He was lying on the bed, feeling more nervous than he ever had in his life. He fidgeted, pulling the sheet further up his chest. It made him blush just to think about what he was wearing beneath the flimsy sheet; nothing, that was. He still wasn't quite sure he wanted to do this, but at this point he figured he was pretty much committed. He was still a boy, really; he felt like it, anyway. He had never quite been willing to go all the way with anyone, but this time he had allowed himself to be coaxed and charmed into bed. Of course, it had taken months to get him there, but the point was that he was there, prepared to lose his virginity at last.

 His breath caught in his throat when he heard the shower switch off, knowing that his to-be lover would son be with him. He took a deep, calming breath, which in truth did little for him, then turned on his side to face the bathroom door, slowly sliding the sheet down to his waist. Every inch of revealed skin made him feel even more vulnerable and nervous, but he forced himself to leave the sheet resting at his middle, despite his strong urge to draw it back up to his neck. He tried to strike a sexy pose, truthfully having no idea just what a sexy pose would, be hoping that whatever pose he did manage would look at least a little bit sexy to his lover.

 Finally, after several never wracking moments, the door to the bathroom opened slowly, revealing the damp, naked form of the man who would take his virginity. His breath caught in his throat as the other man approached, grinning at him, a distinct hunger filling his eyes.

 "You look incredible," the other man breathed, his tongue moving over his lips. "Good enough to eat and more."

 He blushed, gazing up at his older companion. He was trembling as the other man settled into bed beside him, at first tightly grasping the sheet when the other man went to remove it, shaking his head while his cheeks flamed hotly.

 The other man raised his eyebrows. "Don't you want to do this anymore?" he questioned, looking a little disappointed.

 The young of the pair shook his head, his eyes wide and scared. "No, I do," he whispered. "I'm just, I'm nervous is all." He swallowed hard. "I am losing my virginity and all."

 His partner chuckled. "Baby, don't worry," he purred, taking his future lover into his arms. "You know I won't hurt you."

 He swallowed again, at first stiffening at the other man's touch, then forcing himself to relax. He was so nervous he felt almost sick, his heart beating rapidly as the other man again reached for the sheet. This time, he allowed the thin material to be drawn away from his body, revealing him completely. He had to bight his lip, forcing back the urge to cover himself as his new lover's eyes scanned hungrily over his virgin body.

 "You are amazingly beautiful, you know that?" his lover purred. "You're even more lovely than I imagined."

 He felt his cheeks flaming even hotter, his groin stirring in a most embarrassing way. "I'm really lovely?" he asked softly, not quite believing it.

 "Oh yes." His lover smiled, his finger tracing along the young man's collar bone, then venturing lower, across his chest. "You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, baby," he purred.

 He took a very deep breath, trying to summon up some more courage. "I want to do this," he said slowly, laying himself down on his back and inching his legs apart, then, in a burst of confidence, taking his lover's hand and setting it on the most private part of his body. "Take me Matt."

It was incredible. It was the most beautiful, intimate experience of his life. It changed the way he saw everything, and added a new dimension to his entire life.

 For Jeff, that was. Matt saw it rather differently. After they had done it, he had held his brother for nearly on hour before the younger man fell asleep. All the while, Matt had fought a conscious battle not to sigh, roll his eyes, or just get up. He didn't understand why Jeff had been so attached to his virginity. It hadn't been all that big a deal when he himself had been introduced to the world of sex. His first time had been in his sophomore years of highschool, a 30 second romp under the bleachers with his then boyfriend Josh. It had been the most exciting moment of his life up to that point, and, in his view, had been a long time in coming. When Josh had come to him a few days later, crying that they had made a big mistake and should've waited, Matt had been less than sympathetic. Since Josh had subsequently refused to put out after that, Matt had promptly dumped him and moved onto boys of looser character.

 If there was one thing Matt couldn't understand, it was waiting to lose your virginity until 24. He just couldn't fathom why anyone in their right mind would turn down sex if it was offered to them, and he knew Jeff had been offered sex before. His little brother certainly had some strange ideas. Matt had done him a favor by deflowering him, really. Being a 24 year old virgin was really rather embarrassing, getting more so as every additional year as a virgin passed. And, yeah, maybe Jeff didn't understand that their relationship was about sex and nothing more, but he'd get over it. Hell, he'd probably thank Matt when he managed to rope some beautiful stud in with the skills he would perfect in bed with Matt.

