Jay lay back on the bed, trying to arrange himself in a suitably enticing position. He glanced at the clock, feeling annoyed that his lover wasn't back yet. Frowning, he repositioned the thin hotel sheet, the only thing covering his naked body.

 At last, the lock on the door clicked and in a tall figure stepped in, halting just out of Jay's site. "Kill the lights," a deep voice demanded. Jay frowned, but switched off the light anyway. He wasn't in the mood to argue with his lover. The tall man stepped into the dark room, letting the door close behind him. It shut out the last of the light, leaving the room pitch black.

 Jay waited a moment, annoyed when his lover didn't immediately join him. "Baby, come to bed," he cooed, patting the mattress next to him. "I've been waiting for you."

 "Have you now. And what were you planning on doing with me?"

 Jay rolled his eyes, happy to feel his lover's weight settle down on the edge on the bed. "What we always do after we face each other," he chuckled. "Have hours of hot, passionate sex. Why else would I be waiting for you?" He reached out, running his hands over the larger man's hard chest. He grasped a handful of his lover's shirt, pulling the material up over his head. He let his hands wander back down his lover's torso, playing with his hardening nipple. Jay heard his lover moan, encouraging him to move lower. He ran his hand down his lover's stomach, past his belt, and let his hand rest on the bulge between the big man's legs, cupping and kneading it with his fingers. A louder moan escaped the bigger man's lips, making Jay grin.

 "Like that baby?" he whispered in his lover's ear, nipping the tender lobe before jotting out his tongue to tease his lover.

 "Oh yeah," the larger man groaned, another moan pushing its way out of his throat.

 "Want me to suck you off, baby?" Jay purred as his tongue traced his lover's earlobe.


 "As you wish." Jay trailed his other hand down his lover's back, arriving at the smooth, cold buckle of his pants. His eyes glowing, he leaned down, grasping his lover's leather belt with his teeth and pulling it loose. He used his tongue to push open the button on his jeans, then took the zipper between his teeth and gently pulled it down. He nuzzled his lover's already hard cock through the fabric of his boxers, letting his tongue flick out to tease it.

 "Oh, baby, you are good," the larger man groaned, threading his fingers through Jay's silky golden hair.

 Jay back off, blinking a little. Something seemed not quite right, and it was definitely making him uncomfortable. "Baby? Kane?" Jay reached for the light, flipping the switch quickly. He stared in shock at the man in his bed; not his lover, but rather, his lover's brother. "What the hell!" Jay cried, leaping out of the bed and grabbing the sheet to cover himself with. "Taker! What the hell are you doing?!?"

 "Sorry babe." Taker shook his head, looking amused. "Hold on one second." He stood up, zipping his jeans up first, then walking over to the door and pulling it open. Kane stepped into the room, looking between the two of them.

 "Well?" the Big Red Machine asked.

 "He passed," Taker told his brother, holding the door open for him. "Found me out before we did anything."

 "Good." Kane nodded approvingly, smiling at his lover. "Good boy, Jay."

 "What?" Jay stared at the larger man, looking confused.

 "It was just a little test, baby," Kane told him in a soothing voice. He walked over to the confused blonde, taking his small body in his arms. "I'm sorry, babe." Kane grinned as he felt Jay's considerable erection pressing into his legs. He drew back slightly, peering into his lover's eyes. "Hmm, seems to me you like Taker, though. Quite a bit, actually."

 Jay flushed, pulling more of the sheet over his crotch to hide his body's excitement. "Of course not!" he exclaimed. "You know you're the only one for me."

 "Really." Kane glanced back at his brother, shaking his head slightly. "In that case, sorry bro, sounds like he ain't interested."

 "Nuts." Taker headed for the door, looking extremely disappointed.

 "Hey, hold on." Jay looked between them, a curious expression on his face. "Not interested in what?"

 "Well, it's just that Taker has expressed some interest in joining us tonight. But, if you're not interested - " Kane explained.

 "Well, um," Jay bit his lip, glancing at Taker, who's long, red hair was falling over his muscular shoulders in a very enticing, erotic way. Jay let his eyes run all the way down Taker's body, over his powerful abs, his strong thighs, and finally, to the large, obvious bulge in his jeans. He glanced back at Kane, feeling a stirring in his own groin. "Really? That would be ok with you?"

 Kane chuckled. "Well, I'm not saying I'm gonna give you two a one-on-one session or anything, but I think the three of us could really have a good time. If you're up for it, that is, ‘cos you're gonna be in the middle, baby."

 Jay felt his mouth go dry at the concept of being between the two large, powerful, beautiful men. He didn't think there were words to express how much he wanted it. "Yes," was all he managed to choke out. "Yes, god, I want that!"

 Kane grinned, his eyes blazing hungrily with lust. "Excellent," he purred. Without warning, he grabbed Jay around the waist and threw him onto the bed, jumping onto the mattress after him. The spring protested noisily as Kane pounced on the smaller man, yanking the sheet away and flinging it onto the ground, revealing Jay's gorgeous naked body. He pinned the smaller man down on his back, laying on top of him and covering his face with hungry kisses. Jay growled, running his hands all over Kane's well toned back. They often liked to play rough, both of them getting even more turned on by it.

