you showed me. *puffs out his chest to show off perky pecs, which are hidden beneath only a skimpy tank top, for the camera* I still remember that first night we were together, back in your apartment, in your bed. I'll never forget how you took me over and over, and how it felt so good to have you inside me. *blinks long eyelashes* Would you let me suck you now? You know how I love doing that.

 Adam: *rolls Shannon onto his back and climbs on top of him* How about I show you again just what a man can do?

 Shannon: *looking breathless* Oh yes, please! I want to feel your big, strong manhood inside my tender young body.

Regal: As you can see from this clip, this is one hell of a movie!

 JR: I couldn't agree with you more William! I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this movie. The sex scenes were beautiful and sensual, enough to please any romantic young fem, yet at the same time hot and raunchy enough to entertain the butchest top.

 Regal: I'm so glad we agree for once!

 JR: You know I could never give a bad review to a Copeland movie! The man is brilliant! The best performer in the industry today, in my opinion.

 Regal: I think now would be a good time for us to take a look at the making of "My Young Lover". This erotic romance began in the mind of its star, Adam Copeland. Copeland wrote, directed, and starred in this film. Copeland is one of the industry's biggest stars. He's had smash hit after smash hit, beginning a few years ago with the movie "Should We Really Make Love?", a small budget independent film written and starred in by Copeland and his real-life partner, Jason Reso. This duo has put together an impressive body of work, and were voted Favorite Film Couple 3 years in a row. Now, Copeland is trying out a few ventures on his own, as is his partner. Tune in next week for a review of Reso's most recent film. Now here's a few comments from Copeland.

*Adam is shown sitting in a director's chair on a movie set*

 Adam: I think one of the things this industry really lacks in romance. That's a gap I was trying to fill with this picture. I wanted to make something that was hot and sexy, yet at the same time sweet and beautiful. Once I got this movie down on paper, it went incredibly smoothly. I have to attribute a lot of that to my co-star. This is Shannon's first big picture, but his work was exceptional. Before this he's only starred in a few independents, which is where I first saw him. From the second I saw his performance in the indy "Your Bed Or Mine?", especially in the bedroom scenes, I know I'd found my co-star! H performed beautifully on all occasions, although there were a few sex scenes we had to re-shoot because Shan got a little too excited and forgot his lines. But that happens a lot when I work with a new guy.

JR: Now lets here a few words from the movie's younger star, Shannon Moore.

*Shannon is sitting in his dressing room, his hair pulled back in a ponytail, with the exception of one strand which falls across his face. He bites his lip in a sexy gesture before he begins speaking*

 Shannon: Well my career stared about two years ago, when my then-boyfriend Shane Helms asked me to do a movie with him. I was kinda reluctant, but he eventually convinced me. It was a really small, cheap production, pretty much just a tape of me and him getting it on. It was called "Let Go To Be and Get It On." A little while later Shane got us into another independent movie called "Beds and Sucking Heads". There were a lot of guys in that movie who were real veterans of the indy scene, and they taught me a lot. I was ecstatic when Adam called me. I never thought in a million years I'd even meet him, much less get to star in a movie with him! Adam's been my favorite actor ever since I saw his first movie. Working with him is like a dream come true for me! *blushes* I like it a lot when we get to practice our scenes too, like real nice and in private.

JR: Well there you have it. This movie gets my whole hearted thumbs up! If you only go to see one thing this month, go see this picture!

 Regal: I quite agree. Now on to our next movie, "Big Bald Wet Dream".

 JR: *shudders* This was really not a movie I needed to see! Scott Taylor stars with his current lover, Matt Bloom, aka Prince Albert, a heavily pierced, 6 1/2 ft tall monster who has never before acted, and it shows.

 Regal: This movie was terrible, absolutely terrible.

 JR: We agree twice in one show! Amazing. Watch this clip and I think you'll see why it's so bad, but we'll give you our reasons afterward.

*Scotty and Albert are sitting together on a couch, Scotty in Albert's lap and Albert's tongue in Scotty's mouth*

 Scotty: *moaning* Oh baby, your tongue stud is incredible! I just love the way you ravish my mouth!

 Albert: *speaking gruffly, clearly reading his lines off a cue card somewhere off camera, one word at a time* I am so glad we met tonight at that piercing party. But when can I show you my best piercing, baby?

 Scotty: *overacting horrible, swooning in Albert's arms* You can show it to me now! I want you and I want you inside me! *starts clawing at Albert's clothes while kissing him all over, not seeming to follow any script*

*Both JR and Regal have disgusted looks on their faces*

 Regal: Isn't that positively revolting?

 JR: This whole movie was nothing but mumbled, cheesy lines and those two having sex. It was so confusing, I'd be surprised if even the stars could tell me the plot!

 Regal: And that's not even mentioning the 20 minute discussion on pleasure enhancing piercings!

 JR: This movie was just terrible. Piercing enthusiasts and huge, huge fans of Scott Taylor are the only ones who would probably be able to sit all the way through this! It's boring, very poorly written, poorly acted, poorly everything!

 Regal: Quite. That's all the time we have for this week, thank god.

 JR: Tune in next week, when we review Jason Reso's new movie, "Bed Ridden" and the newest picture from DX studios, "Kliq Fliq III".

 Regal and JR: Until then, this is ‘Just Like the Movies'

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