Down Under.
Pairing: John Morrison/Miz
Rating: R18.
Warning: Oh, yes.....think the S-word in huge big letters.
Disclaimer: No, they don't belong to my legal team working on it
Author's Notes: From the depths of despair, wherein I thought I would never get to write M/M again....they pop up on NZ tv and inspire me to (in all modesty) freakin' greatness. Enjoy!
Highlights from that Interview (very slashy!)

“Creamy pie filling?” Miz inquired, handing John a Mudshake.

John quirked his lips in his patented smirk.

“Inspired, no?”

Miz sat down next to him, propping his sneaker clad feet up on the expensive looking coffee table.

“It is true…..nobody likes the crust.”

“Gotta give the people what they want” John flicked the cap off the bottle, and went to take a swig, then paused with the bottle halfway to his lips. “Where’s yours?”

Miz shrugged.

“Last one”

“Huh” John took his swig, then handed the bottle back to him. “We’ll just have to share then….if you’re not worried about getting my cooties”

Miz, who already had a mouth full of the drink, almost choked as laughter burst out of him.

“Good…..fucking…..if I don’t have them by now, I don’t think this is gonna do it”

John smiled. He got up and wandered over to the window, looking out at the view.

“Look at this, babe. We’re finally famous enough to travel for free”

“Yeah” Miz swung his feet off the table, and standing, went over to join John, passing him the quarter empty bottle. “To a fucking backwater. I can’t even remember this place’s fucking name”

John raised an eyebrow.

“Blonde moment, babe?” he quipped, passing Miz back the bottle after a healthy swig.

“Ouch” Miz threw back, what was probably more than his fair share of the chocolate and vodka, then lowered the bottle. “So……what is it’s fucking name?”

“Which language do you want it in?” John asked. He took the bottle from Miz, giving it a somewhat dubious look, before taking a swig.

Miz frowned.

“So, what…….you’re fucking multi-lingual now?”

John passed him back the bottle, trailing his fingers along the back of Miz’s hand as he did so.

“I’m full of surprises, babe”

Miz felt a thrill go through him.

“Really, now?”

John moved closer, lust shading his dark eyes.

“Oh, yeah, babe. Finish that off……and I’ll show you”

Miz wouldn’t have even bothered, if John hadn’t ordered him to, but there was something in his tone…..some kind of rough type edge, and fuck if it wasn’t turning him on. He chugged the rest of the Mudshake back, then before he could think what to do with the empty bottle, John snatched it from his hand, reaching back and placing it down on the windowsill, all without taking his eyes off him.

Miz swallowed back an unexpected dryness from his throat. He could already feel his cock starting to stiffen inside his jeans. He didn’t know what it was……something in John’s manner, in his dark eyes, was getting him crazy ass fucking hot.

John closed the distance between them, and taking hold of the hem of his T-shirt, drew it over Miz’s head, discarding the garment to the floor.


Was as much of the word ‘messy’ Miz managed to get out, before John’s mouth claimed his in a devouring kiss. Miz was just trying to figure out if he’d ever been the recipient of such a heated one, when he felt one of John’s hands at his waist. John made short work of the dome and zipper of his jeans, then his hand snaked inside Miz’s boxer shorts, his long fingers stroking his rapidly hardening cock.

John drew his tongue across the roof of Miz’s mouth, then out between his already swollen lips, in time for Miz to voice the moan that had been building in his throat. John smirked, which really spoke more than words can say. He bent his head, and swirled his tongue around Miz’s left nipple, then plucked at the nub with his lips.

“Oh….fuck….fuck, baby”

Miz dropped his head back, surrendering his chest to John’s erotic ministrations, and inadvertently pushing his engorged cock into his hand. John clasped it, running his hand in a loose fist up and down its length, then abruptly he let go, taking his mouth away at the same time.

Had Miz felt more coherent, he would have voiced a complaint, but before he could even get the words from his brain to his lips, John had dropped to his knees and the next thing Miz knew, had taken the head of his cock into his mouth.


Slowly, John drew the whole length of his cock down into his throat, playing with it with his tongue, licking, curling, then darting away before coming back and starting all over again. Miz didn’t know how the fuck he was still standing. His senses were lost in the waves of pleasure that lapped through his body, building, climbing, with the impending intensity of a volcano about to blow. Through half-lidded eyes, he glanced down, and something about seeing John’s pouting lips wrapped about his cock, spun him right over the edge.

“Oh, fuck, fuck!”

His balls tightened almost painfully, then he was coming, hard and fast, expelling his load as an orgasm shuddered through his body. John swallowed all that he had to give, then gently released his cock from his mouth, and rose to his feet, drawing a trembling Miz into his arms, and nuzzling at the crook of his shoulder. For all that Miz was glad of the support, he could feel the bulge of John’s erection against his hip, and was in no doubt what had to happen next.

“Fuck me, baby” he whispered in a voice so husky he barely recognized it as his own.

John pulled back a little to look into his eyes, and Miz took the chance to kiss him, tasting his own cum still drying on John’s lips. If anything, this only turned him on more. He pulled back from John, wriggling out of his jeans and boxers in record time, leaving them in a pile on the floor and coming back to John, kissing him hungrily once more.

