Jeff was sleeping. Which was fine in itself, but unfortunately he had been sleeping for an hour, and Matt's shoulder was growing numb. Matt sighed, thinking how much he hated these long international flights. The tours overseas were tons of fun, but the travel was a nightmare. He was getting sick of sitting down; he had to get up and stretch his legs. Unfortunately, doing that without disturbing Jeff would be next to impossible.

 "Jeff," Matt hissed, nudging his brother.

 "Mmmblah," Jeff muttered, not really awake. "Not now Matt, I'm tired," he murmured in his sleep.

 "Jeff wake up, my shoulder's going numb!" Matt hissed.

 "We can do it later," Jeff muttered. "Too tired, too messy."

 Matt blushed, glancing around to make sure no one had heard. The last thing he needed was Jeff spilling the beans about their relationship while talking in his sleep.

 "Jeff, wake up!" he whispered, giving his brother a shove.

 "I said not now!" Jeff protested. "Geez, I swear you wanna have sex 24/7!"

 "Jeff!" Matt gave him a hard shove, forcibly removing his little brother from his numb shoulder.

 Jeff jerked, blinking and glancing around. "Wha...where are we?"

 "On a plane, Jeff," Matt told him in annoyance. "The international tour? Remember?"

 "Right." Jeff yawned, stretching his arms above his head. "I just had the weirdest dream! I was in that movie with that cute little creature - you know the one that plays Elvis records in its mouth."

 "You had another dream about Lilo and Stitch?" Matt groaned.

 "Yeah. Anyway, I was in that movie, and I was a cartoon and all, and I was playing with that cute little girl, ‘cos I was like her fairy godfather, then you showed up while I was with her and you told me to come home ‘cos you wanted to have sex, and I got really annoyed with you and told you to buzz off, then you got mad and you dumped this tub of purple goo on me, then the goo turned into like a purple ocean, and we went surfing."

 Matt raised an eyebrow. "You know, it's hard to believe, but I think you're actually weirder when you're asleep."

 "Yeah yeah, whatever." Jeff frowned. "Why the heck did you wake me up, anyway? You know I like to sleep through these stupid flights."

 "My shoulder is numb, and I wanna get up," Matt replied, standing and stretching out his legs. He sighed happily, feeling the muscles expand and breath freely for the first time in hours. He frowned when he heard the chorus of a Britney Spears' song drifting into his ears. "Jeff, do you hear that?" he whispered.

 Jeff yawned. "Hear what?"

 Matt looked around, frowning in confusion. "I swear I just heard someone singing ‘hit me baby one more time'."

 Jeff snorted. "Who'd want to sing that? You better walk around before this starts turning into the Twilight Zone." He opened the window shade beside him, pointing outside the plane. "See anything on the wing, Matt?"

 Matt rolled his eyes as he took a seat again. "Ha ha ha, very funny."

Meanwhile, in the bathroom....

 Somehow, both Hunter and Booker had managed to squeeze themselves into the tiny airplane bathroom. Hunter was sitting on the counter, Booker standing before him. Hunter was giggling insanely as Booker sang quietly in his ear.

 "Oh baby baby," Booker chorused. "The reason I breathe is you. Boy you got me blinded. Oh pretty baby, there's nothing I wouldn't do." He grinned, pressing a quick kiss to Hunter's cheek. "Show me how you want it to be. Hit me baby one more time!"

 "You're screwing up the lyrics!" Hunter giggled, wrapping his arms around Booker's neck and sharing a deep kiss with the other man.

 "So?" Booker kissed Hunter again, his hands running down Hunter's back to grasp his ass. "Come on baby, what do you say?"

 Hunter chewed his lip, glancing uncertainly at the door. "I don't know. You know I love you, Booker, but what if we get caught?"

 "We won't." Booker pulled Hunter into another passionate kiss. "Come on Hunter, I sang Britney to you like you wanted, you said you'd join the Mile High club with me if I did."

 "I said I'd think about it!" Hunter corrected. "This place is just too small to have sex in!"

 "It's not perfect, but you gotta admit, it is damn exciting." Booker laid a trail of kisses down Hunter' neck, slowly unbuttoning his shirt and sliding it off his shoulder.

 "Book..." Hunter protested, groaning as Booker's lips closed around a pert nipple. "Book this is so bad!" he objected, not putting up any fight as Booker unzipped his pants and, with a bit of a struggle, managed to pull them off and drop them onto the floor.

 "Yeah, it is," Booker replied with a grin as he unfastened his own pants. "Come on baby, you wanna make me wait hours to have you? I want you right here." He kissed Hunter heatedly, Hunter's arms wrapping around his neck as the Game's legs wrapped wantonly around his waist.

 "Ok," Hunter whispered. "Just be quiet, I don't wanna get caught!"

Meanwhile, in another part of the plane...

 "What the hell is taking them so long!" Victoria fumed, glaring fiercely at the bathroom.

 Torrie glanced to the back of the plane, giving Victoria a funny look. "Vic, there's a second bathroom, you know."

 "Yeah, but I want one to be open when I go," Victoria growled, still glaring at the closed door.

 "Why?" Torrie asked, giving her girlfriend a funny look. "I really don't think it matters."

 "Well it does." Victoria glanced at Torrie, taking the other woman's hand and squeezing it. "I was thinking you could go with me."


 Victoria frowned. "Why?"

 "Because I'm a lady, and I'm not messing around with you in an airplane bathroom!" Torrie exclaimed. "Do you know how many germs could be in there? Yuck!"

 "We'll wipe it off." Victoria's eyes scanned over Torrie's body, lingering on her chest. "Why do you always have to wear such damn covering clothes?" she griped.

 Torrie glanced down at her baggy sweatshirt and jeans. "It's comfortable, and this is a damn long flight, so I'd rather be comfortable than sexy." She shrugged, then smiled at Victoria. "Besides, I don't want everyone getting a free show, I'd rather save it for when I'm alone with you."

 Victoria smiled, raising Torrie's hand to her lips and kissing it. "You are such a sweet talker," she purred.

 "Thank you." Torrie smiled at her girlfriend, raising her hand before Victoria could speak again. "And we are NOT gonna join the Mile High club, so don't even bother to ask again."

 "Fine." Victoria pouted, crossing her arms over her chest and looking away from the pretty blonde.

 "Oh don't be like that." Torrie captured Victoria's hand again, intertwining their fingers. "Once we get to the hotel, I'll show you that it was worth the wait, ok?"

 Victoria turned to look at Torrie once more. "As soon as we get back to the hotel?" she pushed.

 "Can I take a shower first?" Torrie asked.

 "We'll take one together," Victoria replied, wiggling her eyebrows.

 "Done." Torrie leaned forward and gave her girlfriend a quick peck on the lips. "Now try and get some sleep, it's still a long way there."

 "I know." Victoria sighed, punching her pillow a few times, then resting it on Torrie's shoulder and preparing to sleep. Torrie kissed the top of her lover's dark head, smiling as she pulled out a magazine to read.


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