He was done showering. He was done primping in the bathroom. He was done with his sexy shuffle out into the bedroom, and he was done crawling into bed. And now, he was sitting under the covers, pouting, while his lover talked on the phone, completely ignoring him.

 "Edge," he whispered, tapping his lover's shoulder.

 Edge made a gesture for him to be quiet. "And how's rooming with Test? He behaving himself?" Edge sighed. "What do you mean you won't? What did he do?"

 "Edge!" Matt moved closer to his lover, reaching a hand out to stroke his lover's chest. "Edge, baby, come on, I'm ready," he purred, leaning down to nuzzle the beautiful blonde's neck.

 Edge frowned, covering the mouthpiece of the phone momentarily. "Matt, I haven't talked to my brother in weeks and this is important," he hissed, promptly ignoring the younger man's presence once more as he continued his conversation. "No, that was nothing. Now Lance said what that made him do that?"

 Matt scowled, shifting impatiently and trying to catch his lover's attention. Unable to do so, he reached across the tall blonde, pressing the switch in the base of the phone. "Hello? Hello?" Edge repeated, slamming the phone down and glaring at Matt. "Matt, how could you do that?" he snapped. "Goddammit, that was important!"

 "Well do it later!" Matt shot back. "I've been sitting here for 10 minutes wanting you to pay attention to me! I spent all that time showering with pretty stuff and making myself look nice and sexy for you and you didn't even notice!"

 "Matt, baby, I do notice you, and I pay lots of attention to you," Edge told his younger lover, trailing a hand down Matt's smooth cheek. "But I have other people in my life too, and I need to have time for them too, ok?"

 "You can have time for them, just not when we're in bed and I'm waiting for you!" Matt insisted. "This is MY time!"

 "Well I guess that's fair. I know I wouldn't appreciate you babbling away to your brother when I wanted you." Edge sighed, giving his lover a little smile. "Just don't EVER hang up the phone on me again, ok?"

 "I won't as long as you're not neglecting me," Matt promised.

 "Ok, fine," Edge agreed. He let his eyes travel over Matt's exposed torso, raising an eyebrow. "You are looking fine tonight."

 "Why thank you." Matt licked his lips, his eyes flicking over Edge's smooth, flawless skin. "You're not so bad yourself." He wrapped his arms around Edge's neck, pulling the larger man on top of him. Just as they were about to kiss, the phone started to ring.

 Matt growled, snatching it up before Edge could. "Fuck off Christian, we're busy!" he snapped.

 "This is important!" whined Edge's younger sibling. "Test and Lance are fighting again and I don't know what to do!"

 "Let them fight! Who cares! Butt out of their business and stop being so nosy!" Matt snapped.

 "Matt!" Edge cried, grabbing the phone from his lover and putting it against his ear. "Christian, honey, are you ok?"

 "No!" Christian sobbed. "Edge, they are so gonna kill each other, and then I won't get to do anything ‘cos I won't have a group any more and I won't have any partners!"

 "Honey, take a deep breath, ok?" Edge told his brother in a soothing voice, trying to ignore the angry glare he was receiving from Matt. "Just try and calm down. They are not gonna kill each other, ok? I know they hate each other ‘cos Lance thinks Test stole whats-his-name from him - "

 "Raven," Christian sniffled.

 "Yeah, him. Now if they don't stop this, just go bop them both on the head with something hard and tell them Raven never gave either of them a second glance, so they might as well stop fighting over a man neither one has ever or will ever be with!"

 "Will my boot worked?" Christian questioned.

 "Perfectly. Now I've gotta get back to Matt, ok hon?"

 "Edge?" came his brother's tearful voice.

 Edge sighed. "Yes?"

 "Why did you have to get back together with Matt? Matt's a bitch!"

 "I heard that!" Matt growled.