“Why are you still fucking dressed?” he demanded, when they finally parted lips.

John shook his head, looking about as coherent as Miz felt.

“I don’t…..know”

“Never mind. Let me help you” Miz was already starting to undress him as he finished the sentence, relishing every inch of skin as it was bared, with somewhat unnecessary help from John.

Finally John’s clothes had joined his own on the floor, and Miz took John’s left wrist in his hand, leading him over to the bed. Once there, Miz sat down on its edge. His cock was starting to harden again, but it was John’s cock that was occupying his attention at the moment. He couldn’t resist taking it in his hand, and kissing the swollen head. John moaned.

“Babe…..I thought you wanted me to fuck you”

Miz shook his head.

“Fucking A, I do” he replied, closing his hand gently around John’s cock.

John moaned again, swaying on his feet.

“Then….do you wanna fucking stop doing that?” with his voice so clouded with lust, it was difficult for the sternness to come through, but Miz got the hint anyway. Reluctantly, he took his hand away. “How do you want me then, baby?”

John cleared his throat.

“Turn around…….on your hands and knees”

Miz licked his lips.

“You’re the boss” He turned around, assuming the commanded position. He felt John climb onto the bed, then wet fingers were sliding into his entrance. He let out a groan. “Come on, baby….I’m fucking ready for you….fuck me”

He thought John muttered something like ‘so much for me being the boss’ but the next thing he knew, John’s cock was pushing deep inside him, and the sensation of it drove all else from his mind. He rocked his hips back, taking John’s full length and feeling the other man’s heavy balls slap against his ass.

“Oh….fuck….babe….so damn tight”

“All for you, baby. Fuck me, fuck me!”


Miz felt John’s hands settle on his hips, then he began to move, long, slow thrusts that Miz felt from his toes to his fingertips, his whole body suffusing with intense pleasure, John’s moans and husky whimpers, an erotic music filling his ears. He was falling, drowning…..yet ascending at the same moment. He was feeling…..he had never felt anything like this before. In no time, his orgasm was rocking through his body….he was seeing stars, he was calling out, what he didn’t know. He was barely aware of coming himself, as he felt John’s cock somewhere in the depths of himself, spilling its liquid, John’s fingers clenching against his flesh, John’s voice calling out his name…John finally collapsing on top of him, which effectively caused them both to tumble down onto the mattress, John still inside him….and Miz feeling he wanted him to stay that way, forever.

After a moment or two, they both moved, only enough to ensure that neither was cutting off the other’s air supply or having pointy body parts like elbows in particularly uncomfortable places, then they both sank back into the mattress.

“You never did tell me the name of this place” Miz said, his voice quite adequately reflecting how exhausted he was. Not even a fucking fire alarm could have inspired him to move right then, but….if John happened to make a move on him, he knew somehow, someway, he would find the fucking energy. What they’d just done…..beyond fucking words. “In English, by the way” Miz added. “American would be even better”

John laughed, sounding as fucked as Miz felt.

“I don’t know how to say it in American, babe. It’ll have to be English, and it’s called New Zealand” he paused. “Though why in the hell you still care is beyond me”

Miz roused himself enough to find John’s right hand, lying between their bodies and hold it with his own.

“Because I want to remember…, I want us both to remember where we were, and what day it was. Think about it, baby, this is like a fucking anniversary”

“Huh….what, what are you talking about?”

Miz finally found the energy to roll over onto his side, enabling him to look John in the eye and see his complete puzzlement.

“Come on, baby, broaden your mind a little. I mean…..this is the first time in our five month long relationship that you have fucked me. That’s the first historic point, secondly…..well, do I really have to fucking explain anything else?”

John shook his head.

“No, babe….not even you could do justice to it” he rose up enough to snatch a brief kiss from Miz, then sank back down again. “Just so I know, are there any other anniversary making occasions I’ve missed?”

Miz thought about it for a moment.

“Well, there’s our first date, the first time we did it. I think that’s it…..unless….”

John’s brows drew together.

“Unless, what?”

“Unless you think we should count the first time we said ‘I love you’” Miz shrugged a little. “You can call that one, if you want”

John bit his lip.

“Jesus, babe…..I don’t…..I don’t remember. I’m sorry”

“Fuck” Miz kissed the tip of his nose. “You think I can?”

John frowned.

“Ass! How could you make me feel guilty like that?”

Miz kissed his frowning mouth, not put off in the least, and by the time he lifted his head, John had lost his anger anyway.

“It’s not important when we said it for the first time anyway….it’s how often”

John smiled.

“True. Just, tell me you’re not keeping track or anything”

“Keeping track?” Miz lowered himself down on top of John, nuzzling at his neck. “Why the fuck would I waste time on that…..when there so many better things to spend it on”

John laughed softly.

“Yeah? Getting another burst of energy, are we, babe?”

Miz grinned.

“What can I say, baby? You inspire me…..always have” he paused. “Now….what position do I want YOU in?”

John yawned.

“I think I need some more…..inspiration”

Miz licked his lips.

