"Christian, can I get some advice?"

 The blonde bombshell looked up from lacing up his boots, raising his eyebrows at Chris Jericho as the main eventer settled onto the bench beside him. "You want advice from me?" he questioned.

 "Yeah." Jericho sighed. "Relationship advice."

 "Oh, well that I can give." Christian turned his full attention on the pretty blonde. "So what do you want to know?"

 "Well, you and Edge have been together for a long time now," Jericho began.

 "15 years," Christian announced proudly.

 Jericho let out a low whistle. "Damn. Seriously?"

 "Yep," Christian confirmed. "15 wonderful, wonderful years!"

 "Well what I need to know," Jericho continued, "is, how do you keep it, you know hot in the bedroom?"

 Christian raised an eyebrow. "Having problems?"

 "Yeah." Jericho shook his pretty blonde head. "I mean, Kurt and I have only been going out for a year, and already it seems kinda you know repetative? Old? Boring? You and Edge have been together for so long, how do you keep having hot sex after all that time?"

 "Well, I don't know." Christian shrugged. "I guess we just do stuff to keep it fresh. I guess with a lot of couple's it just get to be routine, but it's never been that way for Edge and I. We've gone through out bad periods, believe me! We once went a whole months without having sex! But there's almost always something you can do to make it hot again. Have you done anything special for Kurt recently?"

 "Special?" Jericho frowned. "Like what?"

 "I don't know." Christian shrugged. "Anything to break the routine, I guess. Like if you normally have sex right before bed, why not jump him in the morning or the afternoon? Or surprise him by joining him in the shower? It's stuff like that which keeps it fresh, new, and exciting. If you make it so he never knows when you're gonna jump him and demand sex, well that's an added bit of excitement right there!"

 "Unexpected sexual encounter. Gotcha." Jericho grinned. "Got any other tips for me?"

 "Well, another thing I see a lot of guys do is stop trying to be sexy," Christian went on. "They stop doing all the sexy little things they do at the beginning of a relationship to turn their boyfriends on. And if you stop doing the things that help turn your man on, then he might stop getting turned on, you know? Keep wearing sexy clothes, doing your hair the way he likes it, wearing a cologne which he finds sexy on you, stuff like that. Believe me, if you show up wearing an incredibly sex new outfit, looking gorgeous and smelling like heaven, he'll notice! If he doesn't then you are in some serious trouble. Personally I think scent is extremely important. People are really really drawn to a nice scent. I've got this killer vanilla body wash that I use whenever I want to have a nice, hot night of Edge's undivided attention. He loves the smell of vanilla, and it works every time."

 Jericho was grinning broadly. "I have noticed that Kurt really really likes the scent of Lavender. Know where I could get some Lavender scented bodywash?"

 Christian returned his grin. "I've got a catalog I'll give you. It's got a ton and a half of fabulous stuff in there."

 "Thanks so much!" Jericho was beaming as he stood, pausing to give the gorgeous blonde bombshell a big hug. "I really owe you, man."

 "Hey, thank me when it works!" Christian replied, patting Jericho's arm. "And you can name one of your kids after me too, just to say thanks again."

 Jericho chuckled. "And ruin my fine figure? Ha! Damn do I have to go shopping. Think a room full of candles and me naked in bed will do the trick?"

 "Are you kidding?" Christian chuckled. "He'll be jumping into bed and drooling all over you in a matter of seconds!"

 "Well, fingers crossed." Jericho winked at Christian and he strode towards the door. "You rule, Christian. See ya later!"

 "Can't wait to see you walking funny!" Christian called after him, chuckling to himself as he finished lacing up his boot.

 A moment later, the door opened, and in walked Christian's lover of 15 years. "Damn, I just passed Jericho, and you should've seen the smile on his face!" Edge exclaimed.

 "He's booked to work with his man tonight, what's not to be happy about?" Christian murmured, a small smile flitting over his face.

 "Yeah, I guess." Edge sat down on the bench, about to open his locker when his nose twitched. He sniffed the air, then leaned over towards Christian and inhaled his lover's scent deeply. "God do you smell deliciously, baby," he murmured. "Is that vanilla body wash?"

 "Mmm hmm," Christian murmured. "You like it?"

 "You know I love it," Edge growled, licking his lips as his eyes roamed over his lover's body. "We've got some time before the show starts. You wanna maybe lock the door and..."

 They exchanged a heated glance. "Hell yeah," Christian murmured, standing and sliding the lock closed. He grabbed Edge's hand and led the tall blonde over to the couch, feeling happy once again that he knew his lover so very well."


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