"Ooh, ooh, save that one!" Rob exclaimed, giggling wildly. "Now move it there - no not there, there! Yes, perfect! Now let me rename it." He leaned over his companion's shoulder, typing in a few letters.

 "You are so bad Rob!" Christian giggled.

 "I know." Rob grinned, freezing when he heard movement in the hall. "Quick, quick, turn it off!" he hissed, jumping onto the couch as Christian hit the power switch on the laptop.

 Christian jumped on top of him, poking him in the ribs. "Let's pretend we're making out!" he giggled.

 "No problem!" Rob wrapped his arms around Christian's neck, pressing his lips against the beautiful blonde's as the door opened, admitting Lance Storm.

 Lance frowned disapprovingly when he saw the two young men entwined together. "Can't you do that elsewhere?" he demanded.

 "I guess." Rob giggled, shoving Christian off him and jumping to his feet. "Hey Lance, you gotta see this sweet new site I found last week!" he exclaimed.

 "No thank you," Lance replied, walking over to his bag and dropping his tag team title on top of it.

 "You have to see it!" Rob insisted, marching over to Lance, grabbing his hand, and dragging him over to Regal's laptop. "Come on, we'll just borrow Willy's computer for a sec."

 "Absolutely not!" Lance crossed his arms over his chest. "I will not use his property without permission."

 Rob rolled his eyes. "Fine, then we'll get permission!" He snapped his fingers, turning to Christian. "Chrissy babe, go find Willy and ask if Lance can borrow his ‘puter for a sec, ok?"

 "Can do!" Christian jumped to his feet and scurried out of the room.

 "Right," Rob stated, hitting the power button on the computer.

 "What are you doing?" Lance demanded. "We don't have permission yet!"

 "Yeah but we will in a sec, and these things take forever to boot up," Rob told him, making a face at the laptop as it slowly hummed to life.

 "It's ok!" Christian chorused as he skipped back into the room. "He said it's fine if you use it, just shut it down properly and don't let me touch it. And there was something else..." He thought for a moment, then snapped his fingers. "Oh, right! Don't go into his bookmarks either."

 "I hardly would!" Lance huffed, wheeling the little ball mouse around until he could click on Internet Explorer. "Ok, this better be quick!" he snapped, turning to Rob.

 "It'll only take a second." He stopped snapping his fingers. "Christian! Did we leave Jericho in...."

 Christian winced. "We did! Oh man he's gonna kill us."

 "Sorry Lance, we gotta go!" Rob exclaimed, dashing for the door.

 Lance let out a sigh of relief, about to close Internet Explorer when the pushy caramel blonde stuck his head back in the door. "Oh, but you go ahead and check out that site, we can talk about it in just a sec when I get back!" he exclaimed. "It's bigangeldance.com. It's sweet, you'll love it! See ya in a sec!"

 Lance considered just shutting off the computer, but after a moment of contemplation, he sighed. "He'll make me go there and click on every link," he muttered. "Might as well just have a quick peak and be done with it!" He started typing in ‘big...', stopping, eyes wide, when he saw the site address which popped up. " ‘biggaycox.com'?" he gasped, reading the address aloud. "My GOD! What has William been looking up on here! I can't believe it!"

 He quickly typed in the rest of the address Rob had given him, pausing as he was about to hit enter. "Wait a minute. William said not to look at his bookmarks? My god, he hasn't got - got pornographic sites in there???" Lance shook his head, his eyes still wide, as he clicked on ‘favorites'. "Well, this looks perfectly normal," he stated, heaving a huge sigh of relief. Thank god! That one site must've - must've just been an ad that opened uninvited. Those popup ads are a nightmare!"

 He paused, taking a closer look at the bookmarked sites. "What's this folder?" he mused. " ‘William's private links'? Oh no! He can't possibly - no, not William, he's so proper! This must be something else." Taking a deep breath, he opened the folder, surprised to find that it held only one link. When he read the title of that link, the color drained from his face. " ‘What I'd like to do to Lance'?!?!?!?" he gasped. "My god, this had BETTER not be - be - no, of course it's not! I'm just being silly! Maybe it's a link to, I don't know, a spa."

 He took another deep breath, then clicked on the link. A gaudy yellow background filled the screen, and the words ‘hot action instantly, no credit card needed!' scrolled across the overhead bar. His eyes locked on the animated picture which flashed onto the screen, an outraged gasp the only sound he managed to get out.

 At that moment, the door to the room opened. Lance squeak, jumping up and blocking the laptop with his body. He stared at his tag team partner, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. Regal gave him a funny look. "Are you alright Lance?" he questioned.

 "Am I alright?" Lance squeaked. "Am *I* alright????"

 "It is a simple question, my good fellow." Regal shrugged. "Finished with your column?"

 "My what?" Lance stuttered.

 "Your column. Christian said you needed to use my laptop to write your column - are you finished?"

 "Column?" Lance shook his head. "What about your bookmarks?"

 Regal gave him a very odd look. "What about them?"

 "I looked at them," Lance stated.

 "Oh, that's alright. Just a bunch of links to weather and British news," Regal chuckled.

 Lance blinked. "Then....you didn't say not to look at them?"

 "No, why on earth would I say such a thing?" Regal replied.

 "Because of this!" Lance exclaimed, moving aside and pointing to the screen.

 Regal's eyes bugged, a sputtering noise emerging from his throat. "Why Lance!" he exclaimed, outraged. "How DARE you borrow my fine machine to view such - such SMUT!"

 "I didn't want to see this!" Lance informed him. "You bookmarked it!"

 "I most certainly did NOT!" Regal shot back.

 "You did!" Lance crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at the other man. "You saved it as ‘what I want to do to Lance'. I don't think so! I - I can't believe you would objectify me like that! I thought we were supposed to be equal business associates!"

 "We are! I would never - " Regal stopped mid-sentence, a scowl taking over his face. "Wait a minute. Who told you not to look at my bookmarks?"

 "Christian," Lance replied.

 "And why did you really need to use my machine?" Regal questioned.

 "Rob said he just *had* to show me this awesome site he found," Lance stated, rolling his eyes.

 "Those horrid little toe rags!" Regal exclaimed. "Those swine! They set us up!"

 Lance blinked, then heaved a huge sigh of relief. "So you don't want to - uh - do that to me?" he asked, pointing to the screen.

 "Most certainly not!" Regal exclaimed, wincing as he gazed at it. "Please, my good partner, turn that garbage off!"

 "With pleasure!" Lance quickly closed the window and shut the computer down. "I can't believe they would do that!" he exclaimed.

 "That horrid Van Dam is trying to mess with our minds so we won't trust each other and will lose our tag titles to him and that awful red partner of his!" Regal accused. "Horrid, horrid boy!"

 "Well it didn't work!" Lance exclaimed. "He knows he can't beat us, that's why he had to try this, I'm sure."

 "Undoubtably." Regal cleared his throat, licking his lips slightly as he glanced at Lance. "I have honestly never thought of you that way..." he began.

 "Same here!" Lance put in quickly.

 "Yes, well..." Regal cleared his throat. "But I am thinking about it now. A - a little bit, just a little bit."

 "Well, after seeing that I suppose it's hard not to." Lance cleared his throat as well, gazing at Regal for a moment, then flying into his arms, their lips crushing together in a passionate kiss. "L- lock the door," Lance managed to get out in between kisses, managing to quickly slide the lock on the door closed as his back was pressed up against it.


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