Jay awoke to a pounding on the door. He glanced at the clock, groaning when he saw it was only midnight. "Who is it?" he yelled, groaning again when he got no response except continued pounding. He glanced around him, frowning when he noticed that Adam was nowhere to be seen. "Honey?" he called, wondering if his lover was in the bathroom. Again, he got no response.

 Sighing loudly, Jay climbed out of bed and pulled on his long blue silk robe, stomping over to the door and yanking it open. "What?" he demanded, his expression sour as he came face to face with his lover, who was dressed in a matching purple silk robe. "Did you lock yourself out?" he snapped. "What the hell are you doing up, we went to bed two hours ago!"

 Adam grinned. "It's midnight baby! It's February 14!"

 "So what?" Jay snapped.

 Adam reached onto the cart which was hidden from Jay's view and grabbed a big red heart shaped box, pushing it into Jay's arms. "Happy Valentines Day baby!"

 Jay frowned, glanced down at the chocolates. "You woke me up at midnight for this? Couldn't you have waited 'til the morning?"

 "Nope." Adam grinned, picking up the second object on the cart. He held it out for Jay, grinning widely. "I love you baby."

 Jay couldn't stop the grin which spread across his face. He chuckled, gazing at the object in Adam's arms. It was a big white bear with a pretty red bow around its neck, holding a big red heart pillow which read 'I love you'. "Aw, honey, you didn't have to get me anything," he murmured, taking the bear and giving it a big hug.

 "Oh no, I did," Adam replied. "This is a day for lovers, and I'll never love anyone more than I love you."

 "You are so sweet," Jay replied with a grin, having completely forgotten his earlier annoyance.

 "So, can I come in?" Adam prodded, still grinning broadly.

 Jay laughed. "Well, gee, I don't know...probably wouldn't be proper..."

 Adam rolled his eyes. "Is your mom gonna object?" he teased.

 Jay stuck his tongue out. "She did that one time you crawled in through my window," he giggled.

 "Yeah, yeah." Adam put his hands on his hips. "So?"

 "So come in, my fine Romeo!" Jay held the door open, smiling happily as Adam swept into the room.

 "Did I tell you yet that I love you?" Adam asked.

 "Yep, but I wouldn't mind hearing it again," Jay chuckled as he strode up to his lover, wrapping his arms around Adam's neck and pulling him into a passionate kiss.

 "I love you," Adam murmured against Jay's lips as they drew apart slightly.

 "Adam, you've gotta be the sweetest men ever," Jay stated with a big grin. "I love you."

 "Mmm, if you love me now, just wait a little bit," Adam chuckled, moving back a bit and putting his hand on the tie holding his robe closed.

 "Oh? Have you got my Valentines present in there?" Jay teased, licking his lips as Adam just flipped his pretty blonde hair, letting the robe slid down his body and settle around his ankle. "Damn," Jay murmured, his eyes drinking in the sight of Adam's naked body. "You know, you get hotter every time I see you. How the hell do you do that?"

 "A special kind of magic." Adam grinned. "It's called Jay's Love."

 "Oh, it couldn't possibly be as strong as the magic I've got," Jay replied, his hands caressing the tie holding his robe closed, an action which did not escape his lover's notice. "It's called Adam's Love," the pretty blonde continued, pulling the tie open with deliberate slowness. "It's an awesome thing. It makes me feel sexy, and loved, and desired. It also tends to make me turn into a big sappy ball of love."

 "And it makes you want cute cuddly things like me," Adam supplied.

 "That too." Jay let his robe slip off his shoulders, standing still for a moment to let Adam appreciate his glorious body, then walking swiftly to the bed and laying down on his back. He positioned himself on his back, fixing Adam with a sizzling look. "You want some a this, baby?" he breathed, running his fingers over one of his thighs.

 Adam nodded, his eyes full of desire as he crawled onto the bed. He crawled up between Jay's legs, wrapping his arms around his lover's waist and pulling him into a steamy kiss. As their lips joined passionately, he reached onto the nightstand, grabbing the bottle that was there. He managed to tear himself away from Jay for a moment, showing him the special bottle.

 Jay laughed. "Pink lube? Baby, you've outdone yourself."