 Edge shot him a look. "Christian, you know that Matt and I - "

 Matt snatched the phone before his lover could continue. "You just shut up and stop bothering us you little pain in the ass! You're the bitch!" Matt yelled into the receiver. "Now go bop your stupid partners on the head with your boot and leave Edge the heck alone for the rest of the night so we can finally get it on!" With that, he threw the phone back into its cradle.

 "Matt," Edge groaned.

 "Forget about him," Matt pleaded, wrapping his legs around Edge's waist and giving the tall blonde his best sexy pout. "I want you Edge. Now!"

 Edge thought for a moment, then grinned. "Fine. I'll let it go for now, but you'd better stop being such a brat!"

 "Oh, of course!" Matt promised, grinning as Edge leaned in for a kiss. He returned the passionate liplock eagerly, blinking in shock when the room light was suddenly switched on and they were joined on the bed by a third party, a pretty blonde wielding a heavy wrestling boot.

 "I hate it when you hang up on me!" Christian yelled, whacking Edge over the head with his boot. "How could you do that when you KNOW I'm in the same hotel as you? And do it just to screw around with your boyfriend when I've got REAL problems?" He whacked Edge a few more times, then turned a ferocious glare on Matt. "And you! You greedy selfish little slut!" He turned the boot in Matt's direction, whacking him over the head several times before Edge was able to wrestle the boot away from him and pin his arms securely to his sides.

 "Christian! Calm down for god's sake! Matt, no!" Edge commanded sternly, frowning at his lover, who had been about to whack the pretty blonde over the head with the boot. "Christian, are you gonna stop this?"

 "I guess," Christian muttered.

 "You'd better," Edge growled.

 "Or what, you'll call mom on me?" Christian mocked.

 "I just might!" Edge snapped. "Now I'm gonna let you go, and you're gonna leave Matt alone, ok?"

 "Fine," Christian agreed.

 "Good." Edge released his younger sibling, who glared at him resentfully. "Now why are you here when Lance and Test are probably killing each other?"

 "They're not," Christian replied with a pout. "I took care of them."

 Edge raised and eyebrow. "Took care of them how?"

 "Well, I gave them a few good whacks with my boot, and I convinced Test to help me tie up Lance, which was really fun ‘cos he was all yelling and indignant and we had to gag him to shut him up, then I whacked Test a few more times and tied him up, and then I called Raven and told him how they've been fighting over him, and he came over to talk to them or something and threw me out!" Christian explained, still pouting. "So I came here since you were mean and hung up on me, and I figured you'd deserve it if I whacked you and this bitch too," he finished, glaring at Matt.

 "Let me kick his ass. PLEASE let me kick his ass!" Matt growled, his hands clenched into fists.

 "Good job, Christian," Edge told his brother, shooting Matt a disapproving look. "Look, why don't you go over to Jericho's room and stay there tonight so Matt and I can have some alone tonight, ok? You know how much fun you have with Jericho."

 "I know." Christian grinned. "He so totally rocks! He's totally my best friend! Normally we're just like buddies, but there was this one time when we kinda had a bit too much to drink, and we started messing around, and I ended up down on my knees giving him - "

 "Christian!" Edge shuddered. "God, that's not something I ever needed to hear!"

 "Well now you know how I feel!" Christian snapped. "Do you think I want to picture you and your little boyfriend getting it on? Ewwww." He made a disgusted face.

 "No I don't, and I'd rather you not," Edge replied tersely. He grabbed Matt, pulling the pretty brunette against him and laying a heated kiss on him. "Now unless you want to actually SEE us going at it," he informed Christian once the kiss ended, "I suggest you go find Jericho!"

 "Fine, fine." Christian climbed off the bed, snatching his boot and pushing his foot back into it. "Goodnight then," he finished tersely as he strode out the door.

 "Goodnight!" Edge called after him.

 "Mmm, finally, it's time for us," Matt murmured, his arms winding around his lover's neck.

 "Yes, it is," Edge agreed, grinning in anticipation as he pushed Matt onto his back and climbed on top of him, leaning down to capture another passionate kiss.


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