"I miss you so much," Christian cooed into the phone.

 "We've been apart for one day," his lover chuckled in return.

 "That's too long," Christian pouted. "I miss you."

 "I miss you too."

 "I want you here with me." Christian licked his lips. "I want you, Edge."

 "Don't worry, baby, we'll still be together most of the time, just not the taped shows," Edge told his lover reassuringly. "A night or two apart every week won't kill us."

 "I guess." Christian let out a heavy sigh. "Not quite, that is."

 "I promise, baby, when I see you tomorrow night, I'm gonna wine you, dine you, and give you a night of passion you'll never forget."

 "Sounds incredible," Christian murmured. "But I still want you now!"

 "Well, you've got that *present* I got for your last birthday, right? The one for when we're apart?"

 Christian smirked, eyeing the object already sitting on the nightstand. "Of course, baby! I never leave home without it. Never know when you'll need something like that, for emergencies."

 "Of course," Edge purred. "So why don't you put on some nice music, lock the door, and get comfortable, huh babe?"

 "No," Christian pouted. "You, Edge, I want you! I want your sweet voice whispering to me, driving me towards that point of sweet, passionate pleasure, carrying me over the waves of ecstasy, lifting me - "

 "Baby, have you been reading those Harlequins again?" Edge questioned with a chuckle.

 "I can't help it," Christian purred. "Be intimate with me baby, please?"

 "Alright, I guess." Edge paused a moment, then began. "I'm crawling up on the bed, baby. I know how you love to undress me, but I'm too excited to wait for it; I'm not wearing anything but a tightly red silk thong."

 "Oh, god." Christian closed his eyes, licking his lips and grinning broadly. "You are so incredibly hot baby! God do I want to peel that fabric off your body. And I can see you're so hard for me already."

 "Damn right," Edge growled. "I take your hand and put it on my thigh."

 "I run my hand over your smooth, perfect skin," Christian breathed. "And as I grasp the fabric of that sexy thong and pull it down, I feel your fingers sliding under the sheets and caressing my naked body."

 "I slide my hands down your chest and pluck at those gorgeous perky nipples," Edge murmured, his breathing beginning to sound shallow.

 Christian gasped softly as he caressed his nipple with one hand, cracking an eye open to punch the speaker phone button, then moving his other hand to his chest as well. "Edge, that feels so good!" he whimpered.

 "God I love those hot pecs of yours," Edge growled. "I can't resist taking one of those sweet little buds between my lips. I nibble on it gently, teasing it with my tongue."

 "Edge!" Christian moaned, his fingers continuing to pluck at his nipples.

 "Now I'm kissing down your stomach, licking around your hips, and touching that spot you love with my tongue."

 Christian moved his hand down his stomach and brushed his fingers against that sensitive spot, shuddering in pleasure. "I run my hands through your hair," he whispered. "And I guide you down to my desire."

 "It looks so delicious," Edge purred. "I take it between my lips and suck on it gently. Now I take it deeper, letting it slide down my throat." The sounds of sucking and muted moaning came through the line, Edge having pulled out his own toy.

 Christian wreathed on the sheets as his hands found their way down to his aching shaft, stroking himself furiously as he pictured his lover deepthroating him, the sounds coming from the phone making it seem all too real. He let out a strangled cry, exploding over his fingers as pleasure shot through him. He heard a particularly loud moan through the line, telling him that his lover had come as well. "I'm sorry," Christian giggled, reaching for the damp towel he had placed near the phone earlier. "Was that too quick? I didn't even get to touch you."

 "You know just touching you is enough to make me come." Edge sighed happily. "I love you, darling. Next time, we use your toy, ok? I was thinking about it, but that's just not what I wanted to do to you tonight."

 "That's ok." Christian picked up the phone again, turning off the speaker. "It really wasn't too quick for you? I'm sorry about that, I was just excited and all. You know how much I love being with you."

 "Baby, it was perfect," Edge assured him. "Believe me, you could not possibly please me more. You're the most incredible, sexy, gorgeous man I know, and don't you forget it!"

 "Well I know you're exaggerating, but thanks." Christian sighed happily. "Well, I guess we should get some sleep now, huh?"

 "Yeah, I guess so."

 Christian bit his lip. "Baby?"

 "Yes darling?"

 "If I get lonely later tonight, or tomorrow morning, can I call you?"

 Edge chuckled. "Any time, baby. Any time. I'll make sure to leave my cell on."

 "Thanks," Christian murmured, sounding comforted. "Love you."

 "Love you too."



 There was a moment of silence.


 "Yeah baby?"

 Christian giggled. "You didn't hang up!"

 "Well you didn't either, did you?"

 "No." Christian sighed happily. "I just wanted to say I love you, again."

 "And I love you, again."

 "Ok." Christian chuckled. "I'm really gonna hang up now."

 "Me too."

 "Night," Christian breathed.

 "Night," Edge returned, before they both hung up.

 Christian set down the phone, smiling happily. "God do I love him," he whispered, turning onto his side and closing his eyes for sleep.

 Test, lying in the room's second bed, pretending to be asleep, wore a huge grin on his face. "And I love rooming with you," he murmured, chucking and closing his eyes, welcoming the hot dreams he knew would come.


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