"Oh, Adam!"

 "What, baby?"

 "You know what! More! Yes!"

 "Like that?"

 "God do I! Ooh!"

 Matt listened to his brother and his boyfriend in the next room. He bit his lip, trying to keep his own throbbing erection under control. He hoped Jay got back very, very soon. It wasn't fair. Jeff always got to have fun first.

 After a few minutes that felt like an eternity, the door opened and Jay walked in, carrying a few bags. Matt rushed up and tackled him, making him drop his bags and dragging him right over to the bed, crawling on top of him and pulling him into a hungry kiss.

 Jay laughed, his chest starting to move heavier as Matt swiftly undid the buttons on his shirt and laid kisses along his chest. "God, I didn't expect such a warm reception," Jay chuckled, moaning as Matt's tongue ran across his nipple. "Geez, baby, can't you let me get my shoes off first?"

 "No. I want you now." Matt reached for the button on Jay's jeans, masterfully undoing them and pulling them off, along with his boxers. He paused momentarily to pull off Jay's shoes and socks, as well, then positioned himself between Jay's legs. He stared at Jay's hardening cock for a moment, then leaned over and sunk it down his throat.

 "Oh, Matt!" Jay cried, his chest moving heavier. "Oh baby, you're so good to me."

 Matt deepthroated him, bobbing his head until he felt that Jay was on the verge of coming. Swiftly, he threw off his clothes and pulled Jay into a sitting position, snatching a tube of gel off the nightstand as he straddled Jay's lap. He rapidly applied the gel, frantic with his need.

 "God, you're not wasting any time tonight, are you?" Jay asked, his eyes shining with both amusement and anticipation.

 "Nope, I want you inside me now." Matt moved himself up slightly, then slammed down hard on Jay's cock.

 "Matt!!" Jay cried, closing his eyes, his mouth hanging slightly open as Matt began to bounce on him, up and down, up and down. "Oh baby, you're so tight," Jay gasped, wrapping his arms around Matt's slender waist.

 Matt's eyes were closed as well, as he concentrated on the ecstacy filling his being as Jay slid in and out of him. "Stop talking and fuck me like a fucking animal," he hissed, running his hands stimulatingly over Jay's chest.

 "You want it rough, you got it," Jay returned, in a swift movement flipping Matt onto his back and lying on top of him. He began pounding into his younger lover mercilessly, making Matt scream in utter pleasure.

 "Yes baby!! Harder! Yes!!" Matt cried.

In the next room, Adam and Jeff were listening with amusement. Jeff was curled up in Adam's arms, his head resting on the larger man's sweaty chest. "Guess Jay finally got back," Adam commented.

 "Mmmhmm." Jeff snuggled up to his lover, sighing contentedly. "I'm glad Matt's got someone there for him, like I do. Have I told you recently how happy you make me?"

 Adam chuckled. "Just a few moments ago, baby."

 "Yeah, I guess." Jeff kissed Adam's chest affectionately. "Well, I'll tell you again, anyway. You make me happy. Really, really happy. And it's not just the sex that's good, it's the part after, too. The part we're in right now, where we just hold each other and think about how in love we are."

 Adam squeezed Jeff lovingly, a seductive smile playing at his lips. "I love holding you, baby. But, you know, the sex part isn't ALWAYS over at this time." He raised his eyebrows at Jeff. "Hint, hint."

 Jeff laughed, rolling over to straddle Adam's hips. "You just can't get enough of me, can you?"

"Never," Adam replied with a huge grin. Jeff took a moment to properly lube them, making Adam groan from the sensual way he ran his hands over his shaft. Adam moaned louder as Jeff spread his legs over Adam's hips and sunk himself onto Adam's member.

 Jeff threw his head back as he began to move up and down. "Shit, Adam, I love how you feel inside me!" Jeff gasped. "You feel - feel so good, baby!"

 They weren't paying any attention to the cries coming from the neighboring room. The occupants of that room, likewise, were totally engrossed in their own activities. And so the night ended well for both Hardy brothers.


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