 "Everything for Valentines," Adam murmured, letting his lips graze the pretty blonde's neck.

 "So, is that just here to look pretty, or what?" Jay pushed, spreading his legs a bit wider in an obvious hint.

 Adam chuckled. "That eager, are you?"

 Jay nodded. "Are you kidding? After getting a look at your body, I'm beyond eager!"

 Adam raised an eyebrow. "Are you saying I'll have to make love to you in the dark if I want to get any foreplay?"

 "Oh, would you stop teasing!" Jay exclaimed, gently slapping his lover's chest. "You know I love kissing and cuddling you, baby. Some nights that's all me do."

 "I know." Adam smiled happily. "And I love every second of it." Before Jay could object again, he flipped open the bottle of lube, thoroughly coating his fingers with the pink liquid. "We'll take it nice and slow today, baby," he murmured.

 "Good." Jay shifted against the pillows, getting comfortable while Adam slid down the bed a bit, positioning himself between his pretty lover's legs. Jay closed his eyes, keeping his legs spread as far apart as was comfortable. He bit his lip, his breath hitching a little as the first of Adam's fingers slid into him. He relaxed, losing himself in the pleasant sensations. Adam's finger moved gently inside of him, eventually being joined by a second, then, when Jay was relaxed enough, a third.

 "Adam," Jay murmured, his desire building up inside of him under his lover's gentle ministrations. "I'm ready baby. I want you inside of me." He groaned softly as Adam's fingers withdrew, opening his eyes as his lover's form shifted. He found himself gazing into Adam's love filled eyes, mesmerized by the gentle smile Adam wore.

 "I love you so much," Adam whispered.

 "I love you too," Jay returned, wrapping his arms around Adam's neck. The taller blonde gently guided his lover's legs around his waist, kissing his lover as the head of his lubed cock began to tease at Jay's well prepared opening. He penetrated the pretty blonde slowly, soft moans spilling from his throat. Jay whimpered a little, not in pain, but in pleasure. He let his eyes slip closed again, again losing himself in the sensations as Adam worshipped his body.

 Adam paused for a moment when he was fully sheathed, kissing Jay deeply and whispering softly, "You're the most beautiful, perfect man in the world, Jay. I love you so much."

 Jay smiled. No matter how many times Adam said it, he could never hear it enough. He responded not with words but with a kiss, a kiss so passionate that it expressed his feelings far better than any words could. Adam kissed back eagerly, one of his hands settling on Jay's back while that other moved down to his hips. The taller blonde began to rock his hips, Jay's body moving fluidly in response. They kept it slow, wanting to savor the experience of being so completely intimate with each other. Their lips continued to join, soft moans escaping their lips as their bodies joined.

 Adam could feel his orgasm slowly building up, and he let it take its time. He savored the feeling of Jay's heavenly flesh surrounding him, lost himself in the sensation of Jay's body pressed against his and Jay's lips tenderly loving him. When at last he felt it coming, unable to hold back any longer, he captured Jay's lips in a final, passionate kiss, skillful thrusting against that certain spot inside his lover.

 Jay gave a little cry, his lips never leaving Adam's as he body began to shake, his breath leaving him for a moment as waves of ecstasy washed through him. Adam let his eyes slip closed as his own orgasm took hold of him, moaning softly into Jay's mouth. It was blissfully quiet, perfectly intimate, as their bodies writhed in pleasure, the waves of pure ecstasy momentarily consuming them both.

 They remained in the exact same position, locked together in pleasure, as the waves began to taper off. Their lips were still meeting in soft kisses even as Adam slipped out of his lover, Jay's legs unwinding from his waist and falling to rest upon the mattress.

 After a few moments of this continued intimacy, Adam let his head drop onto Jay's chest, sighing contentedly as the heat of his lover's skin warmed his cheek. "I love you," he whispered.

 Jay raised a hand to stroke Adam's soft hair, a soft smile gracing his features. "I love you too," he replied quietly. "I love you. Happy Valentines, baby. Love you."

 Adam was quiet, the tired smile on his face saying it all. He let his eyes close, wrapping his arm around Jay's back. "Love you," he whispered again, then closed his eyes, simply enjoying his lover's gentle touch.


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