Matt stepped into his locker room after finishing his clip with Lita. He was hoping to grab a shower, but not with some red-headed bimbo. No, he had something quite different in mind. He smiled as he heard the water running in one of the room's two private shower stalls. He swiftly pulled off his shirt, kicking off his shoes, followed by his pants. He dropped his boxers on top of the disorderly pile, then pulled the binder out of his hair and dropped it on the pile as well.

 He approached the shower stall, noting with a smile the fresh, neatly folded clothes which awaited its occupant. With no warning at all, he yanked open the shower door. It's occupant, his brother, spun around, his eyes wide with shock. He instantly relaxed upon seeing his older brother, putting a hand over his racing heart.

 "Jesus Matt!" Jeff exclaimed. "You scared the hell out of me!"

 "Sorry." Matt smirked, stepping into the small cubicle and pulling the door closed behind him.

 Jeff frowned at the brunette. "What are you doing?" he demanded. "No way this shower is big enough for two guys!"

 Matt shrugged. "We fit."

 "But not with much to spare. Out!" Jeff ordered.

 "Aw, baby, you don't mean that." Matt wrapped his arms around Jeff's waist, pushing the smaller man up against the cool tile wall. "Why don't we have some fun?" he breathed in Jeff's ear.

 Jeff shook his head, pushing Matt away. "Not right now. I'm tired and I want to get clean. Now out."

 Matt pouted, showing no sign of leaving. "Baby, I've wanted you all day," he crooned. He leaned in close, taking a big whiff of Jeff's freshly washed hair. "Suck me?" he whispered pleadingly.

 Jeff sighed, gritting his teeth in annoyance. "Matt, I just want to take a shower," he informed his older brother. "I'm not in the mood to mess around. So get out now or I'm not even sleeping in the same bed as you tonight!"

 Matt pouted more, but did as Jeff commanded, stomping out of the shower and back into the room.

 Later that night, Matt was sitting in bed, waiting impatiently for Jeff to come out of the bathroom. He grinned, rolling onto his side and throwing the thin bedsheet off his naked body as Jeff finally emerged from the small room, striking his most seductive pose. "Come here baby. I've been waiting for you forever," he growled, crooking a finger at Jeff.

 Jeff gave him a look, pushing him over and climbing into bed, still clad in his boxers. "Not tonight Matt."

 Matt's smile faded, a pout taking over his face again. "Why not?" he demanded.

 "Because I'm tired," Jeff told him, pulling the sheet over himself and closing his eyes.

 "Aw come on Jeff!" Matt whined. "I really really want it!"

 Jeff waved his hand dismissively. "Tomorrow maybe."

 "But Jeff!" Matt muttered, "I want your cock up my ass NOW."

 Jeff just shook his head, not opening his eyes. "Go to sleep Matt."


 "Matt." Jeff opened his eyes, frowning at his lover. "I said go to sleep."

 Muttering to himself, Matt threw himself down against the mattress, making sure to wiggle around enough to shake the mattress, but Jeff didn't open his eyes again. Sighing, Matt closed his eyes. A moment later, he opened them again. He turned to Jeff, just looking at him for a moment before he spoke. "At least let me suck you."


 Matt slammed his hand into the mattress. "Come on Jeff! I'm horny here!"

 "Then go to sleep and dream about us fucking," Jeff told him curtly.

 Scowling to himself, Matt threw himself against the pillows again, spending a few minutes glaring off into space before finally settling down to sleep. The dreams came almost instantly. In his dream, Matt was awoken by a teasing nibble to his inner thigh. He opened his eyes, smiling down at his lover, who was perched between his legs. He watched Jeff lick around the base of his cock, finally taking the head between his soft lips and beginning to suck. He moaned as pleasure flowed through him, beginning to thrust his hips in the gentle rhythm of Jeff's bobbing head.

 Matt's hand reached down and smacked Jeff's ass. Jeff's lust filled eyes turned to him for a moment, and Matt motioned for him to turn around. Grinning around the cock in his mouth, Jeff swung his body around so he was straddling Matt's face. As his brother resumed giving him head, Matt peered up at the hard, erect cock before him, licking his lips hungrily before darting his tongue out to taste the drop of pre-come on the tip. Feeling Jeff's body shudder slightly in anticipation, he leaned forward, capturing the silky tip in his mouth. Slowly he took the entire shaft down his throat, inch by heavenly inch. He began to slide his mouth back and forth, reveling in the feeling of the thick cock sliding against his throat. His pleasure was doubled by Jeff's hot mouth rising and falling relentlessly on his own cock.

Matt jerked awake with a start. He looked all around him, finding the room dark, and Jeff sleeping soundly beside him. However, he was almost painfully aroused from the erotic dream, his cock begging to be touched. After considering for a moment, Matt touched Jeff's shoulder, gently shaking his brother until the blonde turned to him.

 "What?" Jeff snapped. "I'm trying to sleep. What the hell did you wake me up for?"

 "Jeff, do you think we could maybe 69?" Matt asked timidly. "I just had the hottest dream, and - "

 "No," Jeff told him succinctly, turning away from him and closing his eyes again.

 "Jeff, please..." Matt begged.

 "No." Jeff stated again.

 Matt sighed, giving up trying to persuade his brother. He glanced down at the tented sheet over his groin, biting his lip and trying hard to think about something, anything but sex. But however much he tried, he just couldn't seem to get the image of Jeff sucking his cock out of his head. He slumped against the pillows, pouting furiously into the air. It was going to be a very long night.


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