M/M Moments: Part Two.
Pairing: Miz/Morrison.
Rating: R18
Warning: Nope....unless you're a Horny fan...
Disclaimer: No, no...I don't own them. One day *sighs*
Author's Notes: Not much to say.....this is the second part of my M/M Moments series. Taken from when they appeared on SD and John was doing commentary on Miz's match. God, he looks hot in that white and black ensemble, think of the money the guy saves on shirts......lol. Here you go GG.

“You know you’re right!”

“Of course I am” Miz responded automatically. “About what?”

John set his belt down on the table, wincing as pain stabbed at the back of his knee.

“That freakin’ sha…lah…li, whatever, is bloody hard”

“Fucking yeah, it is” Miz put a hand on his jaw, remembering his own encounter with it. “Whatever happened to foreign objects not being allowed, that’s what I want to fucking know?”

“I think their called international objects now” John took a step towards the bed, and hissed in pain, despite himself.

“Baby” Miz was beside him in an instant.

“I am not going to be carried” John muttered, between gritted teeth.

Miz, who had been about to offer just that, partly for his own benefit, quickly changed tact.

“Fuck….I wasn’t offering. Could you lower yourself to leaning on me, at least?”

John didn’t look happy about it, but he put an arm around Miz’s shoulders and let Miz help him over to the bed. “Besides, I don’t think that that counted as an infringement. The little freak hit me, not you and you were the one having the match” John continued, gingerly sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“Distraction should count then” Miz went back to the table, peeling off his sweaty ‘Chick Magnet’ T-shirt, and dumping it on top of his gym bag. “I was fucking worried about you. Fucking little troll……props on the name by the way”

“Huh…..better than hobbit boy, you think?”

Miz turned back to face him with a shrug.

“They’re both good. Troll has a more insulting tone, though” he went back to the bed, and sat down next to John. “I always meant to ask you, was that like from the book, or the movies?”

“Kinda both” he bit his lip. “Would you mind, babe…..taking my jacket off, and my necklace? This is my favourite jacket, I don’t want it getting mussed”

“I know” Miz scooted round behind his partner, and reached to undo the latch on John’s heavy chain necklace. “You were saying?”

“Oh…..right. Well, the book was like a must read when I was at Uni. The first movie I saw with Mel, cause she was way into one of the actors…..I don’t remember his name”

“Uh, huh” Miz undid the clasp, and handed the necklace to John. “And the other two?”

John put the necklace down on the bed beside him.

“You know me, babe…..major movie buff”

“Yeah, and you know I like that about you” Miz responded, beginning the task of separating John from his jacket, without mussing it. “I just didn’t want to think you were watching them because of a particular actor or anything”

John held his arms out to help Miz take his jacket off, and was silent for a bit.

“Well…..maybe….there might have been one” he paused. “You know how there were nine of them? Two men, some hobbits, a dwarf, etc…….the guy who played the Elf….he may have been some of the reason behind why I watched the second two”

“Is that right?” Miz took hold of the jacket, and slid off the bed, standing and taking the jacket over to the table to hang it over one of the dining chairs. “Be careful, baby……you know how I get when I get jealous. Not pretty”

“Huh!” Miz turned back to face John, surprised by the indignation in his voice. “You can talk. You know you’re eyes actually glazed over during most of ‘Blood Core’, thanks to….to….what the hell is his name again?”

“Lucas Mason” Miz supplied quickly, a little to quickly judging by John’s expression. “Baby, come on…..you can’t be jealous of actors. You know they have those….fucking touch-up things, you know, to get rid of any flaws or whatever”

“Yeah” John raised his eyebrows. “What about that mole on a certain part of his anatomy?”

Miz hesitated. He’d had quite a few indecent thoughts to do with that mole, not that John fucking needed to know that.

“It was probably an important aspect of his character’s personality, make-up……thing” he wandered back to the bed, and sat down next to John, putting a hand on his right thigh.

“You know, Lord of the Rings was a movie, and I think…..I think…the guy who played the Elf was actually an actor” John said, looking at Miz with slightly narrowed eyes.

Miz caressed John’s leg, moving a couple of inches up, towards his crotch.

“I bet you can’t bounce no fucking quarter off Mason’s abs. Fuck, he’d have…..what? A four pack at best”

John’s eyes softened, his full lips twitching in a reluctant smile.

“Keep going”

Miz smiled.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” he danced his fingers over John’s crotch, causing the other man to hitch a breath. “But, you know, I ain’t the only guilty party here”

John sighed.

“That’s true” he turned towards Miz, trailing a hand down his chest, and kissing the tip of his nose and his chin. “We could…..you know………if you want to” he added, trailing his hand south of Miz’s belt, and fingering his crotch. Miz made a strangled sound. John smirked. “Just…..be gentle, with me, ok?”

“Baby” Miz slid his arms around John, slowly lowering him down onto the bed, and darting his tongue over John’s full lips. “I always am……..every time you ask me to be, anyway”

John kissed him.

“Yes, babe……..always”


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