"Baby, have you ever been with a vampire?" Adam purred. He was cuddled up with his lover on the couch in their hotel room, Jay sitting on his lap, the smaller man's arms around his lover's neck.

 Jay rolled his eyes. "You have been watching way too many Halloween movies, Adam," he replied. "Thank god tomorrow's Halloween so you'll shut up about all this crap!"

 "You didn't answer my question," Adam stated, raising my eyebrows. "Have you?"

 Jay sighed. "Oh come on Adam. No, of course I've haven't been with a vampire, because there's no such thing!"

 "Maybe, but what do you think sex with a vampire would be like?" Adam mused. "Think he'd want to bite you while you were doing it?"

 Jay groaned. "Adam, I don't wanna talk about sex with vampires! Come on!"

 "Well how do you know it wouldn't be the best sex of your life?" Adam challenged. He pushed Jay's hair away from his neck, licking at the veins beneath the golden blonde's flesh.

 Jay closed his eyes, resting his head back on Adam's shoulder and enjoying his lover's attention. "I know it wouldn't be the best sex of my life because you're the best I've ever had, and I seriously doubt anyone could top that," he replied. "Unless you want me to start banging lots of supposed vampires to find out?"

 "Not if that involves them touching you," Adam growled, his arms circling protectively around Jay's waist.

 "Thought so," Jay chuckled. It was quite for a moment, Adam continuing to lick and suck at the tender skin of Jay's neck, Jay just relaxing and enjoying it.

 "But," Adam said after a moment, breaking the silence and making his lover groan again. "What if you didn't even know it was a vampire?"

 "Wouldn't it be a give away when he latched onto your neck and drank your blood?" Jay chuckled.

 "But what if he was sneaky about it?" Adam pressed.

 "Sneaky how?" Jay replied, humoring Adam for a moment by going along with his train of thought.

 "What if he pretended he was just giving you a hickey?"

 Jay snorted. "Adam, gimme a break! There is no way you could stick fangs into someone's neck and drink their blood and then pass it off as a hickey!" he exclaimed.

 "I think you could," Adam stated.

 "Well I don't." Jay rolled his eyes. "Can we please talk about something else?"

 "Don't you think vampires would have awesome stamina?"

 Jay groaned yet again. "Adam! That's not a different subject!"

 "Well yeah, but don't you? I mean they shouldn't really get tired like normal guys, right?" Adam speculated.

 "Sure, whatever. Why don't we just forget it and go to bed, hmm?" Jay murmured, wiggling his eyebrows at Adam. "You can show me your awesome stamina, again."

 "In a bit. I'm too comfortable to move right now," Adam sighed, keeping his arms tightly around his lover.

 "Are you feeling ok?" Jay raised a curious eyebrow. "I don't think I've ever known you to turn down sex before!"

 "I'm not turning it down, I'm just asking you to hold off a bit," Adam informed him. "Although there was that one time when I said no, remember?"

 Jay blushed. "No," he claimed.

 "You remember." Adam chuckled. "I told you I was dead tired, which I was, and had a headache, which I did, and you threw a fit because you thought I didn't want you and had been looking at someone or other in the locker room."

 "I had a hard day, ok?" Jay retorted. "I said I was sorry. I showed you I was sorry later, didn't I?"

 Adam grinned. "Oh yeah, you did." He ran his fingers over Jay's neck, following their path with his tongue. "What if I were a vampire, Jay? Would you still love me?" he asked.

 "Sure, whatever," Jay told him. "Vampire or no, I'd love you ‘cos you're you."

 "So you wouldn't stop loving me if I were to bite you and have a little taste of that sweet blood?" Adam breathed, blowing softly across the wet trail he had just left on Jay's neck.

 "Adam, you know I'm not into any of the sick kinky shit," Jay chastised.

 "It wouldn't be kinky baby, it'd just be a little feeding for me," Adam purred, nipping at Jay's neck with his teeth.

 "Adam, I don't want a hickey! It's embarrassing!" Jay squirmed.

 "But what if I were just to take a little sip?" Adam whispered. He grinned, licking his lips as his fangs extended, the glistening points poised about Jay's rich vein.

 Jay had closed his eyes again, his head resting on Adam's shoulder. "Not funny," he muttered, tensing when he felt Adam's teeth on his neck. "Adam! Don't you dare! I told you - " He gasped as he felt a sharp pain in his neck.

 Adam sunk his teeth into the vein, holding Jay's head as the blonde tried to move away.

 "Are you actually biting me?" Jay gasped, frowning as Adam stopped him from yanking his head away. "God dammit Adam, that hurts! It really fucking hurts!" He winced as Adam made slurping sounds, drinking up the blood which was flowing through the vein. "You fucking jerk, cut it out! You're hurting me! And stop it with the slurping noise, that's disgusting!"

 Adam withdrew his fangs, the wound instantly closing over, leaving no mark. He licked the blood off his lips as his fangs retracted, licking Jay's neck to make sure not a drop of blood was left. "What?" he asked innocently when Jay turned to glare at him.

 "I bet I have a huge damn hickey now, don't I?" Jay snapped, rubbing his neck. "I can't believe you actually bit me!"

 "There's no mark baby, see?" Adam offered, grabbing a reflecting tray from the coffee table and showing Jay his reflection in it.

 Jay rubbing his neck, frowning at the reflection. "Well it still hurt, you ass! Geez, you think you're a damn vampire or something?"

 "Yep, that's right," Adam replied with a grin. "I'm a vampire Jay! A real life vampire, and I really did just bite you and suck some of your blood. It's how I've been surviving since we were 16 years old, you just normally don't notice since I bite you in the heat of passion."

 Jay just stared at him for a moment, then burst out laughing. He shook his head blonde, slapping Adam on the back. "You really are a card, you know that? Now let's go to bed and put all this Halloween garbage behind us, ok?"

 "Ok." Adam leaned forward and brushed Jay's lips in a quick kiss, then both stood, Jay disappearing into the bathroom. Adam stood in the center on the room, an amused look on his face. "Well, I told him," he said to himself, chuckling, his fangs reappearing for a moment, flashing in the light, and disappearing once more.


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