 Matt grinned at the thought of future sex-filled nights with his gorgeous little brother. This would be a lot of fun, that was for sure! Not that he was going to give up his other lovers; not by a longshot. But he had been keeping all his affairs hidden from Jeff since they were children, and he had been extra careful since he and Jeff had begun their ‘relationship' a few months earlier. Jeff had never traveled in the circles which Matt frequented, so, really, it wouldn't be a problem, not at all.

 Making sure that Jeff was fast asleep before he moved a muscle, Matt slowly slid out of bed, pulling on a short silk robe and slipping out into the hallway. He grabbed his cellphone on the way, quickly punching in a number on the speed dial. He smirked as the phone began to ring. His conquest of Jeff was going to be the hottest locker room gossip for weeks, and he knew it. For years other men had been trying to tap Jeff's sweet ass, every one of them being rejected before they even got to second base. Now Matt, Jeff's own brother, had done the seemingly impossible. He knew that the rest of the boys had started a pool, most of them betting that he would never be able to get into Jeff's pants. Unfortunately for them, they didn't knew the depth to which Matt knew and understood his little brother. Matt's smile grew even wider when he tallied up in his head the substantial sum he would be collecting.

 "Hello?" came the prompt answer.

 "Hey baby," Matt purred. "Hope I didn't wake ya?"

 There was a snort on the other end of the line. "At 3 am? Have I ever been asleep this early?"

 Matt chuckled. "I know you never are when I'm around," he breathed huskily. "I've got big news for you baby! Guess who's sweet ass I just got a huge piece of?"

 "Holy fuck. You didn't..."

 "I did!" Matt replied, grinning proudly. "He lay down and begged me for it, just like I knew he would eventually. And let me tell you, that virgin ass had gotta be one of the sweetest things I've ever had wrapped all around me! He took it real nice too, just like a good little bitch, moaning and whimpering and moving that sweet body against mine."

 "You lucky bastard," muttered the person on the other end. "I never thought you'd actually do it!"

 "Well I have!" Matt smirked, his voice taking on a seductive tone. "But he's all tired out now and fast asleep, so who's gonna pound my ass and make me moan and scream and tremble? Who's dick am I gonna take into my mouth and sink all the way down my throat? Who's cock is gonna be buried in my body and ridden hot and hard?"

 There was a growl from the other end of the phone. "You get your ass up here in five minutes or less and I'll show you, baby."

 Matt grinned, licking his lips in anticipation. "Gonna show me why you're the game, eh Hunter?" he purred. "Promise to pound me so good I can't even walk in the morning?"

 "Oh, I promise baby," Hunter breathed. "I'm waiting." With that, there was a final click, then nothing.

 Matt smirked to himself, looking forward to what he knew was coming in the near future. He hated to go even one night without both taking and giving in return. He stowed his cellphone safely in the pocket of his rope, turning and coming face to face with a scowling blonde. He just rolled his eyes, trying to step around the other men, growling in annoyance when the other man moved to block his path again. "Fuck off, Blondie," he hissed, his eyes narrow.

 "You're really disgusting, you know that?" Christian spat at him, his eyes blazing with anger. "How the hell could you do that to Jeff? He's your brother for fuck's sake!"

 Matt just rolled his eyes again. "Look honey, just ‘cos you're a sad little bitch who's only fucked one man in his entire life doesn't mean the rest of the world has to be fucking celibate!" he exclaimed.

 Christian sighed deeply. "You really don't understand the concept of love, do you Matt?" he said sadly. "I've been in love with Edge since I was 14 years old and he kissed me for the first time. I've never been with anyone else ‘cos I never wanted to be, not because I couldn't get laid. Hell, I've had men pawing all over me trying to get me into bed, but I've never once been tempted. Jeff loves you, Matt. He's been saving his virginity for that one special person, which for some deluded reason he's come to believe is you. Well congratulations, now you've taken from him the most sacred gift a man can give to another man, and you're casting it away like it's a piece of shit! Can't you just try, Matt? Just once, can't you just try to love someone? Just forget all your lovers, and give all of your heart to him, like he's given you his?"

 "Oh for fuck's sake." Christian's speech earned nothing more than another roll of the eyes from Matt. "Get off your fucking soap box! This is real life, not some fucking sappy chick flick! The reality is sex; always has been, always will be. Sex is real, love is just a pointless fantasy."

 Christian shook his head, tears pooling in his pretty blue eyes. "It's really sad to hear you, or anyone, for that matter, say something like that, Matt."

 "Uh huh." Matt gave the golden blonde a shove, charging past him toward the elevator. "Thanks so much for sharing your opinion with me!" he shot back over his shoulder. "Next time I want to listen to some pathetic, sappy dribble, I'll come knocking at your door!" With that, he disappeared into the elevator, leaving the tearful blonde just shaking his head.


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