 Kane backed off for a moment to rip off his clothes, dumping them in a pile on top of the sheet. He then grabbed Jay's arm and yanked him up onto his hands and knees, snatching the bottle of lube Jay had left on the nightstand. Jay found himself face to face with Taker's large, erect cock. The tall man was kneeling on the bed before him, having shed his clothes while Kane had been distracting him. Jay licked his lips, his eyes locked on Taker's hard cock.

 Kane chuckled, glancing up at his brother as he lubed up his cock, his dark eyes focused on Jay's tight opening. "Spread your legs a little wider, baby," the Big Red Machine purred, running his finger tauntingly over the crack of Jay's ass, his finger flicking out to tease his lover's hole. Jay moaned, moving his legs apart wider and arching his hips back wantingly. "You want it, baby?" Kane whispered, letting one slick digit dip into Jay's opening, wiggling it around and stretching him out.

 Jay gasped, moaning from the sensation. "Yes baby. More! Please!" he begged, trying to work himself on Kane's finger and push the digit deeper into his body.

 "Like this?" Kane pushed another finger in, then a third, until Jay was whimpering with need.

 "Oh please baby, please!" Jay begged, his breath already coming in heavy gasps. "I want you inside me. I want your big beautiful cock filling my ass, please!"

 Kane chuckled, getting onto his knees and positioning his throbbing cock at Jay's entrance, not with drawing his fingers just yet. "As you wish," he purred, raising his free hand to stroke Jay's golden hair. "But baby, we wouldn't want to leave Taker out, now would we?" Jay glanced up at the big man kneeling in front of him, his green eyes half closed with desire. "Why don't you go down on him?" Kane whispered. "It would be such a sexy sight."

 Jay nodded in agreement, arching his hips pleadingly towards his lover. In what seemed like only a split second, Kane had withdrawn his fingers and penetrated the smaller man, sliding in up to the hilt. Jay cried out, seeing stars dance before his eyes. He heard Taker clear his throat, and looked up to see the big man looking down at him impatiently. Taker thrust his hips forward, putting his cock only inches from Jay's mouth. Moaning in desire, Jay leaned forward and took him into his mouth, sucking ferociously on the bigger man as Kane began to thrust into him, each thrust hard, deep, and fast. Jay couldn't help crying out around Taker's cock as Kane hit his prostate, sending stars dancing across his eyes.

 Jay felt nothing but pleasure and lust flowing through his veins as he deep throated Taker, the larger man's hands tangling in his silky hair. Kane was holding his hips firmly, hitting his prostate with every harsh thrust of his hips. A constant stream of moans tore from his throat, mostly silenced by Taker's cock in his mouth. Jay's pleasure heightened further still as Kane reached between his legs, taking his swelling cock in his hand and pumping it vigorously, thrusting in even harder as he did.

 It could've been hours when Jay finally came, his fluid gushing out over Kane's hand and the bedsheets. At that moment, he probably couldn't have told day from night. The only thing he was aware of was the need to bring his lovers off with him. He could feel Kane begin to come as he muscles tightened around the larger man's throbbing cock, forcing his release from him. Jay reached up with both hands, cupping and squeezing Taker's balls until the big man exploded in his mouth, letting forth a loud, animalistic cry.

 All three of them fell onto the bed, panting and exhausted. Taker was the first one to recover his breath enough to speak. "Holy lord, that was without a doubt the absolute best head I've ever had," he panted, staring at Jay with a touch of envy in his eyes. "You are one lucky man, bro."

 "I know." Kane put a hand to his rapidly moving chest, taking a deep breath to try to calm his body down a little. "And his ass is even sweeter, bro. His cock tastes damn good, too. But the sight of him sucking you off - goddamn, that was hot!"

 Jay raised his head, looking between the two brothers. "I think we should do this again sometime," he panted, a wicked glint in his eyes. He turned his gaze to Taker, raising his eyebrows. "Maybe then you could see just how sweet my ass is."

 "I would love to," Taker replied, licking his lips hungrily. "If it's ok with you, bro?"

 Kane smiled and nodded, reaching over and pulling Jay into his strong arms. "As long as I get a part too, fine. At the moment, I think you should be getting back to your own room, bro. I'm tired as hell, and sharing time's over. For the rest of the night, he's mine." Kane turned his eyes back to Jay, pressing a gentle kiss to the weary golden blonde's forehead. "Cuddling's only for lovers," he whispered, the love in his voice not lost on either man.

 Taker chuckled, reaching for his discarded clothes. "I'll just leave you two to be all sappy and romantic then," he teased, his eyes still dancing with merriment. "Til next time bro, Jay. See ya." With that, he strode to the door and exited, leaving the lovers to themselves.

 Jay cuddled up closer to Kane, resting his head against the big man's chest. "I love you," he whispered.

 "I love you too," Kane replied, pressing a gentle kiss to Jay's temple. He held Jay lovingly as the golden blonde drifted off into a deep, peaceful sleep. He let his fingers run through Jay's soft hair, loving the way it felt against his fingers. His dark eyes moved to the nightstand, to the small velvet box he had set there without Jay noticing. His gaze turned back to Jay's face, a gentle smile on the large man's lips. "Tomorrow, baby," he promised, "Tomorrow, you get an even bigger surprise.


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