“I think that can be arranged”



“So, anyway, once we get out of here, I was thinking….you remember that scene from “Blood Core”? The one in the hotel room-“

“I didn’t know you were that limber” John interrupted.

Miz frowned.

“Shut up, baby…..I’m trying to paint you a picture here. Now, as I was saying, all we need to do is move the-“

“Hey, guys, audience”

“What the fuck!” Scowling, Miz disengaged his lips from John’s ear, and looked towards the door, to see Dave enter, Randy trailing behind him, followed by Tommy, Matt and finally Jeff. “Fuck, Dave…..whatever happened to fucking privacy?”

Dave shrugged.

“You’re just lucky I managed to convince Michelle not to tag along. Wonder what she would have thought of this cosy little scene?”

Miz narrowed his eyes, not appreciating this not so subtle reminder of the Diva and the supposed crush she had on him, a fact which unfortunately Dave knew all to well.

“Well, at least you managed to bring everyone else in here”

John put a hand on his leg.

“Calm down, babe” Miz just snorted, slouching back against the couch, his arms folded over his chest. John glanced at him, then turned his attention to the guys. “Don’t mind him, he just gets cranky when he’s interrupted…..believe me. So, what’s up with you guys?”

“Well” Dave glanced at the others, who all gave him the same ‘you do the talking’ look. “How’d you like Down Under? First time, right?”

John cleared his throat, his fingers tightening very pointedly into Miz’s thigh.

“Yeah, first time”

Dave sat down on the other couch, Randy immediately seating himself on his lap, while the others took seats where ever they could find them. “Beautiful place….especially New Zealand. You get a chance to see any of the sights?”

John coughed.

“Um….we were….”

“What my handsome partner is trying to say” Miz interrupted, the chance to make mischief bringing him out of his sulk. “Is that we had all the scenery we fucking needed, right there in our hotel rooms. And by the way, I don’t mean by looking out the fucking windows. Isn’t that right, baby?” he added, placing his hand on John’s thigh and giving it a none to gentle squeeze.

John blushed crimson all the way to the roots of his dark hair, but to his credit, he managed to nod in agreement.

Dave shook his head.

“You two……to fucking adorable”

Miz grinned.

“You hear that, baby? Dave thinks we’re fucking adorable” he elbowed John, who hung his head, looking like he wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere and die.

“This is all delightful” Randy said, interjecting himself into the conversation. “But can we, for the love of Christ, get to the fucking point”

Dave cleared his throat.

“Right……we’ve come to ask you, if you’d like to host this year’s Halloween party. Me and Randy have done it, Jeff and Matt have done it, and of course last year, Matt and Tommy hosted it. We think it’s only fair that you two have a turn”

Miz was momentarily at a loss for words. Halloween was only his favourite fucking holiday, and he’d already made a list of the improvements that needed to be made. Things that he would cha….things that he and John would need to change. He glanced at John, who still seemed deeply sunk in mortification.

“Uh…..we really appreciate you all choosing us, but if you don’t mind……could we just have a moment to talk it over”

“Sure. Get up, honey” Randy grudgingly got off him, and Dave got up, leaving the room, the others following and Jeff closing the door behind him.

“Baby” Miz slid an arm around John’s shoulders. “Are you still with me?”

“Oh….God” John finally raised his head, dragging a hand over his face. “At the moment anyway. Jesus, babe…..why do you have to embarrass me like that?”

Miz shrugged.

“Natural talent, I guess. But that’s not what’s important right now. Did you hear what the guys just asked us to do?”

John nodded.

“I’m surprised you didn’t just say yes”

“Ouch…, you know as well as I do the magnitude of this request. I mean…..only couples who…..who, well you know”

John looked at him.

“Enlighten me”

Miz felt sure his partner was being deliberately obtuse, but he decided he could be magnanimous in this instance. He shuffled across the small distance between them, and stroked his hand down John’s leg.

“Only couples who are….really committed to each other, are asked to host this party. You know that, baby. And you also know, how much of a fucking better job we could do at it, as well”

John took Miz’s other hand in his, pressing a kiss to his palm.

“I know it’s your favourite holiday….for reasons perhaps best left unexplored. If you wanna do it, we will…..and of course we’ll do it better than last year’s… damn question on that”

Miz grinned.

“Fucking A! I’ll just go tell the guys” He got up, left the room briefly, then was back again, taking a seat not on the couch, but on John’s lap. John smiled, sliding his arms around Miz’s waist and kissing him. “You forgive me then?” Miz asked.

John kissed him again.

“Don’t I always?” he responded, stroking Miz’s back, but resisting the temptation to slide southwards of his belt line. “Now, if I remember correctly, you were trying to paint me a decidedly dirty picture….before we were so rudely interrupted”

Miz nodded.

“That I was. You want me to move at all, before I continue?”

John shook his head.

“Not an inch, babe. If we’re going to be doing what I think you have in mind……I’m sure a good…..long…..warm-up is necessary”

“Ohhh” Miz shifted position a little, knowing that no position would be comfortable, before to long. “I don’t know what the fuck is bringing out the bad in you, baby…..but I like it”


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